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Best 6 Cooling & Lightweight Summer Comforter

Summer Comforter

Best 6 Cooling & Lightweight Summer Comforter

Summer is coming, and you still haven’t bought a quilt for the occasion? Do not worry! In its section, we will tell you the 4 most important aspects of summer quilts, including their cost. That said, if you’re still not sure whether to buy these types of duvets, we’ll start by telling you why you should invest in them. summer comforter

What are the best summer comforters and fillers?

We tend to think that duvets are for winter. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today we are lucky enough to enjoy summer quilts so that they provide us with just the right amount of comfort at bedtime.

The bedspreads and quilts, boutis bedspreads for the summer are the true stars of the summer season. Who has not suffered from poor rest or insomnia in the transition months between seasons? And it is that finding the right point of temperature is crucial for a good sleep.

The classic summer quilts of a lifetime have a plus compared to the Nordic ones. And it is that you can coordinate them with other types of accessories in the room, such as curtains or bed cushions. They are a way to always have the perfect space, especially for those who like a classic and neat look.

What summer quilt to buy? shopping guide

Fine summer or mid-season quilts should never be missing from your wardrobe. When spring begins, it is best to start using them because a winter comforter is too hot, and a quilt is too short.

We have tested several of their models to show you the ones we like the most, and in our opinion, they offer better value for money.

1. Nordic quilt 400 gr Sabanalia summer comforter

The essential fine duvet that should never be missing

Material: Polyester microfiber exterior

Grammage: 400 gr/m²

Size: Available in all bed sizes

Does it happen to you the same as us? When spring comes, we start to sleep poorly for no apparent reason. Until we discovered that the problem was the heat. By continuing to use the same duvet as in winter, the temperature at night rises, causing us to sweat more. Consequently, we wake up more often. summer comforter

A quilt like this from Sabanalia, delicate and with the exact thickness you need to sleep comfortably, will help you rest better at night. summer comforter

Due to its weight, 400 gr/m² is perfect for use in mid-season or summer nights as it is sufficiently warm and does not overheat the bed.

Its finishes have seemed to us of quality, it is well sewn, and the auctions are correctly finished. Together with its cell design, it ensures that the padding is always in its place and does not clump in certain areas.

Features :

  • You have different sizes available, almost for all types of beds.
  • The outer tacot is polyester microfiber, which gives it a soft and velvety look like down.
  • Fully machine washable up to 60º C. Does not shrink
  • The interior is made of silicone hollow fibre, extraordinarily soft and fluffy.
  • It is completely hypoallergenic.


  • It’s vast. It covers the bed completely
  • You can wash it at home without any problem
  • Ideal for halftime and hotter times


  • only have it in this colour

2. Our opinion on the Sabanalia spring quilt summer comforter

It is clear that when you buy a duvet for summer, what you need is just the right thing. That is why we liked this Sabanalia quilt so much. It is soft fluffy, the seams are not noticeable, and the finishes are exquisite. So that we understand each other, it goes great in a room of about 20 degrees. It is the perfect quilt. It weighs nothing, is very light, and is perfectly breathable and comfortable to sleep on—a 10 for this comforter. summer comforter

  • Large.
  • Guarantee a fabulous, trusted brand with years of experience in the sector.
  • Great and one of the best options if you are looking for a quilt for warmer times.

3. Summer Wendre Nordic Filler 

As light and effective as a traditional quilt

Material: Blued microfiber

Grammage: 150 gr/m²

Size: Available in bed sizes 150 and 180 cm

If the place where you live is hot, this is our recommendation. This soft and fluffy quilt finished in bluish microfiber is what you need for when the heat is on and at night it cools down. It is as light as a traditional light blanket but much softer and more comfortable. summer comforter

summer comforter

It is also straightforward to keep clean and odour free because you can wash it at home.

We love this quilt’s super smooth surface that gives it an irresistibly silky texture. It is also very breathable, which provides just the right amount of heat in warmer times, without sweating.

The OEKO-Tex certificate gives you extra confidence that its composition contains no harmful or toxic substances for people or the planet. summer comforter

Finally, we are delighted that the brand grants a 30-day trial guarantee in which you can check if the quilt suits your needs.

Perfect as a gift!


  • Available for 150 cm and 180 cm beds
  • You can wash it at home between 40º and 60º C.
  • It is a light quilt, perfect for summer. The microfiber outer material makes it very comfortable.
  • Very easy to keep clean because it also dries very easily
  • OEKO-Tex Standard 100 guarantee.
  • A fine quilt perfect for summer


  • Ideal because it washes easily and does not need to be ironed, as is the case with summer quilts
  • It turns out quite fluffy, which gives it a luxurious look
  • It is enjoyable and delicate to the touch, ideal for allergy sufferers


  • It does not include a storage bag

What is our opinion?

  • It is one of the lightest duvets we have tested. It is soft, breathable, and light, perfect for places where it is not too cold.

4. Utopia Bedding spring and summer comforter

The best summer comforter that does not need a cover

Material: 100% Microfiber Polyester Weight

: 350 gr/m²

Size: Available for beds of all sizes

What is the most uncomfortable thing about having a Nordic? The nightmare of changing the duvet cover. That is what costs us the most, and Utopia Bedding knows it. She has created this two-tone quilt that you can use with and without a body. The microfiber outer material is incredibly comfortable, so worn on its own, it’s fantastic. summer comforter

The edges are hemmed and box-shaped, which means the filling does not clump and spreads well everywhere.

The colours available are all in the classic lines, always in two-tone tones, in case you get bored of having the same one because they are reversible. summer comforter

The silicone hollow fibre filling is ideal because it gives extra comfort compared to a traditional quilt, and it is also super soft and much more fluffy.

It is a soft quilt. It hardly weighs and is just warm for summer and mid-season. To give you an idea, it’s ideal for room temperatures of around 20 degrees, depending on how hot you are.

It is extra-long covers the bed more than enough.

It is reversible, only in these two shades.

You can wash it at home.


  • Perfect to use as a summer quilt
  • You can wash it at home at 40º C in the washing machine


  • Only these shades are available

It is a lovely, light and breathable quilt, ideal for summer and mid-season.

5. Bedsure Summer Quilt

The most excellent summer quilt, perfect for hot weather

Material: 100% Polyester

Grammage: It is a summer quilt

Size: Available in all bed formats

Living in a place with a hot climate, a duvet is not always bearable, however thin it may be. For this reason, this type of boutí bedspread is perfect for placing on top. The duvet is without anything else when the heat is at its peak. In addition to being very pretty in bed, they fulfil their shelter function during the hottest times. summer comforter

The fabric is 100 microfiber, so they are very soft quilts, even when washing them.

Bedsure summer quilt is ideal for spring-summer if you have a mild climate. And it’s also an excellent option for very hot people.

Despite being very thin, it is a quilt that gives warmth without weighing you down: just enough to be comfortable in bed, as long as the night is not freezing. summer comforter

You can use it as is, but it can be the perfect option to combine with a thin summer comforter if you need something extra.

Features :

  • Reversible boutí bedspread in microfiber fabric.
  • You can machine wash at home in cold water, air dry, and not dry clean.
  • You can enjoy this type of quilt in all seasons, alone or with a quilt.
  • Very soft and light, it only weighs 2.44 kg.


  • Very light and very silky touch
  • Perfect to use alone or in combination with a quilt
  • It comes in its perfectly packed bag.


  • If you are a bit cold, maybe it falls a little short.

6. Aqua Textile Soft Touch summer comforter

A version of the same quilt for each time of year

Material: OEKO-Tex cotton lining

Grammage: Silicone hollow fibre

Size: All bed sizes

Enjoy your comforter, even if it’s warm outside. With the Aqua Textil quilt, you will feel protected and comfortable at any time of the year because the brand has a different quilt for each season. summer comforter

The Soft Touch quilt is available in 5 versions:

  • A summer or winter quilt
  • A quilt for the whole year
  • A quilt for the 5 seasons of the year

The silicone hollow fibre filling is very similar to down in touch. We have tried it, and it is enjoyable in hot weather because it keeps you warm on cool summer nights. summer comforter

In addition, it is breathable, ideal so that you do not sweat as it happened with the old blankets in which the sensation was good, but when the hours passed, you were dying of heat.

Characteristics of the Aqua Textil summer quilt

  • The polyester exterior is incredibly soft and fluffy, which means the duvet doesn’t shift when you put it on the cover.
  • Inside, silicone hollow fibre is perfect for higher temperatures and favours perspiration and air circulation. It shelters just enough, regulating the natural temperature.
  • Very light, perfect for halftime and summer.


  • You can wash it at home without a problem, in a washing machine
  • The value for money is excellent


  • need duvet cover
  • It comes without a bag to store it

What to take into account before buying a demi-season quilt?

Before choosing your bedding, it is best to take an overview of all the available offers and assess what you need: a fine duvet, a summer quilt or a light blanket. Any of the options will depend a lot on your tastes at bedtime.

If you choose a duvet, make sure that it has a grammage of less than 400 gr. Depending on how fantastic the temperature is in your house, this type of grammage may or may not be excessive. It is recommended for a room temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. If it is warmer in your house, choose a lower grammage. summer comforter

On the other hand, if it is colder, you can always choose a summer quilt to complement it or use both separately depending on different needs or changes in temperature. summer comforter

Almost always, using a cover with the comforter will give it a little more weight, so keep that in mind when the heat arrives.

Advantages of quilts for summer and between seasons

When the change of season arrives, whether from spring to summer or from autumn to winter, the quilt we use does not provide us with the same comfort. And it is tough to have a good rest if it is hot. summer comforter

Only by considering this can we imagine the weight and strength of this brand in the market. Therefore, it is best to go on a fantastic quilt or summer quilts because they are thinner and allow our skin to breathe. They allow you to fall asleep more pleasantly, without being hot at night. Only by considering this can we imagine the weight and strength of this brand in the market.

Boutis quilts are ideal for this time of year and can also be used by all family members. Perfect for fall and spring, and even places where the summer isn’t as hot, adding a layer of warmth at night is appreciated. summer comforter

The boutique bedspreads are perfect for youth rooms or marriage rooms. There are different designs, and every season new patterns appear, ideal for other preferences.

Summer Thin Quilt Features

  • The fabrics and fabrics used in this type of quilts are not as heavy and lighter than traditional ones.
  • The padding is much more lightweight and does not provide as much heat.
  • They are lighter and more comfortable quilts. summer comforter
  • It allows us to dress our bed with an equally decorative but more comfortable quilt.

We have other brands and models of duvets, so you can stop by to take a look if you feel like it.

Why buy summer comforter in our store?

Here you will find a wide variety of designs, quilts and textiles. Solid colours, prints, and different textures will give your bedroom the comfort you love during the summer season and good weather. You will find much more variety online to help you choose your summer duvet because there are multiple shapes, sizes, materials, which you can find here quickly and easily.

Padded, light and made with delicate, soft and highly resistant textiles, summer duvets are the ideal complement for the heat. summer comforter

Find in our selection on Amazon the summer quilts you need for your bedroom.

What kind of comforter is best for summer?

Cotton, linen, bamboo and microfiber polyester are all breathable fabrics that are great choices for hot sleepers. The comforter has three components with material, the fill, the shell and the cover. Make sure that all three aspects of the comforter are made with a breathable material.

What kind of comforter will keep you cool?

If you find yourself kicking the covers off at night, one quick fix is to swap out your comforter for something lighter and more breathable. The National Sleep Foundation says comforters made with natural materials like cotton, bamboo, or linen are best, and our experts also recommend those with microfiber and silk summer comforter

Are comforters for summer?

In general, down comforters are a warmer comforter and best suited for cooler conditions. In some instances, they are a very suitable option for summer months.

Is my comforter making me sweat?

People can sweat under any duvet if it is too warm, regardless of whether it is filled with down, wool, or synthetic fibres. This is why it is essential to choose the right duvet and pillow for your needs.

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