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30 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets That You’ll Use

Kitchen Gadgets

30 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets That You’ll Use

 Whether you’re a kitchen whiz or a kitchen novice, there are plenty of gadgets and gadgets out there to help you whip up an excellent bite or make your life in the kitchen easier. There’s something for everyone, from fresh and quirky food storage to helpful prep tools. kitchen gadgets

If you’re a bit nerdy, a bit lazy, or want help making your kitchen look amazing, then keep scrolling as we’ve searched for the best nerdy kitchen treats that we’re sure you’ll love. kitchen gadgets

1. ANTI-CUT GLOVES kitchen gadgets

If your fingers get in the way every time you start to peel potatoes or cut vegetables, this kitchen gadget is for you. These are anti-cut gloves certified with the degree of protection Level 5 anti-cut EN388.

In addition to cutting, grating, peeling and slicing both fruits and vegetables in complete safety, you can also use them outside the kitchen. They claim to be four times stronger than the highest quality leather gloves, and they’re only worth €6.99. kitchen gadgets

2. POTATO CUTTER – kitchen gadgets

You have to see how delicious the chips are, but if you don’t know how to peel them well, their preparation can become an ordeal. Luckily, we are in the year 2020. There are kitchen utensils as excellent as this potato cutter with a stainless steel blade and two blades of different sizes so that you can create personalized dishes with regular potatoes or in a mini version. kitchen gadgets 

3. VEGETABLE SPIRALIZER – kitchen gadgets

Ever since zucchini and carrot spaghetti became all the rage, vegetable spiralizers have become a best-selling kitchen gadget.

This innovative kitchen utensil (€9.99), with a very original name, allows you to cut vegetables into fettuccine, spaghetti and ribbon shapes in just a few minutes. Ideal for enjoying healthier but equally tasty recipes. Add it to your wish list!  kitchen gadgets


Garlic is essential to flavour most dishes, but peeling it is a separate story. This arch-shaped press seems to have been designed for kitchen dummies because, in addition to having an ergonomic handle, it can split or crush the garlic in an instant, whatever the size of your hands. It is worth €8.57. kitchen gadgets


Can’t live without adding avocado to your meals? We understand you, and apart from being delicious, it is super complete food. However, if you are not very skilled in the kitchen, it may be challenging to remove the bone and slice it. kitchen gadgets

Our recommendation is this tool with which you can split the avocado, get rid of the bone and cut its interior into six pieces. Best of all, it was only €10.94!


Burns when cooking is a classic, even more so when it comes to the oven. The best way to protect your hands is to use gloves like these silicone ones that cost €9.99: non-slip, straightforward to clean, resistant to heat and cold, and free of BPA. kitchen gadgets


Oh, the watermelons are as fresh and healthy as they are cumbersome when splitting them. With how cute they are cut into pieces, ready to eat, huh? Stop dreaming because, with this easy-grip cutter, you can have your watermelon geometrically chopped into 12 parts. The price: €18.19. What a treat! kitchen gadgets

8. ICON BOTTLE OPENER kitchen gadgets

You know it, we know it: there are times when opening the boats is an impossible mission. Jam, tomato. This non-slip opener with a silicone grip is for that and much more because it also allows you to open bottles! Get it for  kitchen gadgets


This one adds up to the must-have kitchen items, especially if you’re used to making baked apples. With sharp points, the corer is easily inserted into the fruit and removed. You have to pull on its ergonomically designed handle. kitchen gadgets


Poached eggs are much healthier than fried ones, but if you don’t know how to prepare them, you should buy a kitchen utensil as original as this pack of 4 silicone moulds (€4.68). Their ring stand design makes them stable on any kitchen surface. Plus, they’re microwave-safe, too—and stackable!  kitchen gadgets


Yes, boiling an egg is very simple, but you can prepare hard-boiled, soft-boiled, Mollet -style, poached eggs, and even omelettes with this silicone gadget. Thekey? The egg is cooked without the shell, avoiding having to peel it once cooked for €9.90. kitchen gadgets


If geometry is not your strong point, this BPA-free silicone mat, designed for baking, is what you need to prepare all kinds of recipes: cookies, cakes, meat or vegetable pies. In addition, it does not need fat or oil, keeping calories and cholesterol at bay. You will find it.  kitchen gadgets


Pineapple, like watermelon, is another one of that hard-to-peel and cut fruits at least, until this stainless steel cutter was invented, capable of peeling it and cutting it into perfect slices. Available for €11.99. kitchen gadgets


Silicone spatulas like those we show here are essential for any self-respecting kitchen, especially if you don’t have much of a hand with the subject. Why? Because they do not have cracks where food can get trapped, because they are straightforward to clean, because they do not scratch the pans, because they are made with BPA-free silicone and resistant to 315º, and because their handle is made of stainless steel. The 3-piece pack costs kitchen gadgets


Do you love yogurt? Thanks to this yogurt maker, effortless to use, you can make them at home with complete peace of mind and top-quality ingredients. It has a capacity for seven glass tubs of 160 ml; it is dishwasher compatible and made 100% free of BPA. As if that were not enough, the lids include an indicator to remember the date you made the yogurt.  kitchen gadgets

16. SHOW OFF AN ORIGINAL BIALETTI – kitchen gadgets

kitchen gadgets

Do you want to display an authentic cult item in your kitchen? Are you a lover of having the perfect coffee every morning at home? Then you have to order a Bialetti. kitchen gadgets

It is the mother of all Italian or Moka-type coffee machines. Its creation dates back to 1933 when the engineer Alfonso Bialetti had the idea when he saw how a refrigerator worked.

Although there are numerous imitations on the market, you will be able to distinguish an authentic Bialetti by its faceted octagonal shape in aluminium and a pleasant character with a moustache, which legend has it, is the caricatured face of the Bialetti engineer. kitchen gadgets

There are countless colours and designs that you can get through your authorized distributor in Mexico.

17. EAT LESS FAT WITH AN AIR FRYER – kitchen gadgets

Air fryer cooking is all the rage. And you will surely want to get in shape after the Christmas slips.

You can choose from several brands and models that best suits your needs and budget. From there, you can look for it on each brand’ssuit

Interestingly, chef Gordon Ramsay made them fashionable in his Hell’s Kitchen show. Still, since we all want to eat healthier, this appliance is changing how many people cook around the world.


And continuing with the fit wave of the beginning of the year, juices and smoothies are the preferred option of many, so a juice extractor becomes one of the essential kitchen gadgets.

The Oster Acti Fit will be essential if you want to preserve all the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables that pass through it and the perfect consistency that will make it easier for you to take and digest what you grind there. kitchen gadgets

The plus is its portable Tritan™ glass, which allows you to drink your juice fresh from the machine.

19. SLOW COOKING POT – kitchen gadgets

Another kitchen trend that is also about staying healthy is slow cookers. And what is the plus that this gadget gives you over a regular pot?

Slow cooking preserves the nutrients in food since by lengthening the cooking time and keeping it below 100ºC, it helps us stay healthy, enhances the flavours of the food and facilitates digestion.

This article explains how it works in detail and gives you tips to make the most of it. kitchen gadgets

As you can see, these gadgets will make your life easier, healthier and, why not? Your kitchen is more stylish. Imagine when visitors arrive, show it to them and tell them proudly: “the kings brought it to me”.

20. Cutting board

Get this multifunctional double-sided cutting board. Designed with a unique angular cutting surface, it can collect crumbs and liquids that you could easily spill with its rounded corners. kitchen gadgets

21. instant beverage cooler

Are you often late in the morning with no time to make your iced coffee? This instant beverage cooler will quickly and conveniently chill your favourite beverage in less than 60 seconds without the need for ice to ease your hectic mornings. kitchen gadgets

22. Microwave pasta cooker

Cook pasta faster than ever in your microwave. Measure, cook and drain pasta with a simple container in minutes. You are no more waiting for water to boil and no more cumbersome cleanups. It’s the perfect way to enjoy homemade pasta, al dente, without waiting or hassle. kitchen gadgets

23. spill plug

Are you tired of pots constantly boiling over and the whole stove getting dirty? Use this anti-spill stopper and never worry about pots overflowing again. Set your timer, cover your jar with this spill stopper, and go about your business happily.

24. jar opener

Open rigid lids effortlessly with this jar opener. Grab any size cap, and with a simple twist, the cap pops off. This jar opener hides neatly under a cabinet, cupboard, counter, or shelf without valuable storage space. You won’t know it’s there until you need it. kitchen gadgets

25. immersion cook

Experience restaurant-quality food from your kitchen. Put a sealed bag of tasty and nutritious food in a pot of water, and cook it to perfection in minutes with this immersion cooker.

26. breakfast station

It is your all-in-one breakfast solution. Treat your family to a variety of breakfast foods cooked on the sizeable nonstick grill and in the toaster while you enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, all done with this breakfast station. kitchen gadgets

27. Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer – kitchen gadgets

Are keeping track of food temperature when cooking can make all the difference. External thermometers are all very well, but if you can get an internal reading, that can be the difference between a great photo and a perfect meal. kitchen gadgets

The Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer can be used in the oven or on the barbecue and gives you real-time temperatures, timers and cooking guidance right on your smartphone.


28. Rapid beverage cooler – kitchen gadgets

We check 1,000s of prices on 1,000s of retailers to get you the lowest new price we can find. Pocket-lint may get a commission from these offers.

We’ve got good news if you’ve ever come home from work and realized your beers weren’t in the fridge.

The Rapid Beverage Cooler is a small intelligent cooling device that is capable of chilling a can of beverage from room temperature to 6°C (42.8°F) or -2°C (28.4°F) in approx. Six minutes.

It would help if you had ice, three AA batteries, and a little patience. This bad boy is also portable to take with you to your neighbour’s barbecue or camping. kitchen gadgets

29. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock – kitchen gadgets


We check 1,000s of prices on 1,000s of retailers to get you the lowest new price we can find. Pocket-lint may get a commission from these offers. 

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is so delicious that the merchandising team came up with ​​creating this lock for the company’s ice cream tubs.

Katie O’Brien of Ben & Jerry’s merchandising team said the idea came from one of her customers, who said ice cream should be sold in stainless steel containers with locks to prevent pudding theft.

This device features a three-digit combination lock, but it’s probably more of a fun deterrent than an actual security device. A determined thief could easily open a cardboard tub if they were that desperate.

30. Beyond Zero Alcoholic Ice Maker – kitchen gadgets

Alcohol has a much lower freezing point than water, so you’ve always had trouble making alcohol ice cubes in your refrigerator at home. It’s also why you can keep a bottle of vodka in the freezer for weeks, and it will stay cold but never freeze. This product from Beyond Zero is the solution. Capable of reaching subzero temperatures down to -112 degrees Celsius, this handy device is the perfect tool for making alcoholic ice cubes from the comfort of your own home.

The machine produces ice cubes in a matter of minutes, and the best part is that these frozen nuggets can be made with the same drink, so there is no dilution like there would be with regular water-based ice cubes. Your drinks stay fresh longer, and the results are fantastic.

What is the most popular kitchen gadget?

We Tested the Best Kitchen Gadgets to Make Any Cooking Task a…

  • Best Pressure Cooker: Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker at Amazon.
  • Best Avocado Slicer:
  • Silicone Strainer:
  • Mandoline:
  • Coffee Grinder:
  • Citrus Juicer: .
  • Swivel Peeler:
  • Spatula Set:

What kitchen utensils are a must-have?

  • Knives. Without a proper chef’s knife, food prep can be miserable.
  • Knife Sharpener. Once you have the right knife, you’ll need to keep it sharp.
  • Cutting Boards.
  • Bowls.
  • Measuring Spoons & Cups. .
  • Cookware.
  • Instant-Read Thermometer.
  • Utensils

What is this kitchen utensil?

A kitchen utensil is a small hand and held tool used for food preparation. Common kitchen tasks include cutting food items to size, heating food on an open fire or a stove, baking, grinding, mixing, blending, and measuring; different utensils are made for each task.

How do I identify my kitchen tools?

The Right Cooking Utensils Produce Delicious Taste

Using the correct utensils for cooking ensures that you get the right taste for the dishes you are preparing. Understand that different dishes usually have different tastes.

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