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11 Best CCTV Cameras For Security 2022


11 Best CCTV Cameras For Security 2022

The products selected below include the various current video surveillance kit. In addition to being practical and functional, they are among the cheapest on the market. If you still don’t know the best video surveillance kit for the need to secure your home or business, here are some ideas.

Wireless outdoor video surveillance kit

1. Zosi Wireless CCTV Recorder 

A surveillance tool is essential to ensure the security of a home or office. Among the latest generation models, this video preservation kit comprises eight wireless cameras connected to a central receiver via WIFI. Therefore, there is no need for an Ethernet cable to connect the assembly, although this option is also available in the event that the range is insufficient. 

This material is, therefore, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is reinforced by the level of sealing IP66, which is ideal to face winds and tides. Weatherproof, this kit fears no season thanks to its premium aluminum coating.

A 2TB hard drive efficiently stores 1080p recordings. Its backups are accessible with the Zosi Smart App application to download on IOS, Android, or even Windows and MAC.


It will also allow you to keep an eye on your property, even if you are not on the premises. A WIFI relay also connects the various cameras. Its range is therefore extended for more excellent coverage.

Motion detection provides better system performance with an email alert in case of intrusion. This function is customizable according to the desired zone; it is possible to deactivate it for very frequented places. Night vision also makes the system more effective, up to thirty meters away at night. In addition, the material can be hung on the ceiling or the wall for successful camouflage of surveillance cameras.

For the 

Wifi relay: This relay system covers a more extensive territory for those with a large area to control.

Motion detection: This feature is customizable by area and ideal for pet owners.

Storage Capacity: 2TB data backup memory can keep long time recording continuously.


Autonomy: The cameras are not autonomous and require the primary connection.

Outdoor video surveillance kit

2. Annke 5MP 8CH PIR kit DVR

Ensuring your security and property around the clock are the primary roles of this comprehensive surveillance system. Its cameras, which you can choose from 4 or 8, offer images 2.5 times clearer than those of a 1080p HD model. In addition, its purchase allows you to obtain a whole kit, including a Lite DVR Surveillance, power adapters for DVRs, and cameras with the various valuable wires for the connection, namely a 1.8 m HDMI, 1 m of Ethernet cable, and 18 .3m of BNC cables.

In addition to these accessories, the bundle includes a USB mouse, handling guide, 4-to-1 power splitter, and mounting screws. The device performs well at night by offering night vision thanks to EXIR 2.0 technology. The latter ensures a variation of the IR brightness to benefit from clear images.


A visual alarm in the form of white light is integrated to detect any intrusion using a sensitive PIR sensor. It further allows you to limit false alarms caused by the passage of pets or other natural parameters such as wind or rain.

The DVR can support different formats and can be used with ten cameras. A pre-installed 1TB hard drive is in the system, providing three months of non-stop recording capacity for four cameras. It is also possible to enjoy this monitoring system on your mobile device and your computer wherever you are. You don’t need to check at all times. Notification to your email address will be sent as soon as the alarm is triggered.

For the 

Cameras: Apart from the clarity of the images they film, they are waterproof, a feature ensured by the IP67 protection index.

Installation: Its purchase allows you to acquire the product with all the required accessories, including the user manual—everything so that you can do the assembly yourself.

Convenience: Controlling the surveillance camera can be done remotely, whether on a phone, tablet, or computer.  


Night vision: Despite the EXIR 2.0 technology, a light near the camera is recommended to have prominent images at night.

IP video surveillance kit

3. Reolink 16CH NVR 3TB PoE Surveillance Camera Kit

The advantage of IP surveillance kits? The system works with all types of cameras as long as they are under the IP system. For this model of REOLINK, the 8 x 5MP PoE cameras keep the images in good quality with 2560*1920 pixel resolution videos. Designed to deliver decent performance, the system features a motion sensor that sends you notifications and sounds an audible alarm around the house.

No need for an external hard drive which is usually required by other models, because this kit has a 3TB hard drive in its NVR. Night vision has an extended range of 30 meters with barely visible LEDs. For installation, even if the system uses wired connections, it remains simple with the long cables, the installation guide, and the mounting screws provided. 

For the 

Storage: While the storage of 3TB is more than enough, you can also configure the recording so that it is only triggered once motion is detected.

Remote Access: With the Reolink app, just a few steps and your mobile device can be used to view the videos from wherever you are.

Cable length: The network cables used for the cameras all have an altitude of 18 meters, which in no way encumbers its users.


Without zoom: The only downside, although not prohibitive, is that this wired outdoor video surveillance kit does not have the zoom option.

Wifi video surveillance kit

4. Arlo Pro 3 Outdoor wifi Security Camera

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The Arlo Pro 3 is a premium video surveillance kit featuring four cameras. It makes it possible to secure your property thanks to recent technologies that exist on the market. The best video surveillance kits must have good image resolution so that users can see what is going on in detail. 

With 2K video in HDR that can reach 1080p, the Arlo Pro 3 lives up to its name. Thanks to wifi, users can see what is happening in their home remotely with a 160-degree viewing angle. The sound reproduction is also fascinating with a two-way audio profile. 

The surveillance kit is equipped with motion and night vision sensors, allowing you to monitor your home day and night. The only downside of the Arlo Pro 3 concerns its price, which is not given since it is a premium quality product.

For the 

Solidity: With a 2-year warranty from the manufacturers and a design intended to withstand the elements.

Rechargeable: This saves users the inconvenience of using wires.

Quality recordings: With good image resolution and excellent sound reproduction.

A connection allows you to follow the situation inside or outside the house in real-time during your absence.

A 160-degree angle of view allows you to see all the sensitive areas of your property.


Technologies that don’t work: Unfortunately, one of the users tried several features, but it didn’t work.

Recorder outdoor video surveillance kit

5. Zosi H.265+ 1080P Surveillance Camera Kit with 8CH

If you are looking for a surveillance system for your home or workplace, here is a model from the Zosi brand. It contains cameras with a 3.6 mm lens offering videos of 1080p HD resolution at a 90° viewing angle. Only live viewing benefits from this image quality and not replaying recordings. This kit consists of a DVR base with H.265+ compression, four cameras, a user manual, four connection cables, a splitter cable, a mouse, two power adapters, and four warning labels.

When a suspicious movement is detected, notifications are instantly sent to the user on his Smartphone or computer. Just install the Zosi Smart app or the AVSS. Unlike similar devices, a specific detection area can be defined to avoid false alarms.

This model is practical, whatever the weather condition, thanks to its impermeability proven by the waterproof index IP66. An IR cut filter is built into each camera, ensuring clear vision. Depending on the need, such as securing a larger area such as a warehouse or a store, it is possible to add four other cameras while keeping the same DVR.


This device is also distinguished by its three recording methods: continuous, programmed, and on-motion detection. Each camera can work with a different mode. Their night visions of 20 meters with black and white images are ensured by IR LEDs integrated with the devices.

For the 

Cameras: These provide good video quality, and their rugged design expands and simplifies location selection.

Motion Detector: The user can define a specific place that seems suspicious, and it will become a sensitive area for detection.

Recording: The three modes to choose from make it possible to manage better storage and time to receive notifications on cases of doubtful intrusions.


Accessories: Even if it comes with many essential elements for operation, it is necessary to acquire an internal hard drive later.

Wireless video surveillance kit

6. Arlo VMS3330-100EUS Smart Security Camera 3-Pack 

If you dread the installation stage, a wireless monitoring kit will suit you. Not only wireless but the three cameras in it also have a modern design. Fixing them requires only the supplied mounting screws and can be done on a wall or wood. Operating independently of the vagaries of the weather, these cameras are resistant and equipped with motion detection.

HD quality videos can be viewed with configurable resolution up to 1280*720 pixels at a 110° viewing angle. No need to activate night vision every night because. Unlike other devices, this function automatically turns on as soon as it gets dark. Also, like most devices designed by the brand, the cameras will only discharge after 3 to 6 months of use. Arlo gives a 2-year warranty to accompany the purchase.

For the

Night vision: You will no longer have to wonder in bed if the feature has been activated or not because it starts automatically without any configuration to be carried out.

Resistance: As long as the temperature does not drop below 10° and does not exceed 50°, this inexpensive video surveillance kit will keep your property under surveillance.

Personal mode: In this mode, you can save personalized configurations such as temporarily stopping motion detection or the camera.


Notifications: Rare users claim to have received an alert from the motion detector about ten minutes after the suspicious presence.  

Samsung video surveillance kit

6. Samsung QNV-6070R IP Security Camera

This Samsung QNV-6070R surveillance camera will bring more security to your home. Its features make it robust. Surveillance kit. It is a QNV-6070R dome camera with a sensor resolution of 2 MP. it makes it possible to view fluid and clear images even in the event of a backlight. Indeed, this kit has WDR technology that can correct the brightness difference.  

The Samsung QNV-6070R has the characteristics of a quality monitoring device. You will surely be interested in its 1080p FHD video resolution. To store your images, this device has a slot for inserting a micro SD card (with a capacity of 128 GB). 

You can place it even in tight areas by offering horizontal views of up to 103°. The Hallway viewing mode ensures field of view optimization in the narrow space. The latter is responsible for vertically orienting the video stream.


It is possible to detect “defocus” via Bluetooth to reduce installation time. By connecting the camera to your phone, for example, you can recognize images that are out of focus.

These few features mentioned above are all useful. They are efficient since they allow you to detect suspicious individuals or vehicles passing by your property quickly. You should also know that many major brands are on the video surveillance kit market—which explains why this Samsung QNV-6070R camera is cheaper for its qualities.

For the 

Ease of Installation: Unlike other video surveillance kits, the Samsung QNV-6070R makes it easy for you during installation. Indeed, its abilities offer you several types of locations.

Image quality: Through its various features, we can see that the Samsung QNV-6070R offers a clear image even in certain conditions, such as a narrow environment or the case of backlighting.  


Presence of interference signals: Some noisy electrical tools in a house can disturb the quality of the image; this problem is widespread during the installation of the surveillance camera.

Operational concern: If you live in an area prone to extended power outages, you will need to purchase a camera with a backup battery. 

Wifi outdoor video surveillance kit

7. Reolink 4MP Outdoor Security Camera Kit


You no longer have to waste your time looking for the best monitoring kit. The Reolink outdoor security camera performs its functions well. It can deliver detailed 2560×1440 resolution Full HD videos. The device can a CCTV provide videos two times better than 1080p in night mode for a range of 30 meters. 

Of impeccable quality, the videos produced by this device during the day will not be degraded easily. Unlike most video surveillance kits, this one provides a digital signal of 4 MP definition. Quality Ethernet cables guarantee the transfer of these videos. The latter helps connect IP surveillance cameras to your professional or home network. 


Still at the level of functionality, the power supply, the video, and the audio of this kit are done by a single network cable. The installation of this device is, therefore, much more straightforward. Intelligent, the security system of this PoE series can detect suspicious moving objects. It then triggers the alarm in case of danger to warn you. In addition, you have the possibility of making a 24/7 non-stop recording thanks to the 4-channel security system that composes it.

For the

Exclusive monitoring: Even when you are away from home, this surveillance camera offers the possibility of remote monitoring. Added to this is the impeccable quality of the images day and night.  

Simplified use: Installation, configuration, and remote control (via the free Reolink app compatible with iOS and Android) are easy with this Reolink PeO camera.


Light lack of precision: With the detection mode, the camera can easily engage, even if nothing is in particular. But it remains easy to manage because it is enough to configure the device well before its final installation.  

Poe video surveillance kit

8. Reolink PoE Surveillance Camera Kit with 8CH NVR 2TB

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This Roelink brand security camera kit is a genuine benchmark in the surveillance industry. Indeed, it offers its users exceptional image quality even in the middle of the night, without any light source. Moreover, it provides coverage of up to 30 meters in the dark while capturing sharp images in natural colors thanks to powerful IR LEDs. You can also ensure reliable 24/7 recording with a built-in 2TB hard drive.

It is also possible to further expand this storage capacity with an external hard drive installation that can support up to 4 TB. And thanks to motion detection, you are alerted in real-time by email or by notification on your Smartphone, all accompanied by a warning sound from the buzzer of the NVR for the movements detected in the area. CCTV

For the

Capacity: The greatest asset of this kit is its exceptional storage capacity which is 2 TB allowing continuous recording 24/7.

Image quality: This camera provides super HD image quality in day or night vision over 30 meters around in complete darkness.

Remote access: With wifi connectivity, you can watch in real-time from your Smartphone, computer, or tablet everything that happens at home.


Price: We deplore, however for this product its price which is not accessible to all, although the camera is of high quality.

purchase guide

The security of our property is one of our most significant concerns. We all want to know where to buy the best video surveillance kit. But for that. Relying on a simple price comparison is a difficult choice that does not ensure the quality of the product because the needs are not the same depending on the situation. So, to know which video surveillance kit to choose according to your needs, we have grouped the best purchase criteria, which are the area to be filmed, the technology, the capacity, and the quality. Follow our advice!

The area to be filmed

To start this buying guide for the best video surveillance kits, let’s first talk about the area your cameras will have to cover. The number of cameras that should be included in your equipment and the coverage capacity of each camera. CCTV

It will depend on the area to be protected according to your purpose. If your goal is to deter thieves with a minimum of cameras, those positioned in prominent locations will be sufficient. Average image quality will be more suitable for catching criminals in the act.

But to generate video evidence discreetly, you will need to opt for models positioned in strategic areas that would allow you to have different points of view on the same area.


Similarly, if the area to be covered is large, turning to a comparison will let you know which model offers the most comprehensive coverage to have the fewest possible blind spots.

There is also a difference in the models installed indoors or outdoors. It is mainly on the functions available and necessary for each type of camera. For an indoor model, the ideal is equipped with a discreet design and infrared vision. For an outdoor model, the requirements should be a bit more stringent with vandal-proof, weatherproof, and able to give you night dreams.


Knowing how to choose the best video surveillance kits for 2022 also means knowing how to spot the cameras equipped with the latest technologies. But the choice is also made according to the needs. Because the price of the kit of your choice will depend on it, if you want a wired or wireless model, the choice will depend on the reception and range of your home wifi network, as well as your connection possibility to receive alerts by email.

For example, fully wired analog camera kits work by communicating with a DVR digital recorder through a video cable. In contrast, IP wifi and analog wifi kits allow you to receive the images recorded on the NVR recorder CCTV

. Without any wiring. Once you are done comparing the models, you will notice that each type of kit has advantages and disadvantages because the wired system requires a lot of wiring work. The transmission of images is much safer than with a wireless model dependent on a home network quality.

Capacity and quality

Finally, to determine where to buy a new video surveillance kit, you should know that the storage capacity and recorded image quality are of great importance. Thus some brands highlight the high quality of the recordings of their products in addition to a large storage capacity to film 24 hours a day, seven days a week without interruption. CCTV

However, low price is not often combined with quality for this type of product. It is, therefore, necessary to find out how to buy a video surveillance kit with a better quality-price ratio to find the right balance between a good model and an affordable price.

To get you on the way, know that the best models of 2022 offer Full HD resolutions, allied with a storage capacity of up to 2 TB, normally expandable.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to install a CCTV system?

Once you know how CCTV works, you need to set it up. First, you should know that the various cameras provided will be the main capture tools. They are connected to the recorder to qualify and store the images. The most used storage system is the external hard drive. CCTV

The writer is optional if a guard is required to check the pictures at all times. The screen then broadcasts the filmed images so that you have a visual. It can be a computer monitor, a television screen, or a smartphone.

Q2: How long to keep the CCTVs?

Generally, it all comes down to the type of equipment you choose and what you do with it afterward. An analog camera, for example, is required to record video to tape. The duration will then be minimal. On the other hand, if you connect your analog camera to a recorder, the images will be stored and can be kept longer. CCTV

And with a digital camera, you can archive videos to an external hard drive. However, it is essential to mention that if you are filming in public places, the law prohibits keeping the videos for more than one month.

Q3: What is the difference between CCTV and remote monitoring?

It is not easy for beginners in the field to tell the difference between CCTV and remote monitoring. Do not panic; the concept is straightforward to understand. Video surveillance or video protection is the totality of cameras that film without interruption or at scheduled times in a private or public place. It is also interesting to note that individuals can use this CCTV device.

Only, there are some conditions such as avoiding public roads. Indeed, the right to the image and any invasion of privacy is reprimanded by law. And as for the remote surveillance, it is a security service working seven days a week and 24 hours a day. This system allows you to take advantage of the services online—security agents in case of an alert at your home. CCTV

Q4: Who can view CCTV footage?

For video surveillance used in a personal capacity and his domain, the images can be viewed by the owner of the premises. It may sometimes happen that other people living in the vicinity request viewing the videos in the context of a flight, for example.

Within a company, only authorized persons have the possibility of watching the various recorded videos. And for cameras installed on public roads, access to the images is also reserved for authorized persons. The rule prohibiting data retention for more than one month is still in force in this case

What CCTV means?

closed-circuit television

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes.

What is a CCTV camera used for?

CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television, is a security monitor system that enables you to always keep a watchful eye around or in your business. security systems contain monitors and camera that allow you to view live events, as well as recorders that archive footage for later use.

Whyare cameraa called CCTV?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is commonly known as video surveillance. “Closed-circuit” means broadcasts are usually transmitted to a limited (closed) number of monitors, unlike “regular” TV, which is broadcast to the public at large.

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