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8 Best Electric Can Opener You ‘ll Love

Electric Can Opener

8 Best Electric Can Opener You ‘ll Love

Can opener systems have been modernized recently, and we no longer have to force ourselves to open one. Before, it was more cumbersome since you had to be the one to move the can with a manual can opener, and it was also more dangerous. For some time now, electric can openers have become fashionable, a sea of ​​valuable gadgets that allow you to open cans quickly and effortlessly. These are the eight best electric can openers if you think of getting one. electric can opener


Moulinex is undoubtedly one of the star brands when it comes to kitchen equipment, and in the case of this electric can opener, it was not going to be left behind. It is a device with a  stable base connected to the current. The can is placed on the floor and, when activated, the can opener hook opens it quickly, rotating the can to thank the force of the movement.

It can open all kinds of cans, regardless of their size, shape and, obviously, their content. It’s easy to clean, as the blade is easy to remove, and the fact that it comes in white gives it an exquisite touch of minimalism. White can also be a problem because it is a colour that gets dirty quickly, so you will have to be more aware of splashes, and it is one of the most expensive electric can openers on the market. However, it costs what it is worth.


If you’re looking for a more self-contained electric can opener that doesn’t rely on a stand and takes up less space, this stylish can opener from Severin is a perfect choice. It is an electric can opener with a handle, making it much easier to use. We control the device, but it opens cans quickly and safely. In addition, it contains a magnetic lid so that when the opening is finished, the top stays on the can opener, thus reducing the risk of cuts.

The upper part of this can opener is removable, so you don’t have to worry about the product being electrical. It is straightforward to remove the blade, clean it separately, and then reassemble the device since it is not difficult. It is one of the most accessible electric can openers and is an excellent value for money.


 one of the complete electric can openers you can find on the market. It is an exquisite base with a metallic tone finish, which contains the can opener and a manual knife sharpener and a bottle opener. It is a  versatile and multifunctional tool, and it is also exquisite and modern, capable of fitting perfectly into any kitchen.

If you are considering opting for this electric can opener, you should know that it is mainly sold outside of Spain and that the type of plug it comes with is British, so you will need an adapter to connect it. Otherwise, it will be a useless purchase. If you already have an adapter or buy it to go abroad, it is a highly recommended purchase.


Tefal is one of the most common brands of kitchen products, and its quality has been proven many times. This electric can opener works perfectly: it is plugged into the mains, it contains a magnet to keep the lid on the can and make it easier to remove, and it stops automatically when the can is already open, so there is no risk of cuts on that side.

The blade part is removable for cleaning, and the rest of the product can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth since it’s made of plastic. In terms of quality, it is excellent, but its appearance leaves a lot to be desired. It has an off-white colour reminiscent of the type of gadgets used in the 70s, and its key is curly, which gives it a curious landline look. It is a ten can opener, and if you like that style or do not give importance to it, it is a sure hit. If this aesthetic does not suit you, you can consider other options.


If what you are looking for is a practical, effective, and comfortable product, this automatic electric can opener may be the best purchase you make this month. It is a  fully automated can opener, so it does not need to be connected to the power to work. Its has a very comfortable design, and it is very intuitive and easy to use.

electric can opener

Its can only open cans of a specific diameter, but it is a generic diameter, so you will have no problem using it. Place it on the lid and activate it, and it does the rest. It cuts perfectly, so the edges are not sharp, thus reducing the risk of getting cuts when removing the lid: fast, safe, and innovative modern design in terms of can openers.


The quality and features this product offers come at a  very affordable price. It is also a wall product, so it needs to be plugged into work. Its takes up a lot of space, but it has an elegant and modern design that will decorate your kitchen in addition to being used to open cans and other practical functions. Its includes a bottle opener and a manual knife sharpener, so you will soon use it daily.

The head is removable to facilitate cleaning, and the can opener contains a magnet that holds the lid of the can once it is open, making it a very safe device to use. In addition, it cuts perfectly and is very safe in each of its functions. Often, a recommendation is looking for something more than an electric can opener.


This electric can opener is so fast and functional that it is often used in the kitchen of some restaurants to speed up the work. It is a fully automatic can opener, it works with easily rechargeable batteries, and it is made of excellent quality material, so its durability is guaranteed. It is incredibly comfortable to use for all types of people, even if you suffer from muscle or bone-related diseases and do not have much strength. electric can opener

All you have to do is press a button so that the device rotates on the lid of the product you are trying to open, and in a few seconds, you will obtain a perfect result. If you are looking for a comfortable, independent can opener that does not take up space, this can opener is ideal for your kitchen.


Professional quality and modern finish in silver tones, if you want to show off your opener, this is the best you can buy. It has a  very ergonomic design, so it is straightforward to hold, and it does not need to be plugged in, so you can use it anywhere. If you’re hosting a garden party or don’t want to rely on an extension cord, this can opener is perfect.

It is capable of opening all types of cans, it cuts perfectly without leaving sharp edges, it works quickly and without interruptions, and, in addition, it has a built-in magnet to detach the lid from the can once it has been opened. It can be easily cleaned with a cloth, although it is not recommended to clean it with water because you could damage it. From my point of view, one of the most recommended automatics can openers both for its quality and for its modern and elegant appearance. electric can opener

Types of electric can openers

The great advantage that electric can openers provide you is that you do not need to be superheroes with extra strength to use them. It is an excellent option if you are people with arthritis ailments or limited power. In fact, among the available offer, you will find an infinity of can openers with characteristics suitable for each different taste. Here we explain them:

  • Countertop: They have cords and must be plugged in to use them. Sometimes, they can be extremely short but sufficient for the job. They are called countertop can openers precisely because they are placed. Some older models, somewhat rude, do not usually hold huge cans. However, electric can opener
  • the newer models are more extensive or more adjustable to the sizes of the cans. It uses an automatic machine with a small motor in the opener that does all the work for you. Some incorporate magnetized pieces that catch the lid of the can once it is open.
  • Portable: They are usually simple and very portable, small, compact, you can take it wherever you want and store it in a suitcase. They are traditionally electric. However, you will also find wireless battery-powered versions ideal for that beach, camping or excursion trips. They come in countless styles.

electric can opener

  • Under the cabinet: As its name indicates, this can opener is designed to be accommodated. The lower part of your kitchen cabinet. Its great advantage is that it will not take up extra space on your counter, and you will not have to keep it in and out for each use. They are usually multifunctional.
  • They have can openers, bottles, jars, plastic bags. Due to its location, a significant disadvantage is the difficulty of cleaning. And its repair is not easy, in case something is not working well. electric can opener
  • Sidecut: They work by cutting the can leaving a smooth and safe edge. They are good because they reduce the injuries that could be caused by the irregular edges of the lids of the cans. They are not devices with legs, so, after using them, you should store them in a drawer or cabinet.
  • Industrial and Commercial: These are heavy and very durable models designed for commercial and industrial use, as the name implies. They are commonly used in restaurants, food and beverage establishments, caterers, and even canteens and cooking classes where countless cans must be opened daily. electric can opener
  • its designed to withstand constant use. it metallic, resistant to rust and work with a two-speed motor. are not suitable for general use. They are usually costly and heavy. Outperform smaller models

what to look for

When selecting an electric can opener, you must choose, without a doubt, according to your requirements; however, there are a series of elements that are very useful in these devices and that you must consider when buying. Here we explain it in more detail:

  • Stainless steel blades: They are durable and resistant. With them, you will guarantee the functionality of your can opener for a long time because they do not rust. electric can opener
  • Comfortable handle: The manual versions of the electric can openers have handles that make your job a lot easier. Imagine that you are in the kitchen, you have an exceptional meal. You have to add a canned ingredient to it. Everything is boiling. The ingredients are also on the fire. The only thing missing is the contents of the can cook the mixture.
  • Time is running out. You cannot go over a fire, you take out your can opener, but you cannot get a good grip due to your hands being full of a variety of food. To avoid these dramas, the new manufacturers have made models with very ergonomic and, above all, non-slip handles to guarantee comfort, grip and speed in the procedure.

electric can opener 

  • Reasonable size: The cans do not have a standard size. You get them in miniature versions with little content and other exaggeratedly large ones with portions almost for an entire battalion. Therefore, can openers have adequate size, or at least adjustable, so that enormous cans can be accommodated without problems, and you can open them without any discomfort.
  • The most prominent portable models must be suitable to be placed in kitchen drawers. Do not rule out the possibility of buying a wall model or one under the counter if the drawer and the countertop space are limited.
  • Easy-to-clean design: Ideally, some simple models are easy to clean or, at best, dishwasher safe. Countertop or mounted in some part of the kitchen usually have removable blades to facilitate cleaning. Others are washed by hand, simply without much problem, and others are designed not even to touch the food. Hence, their blades remain whole and very clean for a long time.electric can opener
  • Robust construction: It must be a product according to its work. You do not want a can opener so heavy that you cannot even lift it, but it must offer you a stable, strong, and resistant construction enough not to tip over when opening huge cans. High-quality manual openers can turn and cut smoothly and smoothly even after years of use. electric can opener

electric can opener

  • Smooth, low-effort performance The better performance and softer, the better. Not much help is a device that you can’t use, or it takes you forever to open a sad can because it’s hard, it slides out of sight, or it gets stuck and makes it hard to slide, so, You should pay attention to what you buy. Please always make a choice that makes your life easier. electric can opener
  • A lid magnet or tweezers: This option provides you with great comfort. It is usually applied for top-cut can openers with legs and not stored in the drawer. These devices have an internal magnet that keeps the lid of the can trapped, once cut, and prevents it from falling into the food or inside the can itself. This problem of falling caps usually occurs with sidecut openers. However, they have tried to remedy the situation with cap lifters. electric can opener

Do people still use electric can opener?

A can opener is a necessary gadget to have in the kitchen, but sometimes the manual ones can be hard to use, especially if you have arthritis or other problems with your hands. That’s why electric can openers are a great alternative. They’re easy for everyone to use and don’t require a lot of effort.

Are electric can openers worth it?

As opposed to a manual can opener, an electric model takes care of holding the can, turning it, and cutting the top off for you. If you have mobility or strength issues, want the safest possible option, or just open a whole lot of cans, an electric can opener is a great investment.

What is the easiest electric can opener?

Our Verdict. Selected for its easy-to-use lever design and ability to accommodate most cans, the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch can opener is our first pick. This side-cut opener has the length to handle larger cans with a sleek finish that makes it attractive enough to leave on the counter.

What’s the best can opener to get?

The Best Can Openers in 2022

  • Overall, Manual: Zyliss Lock N’ Lift Manual Can Opener at Amazon.
  • Best Overall, Electric: Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener at Amazon.
  • Ergonomic: Oxo Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener at Amazon.
  • Best for Lefties:
  • the Best for Safety:
  • Battery-Operated:

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