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Best 8 IPL hair removal Everything you need to know 

IPL hair removal

Best 8 IPL hair removal Everything you need to know

On the other hand, the operation is quite simple. You have three modes: normal, soft, and extra soft. These last two indicated profiles that start in pulsed light hair removal or treat the most sensitive areas. ipl hair removal

1. Braun Silk-expert Pro 5 IPL epilator PL5137MN

Ideal if you are looking for a safe and effective IPL epilator with highly advanced features and excellent value for money. ipl hair removal

Type: Wire | Areas to be treated: Body and face | Shooting speed: 0.5-0.9 seconds | Number of shots: 400,000 | Intensity levels: 10 |  Number of heads: 2

Without a doubt, we start with one of the best-rated IPL epilators today, the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5. A dermatologically tested model recommended by the Skin Health Alliance, an organization specializing in skin health. ipl hair removal

After numerous tests carried out, it can weaken skin hair in just four weeks and practically reduce it entirely after about 12 weeks, always depending on each person’s skin tone and hair type.

If we compare it with its previous model, it is smaller and lighter. In addition, the number number of shots has increased to 400,000; that is, it has a useful life of 22 years of treatment for your body. A natural wonder, isn’t it? ipl hair removal

It also has an extra precise head to treat smaller areas such as the face, the bikini line, or the armpits.

And not only this, but it also includes a sheath, a Venus blade, a transformer with power cable and plug.

perfect Skin

Simple, secure, and easy to use ipl hair removal

It is a safe and easy-to-use machine, which includes SensoAdapt technology, an intelligent sensor that continuously adapts to skin tone.

In this way, you will avoid adjusting the intensity every time you change the area to be treated. It has ten adjustable intensity levels for up to 5 different skin tones.

It also includes UV protection to prevent burns when moving from one part of your body to another.

To this, we must add a significant fact, in just 5 minutes you can enjoy your recently shaved legs. Time is money, and Braun has been able to understand it. ipl hair removal

If you want to plan the follow-up of your treatments, the brand has an app, so you don’t forget your next session.

The light emitted is not harmful to the eyes, but we miss some protective glasses since it could be annoying, especially in light eyes.

By the way! It is also perfectly valid for men.

The best of this IPL laser epilator

  • effective and safe
  • quick sessions
  • An intelligent sensor that adapts to skin tone
  • Visible hair reduction in 4 weeks

2. Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956/00 , the best professional ipl hair removal

It is for you if you are looking for an effective professional range IPL epilator with the best features.

Type: Wireless or wired | Areas to be treated: Body and face | Shot speed : 3 seconds | NumberNumber of shots: 250,000 | Intensity levels: 5|  Number of heads: 4

The Philips Lumea Prestige IPL epilator is the model with the highest performance in this ranking of the best laser epilators. Despite its price, it is a high-end model that manages to reduce hair in 3 sessions, being one of the most effective in the sector. The result can be noticed beforehand, even on fair skin tones with dark hair. ipl hair removal

Likewise, it incorporates an intelligent sensor (smart SkinSkin) to detect your skin tone and give you greater security, automatically deactivating itself in those darker areas and thus avoiding any unwanted reaction.

With five adjustable levels (the ideal is to try it. Out and four different heads to reach the most challenging areas. Its curved design adapts better to the Skin and makes it easier to get the root. These are for the face, armpits, body, and groin. ipl hair removal

Tip Perfect Skin

Don’t you need so many heads? Then we advise you to choose models like the Philips BRI955/00and you will be able to save some money.

Unfortunately, you may need a light bulb change after 15 years.

Care for people who have skin diseases; it could be harmful. Check with the manufacturer or healthcare professional first.

comfortable and versatile ipl hair removal

Although this pulsed light epilator is heavier than the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5, it is easier to handle.

I explain this model has been designed in the shape of a pistol to achieve a better grip. It makes it a more ergonomic model, a more comfortable and easy-to-use epilator. In addition, the firing button is in a position that does not cause hair removal difficult in any area. ipl hair removal

But you will have this advantage since, with its incredible versatility, it also allows us to use it in wireless mode. If cables bother you for your sessions with the Philips Lumea Prestige, you can do without them. ipl hair removal

Of course, the time is longer than other models between one shot and another.

In short, you will be able to enjoy an enjoyable session and wax any part of your body.

The best of this professional epilator

  • It also works without cable
  • comfortable and ergonomic
  • Includes four heads for different areas to be treated
  • Compatible with up to 6 skin tones

To consider

  • Its price is not for all pockets
  • In wireless mode, the pulses are slower

Value for money


comfort of use

How to use Philips Lumea Prestige – ipl hair removal

View Philips Lumea Prestige 

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956/00 – Pulsed Light Epilator for Permanent Hair Removal of Visible Hair at Home…

Reduces 92% of hair in just three sessions*; Can be used with or without cable

3. Remington i-Light Prestige IPL6750 IPL Epilator

An epilator with great power, reasonable price, and valid for waxing any body part.

Type: Wire | Areas to be treated: Body and face | Shooting speed: 1-3.5 seconds | Number of shots: 300,000 | Intensity levels: 5|  Number of heads: 3

We advance in our list until we reach one of the cheapest IPL laser epilators, the Remington IPL6750. Like the other models analyzed so far, it has an automatic sensor to adapt to skin tone. It also incorporates Propulse technology, intending to be more efficient without using as much power. ipl hair removal

It has five intensity levels, 300,000 shots to do treatments for years, and the possibility of using manual or automatic firing. However, I don’t think it’s comfortable to keep your finger pressed in automatic mode. Finally, it is exhausting. ipl hair removal

light and powerful – ipl hair removal

We could say that we are in front of one of our analysis’s lightest home laser hair removers.

safe machine endorsed by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

It is somewhat slower than its previous companions with an enviable power by integrating a smaller application screen. ipl hair removal

Suppose you are looking for an epilator for large areas (such as legs). In that case, I do not advise you to choose this model but to opt for other alternatives such as the Silk-Expert Pro 5 or the Philips Lumea Prestige, whose session time will be considerably reduced. ipl hair removal

And what if I want to use it for smaller areas? I have to tell you that it is a design that works primarily in armpits and groin. You will find a specific head for these parts of the body.

perfect Skin

To achieve the desired effect, do a session every two weeks.

Ideal for those looking for an economical, powerful epilator that can be used in more complex areas such as the bikini.

The best of this pulsed light epilator

  • FDA recommended and approved
  • light and powerful
  • Recommended for smaller areas

4. Beurer IPL 10000+ , fast and effective ipl hair removal

The IPL epilator with one of the most extensive application surfaces on the market

Type: Wire | Areas to be treated: Body and face |  Shot speed: – | NumberNumber of shots: 250,000 | Intensity levels: 6 |  Number of heads: 2

Probably, Beurer is not a brand as well known as Philips or Braun in facial and body care devices. Still, its devices have dermatological certificates of safety and tolerance that are a guarantee in your purchase. If we talk about the Beurer 10,000+ IPL epilator, we talk about one of its high-end products with many features. ipl hair removal

First of all, it has a vast application surface, up to 7cm2, which makes it one of the fastest epilators.

Although it does not specify the speed between shots in its file, you will only need about 26 minutes for a comprehensive treatment. I leave you a guide of what it will take approximately by area:

Face: 30 seconds | Legs: 8 minutes per leg | Arms: 3.5 minutes per arm | Chest: 5 minutes | Armpits: 30 seconds per armpit | Bikini area: 1 minute

In addition, it has an App (MyIPL) to guide you in your treatments. Its will provide you with suggestions for a suitable energy level, and you will have the reminder function in your calendar so you do not forget any session. ipl hair removal

Its is a unisex epilator, although male facial hair is not considered in its use.

Its is also important to remember that you should not use your epilator in the area above the cheekbones or on the lips or mucous membranes.

safe and effective – ipl hair removal

Its dermatological tolerability has been verified. Studies for more excellent safety. it has a sensor capable of measuring skin pigmentation. IT is checking if it is suitable for photo epilation.

Another advantage of this sensor is that it checks that the luminous surface is in complete contact with the SkinSkin during  ipl hair removal

It also has an integrated UV filter to avoid exposing the SkinSkin to rays that may be harmful.

If you have decided on the Beurer brand for your IPL epilator but prefer another cheaper model, here is the Beurer 8500+. Unlike the previous one, its application surface is more minor, 4.5 cm2, but it has an essential advantage for me: it has a battery that allows you to use it wirelessly.

Likewise, you can use it in the face and bikini area thanks to its extra accessory for smaller sizes.

Just as you should not perform laser hair removal or IPL after sun exposure and with tanned SkinSkin, do not expose your depilated areas without sunscreen, either facial or body. ipl hair removal

The best of this pulsed light epilator

  • Various options for different budgets
  • With App
  • Huge application surface

To consider

  • Less ergonomic than other models
  • Some opinions refer to it as somewhat heavy
  • It is not wireless

Value for money


comfort of use

Beurer IPL 10000+ Light epilator, permanent hair removal, clinically tested, extra-large light area.

5. Philips Lumea Plus Slide & Flash TT3003/11 , the ipl hair removal

It is what you are looking for if you want an IPL epilator more designed for men.

Type: Wired or wireless | Areas to be treated: Body and face | Shot speed: – | NumberNumber of shots: 80,000-100,000 | Intensity levels: 5|  Number of heads: 1

First of all, I want to point out that any epilator in this review is helpful for both men and women, but there are models like this Philips Lumea Plus Slide & Flash TT3003/11, which has been manufactured with men in mind. With a single head, you can adjust it with five power levels depending on the area you will use: chest, back, shoulders, armpits, legs, abdomen, or intimate areas. ipl hair removal

One of its main advantages is the battery that allows you to use it wirelessly for 15 to 50 minutes, depending on the intensity at which you adjust it.

It gives enough time for a complete body photo epilation without interruption. Still, if you needed a lot of intensity and it ran out sooner than expected, it has a fast charge function with which, in just one hour, you will have your battery at 80%. ipl hair removal

It includes a high-quality blade in its pack so you can shave before photo epilation.

After 3-4 months of performing the treatment every 15 days, remember the importance of consistency.

perfect skin

If you have areas with acne or any skin disorder, do not use photo epilation until you have consulted a dermatologist. Safety comes first, and we only have one SkinSkin, so taking care of it to keep it healthy is a priority. ipl hair removal

The best of this pulsed light epilator

  • very ergonomic
  • Includes body groomer
  • Good idea as an original gift for men

To consider

  • The number of pulses is much less than other models

Value for money


comfort of use

Philips Lumea Plus Slide & Flash TT3003/11 – Epilator by pulsed light for men, includes hair trimmer,

Estimated Lamp Life: 80,000 pulses; Bodygroom included for pre-shave and sensitive areas

6. VEME V801 Pulsed Light Laser Epilator ipl hair removal

ipl hair removal

A good option if you want to try a cheap IPL laser epilator with a system to reduce discomfort.

Type: Wire | Areas to be treated: Body and face | Shooting speed: 2 seconds | NumberNumber of shots: 500,000 | Intensity levels: 5|  Number of heads: 2

It is one of the lowest prices on the market that you will find in an IPL epilator with these characteristics. If you are one of those people who have a lot of skin sensitivity and want an IPL epilator with a system that somewhat “cushions” this discomfort. With this VEME epilator. You have a cold system that reduces the area’s sensitivity to be depilated by lowering. The temperature of the epidermis is up to 10 degrees.

You can choose between 5 intensity levels and two modes, one automatic, more recommended for large areas such as legs or back, and another manual for areas where more precision is needed, such as the bikini line, armpits, or face. ipl hair removal

In addition, you will have two heads3 and 1 cm 2 respectively, so you can choose according to the size of the area to be waxed. ipl hair removal

In the same way as the previous one, he brings a razor blade as a gift and adds some protective sunglasses.

The Remington IPL6780 i-Light epilator that we will see below, also as an example of cheaper IPL photoepilation, is superior in quality of materials. However, perhaps this model is more comfortable due to its narrower handle.

perfect skin ipl hair removal

In photorespiration with IPL or laser, melanin as a pigment plays a vital role in being effective. For this reason, this type of hair removal is not helpful for very blond, red, or gray hair. If this is your case, do not spend money on an IPL epilator without consulting a specialist to see if it will be helpful to you. ipl hair removal

The best of this pulsed light epilator

  • Free trial 60 days
  • high NumberNumber of shots
  • very cheap

To consider

  • Its materials are of lower quality than other epilators in the analysis

Value for money


comfort of use ipl hair removal

Pulsed Light Epilator for Men and Women with Built-in Sapphire Crystal, Domestic Hair Removal of.

7. Remington IPL6780 i-Light IPL Laser Epilator – ipl hair removal

Perfect if you are looking for an epilator with essential features and your budget is limited.

Type: Wire | Areas to be treated: Body and face | Shot speed : 3 seconds | NumberNumber of shots: 300,000 | Intensity levels: 5|  Number of heads: 2

The Remington IPL6780 i-Light has been designed for both men and women, but we will have to make a series of clarifications below. Although it includes an extra precision head for the facial area, it is only designed for women. On the contrary, the body screen is valid for both sexes, although it is not very large and has a slightly longer session time. ipl hair removal

Again, I love that it is FDA approved and endorsed, which translates to a safe laser hair remover to use in any home.

effective and durable – ipl hair removal

Capable of achieving short-term results and characterized by long durability, thanks to its 300,000 shots.

We differentiate two shooting modes. One automatic for the most significant areas. The manual shot at controlling it in the most difficult to access areas. ipl hair removal

A negative aspect that many of the users indicate is the discomfort of the fire button. It hardly has relief, and its use makes the session difficult. ipl hair removal

Of course, like the rest of the epilators analyzed, it includes its automatic sensor to identify the skin tone, which, in this case, is only effective in 4 different shades.

Perfect Skin Council

Remember to be constant in your sessions to notice the results in the indicated period. Like any anti-wrinkle or anti-cellulite cream, persistence is needed to appreciate the expected benefits.

The best of this pulsed light epilator

  • Features a precision facial head
  • high durability
  • Ideal for small areas
  • low price

To consider

  • Not for use on men’s faces
  • Waxing large areas takes a long time

Value for money


comfort of use

Remington i-Light IPL6780 – Pulsed Light Epilator, IPL Epilator with 300,000 Shots, White and Grey, Unisex,…

Permanent results in just 3 treatments

8. Braun Silk-expert Pro 3 PL3111, epilator hair removal

Those who opt for a brand of guaranteed quality, durable, and essential functions.

Type: Wire | Areas to be treated: Body and face | Shooting speed: 1-2 seconds | Number of shots: 300,000 | Intensity levels: 3 |  Number of heads: 2

And we end our review with the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 3 IPL epilator. Like its older sister, the Silk-Expert Pro 5 incorporates Senso Adapt technology, adapting the shots to each area of ​​the body’s skin tone. It is compatible with up to 5 skin tones. ipl hair removal

Although, the hair indeed weakens in a much more extended period than its most advanced model.

With a useful life of 15 years, thanks to its 300,000 shots, you can use it for a very high number of sessions. ipl hair removal

And in addition, its firing speed will allow you to have your legs ready in just 9 minutes. Much faster than the model analyzed above.

safe and practical – ipl hair removal

Once again, we face a model accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

Do not worry about the operation because it is straightforward.

You only have two modes available, regular and soft. If you have just started laser hair removal, we advise you to start with the gentle mode and switch to normal once you control the IPL epilator better. ipl hair removal

I forgot! In addition to the epilator and the extra precision head, the pack includes a Venus blade and a case to store it. This way, you will prevent it from filling with dust or spoiling before. ipl hair removal

The best of this pulsed light epilator

  • Legs ready in 9 minutes
  • Extra head for small areas
  • Approved by the Skin Health Alliance
  • Easy to use

To consider

  • Less power than other models

Value for money


comfort of use


Braun Silk-expert Pro 3 Epilator for Women IPL Pulsed Light with Precision Head and Venus Razor

Includes precision head, high-quality case, and Venus razor

€349.00 −15% 

Comparison of the best ipl hair removal machines of 2022

Here you will find the main features of the IPL laser hair removers discussed in the previous section so that you can compare their main features at a glance. ipl hair removal

Remember: If you are with your tablet or mobile, slide the screen to the left to see the complete table.


Buying guide to choosing a suitable ipl hair removal

Do you still have doubts about which one to choose? Buying a laser epilator is not foolish to do it randomly. ipl hair removal

The decision implies an investment of money that cannot be decided in 5 minutes and, therefore, I want to help you with this buying guide where you will find the solution to the most frequent doubts and what factors you should know before launching into the purchase. ipl hair removal

Laser epilator or hair removal: how are they different?

One of the great doubts present among users is: what is the difference between a laser or IPL epilator?

The first thing that should be clear is that both methods come from photoepilation. That is, they both use light to remove hair.

These two hair removal processes are based on the ability of melanin to guide light to the root of the hair.

However, the difference lies in the scattering of the emitted light. While lasers only produce a monochromatic wave. Pulsed light hair removal works by emitting multiple polychromatic wavelengths. It causes the laser to be more robust (IPL loses power by emitting in various directions). ipl hair removal

Laser hair removal is a term that has become generalized, falling into the confusion that all photoepilation machines use this technology. But, the truth is that most of the models that you will find on the market to use at home are epilators that work with intense pulsed light (IPL).

Although the laser reaches the root more efficiently, it is not recommended to use it outside specialized centers since the light source is much more delicate and could cause damage to your SkinSkin if the necessary precautions are not taken.

In addition, it is necessary to previously examine the SkinSkin, hair, and medications that are taken.

IPL epilators are safer and easier to use. They are designed to be the alternative to laser epilators at home.

You just have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step and start your session in the area you want to treat. ipl hair removal

Click here to know more about the differences between laser photoepilation and IPL.

And how exactly does Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) work?

The acronym IPL comes from the English, Intense Pulsed Light, or what is the same, intense pulsed light. ipl hair removal

A photoepilation system works based on light impulses emitted directly on the hair for its removal.

Keep in mind that you must be constant and do not forget your session if you want to see the results in the time indicated by the manufacturer.

Apply the treatment at least 4 to 12 times to assess results. It usually is once every two weeks, but always confirm it in the machine’s instruction manual. ipl hair removal

Not all hair types are in the same growth phase, and, therefore, it is necessary to spend the indicated time to see how the hair weakens.

Avoid using laser or IPL epilators if your SkinSkin is dark or colored. It could cause skin reactions.

Benefits of using an IPL epilator at home

In addition to hair removal, this IPL technique has also been proven to stimulate collagen and renew Skin as a technique for facial rejuvenation. ipl hair removal

The most apparent advantage of IPL hair removal over laser is indeed its price, but let’s see what other benefits it can bring us: ipl hair removal

  • Fully personalized treatment
  • The comfort of doing it from wherever you want, you choose when and where
  • Treats more types of skin and hair
  • More excellent safety by incorporating smart sensors that analyze the skin and adapt to it
  • It hardly hurts when compared to other hair removal techniques.
  • You can wax virtually any part of your body.

What factors should you consider before buying a laser hair remover?

intensity levels

IPL epilators can be regulated through intensity levels. You can increase or decrease it based on the area to be waxed. If you want to use it for more sensitive areas, it is advisable to reduce the level to obtain the expected results with minimal discomfort. ipl hair removal

The ideal is to choose a model that includes this feature and modulate it in your way so that your hair removal is as satisfactory as possible. ipl hair removal

Models with more advanced features include up to 10 intensity levels, such as the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5, or models with 5 or 3 levels, such as the Philips Lumea Prestige or the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 3, respectively. ipl hair removal

How to use your epilator

 Useful life

The useful life of a laser epilator is one of the most relevant criteria that most often concerns users.

And it is not for less. Once the NumberNumber of shots has reached its limit, it will be necessary to buy another bulb to replace it or, in the worst case, a new epilator due to the lack of spare parts.

That is why it is essential to consider the number of shots. The older it is, the more sessions you can enjoy and forget about your hair in a long time. ipl hair removal

My advice is to opt for a model with many shots like the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 or the Philips Lumea Prestige and avoid unnecessary future expenses. ipl hair removal

shot speed ipl hairs removal

Time is money, and if you value it more than anything, you should keep in mind the speed of the shot.

This aspect will influence the time of your session. The higher the speed between shots, the faster your session will be. ipl hair removal

Could it influence the price? The truth is that yes, but now you must assess what is more important to you and if it is worth investing in a faster IPL laser epilator.

Eye! Don’t confuse speed with efficiency. Although the rate is lower, this does not mean that it will not epilate correctly. ipl hair removal

skin and hair ipl hair

Before jumping into the pool and buying any IPL epilator, it is essential to know if it will be compatible with your skin tone and hair.

And how can you know this? Easy. All the models include some technical characteristics where you will know all the shades to which they can be applied. ipl hair removal

But I’ll tell you that if you have blonde or gray hair, laser hair removal will not affect you as it lacks melanin. If this is your case, I advise you to look at the best electric epilators, an alternative hair removal system that will work for you.

So, in what situations is it most effective?

The darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the more positive results because it will better guide the root thanks to its large amount of melanin. ipl hair removal

In addition, most pulsed light devices include an automatic sensor (each brand names it differently) that identifies the tone of each part of your body and thus quickly detects whether it is valid or not and the appropriate intensity to wear—the treatment.

Like the Philips Lumea Prestige, some even automatically deactivates in the darkest areas, thus avoiding any skin reaction.

Number of heads – ipl hair removal

A more precise head is necessary when waxing the most complicated areas such as the armpits or groin.

The variety is wide. You will find IPL epilators with 2 heads, such as the Remington IPL6780 i-Light, or other models that include up to 4 specific charges for each body area, such as the Philips Lumea Prestige. ipl hair removal

If you have a tight budget and intend to wax more significant areas such as legs, you will not need the most professional epilator. ipl hair removal

comfort of use – ipl hair removal

Comfort is another factor that plays an important role when doing your hair removal sessions. Not all are equally easy to handle.

Ok, what is this about? Size and weight will make a difference and the power source you use, whether wired or wireless. ipl hair removal

My recommendation? Get a light epilator like the Remington IPL6750 so that the treatment is not exhausting or, at least, that it is ergonomic enough like the Philips Lumea Prestige.

You will also have to assess if a wireless model is more comfortable for you. Of course, the session will last a few more minutes, although it is true that you gain comfort by not needing a plug.

Therefore, it is always essential that you know your needs well. ipl hair removal

Other features that we should not overlook

What other factors can we not forget?

  • The price. You will think at first that it is high, but you should know that it will be much more profitable than sessions in hair removal centers. Think about it. In the long term, it will be cheaper, but do not forget that the results cannot be as efficient as those obtained in more professional epilators not suitable for home use. ipl hair removal
  • Spare parts. Make sure that the chosen model has spare parts available to replace them and further extend the life of your epilator. ipl hair removal
  • Check that it has been dermatologically tested.

Are our laser and ipl hair removal?

Let’s see. No hair removal method will be 100% painless.

Although some are less annoying than others, there will always be a minimum of pain. But don’t worry, anything that can’t be endured. ipl hair removal

If you have been able to put up with waxing or epilating without any complaints for years, this will be nothing for you.

There are creams with anesthetics that reduce the area’s sensitivity but do not forget that we are talking about drugs and, as such, they can have complications.

A trick you can use is to apply cold previously in the areas you will wax.

One of the benefits of using an IPL epilator at home is adjusting the intensity to your liking. The intelligent sensor will indeed adapt it automatically. Still, you can do it manually, starting with a lower level until you reach the threshold that you will be able to withstand. ipl hair removal

perfect skin – ipl hair removal

If you usually have minor irritations after waxing, choose a suitable moisturizer to care for your skin. Aloe vera and argan oil are perfect for their regenerating and soothing properties. ipl hair removal

In the case of laser hair removal in professional beauty centers, there are innovations such as the alexandrite laser that uses cold to calm the treated area. ipl hair removal

Contraindications of laser hair removal

The contraindications are practically the same in laser hair removal and intense pulsed light hair removal. Let’s see what they are:

  • Do not use if pregnant.
  • Avoid getting laser or IPL hair removal if you have tanned Skin. It is advisable not to sunbathe at least two weeks before and two weeks after treatment. Otherwise, spots may appear on the skin. You should also not do it if you have recently used self-tanners. ipl hair removal
  • Do not do photoepilation on tattoos, moles, or scars. You could get burnt, so the best option is to cover them and use another hair removal method for that particular part of your body.
  • It is also not recommended in case of suffering from uncontrolled diabetes or epilepsy.
  • Some medications are not advisable (for example, some anticoagulants or anti-inflammatories). Contact a specialist to ensure you can perform this treatment.
  • Do not use facial retinoids after the application of laser hair removal.
  • Do not use if you suffer from any disease or skin disorder such as acne, rosacea, or psoriasis.

But, do not be scared with these precautions you have to take. IPL laser hair removers for home are safe. You just have to make sure you choose a quality model and follow the instructions indicated.

However, you can always go to a professional to solve all the necessary doubts.

If you read in English, you can see some complications in laser treatment used for different purposes, not only in photoepilation.

Braun or Philips, which ipl hair removal is better?

Without a doubt, the Braun and Philips brands are the best value in the world of laser hair removal. And if you wonder which is better than another, the answer beforehand will be “it depends.”

But of what? Well, you need to cover.

Both models offer fantastic results and are very effective at weakening hair. Now, what are their main differences?

Both brands have different ranges, some more professional and others with a cheaper budget whose benefits vary.

Philips presents us with more compact and manageable models thanks to their pistol shape, although their weight is slightly higher than the Braun Silk-Expert 3 and 5 devices.

Its innovative technologies include smart sensors to adapt to skin tone, but while Braun adjusts the intensity automatically, Philips suggests the most suitable levels for the skin tone you’re treating. It will be more beneficial to change according to your needs. ipl hair removal

The useful life of Braun laser epilators is longer, so you can enjoy a more significant number of sessions. Thanks to its shots ‘ speed, its treatments are also faster than Philips, enjoying shaved legs in less than 10 minutes. ipl hair removal

ipl hair removal

The power is practically similar for both cases, but there are indeed differences in the heads.

While the Braun epilators analyzed incorporate 2 heads, one for large areas and the other to treat areas with more precision, Philips wants you to have a session that is as personalized as possible. For this reason, it has up to 4 heads to use in the most sensitive areas, also adding a curved design to better adapt to the Skin

Finally, if you are looking for faster sessions to wax large areas without worrying about adjusting the intensity, Braun is a perfect option. An efficient, durable, and good value for money design. On the other hand, if you want a more personalized session capable of treating any part of the body and adjusting the intensity to your liking, then Philips is your choice. ipl hair removal

Reviews of laser hair removers

The opinions of IPL laser epilators for the home have been very positive by users.

But why are they so successful?

The truth is that most highlight the comfort and savings that these machines represent compared to the large amounts of money to be spent after each session in any aesthetic center.

And it is that laser hair removal has come to stay in your home. Many consumers have succumbed to its charm, and it is not for less. ipl hair removal

What IPL hair removal machine to buy for home? my recommendations

In summary, I show you below which are the models that I recommend based on different needs and types of budget: ipl hair removal

  • Your choice is the Remington IPL6780 i-Light epilator if You want a cheap laser epilator.
  • You are not a guy looking for an epilator for the facial area. ipl hair removal
  • If price is not a problem, your choice is the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 PL5137MN epilator.
  • You are interested in an efficient and innovative epilator with the latest advances.
  • Your option is the Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956/00 epilator if: You are looking for a home laser hair remover with professional results.
  • You need to use it wirelessly.
  • your budget is high

Frequent questions

How to use an IPL laser hair removal machine?

IPL hair removal at home is a straightforward process. We show you the steps to follow:

  1. Remove visible hair with a blade.
  2. Cleans the part of the body to be depilated
  3. Select the appropriate head for the area you want to treat
  4. Let the sensor act and apply the right intensity for each body part.
  5. You only have to move your laser hair remover through the chosen area. And ready!

Always consult the manufacturer’s manual to avoid any incident during the hair removal process.

Where to buy a laser hair remover?

You can buy your laser hair remover in supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés or MediaMarkt, although my advice is to opt for Amazon because the variety of models and offers that you will find on this website is incredible. And not only for this, but also for the speed of shipments and its customer service. It makes it one of the favorite options of consumers. ipl hair removal

Are home IPL epilators effective?

IPL epilators are effective but don’t be fooled if you think they will remove hair exactly like professional hair removal. ipl hair removal

With this type of hair removal, you will be able to weaken it in a very high percentage, being aware that you will have to carry out maintenance sessions from time to time. I recommend this article regarding how this photoepilation works at home and its effectiveness.

As with facial radiofrequency devices or dermapen for home, its limitations must be considered.

For example, the depth at which they exert their effect will be greater in some devices in professional centers, which is logical. Devices for facial and body care at home must be, above all, safe.

Do not hesitate to ask doctors or professionals in the sector everything you need. They are here to help you.

And we have reached the end. I hope that this article will be helpful for you to decide on the purchase of your laser hair remover with a good value for money. 

Does IPL permanently remove hair?

Although IPL treatments will permanently reduce the total number of body hairs, they will not result in a permanent removal of all hair. Certain skin conditions, health irregularities, and medications can impact whether it is safe for a person to receive a light-based hair removal treatment.

Does hair grow back after IPL?

We can also only treat active hairs (in the ‘anagen’ cycle). So after a course of IPL hair removal, we will have destroyed the suitable treated follicle’s and they will never grow back, but there is a strong possibility that a brand new follicle may activate or follicles, not in the ‘anagen’ phase will still grow.

Is IPL worth it for hair removal?

IPL provides adequate treatment for skin problems such as superficial pigmentation, redness, and capillaries, but it is not suited for hair removal.

How long does it take for IPL to permanently remove hair?

IPL takes about 6 sessions to get rid of 70% of hair permanently. Also the way IPL works by killing the follicle mans that in grown hairs will no longer be a problem. There is no need to grow out your hair before treatment as it is necessary to shave (NOT WAX OR PLUCK) on the day or the day before treatment.

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