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5 Best Travel Hair Dryer that Will Comfortably Fit in Bag

Best Travel Hair Dryer

5 Best Travel Hair Dryer that Will Comfortably Fit in Bag

I am a constant traveler, whether for tourism or work. I am constantly moving from one place to another, which has led me to look for equipment according to the available space that I have between my suitcases, including my hairdryer. best travel hairdryer

After searching through different models with good features, I found the best travel dryer I can take anywhere without weighing too much. best travel hair dryer

What to consider before buying a travel dryer?

There are different sizes of travel hair dryers. So, the lighter and more compact they are, the better. Even traveller hair dryers can be folded, and some with retractable cords. best travel hair dryer

On the other hand, if you are travelling to another country, you must consider requiring a multi-voltage device since you do not want to take a hairdryer that will not work for you later.

How is a travel hair dryer different?

The most notable difference is its size. Most are between 15 and 20 centimetres long and weigh only a few grams. It’s much less than some larger dryers that can reach 30 centimetres in length and weigh up to 900 grams.

Second, the travel versions of most hair dryers are usually less expensive than their larger peers. It happens even when both incorporate the same technology and accessories.

Our test winners include five travel hair dryers from different brands, ranging from luxury models to budget buys. Comparison of the best travel hair dryers

What is the best travel hairdryer?

Below you will find the individual evaluation of what we consider to be the five best travel hair dryers today. Below each team, you can find an offer directly from Amazon so that you can check its price:

1 – Taurus Studio

The Taurus Studio can give our hair a total turn when lifeless and formless. This dryer packs as much power as a professional hairdryer, with a 2,200-watt motor and three heat settings. We think it’s perfect for those of us who have curly hair and don’t want to look like a lioness with the hotel dryer. You will have for sure a hair under control.

Something significant is its very compact size (7.2 x 16.8 x 22 cm) and light with its 499 grams of weight. You can fold it, which makes it even smaller, you will hardly feel it in your suitcase!

This powerful tool also has quite functional features, such as cold air and a removable filter. At the same time, it incorporates accessories such as a diffuser for those moments when we want to be natural or a nozzle to change to a smooth look.

The only negative that we see is that the directional air accessory that it incorporates is somewhat open. Also, according to critics, the cold air it emits is not very powerful.

2 – Braun Satin 3

The first thing you’ll notice when you see the Braun Satin 3 HD 350 is how compact it is. It measures 20 cm x 8 cm x 18 cm and weighs just 299 g. Incredibly small! Therefore, it will hardly weigh us down on our travels.

In addition to this, it has another feature that makes it an excellent travel companion: It has multi-voltage, which allows it to change the voltage between 120 volts and up to 240 volts.

On the other hand, we like this dryer because it is still robust despite its size and lightness (1,600 W). It has two adjustment modes, one for softer drying and one for faster.

To straighten hair, bring a precision nozzle. The only detail missing for a better-finished hairstyle is the cold air button, which helps fix the hair. So this hair dryer has just about all the features you need for flawless hair while you’re away from home. best travel hair dryer

3- Remington D1500

This dryer is in our favourites for being super powerful for its size and practicality. It has a power of 2,000 W and two accessories for styling hair. If you have a tight budget, this is a recommended option.

It’s not a winner when it comes to aesthetics, and it doesn’t have fancy technologies like ion, but it’s not that important for a travel dryer either. In that case, we have our large dryer at home with many more features. best travel hair dryer

The most important thing is that this Remington D1500 allows you to dry your hair in a short time, which is ideal for those with long or very wavy hair. Meanwhile, it has features that make it suitable for easy transport, such as the possibility of folding to fit more easily in the suitcase or bag and a weight of 594 grams.

At the same time, it is compatible with both 110 V and 220 V alternating currents. So, with all that said, we can’t ask for more for its purchase price!

4- Rowenta CV3812F0

Another top-notch dryer at a meagre cost. Its design is compact and practical (it weighs 540 g), making it the perfect companion to help you dry and style your hair wherever you go.

Some experts say it features ionic technology that helps hair dry faster and frizz-free. It also combines keratin and tourmaline, dedicated to drying that does not damage the hair and leaves it shinier. It does all this with a power of 2,100 W, not bad for a travel dryer.

The only disappointing thing about this mini dryer is that it does not incorporate multi-voltage. Therefore, if you are going to travel, you should keep in mind that if you travel outside of Spain, it is likely that the dryer will be useless. best travel hair dryer

5- GHD Flight Wanderlust – best travel hairdryer

best travel hair dryer

The Flight Wanderlust dryer is a limited edition of the prestigious GHD brand within a collection inspired by exotic sunrises and sunsets. It could be the lifesaver of your hair when you travel or want to carry it in your bag since it is light and quite reliable, even more so when you want to avoid those slow and low-quality hotel hair dryers.

It weighs 423 grams, while it has an ergonomic design for easy handling. Also, you can fold it to reduce its size. best travel hair dryer

If you want to straighten your hair, a concentrator nozzle is necessary. This dryer incorporates a very comfortable. At the same time, you can adjust the drying with its two speeds and temperature modes.

Despite its low power compared to the others on our list (1,400 W), buyers rated it as powerful, even for reasonably curly hair. Its constant airflow of 65ºC also influences it. Therefore, this beautiful dryer is not ideal for daily use due to its power, but it is more than enough for long trips.

Final opinions Which mini best travel hair dryer should I buy?

How much you are willing to spend on a travel dryer will depend not only on your budget but also on how often you travel and, of course, how crucial perfect drying is to you.

Our favourite travel hair dryer is the GHD Flight. This product is designed to meet the needs of all hair types. It is compact and lightweight and comes with a folding handle that makes it fit perfectly in any corner of your luggage.

Powerful enough to dry even the waviest hair, and of course, this is the perfect hair tool to accompany you on your adventures with dual voltage. It may not be the cheapest, but having your hair last all day well-groomed is priceless. best travel hairdryer

We know that not everyone wants or can afford to spend that much on a travel hairdryer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get excellent quality and reputable hairdryer. The Rowenta Moveling CV3812F0 travel hairdryer and Remington D1500 claim to be quite powerful, at 2100W and 2000W, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Braun Satin Hair 3 HD350 has an ionic function and infrared heat that seeks to protect your hair from any heat abuse while allowing durable drying.

No matter which one you choose, these five hairdryers work great and will keep you from having to worry about your hair so you can entirely focus on your journey.

Why buy a best travel hair dryer

You might think that most hotels have hair dryers anyway, so why bring one? Or maybe you’re wondering why you should buy a mini travel dryer when you have a perfect hairdryer at home. Here we will tell you the reasons! best travel hair dryer

Without a doubt, the hair dryer you have at home is big, bulky and heavy. With baggage weight and size restrictions for check-in and carry-on, you need to travel as light as possible. Such a hairdryer will only add unnecessary weight to your luggage. best travel hair dryer

On the other hand, have you ever used one of those hotel hairdryers? They’re very underpowered, not to mention they’re usually affixed to the bathroom wall, so you don’t have a choice as to where to do your hair. Besides, isn’t it better to dry your hair with a hairdryer that you know how it works to make sure your hairstyle is impeccable? What to look for in a travel hairdryer

There are certain features to consider when shopping for a new travel hairdryer.

Size best travel hair dryer

Size is our number one aspect here. We found so many “travel” hair dryers that were so large that they looked like they would require a tote bag of their own to transport them. Our ideal travel hairdryer is super tiny. We want one so tiny that we forget we packed it because we didn’t see it under a sock. best travel hair dryer

Although travel hair dryers are designed to be easily transported, don’t assume that smaller size means less power. The smallest travel hair dryer may pack more power than you think.

Check out models with features that make them even more compact, like retractable cords and folding handles.

We’ve done the hard work and only included hair dryers in this guide that are small but powerful enough to keep your style going all day.


An ideal hair dryer should weigh less than 400 and 500 gr for travel.

Power – enough – high best travel hair dryer

Hairdryers with high-power motors mean more wind force, which means you’ll have to spend less time drying your hair and exposing it to excessive heat. Unfortunately, power can be sacrificed for size, so it’s best to find a middle ground. The ideal is a power of at least 1500-2000 W.

One of the main reasons we recommend that you carry your travel hair dryer instead of using the ones provided at hotels is the low power that hotel dryers tend to have.

Hairdryers with a higher wattage are also less likely to burn out and fail. If you are looking for a dryer that lasts a long time, buy one with high power.

In the table above, you can see the power of each dryer for your convenience.

Voltage best travel hair dryer

The most significant difference you’ll find between travel hair dryers from Europe – and almost every other country – compared to those from the United States is the voltage. The voltage in Europe is around 220V, while in America it is 110V. If your dryer doesn’t have the proper wattage, you run the risk of the hairdryer blowing a fuse or not working. best travel hair dryer

Please note: Even with a dual voltage hair dryer, you will need a travel adapter to make the plug fit international outlets.


Most hair dryers come with accessories like a concentrator nozzle or diffuser. The concentrator nozzle allows for a focused and precise airflow for targeted drying. At the same time, a diffuser helps to spread the airflow to a broader area. Plus, it softens the airflow to gently dry hair.

While accessories like concentrators, diffusers, and combs come bundled with many standard hair dryers, that’s not always the case with travel dryers.


If it is a travel dryer, it is logical that you worry about its size since it is necessary that it fits in the way without weighing too much or taking up too much, only to end up leaving things at home that you need.

Portable size is your best option when looking for a dryer to take on all your trips.


Although the price should not be the main factor to consider if you want a model of excellent quality, you must consider it, especially if you have a tight budget. best travel hair dryer

In the list above, prices range from €40 to €17, so finding a dryer that is not too expensive and works well does not have to be a challenge.


As we have commented throughout the article, you should pay attention to your hair type since intense heat or too much power can end up damaging the most fragile hair.

Therefore, take a look at this list and identify your hair type before choosing the suitable travel dryer:


In this case, you can opt for both tourmaline or ionic dryers since they are responsible for protecting the hair and giving it shine while they do the drying process, thanks to the emission of negative ions.


Thick hair is characterized by having a lot of volumes to need a higher power dryer. Any of those named will make you wonder, but you should never forget that the heat level is not too high.


Curly or frizzy hair is difficult to control, so an antistatic dryer is necessary to keep those hairs in order, and your drying is always perfect.


Hair with damage symptoms has been frequently exposed to flat irons, dryers, dyes and other products that weaken the hair fibre; therefore, a ceramic or ionic dryer will be your best ally.


If you want highly smooth and frizz-free hair, you must choose a dryer that emits negative ions, as these will keep frizz at bay.


For this type of hair, you need a dryer that doesn’t add extra shine, like tourmaline ones, as they can create more oil, and the drying won’t last. best travel hair dryer


Curly, curly or wavy hair, the diffuser will become your best friend when you want to get well-defined curls that last longer.



Suppose you live in Spain or any other country of the European Union and think of travelling to the United States. In that case, you do not have to fear that your travel dryer will not work in American lands, as long as the equipment has the dual voltage function that allows it to be adjusted to the 110V needed in the USA to run the dryer.

Never connect a dryer with the wrong voltage, as it may or may not work due to insufficient power or overloading due to excess voltage, which can be dangerous.


Nor does it have to be a cause for concern to carry your hairdryer in your luggage. since the TSA security rules establish that. This equipment can travel both in suitcases and your cabin luggage.

So don’t be afraid to leave your new travel dryer at home, pack your bags and go to new places with your hair always groomed, shiny and healthy. best travel hair dryer

Are travel hair dryers worth it?

That’s why we’re all about investing in a travel-friendly hairdryer. Like a good carry-on, it will prove invaluable to have on-hand anytime you leave home. They’re also more powerful now than ever and feature many of the same bells and whistles you’d expect from a standard size dryer.

Which travel hair dryer is best?

Read on for the best travel hair dryers.

  • Best Overall: Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer. ..
  • Runner-Up, Best Overall: Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer. .
  • Best Budget: Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer.
  • Most Compact: Jinri 1875W Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer.
  • Most Quiet: Jinri 1000W Travel Hair Dryer.

Does Dyson make a travel size hair dryer?

Best Quiet Travel Hair Dryer: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is specially designed with a digital motor in the handle. The high-speed dryer works to dry hair faster than most other models and uses intelligent heat control to make hair super shiny

How many watts is a travel hair dryer?

This dryer even comes with incredible tourmaline-ceramic technology to protect your hair. Simple, reliable, and brimming with hair styling power, this travel hair dryer is ideal for life on the go. With 2000 watts of power, you can still.

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