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7 Best Cordless Brad Nailer for your projects 2022

Cordless Brad Nailer

7 Best Cordless Brad Nailer for your projects 2022

Hitting a hammer for each nail is impossible. It takes a lot of sweat, and your productivity will bite the dust. When you’re woodworking on a light project, you will find yourself using replacement joints with nails. It is because they do not demand such reinforcement. Cordless Brad Nailer

This nailer variant has the apparent advantage of no hose attached to it. And you won’t have to carry air pressure with you. But that too with the trade-off of being lightweight. But the best electric nail nailer has a few aces up its sleeve to stay at the top of the wish list. Cordless Brad Nailer

Brad Electric Nailer Buying Guide

A typical buyer always aims to buy the most affordable and perfect product on the market. So, let’s see what features make an electric nail nailer the best. Cordless Brad Nailer

Types of electric nailers

  • Cordless nailer

A cordless nailer generally runs on a lithium-ion battery and is rechargeable. The nailer does not need a power source for nailing. Therefore, these nailers are portable, and you can easily transport and maintain them. Cordless Brad Nailer

Corded nailer

A wire nailer can create strong driving forces and is more durable. Wire nailers are cheaper, lighter, and run faster. These nailers cost almost 25% less than pneumatic nailers.

battery Cordless Brad Nailer

1.5 Ah capacity and 20 volts focus on good runtime and durability. Lithium-ion batteries with these specifications last longer than any other battery. Drive up to nearly 1500 nails per charge. Cordless Brad Nailer

Cordless Brad Nailer

Nail diameter

Users should choose electric nail nailers that use 18-gauge diameter nails and nearly 5-inch nails. Nails of these sizes are available, and they will perfectly bond any light or heavy surface. Cordless Brad Nailer

WeightCordless Brad Nailer

The lower the weight, the better. The importance of an ideal electric nailer should not exceed 6 pounds. Nailers weighing almost 3-4 pounds ensure perfect control, safety, and comfortable use.

Wide range of use

Heavy-duty electric staple nailers using 5-inch nails and unique dual power levers can work on various surfaces, whether they are soft or hard. In addition, these nailers can also ensure fast stapling. Cordless Brad Nailer

DurabilityCordless Brad Nailer

Brushless motors use magnets and do not produce extreme heat or friction. Therefore, a nailer that uses a brushless motor provides more excellent durability. Along with that, a nailer powered by a lithium-ion battery can provide maximum service life.

Easy to useCordless Brad Nailer

An electric nailer with light and an optimal center of gravity ensures a perfect balance with comfort. The anti-jam mechanism with adjustable impact level allows quick use of the nailer with less effort. A controlled grip provides greater comfort when nailing.

Other factorsCordless Brad Nailer

Apart from these, the depth adjustment wheel nailer allows a perfect sinking of the nails. The flat tip design solves driving nails into narrow surfaces and provides a sleek workpiece. The comfortable adjustment dial sets the constant air pressure for optimal work. Also, a low nails indicator on your things shows your time to recharge your nails. Cordless Brad Nailer


No electric nailer company is willing to offer a lifetime warranty. They give a maximum of 3 years warranty. And that should be enough for a brand-name electric nailer.

Best Brad Electric Nailers Reviewed

Although the primary job of an electric nailer is to tie objects, there are thousands of electric nailers with numerous features. Therefore, it is urgent to review the best products available to help a typical customer.

1. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

Reasons for recommendation

The PORTER-CABLE Cordless Nail Nailer is tremendous because it has a 1.5 Ah 20 Volt MAX lithium-ion battery that lasts longer than any other battery and ensures no expensive gas cartridges or compressors, or even hoses are needed. Cordless Brad Nailer

Not to mention, its depth adjustment wheel provides a perfect and consistent dive. The tool-less release lever and provide productivity, efficiency, and sequential firing. The nailer uses 18 gauge nails that are readily available, strong, and inexpensive. Cordless Brad Nailer

The PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nail Kit gives you a long-lasting corded charger and a built-in belt hook for effortless carry and use of the nail gun. Plus, the material is easy to transport as it weighs only 5.9 pounds, and the manufacturers will grant it a 3-year limited warranty. Cordless Brad Nailer

Dual multi-functional LED lights are overworked in areas where you don’t have optimal light. This tool works much faster and works much quicker, and generally does not create any misfire. Also, you can buy a PORTER-CABLE set at a reasonable price. Cordless Brad Nailer


  • There are complaints of flashlight disturbances when nailing.
  • The charger cable may be stuck.
  • The electric nailer does not tell you that your nails are running out.

2. Stanley TRE550Z Electric Nail / Staple Gun

Reasons for recommendation

Our second pick is that type of nail gun that is considered a heavy-duty electric machine and offers exceptional drilling power. The Stanley TRE550Z is blessed with a well-designed dual power lever that has made it usable on any soft or hard material. Cordless Brad Nailer

Additionally, this machine uses 5-inch dowels and heavy-duty staples from the TRA700 / Arrow T-50 series. These staples are readily available and make a perfect binding. The flat tip design allows for stapling in tight and stiff places. Cordless Brad Nailer

A controlled grip is one of the specialties of the Stanley TRE550Z electric grapple that provides additional comfort while working. Anyone can easily use the nail gun for office or homework because it can run on 240 volts. At a lightweight 1.44 ounces, you can easily carry and use it wherever you can. Cordless Brad Nailer

Cordless Brad Nailer

The nailer comes with a magazine indicator that can show you the number of nails in the machine. It has an easy jam removal feature and an 8-foot power cord that will ensure remote use of the fountain.


  • The switch is very flimsy.
  • It makes a buzzing noise when stapling.
  • There are complaints of misfires after three or four months.

3. Brad Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt Cordless Nailer

Reasons for recommendation

We will talk about a monster that drives up to 1700 nails up to 50 millimeters long per charge. The Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18-Volt Cordless Nailer offers convenience and superior performance without the help of a compressor, hose, or gas cartridges. Cordless Brad Nailer

The Ryobi P320 can achieve optimal results by regulating air pressure using a compatible adjustment dial. This tool is powerful as gas nailers and works in homes from rooting installation to joint reinforcement as it runs on just 18 volts and carries a built-in LED light. A tool-free jam release system allows for easy setup and quick nailing. Cordless Brad Nailer

Because it has a low nail indicator, the machine will remind you when to reload the staples. It is an air raid nailer and uses the most strong 18 gauge nails. Users will get unique benefits when transporting it as the Ryobi P320 weighs only 6 pounds and has an attached belt clip. Cordless Brad Nailer

Its heavy-duty four amp-hour lithium-ion battery is durable and sold separately. In addition, it features dry fire to protect the upper surface of the machine from unexpected damage. Ryobi P320 does not create any blank fire when the magazine is empty. Cordless Brad Nailer


  • Makes occasional noises
  • Flashing light indicating a malfunction.
  • You can shoot random nails here and there.

4. Brad DEWALT DCN680B 20V Max XR 18 Gauge Nailer

Reasons for recommendation

We present an electric nailer that carries a bucket of the latest well-designed features. DEWALT DCN680B 20V Max XR 18 Gauge Brad Nailer is blessed with a brushless motor and DEWALT 20V max lithium-ion battery that helps maximize run time, durability, and gun strength. Cordless Brad Nailer

The LED indicator shows the battery’s state of charge, and its automatic shutdown system prevents the machine from being excessively discharged. The nominal voltage of this material is 18 volts, while the maximum no-load voltage is 20 volts. Cordless Brad Nailer

DEWALT DCN680B is ready to go without gas, compressor, or hose. According to customers, it is an ideal tool for holding, decorating, and shaping. It also uses 18-gauge and 5-inch nail nails like the maximum electric nailers.

Not to mention, its micro nose system straightens the staple line, makes perfect nail placement and ensures a tool-free fit, and is deep too. Plus, it’s easy to use with a proper dimension and weighs only 4 pounds.


  • The battery and charger are not included.
  • It cannot hold too many nails.

5. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Nailer Kit

Reasons for recommendation

The ultimate weapon of this electric nailer is the optimal center of gravity that provides the user with perfect balance, lightness, and comfort in the hand. Not only that, a tool-less jam and lock setup is also equipped with the machine. Cordless Brad Nailer

The CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nail Kit provides fast firing speed and saves valuable time. This tool shows constant bonding power in all weather and material conditions. Cordless Brad Nailer

It uses 18 gauge nail studs widely and runs without gas, compressor, or hoses. For shoe trims and small trims, there is a wireless system. Cordless Brad Nailer

CRAFTSMAN adjusts nail depth quickly and delivers a consistent result with improved efficiency to provide quick setup and tool-free depth setting. The nailer is powered by a 20V max high capacity lithium-ion battery. 4 Ah and has a professional-grade power cell for extreme runtime, and weighs in at nearly 7 pounds.

According to the manufacturers, the CRAFTSMAN V20 can drive 5/8″ to 2″ nails in a single fire. Built-in 2-inch LED lights to eliminate lack of sunlight during work.


  • Gun jams may occur after a while.
  • A belt hanger is not included with the set.
  • Sometimes it stops suddenly due to overuse.

6. NEU MASTER N6013 Staple Gun

Reasons for recommendation

NEU MASTER Staple Gun N6013 is another common name that is great for DIY projects, wood surfaces, and home improvement projects. In addition to the contact safety switch and adjustable power knob, they stop inadvertent tripping and work on any hard or soft material. Cordless Brad Nailer

NEU MASTER works with the strong nails of the T50 and TRA700 series. You can also use five gauge nails from 16/5 “to 8/18”. This machine has an easy magazine release system that helps reload faster than any nailer. The anti-jam mechanism system and adjustable impact level provide comfort and precise nailing.

Manufacturers provide 100 pieces of 18 gauge nails, 400 parts of T50 staple legs with the set, and users are satisfied with its friendly after-sales service. The gun weighs only 3.4 pounds and draws 120 volts of AC or DC supply. Cordless Brad Nailer


  • Do not use to secure soft plywood fabrics or boards.
  • It is just a staple gun; it cannot work as a nail gun.
  • A jam may develop after a while.

7. Makita XNB01Z 2V Lithium-Ion LXT Cordless 18 ″ Brad Nailer

Reasons for recommendation

Our last pick is the Makita XNB2Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 01 ″ Brad Nailer, which is well built with an anti-dry drive mechanism system to prevent damage to the work surface. Its dial does not need tools with the depth adjustment function for a wide variety of different applications. It is said to be easy to use without any means. Cordless Brad Nailer

The latest battery meter with a built-in LED light can show you the battery charge level, and its 5Ah 18V Li-ion battery can drive up to 1660 finish nails per charge. Makita XNB01Z has a 2-mark selector switch that ensures contact and sequential nailing operation. Cordless Brad Nailer

You can use the 18-volt power source and 18 gauge nail nails ranging from 5/8 “to 2” for these things. The electric nailer has an incredible magazine capacity of up to 110 pins. The net weight of this behemoth is just 7.7 pounds, and it reaches full load in just 435 minutes. Cordless Brad Nailer


  • This tool is a bit expensive.
  •  Unbalanced for professional use.
  • Not that great on a hunk of white oak or maple.

Frequent questions

Q:  What are the differences between electric nailers and pneumatic nailers?

Answer:  Electric nail nailers are lighter, easier to transport, and suitable for most construction jobs. Users can easily maintain and store it. On the other hand, the tires are cheaper; they can create a powerful piercing force. Top professionals prefer tires for their jobs. Cordless Brad Nailer

Q:  How will I load nails into a nail nailer?

Answer:  At the bottom, there should be a black slide clip. Slide it in and attach the staples.

Q:  Does the battery level affect the driving of the nails?

Answer:  No, the gun will fire until the battery is depleted. But it is better to charge the gun when the battery is too low. A quick tip is to buy an extra battery and keep it on standby in a fully charged state while you work. It will allow you to nail it incessantly.

Q:  Can I use the electric crown molding nailer?

Answer:  Yes, you can use it for crown molding. Just remember to fill in the holes the nail leaves as it enters the wood.

Q: Can I pull my nails?

Answer: Like other nailers, you can pull the nails with a nail puller.


An ideal electric nailer ensures the proper attachment of objects. In contrast, an electric nail nailer with disproportionate characteristics can damage your workpiece instead of being appropriately embedded: different stapler hammers, no need to make any effort because they are electric. So, while we summarize, let’s provide some direct suggestions regarding the best electric nail nailers. Cordless Brad Nailer

PORTER-CABLE is an intersection of extended run time and enhanced feature additions among all nailers. The powerful lithium-ion battery, a jam-releasing tool-free lever, and multi-functional LED lights to justify the hail. At the same time, its prominent uniqueness is a wheel that is a deep setting for efficiency and sequential firing. Cordless Brad Nailer

In addition, CRAFTSMAN is also a good option, as it guarantees constant cooking in various climates and materials. Its tool-free jam and lock configuration makes nailing easy. The optimal center of gravity provides optimal balance and comfort for the user. Cordless Brad Nailer

Pictures for the Cordless Brad Nailer

  • hinoki
  • Dewalta 20v
  • Battery exhausted
  • craftsman
  • porter cable
  • Makita 18v
  • Metabo HPT
  • Makita wireless
  • stapler
  • new champion
  • stapler
  • max 20v
  • complete the nailer

What projects can you use a nail nailer for?

Common uses for nails include decorative trim, picture frames, and panels. They work well in birdhouses and other fine cuts of wood. Dowels are ideal for trim work, including narrow trim around windows or doors, shoe trim, and quarter-circle trim.

How deep should a nail go?

The general rule of thumb is always to use a nail three times the thickness of the material you are nailing. As a result, this means that nail nails are only suitable for 5/6 inch thick material, at least most of the time.

Why won’t my nail nailer work?

Jams are the most common cause of the nailer not firing. Fortunately, they’re usually easy to remove. For safety, first, disconnect the tool from the air supply, insert it wire drive, and remove any excess fasteners from the magazine. From there, clearing the jam depends on the type of nailer you have.

Why does my nail gun only shoot air?

If you’re trying to fire a pneumatic nail gun or stapler but only hear an air leak when you activate the trigger, the “ring” on your tool is probably not sealing correctly. Stretch the “O-Ring” on the trigger valve and apply grease. It should fix the problem, helping your pneumatic tool work properly.

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