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All Information About Magnetic Eyelashes You know it

Magnetic Eyelashes

All Information About Magnetic Eyelashes You know it

Are you a lover of false eyelashes? So, she answers her honestly: are you sick of getting glue on your fingers every time you put them on? Indeed the answer is yes, as it happens to most of us. Luckily, magnetic eyelashes have been invented.

You can forget about the complicated glue with this type of false eyelashes. And it will be much easier for you to put them on correctly. Besides, they are more respectful of natural eyelashes. Today we will bring to light all the secrets of this new wonder. Do you join?

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The most important

  • That false eyelashes are in fashion is an undeniable fact. Now there are types and types. Among all of them, the ones that stand out the most today are magnetic eyelashes.
  • Its operation is effortless, which facilitates, of course, its placement. All you have to do is match the magnets on both rows of tabs, and that’s it! Now you can wear a look of infarction.
  • Of course, not with all you will get the expected results. To choose the best ones, you must consider specific purchase criteria—for example, size, materials, number of magnets, or design.

Types of false eyelashes

There are several types of false eyelashes, such as:

  • natural false eyelashes
  • Hair to false hair eyelashes
  • permanent false eyelashes
  • magnetic false eyelashes

natural false eyelashes

Natural false eyelashes are made with natural hairs in strips or groups of several lashes. The texture of the natural false eyelashes gives a very natural result. They are cheap and widely used, but you have to learn how to apply false eyelashes 

Natural false eyelashes have different shapes, either long strips or short strips. The but would be that these false eyelashes usually come with false eyelash glue. Hence, sticky remains and stains may appear later.

About how long natural false eyelashes last, the duration is usually one day,  since once it’s time to remove makeup, the eyelashes have to take off. They can be reused as long as we keep them in good condition.

Hair to false hair eyelashes

Hair-to-hair false eyelashes are hairs that stick one by one to our eyelashes. The size of our eye is analyzed, and the most appropriate length is chosen. Then the extensions are applied one by one on each eyelash with special glue.

Hair-by-hair false eyelashes are the most comfortable and most natural option. However, it is more expensive than the natural ones. The false joint strip is put on for one occasion and is removed at night. On the other hand, hair-by-hair lashes are glued to our lashes with highly durable glue and should not be removed.

The extensions stay stuck until the lash dies and falls off to make way for a new one. The effect usually lasts between  3 and 4 weeks. With this type of lashes, it is best not to use oil-based makeup or makeup remover.

permanent false eyelashes

Permanent false eyelashes are placed with a surgical operation. About 30 or 40 lashes are placed on each eye, and in theory, they last forever on the eyes.

magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic false eyelashes are being the latest revolution in the beauty sector. Some of their advantages are that they are multipurpose, have a very affordable price, are easy and quick to install, and do not need glue to put them on.

Ardell’s eyelashes

The most popular of these well-known brands are the Black 101 Lashes. They come in a pack of 4 pairs of 100% sterilized human hair lashes. They do not move at the moment, and when removing them, they come off quickly.

Eyelashes Primor

Primor stores and their online catalog are among the most popular due to their low prices and presence in most cities.

The most popular is Essence’s Lash on lash off  Lengthening Magnetic False Eyelashes, innovative lashes that adhere to yours with a simple magnetic strip.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Magnetic Eyelashes

Do you think the time has come to leave glue behind and switch to magnetic eyelashes? If your answer is yes, this section will be exciting for you. In it, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about this type of false eyelashes. Thus, you can use them with the most significant security. Take note!

That false eyelashes are in fashion is an undeniable fact. 

What advantages do magnetic eyelashes have over other false eyelashes?

magnetic eyelashes

The truth is that magnetic eyelashes are all the rage lately. Their success is due to the notable advantages of other false eyelashes. In the following table, we will show you in detail:

magnetic eyelashes their types of false eyelashes

They are (almost) harmless to your natural lashes. They do not contain any chemical product, they can be reused many more times, and they are more durable.

It straight forward to remove and clean

The glue is harmful to your natural lashes bond is also detrimental to the false eyelashes themselves, so they last less time.

They are very cheap

They are complicated to remove and clean 

How are magnetic eyelashes attached?

  1. One of the advantages of magnetic eyelashes that we have mentioned is the ease with which they are placed, even for most beginners. By carrying magnets, you will only have to put them as if they were a sandwich on your eyelashes, and that’s it! Here are some simple steps: Carefully remove the lashes from the wrapper. Most of them usually have a protective plastic that you should keep to keep them looking new for longer.
  2. Ensure which ones are on top and which ones are on the bottom. It seems silly, but the results will be disastrous if you get it wrong.
  3. Could you put them in their place? Then, match the magnets of the upper row with those of the lower row until you feel that they have stuck.
  4. Remember that false eyelash are placed only on the upper lashes, never on the lower ones.

Take care not to place them too close to the skin of the eyelid. You can prick yourself, and it is excruciating. On the contrary, if you put them too far apart, the result will be unnatural. In addition, they may fall off due to the weight of the grafts.

And when I take them off, what do I have to do with them?

  1. Did you find it easy to put them on? Then taking them off will be too. The only thing you need to worry about is not to pull the lashes too hard. Not only for the false ones but also your own. Once removed, you have to clean them. Yes, after each use. Do it as follows: Put in a makeup remover bowl and put the eyelashes for 10 or 15 minutes.
  2. Once that time has passed, take them out and place them on a cotton pad. With the help of another disc, press the lashes until they dry completely.
  3. Then, comb them with a fine brush (many models include it) so they don’t lose their shape.
  4. Please keep them in their package for better maintenance.

Esther Sansipharmaceutical

“Clean them well every night and put an eyelash serum on yours to strengthen them. Well, it’s still mild aggression, and your lashes have to support themselves and the new one day after day.”

Can magnetic eyelashes be made up?

It is one of the star questions when we talk about false eyelashes. Including magnetic eyelashes. And the answer is resounding: no, false eyelashes cannot be made up. Although it is a more than usual practice, it is also one of the reasons why this type of graft is damaged. And no matter how good it’s quality. Do you want an extra touch of depth or thickness in the lashes? So, you should apply mascara on your lashes before putting on the false ones. You will achieve the same effect as putting mascara on magnetic eyelashes. But you won’t spoil them.

In which cases is the use of this type of false eyelashes not recommended?

  1. As a general rule, magnetic eyelashes are for everyone. However, there are cases in which its use is not recommended. The most common are: People with fragile eyelashes and with little quantity. Using these grafts can further weaken them and cause them to fall out.
  2. Since any external agent in the eye area, people with eye infections can worsen the condition.

Although they are suitable for use with contact lenses, users may experience increased dryness or discomfort in the eyes.

Its operation is effortless, which facilitates, of course, its placement. All you have to do is match the magnets on both rows of tabs, and that’s it! (Source: Popov: 51090783/

Purchase criteria

You already know all the information regarding the use of magnetic eyelashes. Now, it’s time to choose yours. It is best to be guided by the purchase criteria that we will show you below to do it correctly. In this way, you will get the most out of your future lashes.


The objective of false eyelashes is to be as natural as possible, even if they are grafts. Therefore, the first thing you should think about is size. You must know that there are two different types of magnetic eyelashes:

  1. Whole magnetic eyelashes. They are the ones that occupy the entire length of the eyelid. That is, they completely cover your natural lashes.
  2. Magnetic half lashes. In this case, the lashes will cover only the final part of the eyelid. They are instrumental, especially to achieve greater depth and volume at the end of the eyelid.

Once you have chosen the model you prefer, you must consider the size of your eye. Don’t worry. There are many different lengths to choose the one that most closely resembles your eyelid. Thus, the effect will be more natural.

As they do not contain any chemical product, they can be reused many more times and are more durable.

Material – magnetic eyelashes

The material with which the false eyelashes are made is also essential. Think that they are placed on the eyelid, very close to the eye. It is one of the areas with the most sensitive skin on the entire face. For this reason, and to avoid possible allergic reactions, take a good look at its components. In this sense, we can differentiate between:

  1. Synthetic false eyelashes. They are made of acrylic material and polished. It would help if you kept in mind that these will be more rigid, although they may also be more durable.
  2. Natural false eyelashes. They are made with raw (animal) hair. They are instrumental if you tend to suffer from allergies or exceptional sensitivity in the eyes. it much more respectful of the skin.

number of magnets magnetic eyelashes

As you already know, one of the innovations that magnetic eyelashes present is the way they are placed. The magnets allow the lashes to stay firmly in place and last longer. They don’t damage your lashes as much as traditional false lash glue.

Therefore, if you want to guarantee the best results, you should look at the number of magnets that the model you have chosen has. Typically, they have at least two, one at each end. And at most five, a little more spread out. The more magnets, the greater the hold.

Olga Orantespharmaceutical

“Eyelash extensions aren’t for everyone. We can’t put them on eyes that have infections or allergies.”


Before, we said that the size of the eyelashes is essential for the results to be natural. The design also plays a vital role. Depending on your eye type and what you want to highlight, you will have to choose magnetic eyelashes with a different method:

eye type magnetic eyelashes design

for little eyes, The best are long and not too thick eyelashes so that you will get a more open look

Ideally, if your eyes are somewhat outstanding, the lashes you choose should be more populated at the root than at the tips.

If your eyes are round, you must choose a classic and natural design, with some shorter lashes than others to lighten the look.

If the shape of your eyes is almond, shaped Denser lashes are recommended, but with fine tips.

Quality and durability

Last but not least, you must consider the quality of the product you will buy. The supply of magnetic eyelashes is indeed very abundant. However, not all of them will be equally “profitable.” Commonly, lashes of this type last around twenty-five use.

Of course, for this, they must be of quality. In addition, you must also take care of it properly. That is, taking care when placing, removing, and cleaning it. Of course, you should also store them in the best possible conditions. For example, in the same package in which you bought them.


Are you looking for a look at infarction at any time? Magnetic eyelashes will become your best ally! Thanks to them, there is no more fighting against the glue so that they stay in place. Or you are spending a long time cleaning them when you take them off. They are easy to put on, take off and maintain.

In addition, since they do not contain chemical products, they are much more respectful with the eyes and the eyelids’ delicate skin. You have to choose the material that suits you best, the size according to your eyes, and a design that highlights your look. Now, any time will be good to show them off. What are you waiting for to check it out?

Are magnetic eyelashes safe?

Are magnetic eyelashes safe? Magnetic eyelashes are considered safer than other types of false eyelashes that use potentially harmful glues. However, it’s possible for any product you use around the eyes to be harmful. Your risk may be higher if you use the product incorrectly, or if you have sensitive skin and eyes.

How long do magnetic lashes stay on?

The lash and eyeliner hold up to 10 hours (essentially, the entire day). That means that if you wear the lashes daily, it’s totally usable for over a month. Treat them with utmost care, and they are bound to serve you longer.

What are the cons of magnetic eyelashes ?

What are the cons of wearing magnetic lashes?

  • They can take a lot of time to apply before they stick together. …
  • Magnetic lashes are not made according to the shape of the natural lashes and will usually need to be trimmed. …
  • They can be unstable once they have been applied and may often disconnect and fall off.

What are the side effects of magnetic eyelashes ?

Some side effects of using magnetic lashes can include:

  • Contact dermatitis.
  • Eye infections, such as conjunctivitis.
  • Irritation to the sensitive skin on the eyelids.
  • Blepharitis.
  • Allergies.
  • Triggering certain types of hair loss, such as traction alopecia.
  • Reaction to the iron oxides found in magnetic eyeliner.

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