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9 Outstanding Outdoor lighting you’ll love 2022

Outdoor lighting

9 Outstanding Outdoor lighting you’ll love 2022

A simple change in lights and outdoor lighting products can make a big difference in how the exterior of your home looks. If you add decorative lighting such as a series of lights and luminous hoses, it will be easier to create a cozy and warm atmosphere to spend a pleasant summer night on the terrace or the patio of your house. Consider saving energy by making sure to place LED lights, which in addition to saving, are also more durable

1. The porthole

This type of lighting falls into the category of wall lights. What makes it different is that it provides more diffuse and less direct sunlight. You can install it anywhere outside, as long as this area does not require strong and natural light. can choose to fix it on top of a door, along a hall or path. sunlight. You can install it anywhere outside, as long as this area does not require A light sensor that turns it on when night falls. . Instead, you can place it along a path or at the foot of a bush for nice decorative lighting outdoor lighting

2. Table lamp

Putting some lamps in the garden is an excellent way to decorate your outdoor space while enjoying a soft and cozy atmosphere. You can install them around your garden furniture or under your gazebo to enjoy beautiful summer afternoons with your family. Of course, you will need a nearby power source on one of the exterior walls or recessed on the terrace. outdoor lighting

3. The recessed spotlight

There are recess points for walls and ceilings and recess points for floors. The former indicates a path, a door or even stairs. They are then fixed directly on the wall. Several can also be attached to the ceiling to illuminate a covered terrace. The recessed spotlights for the floor are designed more to add an aesthetic touch to a deck or the house’s surroundings. The small ones are used to delimit the rungs of a staircase. Due to their position on the ground, these points are more exposed to shocks and bad weather. Therefore, choosing particularly robust models with stainless steel or tempered glass head is necessary. outdoor lighting

4. Projectors – outdoor lighting

Those who need powerful and localized lighting should use a spotlight. There are different types with different technologies, especially LED technology, which is powerful and inexpensive. The spotlight alone is perfectly suitable for good lighting of an area, garden, terrace or patio. It can be mounted anywhere: above a patio door, a gazebo, or a pergola frame. outdoor lighting

You can also opt for a spotlight with a motion detector, which will light up when you enter your garden or park your car in the yard. The prong spotlight makes it possible to obtain a decorative light at the foot of bushes, for example, or near a grove. It will emit a diffuse glow that will enhance its exterior.

5. The outdoor pendant light

It is a fixed and rigid structure at the top of eaves, a veranda, a pergola, or a gazebo. Decorative can emit direct or diffused light, depending on the chosen device. Provides enough lighting to enjoy your terrace or garden. outdoor lighting

6. The outdoor ceiling light – outdoor lighting

Like the pendant lamp, the ceiling lamp is fixed on a fixed and rigid structure. The lighting it provides is less direct than that of a pendant lamp. It is more diffuse, but it is still enough to illuminate your outdoor space, especially if you have several, depending on the surface to be elucidated. outdoor lighting

7. The lamppost

outdoor lighting

It is a large lamp mounted on foot fixed to the ground. Several can be placed along a path to illuminate it. It is also a powerful device, but it usually has a regulating switch. Thus, you can adjust the brightness according to your needs, for example, to serve as simple ambient lighting. The floor lamp can also be installed on a terrace to illuminate your dinners. Most often, it is equipped with a halogen bulb.

8.The luminous bollard – outdoor lighting

The illuminated bollard is used to illuminate a path, passage, access road, or delimit an area. It is mainly used for functional lighting, but it is still very aesthetic. Its diffused light makes it possible to illuminate a precise point and highlight it. Multiplying the illuminated bollards at the edge of a path or garden is advisable.

9. The solar lamp– outdoor lighting

The solar lamp has the great advantage of not needing any electrical connection. It is equipped with a battery that is charged by photovoltaic cells. A light sensor turns it on when night falls. The solar lamp does not obtain a very powerful light because its battery limits it. Instead, you can place it along a path or at the foot of a bush for nice decorative lighting. outdoor lighting

As you can see, there are many lighting solutions to enjoy your garden at night fully, but also to illuminate your terrace and pathways. You can choose between different control systems, including the classic switch or automatic control (motion detector, timer). It is up to you to choose the lighting that best suits your needs and tastes to combine practicality and aesthetics..

outdoor lighting

You can use outdoor lighting to illuminate areas around your home or to enhance appearance and increase safety. Whatever your project, at The Home Depot, you will find a wide variety of outdoor lights and lighting accessories..

To give you security when walking between the hallways and paths of your house, you can place floor lightings such as stakes and recessed lights on the edges of the garden, stairs and hallways. This type of light also creates very pleasant lighting effects that will also improve the appearance of your exteriors. You can also use wall lamps that provide a dim light to accentuate dimly lit corners or spots that project light to areas that you want to illuminate or highlight. outdoor lighting

Installing lights around your garage, front yard, and other dimly lit locations around your property can help increase the security of your home. The reflectors, wall or floor, recessed lighting fixtures, lights with motion detection are excellent choices to add to your outdoor lighting project. outdoor lighting

From outdoor lanterns and flying buttresses to a series of lights and solar garden stakes; Everything you need to improve the lighting of your patio, garden or garage can be found at The Home Depot.

Outdoor lamps – outdoor lighting

There are several keys and points to consider to illuminate an outdoor space. When choosing the outdoor lighting that we want to put, we must consider two factors; one is that it allows us to move during the night without problems and two, to delimit the characteristics of the garden.LED outdoor lighting enhances your garden and gives it a more aesthetic point.

Highlight the elements and places you want to remove from the darkness (fountain, sculpture, facade, trees, etc.). An important area always to be highlighted is passageways to avoid falls; in this case, automatic ignition sensors can be used for specific moments. When combining outdoor luminaires, the style of the house must be taken into account; for a rural place,

classic shapes and aluminium and a modern one, design lamps and stainless steel. It must be a union that maintains harmony both day and night. In the lighting of terraces, as it is an ideal place to rest or receive guests and enjoy a dinner or evening, it is advisable to provide a warm and pleasant light using outdoor ceiling lamps such as table lamps, floor lamps or outdoor LED spotlights.

Types of garden and terrace lights

We currently find models of outdoor lamps that offer you different functionality options based on your needs. Our online lamps carry an explanatory sheet with all the technical characteristics (description, IP, material, light source, measurements …) and are accompanied by high-quality images.

The outdoor lamps are high-quality materials to guarantee their durability and resistance against water, humidity and dust. Its degree of protection is at least IP44. All models of outdoor lamps are suitable for using LED or energy-saving bulbs. Some of them have built-in LED technology. Models that we can find of outdoor lights: Outdoor ceiling lamps

The lamps garden pendants are mainly used in outdoor porches and terraces. They are outdoor lamps that provide elegance. Ideal for lighting outdoor areas for dining, having drinks, playing a board game, chatting, etc. ng and natural light. You can choose to fix it on top of a door, along a hall or path.

Where to place light points in outdoor garden lighting

  • We recommend the first thing to be clear about which areas we want to highlight. Distribute the lighting of your garden or terrace at different points so that it is well illuminated as a whole, neither excesses nor dark areas. Entrance lighting: Signal access to the door of your house, facilitating the arrival of your family and friends. Use lights next to the door at a height that does not obstruct the view with a medium intensity white light.
  • The lighting of passageways: It is essential to mark the paths in your garden, from the entrance to the house. Correct lighting avoids the danger of tripping or going through the wrong area. Medium-height or recessed beacon lamps can be placed in the ground. Two perfect options to illuminate are the lamps with LED technology that we can have them on all night without hardly consuming or using presence detectors to activate when we pass.
  • Garden lighting: Highlight elements and highlight all the beauty of your garden. Use warm lights and light your plants, trees, sculptures, etc.
  • Facade lighting: Use direct or general lighting on the facade, highlighting elements that enhance the construction. You can use projectors or stakes.
  • Pool lighting: Today, we can find different wireless floating lamps that change colour, using RGB LED lighting, giving an original and decorative point.
  • Portable lighting: If we need to change from one space to another and do not have any point of light, the solution is portable lamps and can be anywhere in the garden.

Advantages of outdoor LED lighting

  • The LED technology in outdoor lighting has great advantages: Your energy savings. They are energy efficient and take advantage of 90% of their light with only 10% heat loss. Up to 80% savings in electricity consumption.
  • Long and useful life, up to 50,000 hours compared to 2,000 hours of traditional bulbs.
  • They emit almost no heat. It transforms its energy into light.
  • They are more ecological since they do not cast CO2 and can be recycled.

Tips for outdoor LED lighting

Nothing better than summer nights to enjoy the outdoor spaces at home. An ideal place to rest, receive guests and enjoy a dinner or evening in good company. We give you tips for outdoor LED lighting to fully highlight your garden, terrace or porch and provide a more aesthetic point, highlighting specific elements and areas. The lighting of the garden helps to activities outside your home and gives security, making visible our environment at all times. There are several keys and points to consider to illuminate an outdoor space, and in this article, we want to give you the advice for garden lighting necessary so that your house looks in all its splendour.8 Tips for Outdoor Lighting from Scratch

outdoor lighting

  1. We must plan well what type of installation we will require for the garden lamps since they must go together with the home, making your home adapt to different scenarios and environments. Choose what type of installation you need. They must go with differentiated connections for their ignition to combine when required one or the other or with all at the same time.
  2. When we have to look for the different points of light, we have to be clear beforehand, where the elements such as the pool, barbecue, fountains, furniture, etc., are going to be placed.
  3. Look for opinions and ideas from the people involved: decorator, electrician, gardener, etc. To expand options and improve the final result.
  4. Think of two types of environment: when you enjoy your exterior and when you look inside the house to the outside.
  5. Choose your outdoor LED lighting lamps that are specific for this and withstand the inclemency of the sun, rain and humidity For a longer duration and enjoy them.
  6. The interior lighting must be combined with the outdoor lighting as if they were one.
  7. The LED lighting is more advisable and proper on the outside because it retains and does not change colours and its minimum maintenance and long life.
  8. For added convenience, place different on or off points for your outdoor lights outside and inside the house.

What type of lighting is best for the outdoors?

The best type of outdoor bulb is an MR16 (multifaceted reflector with a 16/8 inch diameter) lamp. kind of light for these is an LED. After that, you can use halogen and incandescent types of lights.

What are the aisle lights called?

They are high brightness projectors with a wide coverage range. They often light up walkways and patios from above. “It will be perfect for the driveway.

Do you need an electrician to install outdoor lighting?

They do not require any wiring, making them the easiest to install. Line voltage lamps are wired into your home’s electrical system using an electrical junction box and conduit that protects the wires. Due to the complexity of these systems, it is best to install them by a licensed electrician.

How can I have electricity outside without a plug?

So you will surely hang lights outside and illuminate your house. However, what do you do when there is no outside light outlet in your home?

Use battery-powered lights.
Take advantage of existing domestic points of sale.
Use solar-powered lights.
Using LED candles

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