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8 Best Sticky Bra Is the Key to Wearing Backless

Sticky Bra

8 Best Sticky Bra Is the Key to Wearing Backless

Wearing a classic bra does not necessarily suit all outfits. Similarly, despite being of good quality, an ordinary bra has the annoying tendency to leave traces that are pretty difficult to hide. Lighter, practical, comfortable and aesthetic, the invisible and strapless adhesive bra allows you to put an end to it. sticky bra

Much more than just a feminine lingerie accessory, the adhesive bra helps you enhance the look of your breasts without fasteners, transparent straps or removable straps. It allows you to wear all kinds of costumes ranging from a simple bikini set to a strapless dress to the ordinary outfits you wear daily. sticky bra

The best adhesive bra ensures excellent support of the breasts and chest. Its choice cannot, therefore, be improvised. To be sure not to be mistaken, follow our guide!

1. Melliex push up sticky bra

Its Melliex brand push-up adhesive bra benefits. A medical-grade silicone design easily adheres to the skin without harming its health. Thanks to its elegant and unique design, the support adapts to all breast sizes and morphologies. This adhesive and invisible bra is also designed with breathable zones to ensure comfort. sticky bra

You will be able to wear this support for several hours without feeling the slightest discomfort. This strapless push-up bra also helps you lift your chest better without suffocating it. This invisible natural support guarantees you the most significant discretion, whatever type of costume you want to wear.

2. Rovtop Strapless sticky bra

This adhesive bra from the Rovtop brand has tightening cords to balance your breasts better. It comes in two different colours (nude and black). Therefore, you will have the free choice between wearing it discreetly under a black evening dress and slipping on a casual dress that will enhance your bust. sticky bra

This strapless push-up bra also has two nipple covers to ensure more comfort and ease. The bra being completely reusable, it offers good durability. Its silica gel composition is entirely harmless. There is, therefore, no risk that wearing this bra will harm your health. sticky bra

3. Niidor Invisible sticky bra

Ideal for strapless dress wearers, Niidor’s invisible bra will enhance your chest with its U-shaped neckline. This push-up and adhesive support have a clasp below the bust for more aesthetic. The seamless support pair is more compact. It will be discreet under your clothes. sticky bra

The support also comes with two flower-shaped nipple covers to give your breasts a natural look and better protect them. Easy to care for, this invisible adhesive bra can be hand washed with mild soap and warm water. After washing it, just let it air dry to reuse it. sticky bra

4. Chalier Silicone sticky bra

This Chalier silicone adhesive bra is both waterproof and invisible. It gives volume to your breasts and rebalances your chest. Wearing it is ideal if you want to reshape the look of your breasts. Its ultra-thin design perfectly matches the morphology of your breasts, while the bra is entirely comfortable to wear. sticky bra

Designed with medical-grade silicone, this adhesive bra poses no danger to your health. This support is also reusable, and it comes with two pairs of nipple covers to guarantee optimal protection during wear. sticky bra

5. Shinymod Reusable sticky bra

The Shinymod brand adhesive bra has a clasp to enhance the look of your bust through its pretty wing shape. Its black colour will match almost all types of costumes. Its design is understated and minimalist enough to pair with a strapless dress or backless suit. sticky bra

The same is true if you plan to wear it under a top to highlight your neckline. Comes with two nipple covers, this push-up bra guarantees a comfortable fit. This black bra from Shinymod is also reusable and has good durability. sticky bra

6. Melliex Adhesive Bra

The Melliex brand adhesive bra can both reshape your breasts naturally and shape the look of your bust, thanks to its remarkable lifting effect. Its lifting effect will keep your chest plump. The easily adjustable bra will allow you to cut the transparent area to the correct length. sticky bra

This support is designed without straps, but its invisible adhesive fastening provides excellent stability without causing the slightest discomfort. Its design based on the medical-grade breathable organic gel is a guarantee of safety for your breasts and nipples. The support is also reusable and easy to maintain to ensure more durability. sticky bra

7. Kucosy Adhesive Bra

This adhesive bra from Kucosy has the advantage of being porous enough to be breathable enough. This invisible support is ideal for wearing under a wedding or evening dress.

Its silicone design fully respects your skin’s requirements, and you will feel maximum comfort when wearing it. This push-up bra will be great for you to customize and reshape your neckline look to be it pretty or shallow. sticky bra

The support ensures perfect adhesion to your skin, and its adhesive surface allows you to effectively maintain this strapless support for several hours without it slipping. You can reuse it and keep it carefully to extend its durability. sticky bra

8. Abollria sticky bra

Soft, light and comfortable, the Abollria bra is equipped with a clasp to guarantee a completely discreet and elegant port that will enhance your bust. It ideally meets the use of support carriers whose breasts are pretty significant. Its push-up effect allows you to lift your breasts to the correct height without the risk of smothering them. sticky bra

sticky bra

With this strapless support, you won’t risk leaving marks on your skin. This push-up bra is also made from breathable material that respects your skin. It allows you to avoid any risk of adverse effects, whether an allergy or any other skin intolerance reaction.

What is an adhesive bra?

The adhesive bra, also called a nude or invisible bra, enhances the appearance of the breasts and supports them without the need for straps. More discreet and more aesthetic to wear than a classic bra, it offers the advantage of being suitable for almost all types of costumes.

It also gives access to a range of neutral shades depending on the color of the skin. To ensure perfect adhesion to the skin, it should be worn on healthy, clean and dry skin. The adhesive bra knows as many variations as purposes of use.

Sticky bra buying guide

The bra is an essential lingerie item for all women because it helps maintain the breasts in harmony with the rest of the silhouette. However, the bra becomes problematic when wearing a little strapless dress, a bareback or a low neckline. Indeed, exposed straps are not the classiest and most glamorous fashion. Wear your little tops and beautiful dresses without constraints. sticky bra

The solution is to put on an adhesive bra. Style, material, colour, etc., how to find yourself in the middle of the diversity of designs for this type of bra? This guide will allow you to establish a comparison to choose your adhesive bra becomes child’s play. sticky bra

What is an sticky bra?

Also called “invisible bra” or “bareback bra“, the adhesive bra is a lingerie accessory used to maintain the breast so that nothing shows through under the clothes. Indeed, this type of bra is devoid of straps and ties in the back. Thus, it allows the wearing of strapless dresses or other garments with a low neckline with much more finesse and elegance. sticky bra

An adhesive bra is made from a specific material that adheres directly and easily to the chest. Also, the lingerie will stay ideally in place for hours without any problem. This type of bra has also been designed to remain intact even when it comes into contact with humidity. Therefore, it can be worn under a bathing suit for swimming in the pool or the sea. However,

its adhesion may decrease in effectiveness due to excessive perspiration. In addition to sweat, hair, bacteria and other dirt. that sticks to the skin also affects—the stickiness of the sticky surface of the bra. As far as possible, it is therefore advisable not to wear an adhesive bra during sports sessions or when it is too hot.

sticky bra

Therefore, an invisible bra is an accessory that is just as comfortable as reliable. It meets the needs of women looking to maintain their breasts effectively while avoiding the weight and discomfort of a classic bra.

Women with large breasts will find the most interest in wearing this type of bra because it ensures the maintenance of the breasts, whether with a strapless dress or a bareback. Sure, an adhesive bra will look good under a backless dress or t-shirt, but it won’t hide the nipples. Therefore, it is necessary to provide nipple covers, called “petals”.

You should know that the upper part of the self-adhesive bra is generally made of polyester fabric. It is also made up of tiny openings at the curve level, which let the humidity of sweat escape to the outside. In other words, the adhesive bra is breathable. This property allows it to retain good adhesion over a long period. sticky bra

Criteria for choosing the right sticky bra

Do you want to buy the best adhesive bra model? Which one best meets your expectations? To make your choice easier, consider the following parameters: sticky bra

The size of the bra

To have an impeccable outfit, choosing an adhesive bra in the correct size is essential. Indeed, if your lingerie is too big, it will not provide good support. In the case of a model that is too small, the breasts will be too crowded, which will give an unsightly effect. Like classic pieces, adhesive bras are available in different sizes:

A cup to E cup. To avoid mistakes, it is advisable always to choose a size above your standard size for bras. Traditional. For example, if you wear a B cup bra every day, it is recommended to select the adhesive C cup version. sticky bra

The material of the bra

Ideally, an adhesive bra should not let its folds show through on the outside of a bit of light dress, a bustier, a backless tank top or a top with a large neckline. To display a perfect look, choosing clingy lingerie made of microfiber is recommended. This flexible and soft synthetic material adheres perfectly to the chest like a second skin. It is also very light while providing optimal comfort and practical support. sticky bra

There are also models made of cotton, which provides unparalleled comfort. Most of the time, cotton adhesive bras offer a satin finish. They are soft and silky to the touch and leave a pleasant freshness on the skin. sticky bra

The colour

In general, adhesive bras are available in silicone and flesh and black colours. Thus, it would help if you chose your bra according to the outfit you will wear it. In principle, black arms go with all clothes of all colours. If you select a flesh-coloured bra, prioritize the shades closest to your skin tone. It will give you a transparent effect. sticky bra


Most models of sticky bras are thin. They only provide you with the necessary thickness to ensure proper support and sufficient coverage. However, you can also choose padded models to make your breasts appear a little larger than usual. sticky bra

The different types of adhesive bras

Instead of testing all the bras on the market, quickly find the best model that best suits your needs by learning about the different styles of adhesive bras.

The push-up adhesive support

Without straps or closures in the back, the push-up adhesive support allows you to wear your tops with transparent backs or barebacks while freeing your shoulders and maintaining your chest optimally with a push-up effect on the front. Also, your breasts will appear closer together, which will give the illusion of a nice, well-developed cleavage. sticky bra

The invisible adhesive bra

Invisible, it’s the ideal bra model to wear without complex the most beautiful pieces of your wardrobe: open back dress, bustier, tank top, plunging neckline top, etc. It also provides a push-up effect on the front like the first model. In addition, it hides the nipples. The invisible adhesive bra is especially suitable for event outfits such as an evening dress or a wedding dress because it not only guarantees optimal comfort, but all these dresses require support in complete transparency.

Headband bra without underwire

If you are used to wearing clothes with visible collars and are looking for a bra that guarantees comfortable and risk-free support, this model is for you. It is strapless and completely covers the breast areas while ensuring perfect support thanks to the adhesive fastening on the sides. Unlike other models, this adhesive bra can be worn daily without any problem since it does not irritate. sticky bra

Plus size adhesive bra

The tight bras specially adapted for women with large breasts give a minimizing effect. Thus, their cups are void of padding. They consist of an underwire and cups that fit together, ensuring comfortable breast support. They also feature removable straps, giving you the choice of wrapping them around your neck or crossing them behind your back. In all cases, the bra offers a bareback effect. To guarantee the invisible impact of this type of bra, choose seamless models.

Silicone adhesive bra

This self-adhesive lingerie is particularized with its cups made from silicone gel. Devoid of headband and straps, it is very light and comfortable to wear. The adhesive silicone bra is suitable for women with large or small breasts who wish to have a discreet and natural look by wearing low cuts, outfits with bare shoulders, and transparent tops. It is also perfect for bikinis and evening dresses.

Tips for wearing an adhesive bra

Unlike traditional bras, not everyone is supposed to know how to put on an adhesive bra. To correctly place this type of bra, you have to go through a few steps. sticky bra

Prepare the skin well.

Before putting on self-adhesive lingerie, it is advisable to cleanse the skin thoroughly to rid it of all its impurities. Use warm water and soap to clean the chest area to do this. Then, take care to dry the skin well with a clean towel. Avoid applying a moisturizing lotion, cream or oil, as all greasy substances prevent the bra from adhering well to the skin. sticky bra

Put on the bra

  • Before starting, it is necessary to loosen the lace or unfasten the clasp that connects the bra cups.
  • Then, you have to turn the hollow side of the green cup outwards and place it on the side of your breast. sticky bra
  • Unroll the cup little by little until it covers the entire surface of your breast.
  • Do the same with the other cup for the other breast. It is still recommended to avoid repetitions so as not to alter the adhesion of the material to the skin.
  • Once you have managed to place the bra cups on your breasts, hold them firmly between the palms of your hands for a few minutes. In this way, the inner surface will effectively adhere to the skin sticky bra
  • Then, tighten the lace-like corset or join the two parts of the bra with the pliers.
  • You can adjust the tightness depending on the results you want to achieve. The principle is that the more you will tighten the knot, the more you will obtain a push-up effect.

Tips for washing an adhesive bra

The adhesive bra is very fragile lingerie. Therefore, it is essential to take care of it, especially at each cleaning. In addition, washing is the only way to preserve the stickiness of the bra. So that the viscosity of the material recovers by itself, it is advisable to wash your adhesive bra regularly.

The first thing to remember is to never put it in the washing machine or dryer. Heat may alter its adhesive properties. Also, a self-adhesive bra can only be washed by hand. sticky bra

To properly clean an adhesive bra, you must use lukewarm water and neutral pH soap that you will gently apply to the entire surface of the bra. Rub each side with the palm of your hand in circular motions. This way, all residues and fatty substances that may obstruct the adhesive surface will be eliminated. Then, rinse your lingerie always with lukewarm water. Finish the process by hanging the bra up and letting it air dry. Do not store it until it is scorched.

It is essential never to wring out an adhesive bra as this may deform it. It is also advisable to store it in its original packaging. Alternatively, you can lean a thin piece of plastic wrap against the adhesive surface. In this way, it will be effectively protected against dust. sticky bra

Using the adhesive bra: what to watch out for

Thanks to its chemical composition, this type of bra can stick to the skin. Also, it is strongly advised not to wear it daily to avoid the risk of skin inflammation. The ideal is to reserve your port for special occasions such as parties, events such as weddings, etc. Likewise, it is not recommended to wear it for more than 8 hours. sticky bra

If you want to acquire a piece of lingerie that keeps its promises, it is essential to invest only in quality products. Also, watch out for counterfeits or items sold at low prices. sticky bra

What is the point of a sticky bra?

Adhesive bras are softer and more flexible because you can just stick them on, which makes them more comfy to wear. There are also no underwires poking into your underbust. Many women especially those who have large breasts complain about experiencing back pain.

Are sticky bras healthy?

It is not advisable to wear an adhesive silicone bra for more than eight hours as it can lead to skin irritation and rashes as the product is glued to your skin. (ALSO READ How to measure your bra size: One great hack to buy a bra that fits perfectly)

Can sticky bras be reused?

1) After every use, rinse the bra cups with warm water and a few drops of hand soap. This washes off all of your skin’s oils and residue from the sticky bra. 2) Scrub off any dirt that got caught in the bra adhesive. This step should make your sticky bra reusable for, well, ever!

How do you revive a sticky bra?

The trick to restoring this common dilemma is quite simple. According to She Finds, all you have to do is rinse the bra cups with soap and warm water to wash off your skin’s oils and maintain the bra’s stickiness.

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