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Best 8 Electric Woks We Tested and Tried

Electric Woks

Best 8 Electric Woks We Tested and Tried

The stressful rhythms of life that the majority of the population has to deal with in their day-to-day, whether for work, childcare or having older adults in their care; cause that sometimes you do not have enough time to devote to the kitchen to make very elaborate recipes and avoid pre-cooked meals. electric woks

To partially offer a solution to this type of joint problem, an innovative way of cooking emerged a few years ago that allows it to be done in a cleaner, more hygienic and less complicated way. Without a doubt, we are talking about wok pans that have become so popular in recent years, especially electric woks.

And if you are thinking of buying an electric wok online  (or if you are already an expert in the art of cooking with a wok and want to improve your kitchen tools), you have come to the right place. We offer you the most complete and concise buying guide so that you know in a few minutes everything you need before buying your wok on the Internet. We start:

1. Best Overall: Presto 5900 1500-Watt Stainless Steel Electric Woks

Stir fry vegetables and noodles in a snap with this electric wok from Presto. It has a powerful 1500 watt heating element, durable construction, and excellent heat control, all at a fantastic price. This stainless steel wok has an aluminium-clad base that helps distribute heat evenly and quickly, allowing you to quickly brown ingredients

while preserving valuable nutrients and colour. Although this wok comes with a wooden spatula, you can also cook with metal utensils without fear of damaging the inside of the pan since it does not have a nonstick coating. electric woks

This model also features side loop handles to transport your wok to the serving table quickly, and it comes with a tempered glass lid to prevent splashes while cooking. When the heating control is removed, the wok and cover are fully submersible and dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

2. Best Budget: Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Woks

The Aroma Housewares 7-Quart Electric Wok is a great option to get the best bang for your buck. This easy-to-use model has a relatively large capacity and a durable nonstick surface, so you can use less oil than you would in a traditional metal wok. The hassle-free dial goes from low to high, and the charcoal wok heats up quickly and retains heat well,

which is critical to quickly searing and frying your favourite dishes. The domed lid also has a nonstick coating for easy cleanup, but since it’s made of metal and not glass, you’ll have to lift the lid to check the progress of whatever you’re steaming or braising.

Remember that you’ll want to use wooden utensils to avoid damaging the nonstick surface inside. Since you can’t separate the pot from the heating element, you’ll need to wash it carefully by hand, although the nonstick coating helps prevent grease and food from sticking to it.

3. Best High-End: Breville The Hot Wok Model BEW600XL

Breville has an excellent reputation for kitchen appliances, and this one is no exception. The Hot Wok has 15 different heat settings that allow you to heat, slow cook, fry, or steam. But most importantly, this model cooks at up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to achieve the perfect searing and searing in flavour. The 1500-watt heating element has an innovative butterfly shape that sends heat to the walls of the wok, mimicking the heat distribution of a traditional wok over a high-power gas flame.

This 6-quart die-cast wok has a QuanTanium coating, durable, scratch-resistant, and nonstick. It comes with a glass lid with adjustable steam vents so you can visually monitor your cooking without letting heat escape. Detach base from bowl to clean; The bowl and cover are dishwasher safe, and the nonstick surface will make cleanup quick and easy. For a more significant capacity option, Williams Sonoma carries the 8-quart Hot Wok Pro 

4. Best Large Capacity: Von Shef 7.4Qt Electric Woks with Lid

The VonShef 7.4 Quart Electric Wok gives you plenty of cooking capacity to prepare more significant portions of your favourite Asian stir fry recipes ., perfect for feeding a crowd. The durable nonstick surface prevents food from sticking and also allows you to reduce the oil or even skip it altogether. It features a rotary dial with four heat settings: Warm 176 degrees, Low 302 degrees, Medium 374 degrees, and High 446 degrees.

The highest setting will add that restaurant-quality char to fried rice dishes and give meats a great sear. The only caveat is that because it has a flat surface on the bottom, you won’t have the same smooth motion while scooping and stirring that you would get from a traditional round-bottom wok.

The unit also has heat-resistant silicone handles on the pan and tempered glass lid, so you won’t have to worry about grabbing a hot handle during cooking. The nonstick surface allows for easy cleanup by hand washing with dish soap and water—a solid choice for anyone with a large family or who regularly hosts parties.

5. Best Small Capacity: Starfrit The ROCK Electric Multi-Cooker

With a 4.5-quart capacity, The Rock by Starfrit is a compact yet highly functional crockpot that can double as a wok and does so much more. Simmer your favourite Thai or Indian curries, sauté a batch of Sichuan green beans, or make crispy fried tempura – thanks to the thick cast aluminium construction,

the pan ensures even heat distribution and retention during cooking. The 1500-watt heating element gives you enough heat to stir-fry quick meals but uses a minimal amount of energy. You can also use this pot as a food warmer on its lowest setting to keep dishes warm.

  • Rock. Tec’s patented surface is touted as three times stronger than traditional nonstick cookware and does a great job of preventing food from sticking. The tempered glass pan and lid are dishwasher safe. Like the previous VonShef model, it features a flat bottom, which doesn’t give it an actual wok shape, but still gets the job done.

Electric woks vs traditional woks

To assess the significant advantages that electric woks have brought. The lives of millions of people worldwide, it is necessary to compare them with traditional woks. The main difference is very noticeable and is what makes it so valuable.

The operation of a traditional wok needs a stove to work, either on a gas burner or a ceramic hob, so its usefulness is quite limited. On the contrary, electric woks can be used practically anywhere there is a plug, so it is not necessary to be in a kitchen to use them. In this sense, they are closely related to the electric paella pans that we have already begun to operate in Spain.

Another technical difference between traditional woks and modern electric woks is that the latter has a nonstick coating to prevent food from sticking to the base of the appliance, significantly reducing food losses that many people are a little clueless about. they could suffer.

And it is that the manufacture of the nonstick electric wok pan includes the best materials to make life easier for its users.

Of course, if you want to buy a traditional (non-electric) wok, you also have numerous alternatives online. Here are some of the best wok pans on the market in 2022:

The best electric woks of 2022

To buy an excellent electric wok, it is advisable to be guided by other types of characteristics in addition to those described above. And it is that, for example, the price of the electric wok can be an essential differential element between a low-quality work and little durability of professional work with high-quality features.

The price ranges that can be found usually range between 25 euros for the lowest quality and 120 euros for the best features and recognized brands.

Although it may seem very tempting to opt for the one with a lower price, this is not recommended in the case of electric woks. Experience shows that they usually last two years since they deteriorate and spoil quickly and are also not for continuous use. electric woks

Although you can opt for those with a higher price if you wish, you can also find electric woks for about 50 or 60 euros at very acceptable conditions. And in addition to the price, another characteristic to find the best electric woks is to avoid unknown brands and bet on recognized brands.

Any Tefal electric wok or a Sogo electric wok is wholly trusted by most users of this type of product due to its good results even over the years.

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  • The capacity of 5 litres and a diameter of 35.5 cm
  • The interior is finished with a double nonstick coating for easy cleanup.
  • ergonomic handles
  • Removable and adjustable thermostat
  • dishwasher safe

7. Tefal electric woks

Tefal does not have several electric woks, but only one model is both a wok and a fondue. This interesting electric wok from Tefal is framed within a wide range of nonstick woks that the Spanish firm puts on the market for all tastes and demands. electric woks

When buying a Tefal electric wok, you will be betting on reliability, on the prestige of a well-known brand in our country, and also on the best quality-price woks on the market in 2022

8. professional woks

If you already have experience when it comes to cooking with a wok, or you run a business and need to renew your kitchenware, it is clear that you are not going to settle for a regular wok pan. It would help if you had higher performance and durability, only provided by professional woks.

Buying a professional wok means spending more money and accessing a higher level of durability, better materials, and greater energy efficiency. electric woks

Origins of the electric woksAlthough woks were originally large pans with two handles and great depth originating in the Asian continent; new technologies were decisive for the emergence of the universal electric wok. For more than 2,000 years, wok pans have been used in Chinese cuisine,  especially to make different types of stir-fry, but without a doubt, electric woks have enhanced and increased the capabilities of traditional works.

Today, works are a part of our kitchens and have extended their borders far beyond the Far East.

How to choose your electric wok? Advice

What electric wok to buy? What electric wok do you recommend? These types of questions are pretty standard for a first-time buyer, and we are going to try to clarify them as best as possible.

To choose the best electric wok on the market, not only do you need to trust leading brands, but you also have to assess a series of technical and operational aspects of the device. It is necessary to not make a mistake with the purchase and thus choose only the best electric woks of 2022 that guarantee a professional result and good durability.

heat settings

Checking that the electric wok that is going to be purchased has a good way of measuring the heat and adjusting it depending on the type of food that is going to be cooked is essential. To choose correctly, it is convenient to opt for those electric woks that can reach higher temperatures to ensure their usefulness in all recipes and foods. As a guideline caloric figure, it is not recommended to purchase an electric wok with a maximum temperature of fewer than 200 degrees Celsius.

The base of electric woks

At this point, we must differentiate between two types of electric woks. On the one hand, some have the heating element incorporated into the entire device, so it is a single piece. And on the other hand, there are the works that, although they are powered by electricity to work,  their base can be removed at any time to clean it, so they are instrumental. Assessing which option is the most appropriate based on the intended use is essential to consider at the time of purchase.

Material of electric woks pan

electric woks

Without a doubt, the most recommended and best-valued option by users of this type of kitchen accessories are electric woks made of stainless steel. In addition to offering more excellent durability and resistance to intensive use, they are the best for not ingesting the tiny particles that can be detached from a nonstick surface.

And it is that after using a nonstick system, it tends to deteriorate, and the usefulness of the article is reduced to zero so as not to ingest the tiny scales that come off of this type of system through food. All this does not take place in a stainless steel system, which is why they are the most recommended, although they can be chosen from any type depending on the needs and interests of the user. electric woks

appliance colour – electric woks

Being an appliance of a specific size that can be used frequently in the home thanks to its versatility for many types of recipes,  many people choose to acquire electric woks with exterior colours similar to the colours of their kitchen decoration.

Although this is not a technical aspect of importance for many people, decoration is crucial, which is why they consider its external appearance. In any case, the most common is the black or silver woks, which fit anywhere discreetly, and thus you can avoid looking for other types of less common colours that may be more difficult to find in the market.

Quality of work panhandles

The electric woks are very easy to handle through the handles on both sides of the device. For this, it is essential to pay special attention to the fact that the handles are thermally isolated from the rest of the device, that is, that even if it is in operation, they can be picked up to transport it without burning your hands. Although if the user plans to leave his electric wok in a fixed place, this aspect is not very relevant, therefore it will depend on the user’s needs.

The shape of the bottom of the electric woks

The fondest of cooking tend to choose round electric woks because they resemble traditional works. Still, the reality is that flat-bottomed electric woks are becoming more and more popular since they are easier to use as they have less movement when food is stirred and has the same effect on feeding as those with a round base.

electric woks lid

Although there will be times when the electric wok is used without a lid, for example, when it comes to frying, there are also other times when a cap is essential for cooking. You can find different covers for electric woks, but the best ones are the glass lids since you can see the state of the food and its progress without lifting it. Something that cannot be done with other lids, such as opaque lids.

The primary use of the lid is when using the wok to steam vegetables or cook rice, so it is very often needed in everyday work use.

Electric wok size and capacity

There are electric woks of different sizes to suit different types of families. Even if you live alone, it is not advisable to buy an electric wok that is too small since it is not applicable when there are guests at home. For this reason, it is usually recommended when deciding on the size of the wok that it has at least a capacity of 5 litres, or what is the same, to feed an average family in Spain.

The best cheap woks of 2022

What if we want to buy a cheap wok, to test if we adapt to your way of cooking to complete our set of regular pans? In that case, we’re better off going for lower-end models, from a less popular brand, or even a small-sized work, like mini-woks.

It is the list of some of the best deals on woks today. As you can see, you can buy a wok for less than 20 euros and with all the guarantees:

Types of food that can be made in a woks

It is usual for those who do not know much about this device to have doubts about using an electric wok or what type of recipes and foods can be cooked in it. And it is that knowing how to cook in an electric wok is much easier than it seems, and the options are many and varied as it is a very versatile device.

The most common types of food that can be prepared in an electric wok are the following:

stir fry

It is the traditional use of woks in its standard version, and there is nothing better than a wok so that the sautés are perfect. If we add to this the capacity of electric woks to use it wherever you want, it is easier than ever to eat a delicious stir-fry.


It is widespread use of electric wok pans. By having a lid that fits perfectly and thanks to the possibility of controlling the temperature through its adapter, you can make popcorn as if it were a popcorn machine.

fried foods

Electric works are perfect for frying any vegetables or potatoes without needing to be in the kitchen or use a stove.


Woks have their origin in Chinese lands where rice is the leading food of the diet. Electric woks can perfectly cook all kinds of rice as if it were a regular saucepan.

Why buy an electric wok?

If you still need more reasons to buy an electric wok to complement the range of household kitchen appliances. You have to think about the different uses that can be given to this type of electric utensil. And it is that, for example,  it is perfect for those people who have their motorhome to travel or those who share a flat and have to wait continuously for their colleagues to finish in the kitchen to be able to make their food.

Electric works are the salvation of many people, and there are plenty of reasons to fall in love with this type of device that is so versatile and useful for all kinds of people. Its affordable price for all pockets, the variety of foods and recipes that can be cooked in it or the possibility of using it anywhere there is a plug without being in a kitchen makes it one of the star products for any fan of the world of cooking.

To finish convincing you, in the following video, you will see how the ATMA electric wok works, one of the most popular firms in Latin America.

Are electric woks worth it?

There are several good reasons that an electric wok might work well for you. An electric wok provides everything you need for wok cooking including high heat, good heat distribution, and capacity to cook large family meals.

Which electric wok is best?

The 5 Best Electric Woks in 2022

  • Best Overall: Nu Wave Induction Wok at Amazon.
  • General Purpose: Presto Stainless Steel Electric Wok at Amazon.
  • Best for Batch Cooking: Breville Hot Wok Pro at Williams-Sonoma.
  • Budget: Oster Diamond Force Electric Wok at Amazon.

What can I cook in electric wok?

Electric woks are large enough to cook a whole chicken or roast. If you want to stir fry, simply add the vegetables to the wok and stir. You can roast chicken in your wok. Cook on high temperature until the chicken is browned all over.

How hot do electric woks get?

Usually, electric woks allow you to control the temperature with a little precision. It will heat up pretty quickly, so be careful. Most get to 500°F. More often than not, they are coated internally, so great news from a non-stick perspective

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