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5 best velvet couch You’ll Love 2022

velvet couch

Today, we have some original ideas for modern velvet sofas to inspire you. But in addition to these sofas, we will comment on the material from which the velvet is made. velvet couch

1. Red velvet sofa designed by Carlo Bimbi

The things you need to know about velvet

Velvet is a material widely used in fashion and interiors. Velvet has been the fabric used whenever desired to create a look of high style. But it can be a bit intimidating, it can be too extravagant, and taking care of it can be too troublesome. We are here to discuss the matter and comment on those rumors to let you know that velvet is indeed a practical option for any home. Read on to see what will make velvet one of your favorite fabric choices.

It is surprisingly versatile.

The fabric feels and looks more luxurious than most textiles, but that doesn’t mean it’s less adaptable for home design. Because it’s available in a wide variety of shapes, from large pieces like upholstered beds to smaller options like cushions, you can go glamorous and pompous or keep it simple. velvet couch

It is a fabric that adjusts beautifully to different trends and styles: its luminous sheen makes it especially suitable for a glamorous room, but it can also be added in rooms with simple or modern designs.

2. Velvet Sofa by Formitalia Group

The historical roots

Several stories tell where and when velvet originated, but historians agree that it originated from somewhere in the Far East, perhaps China. Around the 13th century, but it may be even earlier. Velvet made its way west on the Silk Road, becoming immensely popular during the Italian Renaissance.

Before the advent of modern industrial fabrics, velvet was quite expensive to produce, and therefore only available to wealthy and royal families. Nobles, in particular, were drawn to her ability to tolerate richly colored dyes.

How is it done

Because it is not a flat weave like linen, velvet requires more yarn and is not easy to produce. The yarn is first woven on a loom between two backing layers. The fabric is then divided down the center, creating two identical pieces, each with the pile raised, providing its smooth, heightened texture.

Velvet can be woven from any yarn. Whereas silk was typically incorporated in the past, today, cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fibers (often in combination) are commonly used. velvet couch

How it’s built to last

It is a common misconception that velvet is high maintenance. In truth, the fabric is not that delicate and can last for decades if properly cared for. Even in a family room like the living room where you receive many people, a velvet sofa is a practical option that will last you for years. velvet couch

Velvet sofas designed by Maurizio Manzoni and Roberto Tapinassi for Roche Bobois

It is easy to clean

The simplest way to maintain your velvet sofa is to incorporate it into your regular cleaning routine. When vacuuming the couch, use the manual nozzle on any piece of velvet to remove dirt.

When it comes to stains, velvet is often treated with stain repellants, so you should gently rub the liquid with a damp towel. It becomes a bit more difficult once the stain has dried because velvet can be made from different types of yarn. The best we can do is consult the manufacturer to find out how to proceed when cleaning our sofa.

3. The Hector sofa by Meridiani – velvet couch

Not everything is glamor.

We are used to seeing velvet sofas in glamorous rooms designed in the baroque style. This material works just as well in an elegantly designed masculine space in dark colors.

These are the most important things we should know about velvet. Now we will comment a little more on sofas and how to decorate them and make them the focal point of our design. velvet couch

Cushions and blankets are the simplest way to give any sofa a beautiful, flawless look. But the potential combinations are almost endless. It cannot be easy to know where to start. For this reason, we will try to break with the basics to help you with the configuration of the perfect sofa.

A beautiful red sofa designed by Paolo Rizzatto

We start with the easiest option. Whether white, gray, navy blue, or black, the velvet of your sofa, as long as it is only one color, allows us to play with a greater variety of combinations of cushions. velvet couch

Some sofas come with a set of cushions, but that does not mean that you are required to use them. Swap out two, three, or all of the pillows to give your sofa a fresh, custom look. As a general rule of thumb, an odd number of cushions makes the decor more natural and attractive. Three are enough for the smallest sofas, and five for the largest. velvet couch

But why buy a velvet sofa. The best part is that velvet is a significant trend for 2017. It’s gloriously tactile, adds a touch of glamor to your home, and is available in almost every color you can imagine. Our designs today are impressive, not only because of the fabrics but also because of the shapes and styles they have.

Six advantages of having a velvet sofa

In recent years, velvet has taken off and has become a protagonist in the world of fashion. But in the field of decoration and interior design, velvet is, since the last century, a timeless style and for all tastes. If your home does not yet have the perfect velvet accessory, don’t worry, we have an excellent idea for you: a velvet sofa!

In this article on our blog, we tell you all the advantages of incorporating a velvet sofa in your living room. Please pay attention, because we are sure that you will want one. Go for it!

ADAPTED TO ALL STYLES – velvet couch

The velvet in the upholstery of the sofa has long been associated with luxury and glamor and with shades that are darker as well as superb. And it is, along with leather, one of the materials that provide the most status in decoration. If your home follows this line and you want to maintain and even enhance elegance, the velvet sofa will end up completing the look. velvet couch

But, like everything in life, interior design continues to innovate, and with this material, it was not going to be less. Today the possibilities are endless: there are velvety sofas in all shades, shapes, and styles, and whatever the decoration of your living room, there is the perfect sofa for you. velvet couch

Brightly colored velvet sofas have become a must-have in many homes, especially in those more modern living rooms; although among the favorites are bottle green, English green, and gray, much more versatile and less risky.


Whichever tone you choose, you opt for one type of velvet and prefer a certain style over another. With your velvet sofa, warmth and comfort are assured. The softness to the touch of velvet is something that not any sofa can boast. And, in addition, it is ideal for cold climates and winter since it retains heat better than other fabrics. velvet couch


The selection of the sofa is always an important and very particular decision, since each one has very marked tastes and preferences with this piece of furniture, especially about materials. And so the result is clear: the sofa becomes a clear extension of our personality. And that is how the guests who sit in it will perceive it. For this reason, we think that velvet is a guaranteed success. Its touch is most pleasant, and its limited use on sofas, compared to leathers and other fabrics, will provide that touch of originality. It will be the center of attention!


As we have said, velvet is the most timeless, so you should not worry about it going out of style. In addition, it is a very personal material that, with the use and the passage of time, keeps important memories with it, as would happen with the skin. velvet couch

FOR ALL POCKETS – velvet couch

Another advantage of velvet is the variety of its materials. Some are made of natural fibers, such as cotton, silk, or linen, which are more elegant and more expensive, but there are also made of cheaper polyester fibers. And this variety of materials not only translates into economic adaptability but can also be beneficial in many other aspects: you have to know how to choose the material that best suits you. velvet couch


Another advantage of the velvet variety is the range of features it offers. Without losing all the qualities we have been talking about, such as elegance or touch, there are washable and stain-resistant velvet sofas on the market and are less sensitive to use marks. There is no excuse: they are perfect for houses with children or pets!

How about It is clear that the advantages are many. But if you are still not completely convinced . visit us! Try velvet in person on one of our sofas or armchairs, and it will surely convince you! At Alejos Form, we will help you choose the sofa that best suits you and your needs. We will wait for you!! velvet couch

The velvet sofa is always in fashion. If you look for elegant velvet armchairs and sofas, you will find models that fit any decoration.   velvet couch

This type of sofa is ideal for those who want to build a sophisticated and glamorous atmosphere in their living room. It is the type of fabric that you will not want to stop stroking. Sitting on the couch will be like enjoying a warm hug.  

Do you want to know the advantages of buying a velvet sofa? Discover them here! velvet couch


Both 2 or 3 seater velvet sofas are manufactured and individual velvet armchairs. Finding a combination of the two can be the best idea for an attractive decoration. 

These are some of the advantages of buying a velvet sofa:

  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE TOUCH: You will love to sit, lie down, or run your hand over your sofa. It is so quiet that you no longer want to sit on a couch with another fabric.
  • Comfort: the high comfort provided by sofas with velvet upholstery is incredible. It is the best option to spend a lot of time sitting. velvet couch
  • Resistance: velvet is a durable and resistant material that stands out for being a fabric that withstands time very well and remains firm.
  • Variety of colors: you can find blue, green, black velvet sofa and a wide variety of designs. velvet couch
  • Warmth: it is the perfect type of sofa for a cozy and warm environment, where you can feel happy and enjoy calm.

One of the qualities of velvet should also be highlighted; its shine and luxurious appearance make it the ideal fabric for your sofa.  


If you want to buy a velvet sofa or armchair in Mexico, at SofaMatch, you will find the most elegant designs. Modern, high-quality armchairs and sofas with sleek upholstery. 


Those who love classic decoration will also find the most attractive designs for a cozy living room. You will be able to find traditional models of individual velvet armchairs, such as the Kirkby armchair, in which we highlight its straight lines and great comfort.  

BLUE SOFA – velvet couch

One of the most prominent is the Poole Bali Blue Velvet Sofa. With modern lines and a classic touch, it is a very elegant and glamorous sofa that is sure to make you fall in love. velvet couch 

VELVET FUTON – velvet couch

Another option that you will love for your living room is the velvet futon. Warm, comfortable, spacious, the Wem Full -Size Sofa Futon fulfills two functions at once: a 2-3 seater sofa and a queen-size bed. It is a mustard-colored futon with velvet upholstery, high functionality, and elegant style. velvet couch


For those who only want the best of the best, velvet is that upholstery that one becomes fond of

Soft, elegant, modern, in various colors, it is perfectly adaptable to your decoration.

If you want to buy an armchair or sofa upholstered in velvet in Mexico, you have it very easily. Discover the best velvet armchairs and sofas in our online store. You won’t want to stop petting them! velvet couch

Do you want to give your interior a facelift? Change your sofa! An indispensable piece of furniture, synonymous with comfort and class, the sofa sets the standard for decorating your living room and does much more than host your home cinema sessions. A trendy sofa will thus redefine the identity of your room. But exactly where is fashion? What is the sofa trend 2020? There is plenty to choose from. Here are ten essentials! velvet couch

  1. The velvet sofa
  2. Velvet sofa with captions
  3. The Chesterfield sofa
  4. The corner sofa
  5. Scandinavian fabric sofa
  6. The Scandinavian corner sofa
  7. The minimalist style
  8. The round sofa
  9. Scandinavian retro leather sofa
  10. Dare the colors

Trendy sofa: the velvet sofa

The velvet sofa has made a name for itself, often offered in bold, bright, and resolutely inspiring colors. Comfortable, slightly retro, in a very 50s style, soft to the touch, it has a cachet that is difficult to be indifferent to

Trendy sofa: the velvet sofa with padding

With its padded seat and back, this sofa plays the card of elegance and comfort. A model like the Valentina gray velvet 2-seater will undoubtedly convince you. A fashionable sofa in the shape of a real call to relaxation. 

Trendy sofa: the Chesterfield sofa

This trendy sofa is packed with class, taking its name from Lord Philip Stanhope, the Earl of Chesterfield. In leather or syndrome (a material made from scraps of leather), it never goes unnoticed but is not only magnificent: for him, too, comfort is a priority! velvet couch

Trendy sofa: the corner sofa

Certainly requiring a little more space than a more classic sofa, the corner sofa remains a must-have that comes in several models, convertible or name, more traditional or Scandinavian-inspired. Perfect for large families or collocations velvet couch

Trendy sofa: the Scandinavian fabric sofa

Choosing a Scandinavian sofa means being sure not to make a mistake. Very fashionable in recent years, it has perfectly shown itself worthy of its power of attraction. Take the Höga green velvet, a Scandinavian-style sofa with elegant wooden legs, which is soft and necessarily perfect for wrapping.  velvet couch

Trendy sofa: the Scandinavian corner sofa

There isn’t just one type of Scandinavian-influenced sofa, but several. The Berlin XL, for example, has proven that the Scandinavian style can also produce sublime corner sofas. The padding of the backrest adds a little more trendy touch. velvet couch

5. Trendy sofa: minimalist style – velvet couch

It is a variation of the Scandinavian sofa. We often associate a sleek style sofa with a zen interior and a coffee table without playing bidding—all in pastel colors to reinforce this relaxing impression of clarity. Pure and harmonious lines often mark a sofa. 

Trendy sofa: the round sofa – velvet couch

It’s a bit the antithesis of the sleek sofa. Because prefers round shapes to invite rest. As soon as you see it, it’s hard not to sit down, even if it can be more complicated to get rid of it! A reassuring sofa also knows how to stay at the heart of the trend. 

Trendy sofa: the retro Scandinavian leather sofa

If you are looking for a trendy leather sofa, look no further! It is the retro Scandinavian sofa for you. A magnificent sofa with wooden feet is available in several models for increased comfort and undeniable class. velvet couch

Trendy sofa: dare the colors!

Of course, it all depends on individual tastes, but why not try a sofa in bright colors? Coming out of black or gray can change the look of a room. For example, a trendy red, green or blue sofa, in fabric or velvet, will blow a wind of revolution in your living room. velvet couch


Posted by Pablo Ramirez on October 21, 2021

The most common style within offices is gray, gray floors, gray tables, and gray doors. Some lucky ones may have a wooden door or a brown desk, but in the end, office supplies always have that sober tone that makes them a bit boring. An office with color may sound unprofessional, but it has a positive effect on your employees. It is difficult to achieve a colorful space without falling into the childish thing, but it can be achieved much easier than it seems.

Creating the Flexi working space Out of Office project in Eindhoven has turned common areas into comfortable and entertaining places to do your work. Their designs are beds with access to computers, gardens with swings, cafeterias, and event spaces for pets.  velvet couch 

This project gives workers the freedom to choose the workplace where they feel most comfortable, and there are even studies have analyzed that people are more productive when they are in relaxed environments. In the end, work and play are not as separate as we think. An office with color makes users feel free, creative, and right where they want to be. velvet couch

On the other hand, small cubicles make users feel tired and frustrated. it is a basic instinct in human behavior that makes you want to “feel different.” The closed and repetitive spaces cause people to think that they could be doing something else and would like to be doing that more. velvet couch

velvet couch

In colonial times like the one we live in, in which work occupies most of our days, the Out of Office was becoming the best option to offer workers quality of life and productivity. Flexi working shows that architectural and social design effects increase job performance and leave workers satisfied with the results and where they are.

The sofas in meetings and the living room are the perfect pieces to start with. In completely black or white spaces, soft, shiny tones make the sofa the area’s centerpiece. They are providing home quality, making the most of the light, and creating a space where your employees “want to be.” velvet couch 

Also, in creative spaces, be it a meeting room or the area designated to the designer, pastel-colored walls can be combined with dark armchairs or neutral colors such as gray or white. velvet couch

If you are interested in redesigning your space, improving your office with color, or being an entrepreneur. You can send an email to explaining the area you have and the goal you want to achieve. We will be happy to help you, advise you, and offer you preferential prices so that you can get the space of your dreams.

Find on the armchairs, sofas, and love seats that will give your office an original look and be full of comfort. The Victoria is one of our darlings, get to know it, and we will be delivering it to your door in less than 15 days.  velvet couch

Is velvet a good fabric for a sofa?

You will be amazed at how easy it is to treat and store the velvet sofa. A velvet color does not fade quickly, and it can also withstand sun exposure, making it ideal for outdoor spaces. However, soft to the touch, breathable, and comfortable, velvet is genuinely an exceptional upholstery fabric.

Are velvet sofas bad?

Cons: Velour is more likely to attract pet hair and dust. If exposed to direct sunlight, the fiber may weaken, so think carefully about the placement of velor furniture in front of large, sunny windows. Velour is more likely to attract dust and pet hair, requiring more regular cleaning. 22-Oct-2018

Is a velvet sofa challenging to clean?

Velour is known to be a demanding and high-maintenance fabric. Although it looks luxurious, velour is not difficult to clean like other materials or fabrics. Velvet sofas have seen a massive revival in recent years due to their elegance and ability to showcase a room.

Do velvet sofas smell?

If your velor has been with you for several years, it may start to have an unpleasant odor. It is more likely to happen if you have children and pets. Fill a spray bottle with an equal volume of white vinegar and water to remove the foul smell, then spray onto the velvet.

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