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10 Best Hair Straightener To Change Your Look

10 Best Hair Straightener To Change Your Look

When it comes to caring for and shaping our hair, we must inform ourselves about which would be the best hair straightener that suits our needs.

Hair straighteners, like beauty products such as eye creams or anti-wrinkle creams, are specially designed for a female audience.

However, more and more men feel the need to shape and care for their hair.

There are numerous models and brands. Moreover, some intended to undulate, others to curl and of course! Smooth.

Additionally, they are made with different materials such as ceramic or titanium, which allow the protection of the hair against burns. Good hair straighteners have come down in price and can now be purchased for cheap.

In short, we have been forced to make a ranking of the best hair straighteners, with comparisons, recommendations and a buying guide that will help you make a correct decision when buying. However, first of all, we leave you these incredible deals on hair straighteners. Read on to see this year’s top hair straighteners.

What are you going to find?

The ten best hair straighteners of 2022

You will find the ten best hair straighteners currently on the market in the following list. This selection was made based. The experience of our experts and the opinions of users. Who has already made one of these. Take a look. The following hair straighteners and choose the best one for you.

1. Imetec Bellissima GT20

 “Get to know the Imetec Bellissima GT20 professional iron with which you can make the waves that you like the most.”

  • Coatings: Ceramic
  • Temperature: 200°C
  • Hair type: Thick or Fine.
  • Primary Objective: Ripple.

Have you ever thought that your hair needs a new style? You are in the best place because today, we present the Imetec Bellissima GT20, a hair straightener with an ideal design to make waves that will envy everyone.

They are professional irons, typical of a hairdresser. Made of ceramic, this flat iron is the best for long-lasting, natural results.

And the best of all is that you can make your waves as you like since this Imetec straightener adjusts to all hair types. Another point in its favour is that it is two irons in 1.

With a simple operation, you can adapt your iron in two ways to make smaller and more defined waves or more giant and natural waves for your day today. You choose.

It has different temperature settings, reaching a maximum of 200ºC. Depending on your hair, if it is okay, curly or very thick, it is better that you adopt that temperature.

In any case, the results will be incredible. You will be able to go to sleep and wake up with perfectly wavy hair. The best of all? Get them today for €30. Don’t wait any longer!


  • 2 in 1 iron for different waves
  • cold tip
  • ceramic coating


  • It doesn’t work on concise hair.

2. L’Oréal Professionnel

“One of the best professional hair straighteners, there will be no hair that can resist it with its steam technology. Great quality and efficiency” “

  • Coatings: metal plates
  • Temperature: 250°C
  • Hair type: Thick, medium and soft
  • Primary objective: Straightening, curling and styling

The Loreal Professionnel Steampad is a professional straightening and curling iron that uses the power of steam to transform your hair from perfectly straight to natural waves instantly. This Loreal hair straightener is made for straight, wavy, curly hair types.

No matter what your hair texture is, this professional straightener will deliver twice as straight as most competitive straighteners.

This straightener for fine hair features a steam technology that surrounds the hair with a constant steam distribution without wetting the hair. It uses steam to style the hair, making this hair straightener a bit bigger and heavier than the rest.

It has a water tank that must be filled, preferably with demineralized water, to avoid obstructions with lime or minerals, but it will be much more efficient thanks to its results.

So if you have very curly, frizzy or damaged hair, the results can be surprising in terms of the health of your hair, and the style will easily last until the next wash without the need for touch-ups.

They are good hair straighteners if you are looking to create a variety of looks and not just straighten your hair but also if you want to control frizz and reduce the appearance of split ends.


  • Ceramic materials
  • Made for the most challenging hair
  • Steam technology for more effective performance.


  • slightly heavy


” The KIPOZI flat iron will be able to model, straighten and wave thick and rebellious hair, leaving it straight without damaging our hair.” 

  • Coatings: Ceramic and titanium
  • Temperature: 70 – 230°C
  • Hair Type: Thick and Strong
  • Primary Objective: Smooth

If you are looking for the best flat iron for long hair, the KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron is the right styling tool.

It is a high-quality hair straightener whose durability is exceptional. This iron is ideal for exceptionally long hair because it has a reasonably wide plate design.

It comes with floating plates that are 1-3/4 inches wide. The leaves offer you a firmer hold, a larger surface area, and an even temperature and heat distribution.

Wide floating plates are also ideal for curly, wavy, thick hair, making it one of the best flat irons for curly and frizzy hair.

This iron also features a wide heat range, consistent temperatures between 70ºC and 230ºC degrees. It also comes with an LCD digital display that shows the exact temperature of the tool.

On the other hand, it comes with an auto shut-off feature that turns off the tool after 60 minutes of inactivity. The plates on this tool have undergone precision fusing, allowing for snag-free styling as it allows hair to pass through effortlessly.

It also comes with a 2.5-meter heavy-duty swivel cord for ease of use.

Check its affordable price here and see the opinions of its users about what is the best straightener for fine and curly hair.


  • titanium material
  • Very light and resistant
  • Wide temperature range


  • slightly expensive

4. Keratin Therapy Pro S8590

“Consisting of ceramic materials and oil and keratin coatings, they will straighten and protect your hair at the same time” “

  • Coatings: Keratin
  • Temperature: 230°C
  • Hair Type: Thick and Strong
  • Primary Objective: Smooth

professional hair straightener for straightening is designed to benefit the hair through its ceramic plates that contain a keratin coating and almond oil.

Ceramic is one of the best materials to prevent the hair from undergoing a process of degradation due to exposure to high temperatures.

Among the advantages of the Therapy Pro S8590, we can highlight the heating uniformity in the ceramic plates, a function that disperses the heat evenly. 

Unlike irons with metal plates, these do not usually get so hot, favouring the health of our hair.

Combined with its keratin coating (The main compound of the natural fibres of our hair), it helps repair damage after exposure to heat, provides shine and smoothness through ironing, and restores the natural keratin fibre.

The technology of the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro S8590 has a heat protection sensor and temperature control between 160 and 230 degrees Celsius.

 Allows us to have greater security at the time of ironing. The price ranges between 30-40 euros. We must remember that being ceramic requires maximum care and cleaning.


  • Ceramic materials
  • Protect your hair from burns
  • temperature monitoring


  • Intended for ironing, hardly waves or curls

5. Remington Pearl S9500

“This Remington model, in addition to straightening your hair, will give it a shiny touch thanks to its pearl ceramic.”

  • Coatings: Pearl ceramic
  • Temperature: 235°C
  • Hair type: Frizzy
  • Primary Objective: Smooth

The Remington brand is one of the most recognized in the market. Its quality products have made the female public forget about the big brands, for many of its consumers, the best brand of hair straightener.

The Remington Pearl S9500 irons have an advanced ceramic coating with pearl. It allows the hair to have a better finish of shine and smoothness. For many, the best iron to make waves.

The automatic shutdown system after 60 minutes is a remarkable feature for forgetful girls.

It can generate temperatures between 150 and 235 degrees Celsius, which can be viewed through its digital temperature display.

The advantages that we can highlight about the Remington Pearl S8590 are:

  • Its narrow and extra-long 110-millimetre plates.
  • A three-meter cable.
  • Its fast heating function is no longer than ten seconds.

These ceramic hair straighteners are some of the best on the market. Get the results you’ve always wanted with these Remington straighteners at a price that doesn’t exceed 50 euros.


  • Increases shine and smoothness.
  • digital temperature control
  • fast heating


  • They are not 100% ceramic.

6. Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780

hair straightener

“If there are smartwatches, hair straighteners would not be less. This one from Braun collects information about the quality of your hair.”

  • Coatings: Keratin
  • Temperature: 240°C
  • Hair type: Thick
  • Primary objective: Curling, waving and straightening

With advanced technology, Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780 has Sensocare, which allows you to collect data about your hair.

This particularity is of vital importance for the health of our hair because of using this data. We will improve the quality of ironing.

You were designed to recognize three hair types, storing the data in its system. Are you looking for irons that do not damage the hair? You have found them.

Braun Satin Hair 7 ST780 has a screen that will give you instructions throughout the ironing process about how you can get the best results and analyze the hair to adapt it to an optimal temperature.

The ceramic plates and their rounded edges allow you to obtain different styles in your looks, such as curls, waves or straightening. We can highlight the incredible versatility of this plate, offering higher quality than others at a lower price. Get yourself one of the best straighteners for curly hair for around 60 euros.


  • Very versatile, waves, and straightens
  • Collect data to take care of and inform you about the quality of the hair
  • Great value for money


  • It will hardly work for curling

7. Ghd gold Styler

“Without a doubt, one of the best brands, in particular, is specially designed to straighten unruly hair.”

  • Coatings: Ceramic
  • Temperature: 230°C
  • Hair type: Thick
  • Primary Objective: Smooth

Talking about GHD is undoubtedly talking about quality, the best and exclusive. GHD is among the best hair straightener brands, offering optimal conditions for healthy hair straightening.

Gold Styler has dual-zone technology. It consists of two sensors that guarantee a homogeneous temperature in all layers.

Thanks to the design of the rounded barrel and its tilting and contoured plates, it offers us variety for our hairstyles. With it, we can very quickly straighten the hair, leaving it soft and shiny, create waves, add volume or show off beautiful and defined curls.

Among the most beneficial features of this iron, we can highlight its fast heating of twenty-five seconds to be ready. It has a soft touch plate protector. Its plates are medium in size, and it has a suspension system after thirty minutes of inactivity.

It also has the particularity of using real ceramic plates and not coatings, which guarantees quality not only in the result of the hairstyle but also in the product that we will acquire. It is part of the high range with a relatively high price. You can find this GFD model for around €160.


  • Special layered temperature control
  • Versatile, waves, curls and straightens


  • High price

8. Rowenta Hair Optiliss Elite SF3122E0

“In addition to being able to straighten, shape and curl, it is one of the cheapest and avoids frizz.”

  • Coatings: Tourmaline
  • Temperature: 230°C
  • Hair type: Thick and strong
  • Primary Objective: Smooth

It was developed with a tourmaline and keratin coating on the plates. Said tourmaline stands out for its charge of negative ions that neutralize the positive direction of our hair; that is, this ionic iron acts by removing moisture from the hair and avoiding frizz.

Rowenta Pelo Optiliss Elite SF3122E0 establishes a balance to use so that our hair looks soft and manageable. With the benefits of keratin, it repairs the damage caused by heat, providing shineelasticity and life.

Among its benefits, we highlight its maximum temperature range of 230 degrees with constant temperature function, quick start of 60 seconds, and its 2.5 floating plates that allow us to take larger strands without losing pressure to make styling a simple and easy process. Quick.

It is especially recommended for healthy hair. It is among the best-valued hair straighteners, and its price ranges between 10-30 euros.


  • Removes humidity and prevents frizz
  • Low price
  • Temperature control


  • It does not incorporate ceramic, so you must be careful with the temperatures

9. Ghd Max Styler

“Hand in hand with GHD. it is the ideal product for thick and long hair with high guarantees.”

  • Coatings: Keratin
  • Temperature: 230°C
  • Hair type: Frizzy
  • Primary Objective: Smooth

GHD Max Styler stands for excellence and quality at the same time. Its plates are smooth and tiltable, counting five centimetres wide, contoured edges to facilitate combing and print shine and handling.

This characteristic makes it ideal for long and thick hair, allowing effective handling. Its contoured edges will enable us to enjoy various styles in our image, creating defined curls, voluminous waves or perfect straightening in a short time.

It also includes a protector of thermo-resistant plates for the best care of the hair.

The design of its gold ceramic-based plates provides unique characteristics by regulating and distributing the temperature evenly.

It can also maintain a continuous temperature of 185 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for all hair types. Finally, it allows you to slide comfortable when ironing, reducing the time of exposure to heat.

You can buy these professional hair straighteners for a price that does not exceed €140.


  • Made almost entirely of ceramic
  • High warranty brand
  • Can straighten, wave and curl


  • High price

10. Babyliss Ipro Slim St387e

“Excellently reduces frizz as well as humidity.”

  • Coatings: Keratin
  • Temperature: 190°C
  • Hair type: Frizzy and thick
  • Primary objective: Curling, waving and straightening

Develops an ionic function, which lowers the levels of frizz in the hair to prevent frizz by reducing humidity.

It contains a temperature regulator that allows us to use between 140 and 235 degrees Celsius. It can be adapted in six positions to decide which temperature is ideal for our hair.

With Babyliss Ipro Slim St387e, we can set the temperature to the maximum and obtain an immediate, smooth result in a single pass.

Its ceramic plates with Smart Ceramic technology open up the possibility of uniform and homogeneous heating throughout the entire plate to guarantee maximum performance.

One of its most notable features is its ability to be used with wet or dry hair. Although it is always recommended to dry it for best results, Babyliss knows the girls and knows that some do not have time to dry it. It is an excellent option if you are looking for an iron that does not burn your hair.

When using an iron with ceramic plates, extreme care is recommended as they are very vulnerable to falls.


  • Bright ceramic allow homogeneous heating
  • digital temperature controller
  • Great value for money


  • Very fragile, beware of falls

Comparison of the best hair straighteners

Once you have seen the main characteristics, pros & cons of the best hair straighteners, compare and check the one that best suits your hair in this table.

Note: slide the table with your finger to see all the columns if you use the mobile.

Guide to buying the best hair straightener

There are numerous types of hair. Each one deserves extra care, specific treatments, hairstyles and many more treatments.

The woman feels some kind of attraction towards the hair straighteners that she cannot avoid. Perhaps this behaviour is because she enhances beauty or simply on a whim. However, the truth is that 2 out of 3 women have one.

It should be noted that our hair can have different characteristics. However, there is an ideal iron for each type, which avoids excessive heat that can damage the hair at all costs with intelligent technology.

Most likely, if we do not make good use of these, we will begin to notice the consequences:

  • frizz
  • parched
  • Brittle
  • growth resistance

If you feel identified with any of these conditions, do not worry. Today you will learn how to choose your ideal flat iron with this guide made by experts to buy a hair straightener.

Types of hair straightener

What type of iron we acquire is the best investment we can make for the future. Just a little knowledge is enough to choose the suitable iron for our hair that provides us with benefits and is not a headache for our lives and pockets. hair straightener

Ceramic plates

They are considered the best on the market, as their ceramic plates heat up quickly and evenly. Produces negative ions to control frizz. These do not get as hot as other materials, which often causes difficulty for women with thick hair depending on the brand and quality of the iron. It is a delicate material that any blow can damage. hair straightener

plates with keratin

It is a coating that allows softening the hair waves, straightening it, and adding shine and vitality.

And what is the best iron to apply keratin? The application of this coating optimizes ironing to give it a better finish and protection. It also strengthens the ion system, making sealing the cuticle and eliminating frizz more practical, providing handling and smoothness. These are the irons that don’t burn your hair!

Titanium plates – hair straightener

They are widely used professionally because this material is highly resistant and light. It is ideal for unruly and curly hair. It stands out for heating its plates quickly and evenly. Its quality allows us to eliminate frizz and waves. Due to the emission of ions, it is not recommended to use it every day. Good hair straighteners usually have these types of materials equipped. hair straightener

Corioliss plates

Corioliss is one of the most recognized brands in titanium plates. It contains the nanotechnology of silver particles that allows the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria and allows the management and control of temperatures, ideal for unruly hair. If you wonder which is the best hair straightener brand, this is a possible answer. hair straightener

What hair straightener to buy?

Once each plate’s finishes and processing materials are known, it is time to choose the style that we want to provide our look. Currently, we can choose between 3 basic types of containers:

hair straightener – to curl

Its function is simply leaving curls. To be able to curl your hair, you only have to take into account the following points: hair straightener

  • The hair must be dry to mould it easily.
  • Divide the hair into sections, depending on how thick you want your curls to be.
  • Roll the hair on the plate from the roots. To obtain loose curls, you must keep them on the iron for 3 seconds.
  • For more robust rings, hold for up to 5 seconds.
  • Curling is done by turning the iron half a turn.
  • Slide every two or three centimetres, turning the iron again to get another continuous curl until you reach the tip. hair straightener
  • If you have fine hair, you should use the iron at the lowest temperature possible.
  • Apply hairspray and then curl it with the flat iron to make the hairstyle last longer.
  • If what you want is a hair curler instead of a straightener. Here you have the best example. HQQNUO hair curler.

hair straightener to undulate

The wavy is more accessible than the curls since it does not require an exact definition, but rather it is about giving it volume. You can wave your hair by following these simple steps:

  • It is recommended that the hair is dry and can even be straightened beforehand.
  • You should not start close to the scalp. Generally, the waves are made from the middle down.
  • For your wavy to appear natural, the iron should not be left in the same space for a long time.
  • Continue your waves with the same separation and time as the first. hair straightener
  • If your locks do not have the desired shape, wait for them to cool down before reshaping.
  • Before you start waving, apply the heat protectant to prevent burning.

to smooth – hair straightener

Straightening is the most straightforward process of the bunch. With a bit of skill and knowledge, you can achieve a good straightening result regardless of the quality of the iron. For an optimal result, you must follow these steps: hair straightener

  • Must be clean and dry
  • Layer it up for comfort
  • Adjust temperature according to hair type
  • Place the iron as close as possible to the root and apply pressure.
  • Slowly slide the iron to the tip.

Tips before purchase – hair straightener

It is difficult to know how to straighten your hair or which hair straightener is better. However, it only takes learning the basics and having a little practice and knowledge to master all types of ironing. There are specific characteristics that every stylist must learn to create the perfect ironing, and without a doubt, your hair will thank you forever. These are: hair straightener

The ideal temperature you have hair.

  • Fine or affected by chemicals, the temperature you should use ranges from 140 to 160 degrees Celsius. hair straightener
  • Healthystrong and has not been exposed to chemicals. The temperature can be raised to 180 degrees.
  • Curly and rebellious, try temperatures between 180 and 230 degrees Celsius.

Proper size

  • Small plates are ideal for travel, thus saving space.
  • Straighteners for fine and short hair are used to straighten or curl hair, ideal for everyday use.
  • Irons for fine and long hair, with plates between 2 and 3 centimetres.
  • Straighteners for long and thick hair, designed with thick leaves that allow covering more space.


The price of hair straighteners will vary with their quality. This quality of good hair straighteners is due to its aspects that improve the results and health of our hair. Below we explain why each plate belongs to a type of range.


As in all industries, it represents the excellence of the brand, products that will satisfy users who buy from them due to their resistance, unique technology and results that are unmatched by others. Unlike the medium and low ranges, their prices double 100% with prices above 70 euros. hair straightener

Among them, we can mention: GHD GOLD V / Corioliss C1


It is the industry in charge of creating products that improve the quality of the low range but without reaching the requirements of the high degree, such as intelligent sensors. Its materials are a mixture of higher and lower ranges, but they acceptably fulfill their function. Their price range usually ranges between 50 and 100 Euros. Here are the most recommended hair straighteners

The highlights of this range are Braun Satin-Hair 7 Philips ProCare Keratin.

Low range – hair straightener

It is the most generic range of the brand, manufactured with materials that are of low quality. This line aims to offer an acceptable result with few resources.

Their prices are between €19 and €45. Among them, we can find Remington Pro Ion S7710 / KIPOZI.

What is the best brand of hair straighteners?

Choosing a hair straightener is subjective. Our hair must be cared for very delicately, and for this, the industries have balanced. The balance between beauty and health when making these products. The best straightener is the one that can give you an exceptional experience without harming your hair health. hair straightener

Corioliss and ghd are the specialists for people with professional demands who need high performance. The Remington brand takes care of our hair with keratin coatings and Braun, the balanced brand that develops technology with the necessary power for the most potent hair.

Where to buy hair straighteners at the best price?

It is always advisable to go to stores specializing in this product. However, as there is not enough time and not enough nearby establishments, an alternative option could be shopping online.

The most reliable site with the best customer service is the official Amazon store if you prefer to buy online. Here you will find the best hair straighteners at prices, sometimes very cheap. hair straightener

Frequently asked questions about the best hair straighteners.

What are the best hair straighteners?

Because of its ease in straightening and caring for any type of hair, GHD Gold Styler is the best on the market. Its price is around 130 euros.

Is the Remington brand good for hair straighteners?

It is one of the brands with more price ranges on the market and always looking for the health and care of your hair. We can say that it is a good hair straightener brand.

What is the best brand of hair straighteners?

The brand that leads the market is GHD, one of the best brands of hair straighteners. If you wonder which is the best hair straightener on the market, this is one of them.

What is better ceramic or tourmaline?

Ceramic-coated irons help prevent your hair from deteriorating, thanks to the emission of negative ions. On the contrary, tourmaline prevents the hair from suffering burns.

What is the ideal temperature for the hair straightener?

The temperature of a hair straightener can ideally reach 230 degrees. However, it is not recommended to exceed 160 degrees for fine hair and 180 for thick and rebellious hair.

Which straightener is best for hair?

S No.Product NamePrice
1Remington S9600 Silk StraightenerRs.7980.00
3Havells HS4121 Hair StraightenerRs.1435.00
4PHILIPS Bhs378/10 Kerashine StraightenerRs. 2975.00
hair straightener

Is my straightener damaging my hair?

Unfortunately, this makes flat irons bad news for a few reasons: Cuticles become damaged at temperatures over 350 Fahrenheit (180°C) The clamping and pulling action of flat ironing strips away cuticles, permanently damaging the strands. The heat can also damage your scalp, causing it to dry out and flake.

What type of flat iron is least damaging?

6 Flat Irons That Won’t Damage Your Hair

  • INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic 1-Inch Flat Iron. …
  • HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron. …
  • HTG Professional 1-Inch Infrared Flat Iron. …
  • Mixcolor Professional Ceramic Tourmaline 2-in-1 Flat Iron. …
  • SAMSARA 1-Inch Anti-Static Mini Flat Iron.

What is the safest hair straightener?

5 best hair straighteners that won’t damage your hair

  • ghd Platinum+ Professional Styler. ghd platinum + professional styler
  • Cloud Nine The Wide Iron. Cloud Nine, The Wide Iron.
  • Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth XL.
  • Dura CHI Ceramic & Titanium Infused Hairstyling Iron.
  • Remington Air Plates Ceramic Straightener.

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