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Best 11 Water Heater Buying Guide – 2022

Water Heater

Best 11 Water Heater Buying Guide – 2022

This electric water heater model from De Dietrich weighs 71 kg and has a capacity of 300 liters. It is part of the range, equipped with armored resistance, ensuring the product’s tenacity. It can also be immersed directly in water. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain it regularly. The resistor also has a 240 V electromechanical thermostat, single voltage.

1. Atlantic 022130 Armored Water Heater 300l

Atlantic is considered by many to be the best brand of water heater on the market. This model is electric and has a capacity of 300L. Its ohmic resistance associated with the solidity of the tank and that of the immersion heater is beneficial for users. Not only is this water heater not expensive, but it is also economical with a reduced heating time. 

In 5 hours 33 minutes, it provides hot water with a setting of 15 to 65°C. As for the quantity supplied, this device has a tank of 569 liters. When set to 65°C, this device produces hot water at 40°C. As you will understand, this model is made for significant hot water needs, for large families, for example.

Regarding its electrical properties. A current of 230 V. powers the device. It is a single-voltage model with a power of 3000 Watts. Compared to its constant cooling, it has an index of 0.18. Besides, you can install it in different ways.

Water Heater

Either embed it under a sink vertically or put it on the sink. However, you can also install it vertically against the wall. For your safety, the manufacturer provides a dielectric connection with the device.

For the

Simple and efficient use: Its fast, hot water production time makes your life much easier.

Large capacity: Thanks to its large capacity, it meets the needs of those who require a large quantity of hot water in the best conditions. As a result, it is suitable for both individuals and an organization.

Ease of installation: This Atlantic water heater is not bulky at all and is lost in the storage you choose while matching the style of your home.


Validity of the warranty: The 5-year warranty offered by the manufacturer is only valid if the installation is carried out by a professional. Therefore, it is mandatory to consider this from the start.

Thermodynamic water heater

2. Thermor Airlines 270L thermodynamic water heater

Before buying the best water heater, you must find a suitable model adapted to your needs. Lean towards this model from Thermor if you haven’t decided yet. Given the operating conditions of this water heater, it needs to be installed in an area with ambient air.

Therefore, a frost-free and unheated room at a temperature between +5°C and +35°C is required. As for the surface suitable for this device, you should know that it is suitable for a space of 20 cubic meters.

It has a capacity of 270 liters and provides up to 353 liters of hot water after 10.33 hours of heating. As a result, it can meet the hot water needs of more than five people.

The power of its resistance is 2400 Watts, while the total power it absorbs is 3050 Watts. With a dimension of 1860x615x646 mm, it weighs 101 kg.

Thermor Airlines

Easy to use, this thermodynamic water heater has a backlit digital control with three modes, including Absence, Manual, and Eco. A sheath must protect its resistance before being immersed in water.

If a change of part is necessary, you do not need draining. Unlike other devices, the anode of this one does not require maintenance. It is also equipped with double anti-corrosion protection. And to make your life even more accessible, the dielectric fitting is delivered with the product. Belonging to energy class A, it is considered energy efficient, allowing you to save money.

For the 

Ecological: Its mode of operation makes it respectful of the environment. It pumps the energy the air brings to help it in the heating.

Economical: Thanks to this, it does not consume as much energy as other water heaters available today.

Easy to use: You most likely find it more convenient to use a digitally controlled device. Especially since it is easy to read. Without forgetting that its installation is not complex.


Quite expensive product: If we rely on the different models on the market, this one is among the most expensive. It is still justified by the savings you can make throughout its use.

solar water heater

3. Eklor Solar water heater one collector 200 liters

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By opting for a solar water heater at home, your monthly electricity consumption will not change, and you will benefit from more comfort. You can also, for example, equip your second home located in a place wholly deprived of electricity.

This device uses a sensor fitted with 18 mm copper collectors. It is one of the heat conducting elements appreciated by users and ensures a reduced energy accumulation time. It allows the whole to be quickly operational. Additionally, the model features a weatherproof aluminum and tempered glass frame. 

As for the tank, it has a capacity of 160 l. This volume is suitable for households of around 3 to 4 people. The coating is formed by 0.5 mm thick steel while two magnesium anodes covered with polyurethane foam protect it from the effects of corrosion.

For the

Economical: Compared with an electric water heater, this solar-powered model will not impact your monthly bill. The more the months pass, the more you will see the gap between the expenses generated by these energy sources widen in favor of the solar version.

Robust structure: The sensor’s design has effectively been reinforced to limit external alterations. The component has an anti-corrosion frame lined with 3.2 mm tempered glass to counter the effects of climatic variations.

Armored resistance: With this mode of arrangement of this accessory, this device quickly reaches the previously selected temperature.


Discouraging price: Given its cost, buyers are reluctant to purchase this solar water heater. However, it represents an attractive investment in the long term.

Gas water heater

4. Chateau LPG Water Heater

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If the heating speed is one of your primary selection criteria, you should turn to a gas water heater model like this one. Indeed, unlike the electric one, this specimen will deliver a good quantity of water to you at the desired temperature in less time, thanks to its power of 16 KW.

Once you have purchased this product, finding a location for it will be easy, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen. Some consumers have even extended the convenience of this equipment by installing it in their motorhome. All you have to do is look for compatible connections with the exhaust system.

The designer has also focused on ergonomics when manufacturing this device. The control buttons are practically visible and easy to access. You can rely on the LED screen while selecting your options, so you don’t go wrong.

For the

Practical dimensions: With its reduced measurements, it will be easy for you to find a location for it without this specimen cluttering up your space.

Quick heating: You won’t have to wait long to enjoy the hot water from this equipment. Its power of 16 kW ensures it is at full throttle.

Capacity selection: When purchasing this gas water heater, you will have a free choice depending on the volumes offered by the brand. Indeed, it is available in 6 l, 8 l, 10 l, 12 l, 16 l, or 18 l, depending on your needs.


Water pressure: When you operate several taps simultaneously, the water flow decreases.

Instant water heater

5. Iglobalbuy Christmas Gift 8L 16kW LPG Water Heater

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This Iglobalbuy product, defined as an instantaneous water heater, surpasses the others in its speed of operation. It provides you with hot water in a snap.

The control buttons are functional and easy to access. This model is also equipped with an LED display screen to give you the necessary information on the selected options. Practical dimensions complement this ergonomic design. It’s 44 x 29 x 13 cm long, wide and high, and fits easily into any room.

The timer allows you to manage your device’s operating time within a 20-minute time frame. For its structure, the high-quality certified stainless steel coating has gone out to accompany you over time and resist external alterations.

For the

Safe: This model has several protective devices to ensure safe handling. You will find an automatic shutdown mechanism in case of overheating, antifreeze technology, and a system for limiting high water pressure.

Silent: Even running at full speed does not generate noise that may disturb your activities.


Manual in English: Some French-speaking users who do not have the notion of the language had some difficulty reading the instructions for this instantaneous water heater.

Atlantic water heater

6. Atlantic 021115 Armored Water Heater 150l Wall Mounted

water heater

New buyers often dread assembly processes. In the case of this Atlantic water heater, the elements related to its installation are supplied with the product. Thus, you do not need to call on a professional to respect the steps to follow.

Thanks to the resistance of the shielded type and coming into direct contact with the water, the device quickly reaches the temperature selected by the user. As for its quantity of 150 l, it is suitable for households made up of a maximum of 4 to 5 people.

This model is powered via a mono 230 V electrical connection. At full power, that is, 1650 W, it optimally simplifies your daily life.

For the

Heat-up time: On average, this equipment takes five h 33min to heat its entire contents. It derives this advantage from his armor resistance.

Anode life: This component benefits from a practical design method that favors its longevity. Thanks to this, it will not likely oxidize quickly, and you will not have to change it anytime soon.


Single installation: Some users believe this Atlantic water heater would be more interesting if you could choose its mounting position.

Thermo water heater

7. Thermor Duralis ACI Vertical Wall Mount Water Heater

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When purchasing this model, the brand offers you several specimens ranging from 50 to 300 l, from which you can easily choose according to your needs. They are equipped with the same features and have identical performance to the Duralis ACI.

This Thermor water heater is equipped with soapstone resistance. The particularity of this component lies in that. It does not come into direct contact with water but is immersed in a sheath. It considerably limits scaling. The tank’s design meets hygiene standards with a high quartz interior made of vitrified enamel. 

This product is accompanied by an assembly manual illustrated in detail to help you in the most efficient way possible in your installations and your manipulations.

For the

Electronic thermostat: With this element, it will be easy to control the variations in your equipment’s heat. In addition, it is accurate with a temperature difference of 1°C with each modification.

Safety device: The manufacturer has provided this model with an anti-dry heating system. The balloon does not work when there is no water in it.


Provide extra hands: If you live at the top of a building, make sure you have extra pairs of arms to lift the 41 kg Thermor water heater.

flat water heater

8. Thermor Water Heater Malicious 2

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In our time when technology accompanies us in our daily lives, this flat water heater wants to follow this trend. Indeed, with the presence of its integrated Wifi, you can manipulate it, whatever your location, inside or outside, via the Cozytouch application available on the Web.

The latter is installed on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Navigating the device’s menu has been simplified with its touch interface control panel.

The heating process of this model is based on its steatite resistance. Fast and not afraid of the calcareous elements found in the water, it reaches 2250 W of power in a relatively short time. The 80 l of this cumulus will quickly meet the needs of a household of 3 people.

For the

remote control: Thanks to Wifi technology, you can access all its options, no matter where you are. You have to download the application from the Web, pair it with your product, and you’re done.

Mode of operation: This brand of water heater has four that you have to accommodate with your type of activity.


Device Compatibility: Check your computer accessories’ performance and operating system before installing the application.

300 l water heater

9. DeDietrich Steatite CES 300 L Water Heater

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Take a trip to De Dietrich if you can’t decide which model to buy. The brand will offer you this reference whose characteristics will likely interest you. And if several of you live under the same roof, its 300 l capacity may suit you.

This 300 l water heater from De Dietrich is fitted with a soapstone heating element. In terms of longevity, this type of design will not disappoint. Its maintenance also does not require any special procedures because scaling is limited.

This model does not need to be positioned on a wall for its installation. It is a desktop device. It has stability bases to prevent the assembly from tipping over in the event of clumsiness or inadvertent blows.

For the

Large capacity: This 300 l water heater can satisfy large families. Indeed, this volume can contain the daily expectations of at least five people.

Easy to maintain: Thanks to the design of its resistance, this model does not require any special procedures. You also do not need to make regular oil changes, which will optimize your comfort of use.


Security group to buy: Consumers believe that the one supplied with the product is complicated to set up. It is best to get a new one paying attention to compatibility.

Water heater 200 l

10. Atlantic 153120 Zeneo Vertical Wall Mount Water Heater

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Even if the Atlantic Zeno does not have the particular design of a flat water heater, its appearance remains appreciated by consumers looking for a model with a versatile style. Indeed, it easily integrates with many decorations.

With its acoustic frequency measured at 15 dB, its operation will not disturb you in a small apartment, even if you launch it at full speed. The chosen temperature is quickly reached with its power of 2200 W.

And if your water contains a high level of limestone, it will not affect the performance of this device. The ACI dynamic anti-corrosion protection ensures this efficiency and steatite resistance integrated into an enameled sheath.

For the

Easy to handle: It will be easy to select the heat variation on this 200 l water heater using its electronic thermostat. In addition, it is relatively accurate compared to a mechanical model.

Economy: According to the manufacturer’s estimates, it only consumes approximately 2783 kWh annually.

Easy to install: Its installation will not cause any problems thanks to its fixing elements supplied with the product.


Gets dust quickly: Despite the aesthetics appreciated by users for the elegance of this 200 l water heater, they find that it gets dirty quite quickly.


water heater thermostat

11. Jump 98X0024

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This Sauter water heater thermostat has the usual shape of the sensor. It has a universal character with its length of 27 cm and diameter of 6 cm; that is to say, it is suitable for most specimens on the market. The article provides a plug-in rod that facilitates the connection with the device’s resistance.

As soon as you have noted the compatibility of this accessory with your cumulus. The installation is done in two steps. This model will likely suit you if you have equipment whose power does not exceed 3500 W. It will allow you to manage the heat intensity inside your balloon from 0 t

purchase guide

How do you think our grandparents took a bath before the invention of the electric water heater? Ah! Are you experiencing the same difficulties, and are you seriously considering installing a device to heat running water in your home? If so, the following lines might interest you. Here’s how to buy a better value water heater.


The shape, size, and color of your new installation will impact your decoration. It would be better to opt for a model that will not give the impression of having an intruder in the room. Indeed, the electric water heater can be installed in the kitchen or the bathroom. A minimalist size and flowing lines would be nice with your new device.

It would be great if it only had a depth of 30 cm. Be that as it may, know that you no longer have to have an imposing and unsightly cylindrical object hanging on the wall. From now on, it is possible to opt for a hot water tank in an exquisite square shape. Take a look at a price comparator; you will understand better.  

The power

The power of an electric water heater must correspond to the number of people who use it. A couple will not have the exact needs of a hotel establishment. Choose according to your actual hot water needs. A good buying guide for the best electric water heaters should remind you that these devices require 2.2 kWh to run for an hour.

This consumption changes from one model to another. The capacity of the tank is also to be considered in the calculation. The time required to heat the water will change over time. It will increase significantly if you let the limestone plates attach to the resistance. Opt for an electric water heater with an ACI Hybrid type enamel resistance to have good power. 

The capacity

In the trade, you will find models whose capacity varies from 50 to 300 liters. Our advice would be to direct you to a reservoir that covers the needs of the users belonging to your household. For a single person, a capacity of 50 L will be sufficient. A child will need 25 L per day.

Calculate the ideal size of your water heater accordingly. For a couple with three minor children, it will take at least 250 L. This quantity takes into account the water for the bath and the toilets. In summer, consumption may drop. Conversely, hot water will flow freely during the winter. So remember to choose the capacity of your device according to the region where you are.  

The type 

Last but probably most important, remember that there are two types of electric water heaters. The first works with a balloon. It is bulky, but since the hot water is already stored in advance, you will be more comfortable using it. It’s the opposite with instant models. The water will only be heated when you need it. It’s economical if you don’t hang around in the shower. Now you know everything. Does it remain to find out where to buy a new water heater?

How to use a water heater?

The water heater has become an indispensable device for a family who wants to enjoy comfort at home. And since we use this device every day, it would be wise to know precisely how to handle it. It is also essential to know the minor aspects to be mastered to optimize its use.

To start, how does it work?

The water heater accomplishes its leading role through a system. The latter allows you to heat the water to benefit from it when it comes. There are different systems, such as the electric and gas models, those that work with solar panels, etc. If the use of these different models is more or less similar, their installation is often different. It’s up to you to choose according to your needs and your budget.

Properly manage the temperature of your water heater.

Good temperature management has several benefits. Indeed, overheating leads not only to overconsumption of electricity but also to water because you will have to compensate for the high temperature with a large quantity of cold water, not to mention the risk of burns or the time wasted trying to find a reasonable temperature. In other words, the better you manage the temperature of your water heater (50°C on average), the better your energy consumption will be.

Turn off the water heater from time to time.

When you are away, it is always best to turn off the water heater. Indeed, it is a good reflex to have, which will help to lower your energy consumption. However, this trick does not work in winter because of the risk of frost. During this period, the best you can do is to lower the appliance’s temperature to have the minimum heat necessary to avoid freezing.

Save energy by scheduling the water heater.

Here it’s still about saving energy but in a different way. Some models allow you to program their activation according to your use. In other words, the water heater will only work when you need it. To avoid some disappointments, don’t forget that such a device needs a specific heating time, depending on the period of inactivity, which must be considered when you proceed with the program.

Retain all the heat emitted

To limit heat loss, remember to insulate your hot water pipes properly. Some even insulate their water heater to limit heat loss as much as possible. Your water heater will quickly be efficient this way. This trick is especially recommended for those who have placed their device in an unheated area. It is also recommended to think carefully about the location of your water heater during installation.

Practice regular scaling to avoid harming the survival of the device

It is essential to regularly maintain your appliance to limit/avoid the accumulation of limestone in the tank and the pipes. Maintenance is relatively simple: the tank must be emptied to clear the limestone. This action should be taken at least once a year to avoid any malfunction risk, such as reduced hot water flow. It will also help maximize the life of your device.

The most popular brands

The water heater is one of a house’s first signs of thermal comfort. Without it, we simply wouldn’t have hot water. Fortunately, specialist brands help consumers choose from the many products flooding the market.

Ariston, considered the elite, the best in producing domestic hot water and heating by many consumers, has developed a complete range of equipment for home and household appliances. Regardless of the source of energy used and the calculations you plan for your energy yields, Ariston will provide you with valuable advice.

The brand designs 10 l models for small needs and a hundred liters for manufacturers. Each item incorporates practical functions such as the thermostat or the delayed start.

Atlantic is at the origin of several innovations in household appliances making everyday life easier for everyone, to name only the washing machine. If you want to equip your home with heating, this is the address.

Water Heater

Whether you are part of a family of 3 or 6 people, the brand’s range is wide enough for you to find. You are looking for a small model to be installed next to the sink and the bathroom or a single large specimen to feed.

Siemens has been familiar with the electronics and home appliance market and its development for more than a hundred years. The brand has also learned to adapt to it by giving the public what they need to improve their living comfort: washing machines, kitchen equipment, but also water heaters.

For this last type of product, there are several kinds in the brand’s shops. You are offered to choose from different volumes, vertical or horizontal, wall-mounted, on a base, and many other selection criteria.

The brand has been present in many homes and professional establishments for nearly sixty years through its heating devices. It uses traditional energy sources and renewables to comply with greater demand and conquer more market shares.

When it comes to its water heaters, users are spoiled for choice. Regardless of the location where you plan to install your device or your water needs, the sign will satisfy you with a design quality that is indeed there.

Today, De Dietrich has practically become a luxury brand aimed at the wealthiest families, thanks to the quality of its growing products. That said, its good old water heaters remain within everyone’s reach and are still as reliable as they were then, if not more.

The palette of copies is sure to impress you. From 300-l shielded models to verticals, passing through 100 l references, it is up to you to select the one that will best meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to understand how a water heater works?

For an electric water heater, the operating principle remains relatively simple. Once the device is installed and the tank is filled with cold water, it uses the phenomenon of stratification to allow the hot water to stagnate in height. The insulators around the tank come into action to keep it at the desired heat level. Thus, it remains available at all times for all users.

Q2: How do I drain my water heater?

Draining your model is a process you can do yourself without hiring a professional. You will then have to cut off the power to your device and open the hot water taps in your home. Connect a hose to the drain cock of the cumulus and let all the water drain out. However, be careful not to burn yourself.

Q3: What is a thermodynamic water heater?

A thermodynamic water heater is a hot water production system. It usually consists of a storage tank and a heat pump. It operates via a mechanism that captures the ambient air to extract the calories therein, which will, in turn, heat the refrigerant fluid circulating in a closed circuit.

Q4: How do I shut off my water heater when I am away?

When you plan to leave your home for a while, it is best to turn off your device or put it to sleep. You will need to find the switch for peak and off-peak hours, then stop on the control box. Set the latter to 0 to suspend the operations of your equipment. It will also allow you to limit automatic start-ups and uncontrolled energy consumption.

What are the 3 types of water heaters?

There are five main types of water heater; conventional, tankless, heat pump, solar, and condensing.

How long should a water heater last?

between eight and ten years
How Long Do Water Heaters Last — The majority of water heaters last between eight and ten years. While ten is the age at which heater replacement is generally recommended, the actual need to replace a heater could arise before or after this timeline.

How do you know a water heater is going bad?

Rust deposits or a metallic odor coming out with hot water can signal either rusty pipes or rust inside the water heater. If corrosion is eating away the metal from the inside, leaks are inevitable. Murky water from the tap can also be a sign that the water heater will fail soon.

Is water heater better than geyser?

Storage geysers are water heating units that come with an inbuilt tank that can store hot water for long durations. On the other hand, instant water heaters are appliances that heat water on demand. While both these categories of geysers are built differently, they are just as beneficial.

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