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10 Best wood burning stove for your home 2022

wood-burning stove

10 Best wood burning stove for your home 2022

Wood Stove – Buying Guide, Ranking, and Tests

It is important to have good heating to stay in a comfortable home in winter. The system must still be economical not to increase the heating bill. It is why the manufacturers offer you wood stoves. They work with natural and ecological fuel and effectively heat your interior. If you are planning on buying one, but you don’t know how to choose the best wood stoves of 2022 wood burning stove,

then take the time to read this guide. It will give you information on the main criteria to consider, including performance, design, and compliance with standards. Here is a catalog of the six most coveted products on the market: always to assist you. At the top of the chain, there is the Godin 388117. It attracts users by its design which is both aesthetic and not bulky. You can also orient yourself to a more efficient model, Zvezda Maxi Vr, a heating material, and a decoration. It has a rectangular shape. wood burning stove

1. Godin 388117 Wood Stove

This model offers itself as a size solution to help you determine which is the best wood stove on the market. Its greatest asset is its power of 6.5 kW. Thanks to this intensity, it will diffuse a gentle and optimal heat inside your house. Any overheating cannot then occur. In addition, it can efficiently cover a room of 80 to 220 m³. In addition, this item is environmentally friendly as it emits only 0.07% carbon monoxide. A feature that further accentuates its user comfort. Moreover, the fumes will be released over the device through a 153 mm nozzle.

High quality, this copy offers a yield of 78.2%. It allows you to save on your heating bill because it consumes little wood. The logs to be used are 55 cm long. The loading is done at the front for more practical use.

For design, this equipment takes the form of a cube. With its dimensions of 38.5 x 65 x 66 cm, it is ultra-compact. You will easily find a corner to install it. Moreover, it limits any encumbrance. The feet on the stove further promote its stability and reliability not to burn the floor. wood burning stove

High efficiency: If you are in this ranking, you do not yet know where to buy the best wood stove. However, you may be interested in this model since it yields 78.2%. When walking, it consumes very little wood. You can therefore save money.

Compactness: This model displays a size of 38.5 x 65 x 66 cm. It is thus easy to install and avoids any clutter.

Environmentally friendly: This copy only produces 0.07% carbon monoxide. It, therefore, works while respecting the environment.

2. Zvezda Maxi Vr wood-fired boiler stove see more pictures

Both heating material and decorative items, a boiler stove must be of quality and conform to your interior. If you have more space to heat and are looking for the best wood stove on the market, the Zvezda is for you. It adapts completely to your interior with 61 x 60 x 94 cm and 128 kg.

Its rectangle-shaped design, very modern, and its black color give it a sober and elegant appearance. It is perfect for serving as an interior decoration while keeping the antique effect of a wood heater.

On the practical side, its combustion chamber is fitted with ceramic glass that intensely withstands heat and has a cast iron grate. It can be used on the power of up to 32 KW. In addition, its airflow and smoke adjustments are done manually and require some. wood burning stove

For the

Size: The Zvezda wood-fired boiler stove offers a larger combustion surface due to its large dimensions. It is ideal for large spaces and brings more warmth to small rooms. wood burning stove

Decor: Its black color makes it elegant and contributes to its decorative appearance. If you want to buy the best wood stove, consider this model. wood burning stove

Storage space: The model has a compartment for storing damp woods and drying them as the stove is operational. A great advantage when dry wood is scarce. 

3. Venezia Wood and charcoal stove with oven 

This model is for you if you are looking for the best wood stove on the market that follows international manufacturing standards but keeps the same fuel as yesteryear.

Made with a steel alloy with a very high-quality coating and ceramic glass. Withstanding the most intense heat, it is made to provide you with optimal heating on powers from 12 to 16 kW and is among the first in the world. Ranking of the most purchased stoves. wood burning stove

The stove’s combustion chamber is made of cast iron with refractive properties. It is equipped with a plate, also in cast iron, removable above which is arranged a cooking plate, always in cast iron to cook your dishes directly. In addition to its heating activity, the stove also has a 35 x 37 x 20 cm steel oven. It incorporates an airflow adjustment system that adjusts to the location of the ash via a button.  wood burning stove

For the

Materials: Made with quality technological materials. the model is designed to withstand heat and has unmatched robustness.

Associated oven: Apart from the fact that it heats your space, it also provides you with a direct cooking plate as well as a built-in range to facilitate the preparation of your favorite dishes.

Large heating capacity: With its 42 x 40 x 30 cm, the combustion chamber has a fairly large heating capacity of up to 340m3. 

4. Supra Oro Wood Stove 5kw

You can consult this comparison to quickly find the woodstove adapted to your needs. Among other things, this Supra model is efficient and non-polluting. Indeed, it respects different standards. It has received the green flame label with four stars and complies with standard NF EN 13240. Thus, it emits only a low level of carbon monoxide, namely 0.25%. It also gives you 72% better fuel efficiency. You will then consume less wood by using it.

This copy has a power of 5kW and will therefore be suitable for a room of up to 220 m³. With this intensity, the risk of overheating and the existence of a large temperature difference between the rooms in your house will be minimal. wood burning stove

On the other hand, this article can accommodate logs of 28 cm, according to the user test. So you don’t need to use big wood to have a warm atmosphere. This stove lets the smoke pass over it thanks to a 15 mm opening. In addition, you can watch it through the glass. The regulation is made manually to simplify its use.

This valuable equipment has a warming compartment. You can heat your food there for your winter evenings. It also allows you to keep your hot drinks at a good temperature. For the design, its steel and vermiculite design make it resistant. It supports high heat and does not risk being damaged from the first use.

For the

Complies with standards: This model is NF EN 13240 certified and has received the green flame label. It guarantees you high efficiency while respecting the environment. Indeed, it diffuses only 0.25% of carbon monoxide and offers a yield of 72%. Thus, you will therefore achieve a good saving in wood. wood burning stove

Warming compartment: Thanks to this element, you can easily heat your drinks and meals.

Solid: Made of steel and vermiculite. This copy is resistant to fire and wear. It can serve you in the long run.

5. Invicta 6149 44 OVE Stove

If you are looking for a wood stove that meets standards, you have come to the right place. This model from Invicta impresses with its 5-star green flame symbol and its adaptation to the “BImSchV” level II standard. Thus, it not only distributes uniform heat, but it also takes part in respecting the environment. Indeed, it emits only 8.15 g / s of smoke through an 18 mm opening. The level of carbon monoxide is therefore lower. It also gives you a good return of 76%.

With a power of 10 kW, this model is suitable for large and medium-sized rooms with a maximum size of 250 m³. Ergonomic, it has a window. So you can see through the liveliness of the flame. So you’ll know when to add more wood in the blink of an eye. wood burning stove

This fireplace stove stands out from the crowd with its design. Its oval shape gives it a modern and attractive look. Its sober color allows it to fit into any room. In addition, this model measures 131 x 55 x 55 cm and is therefore compact so as not to require a large space in your interior. wood burning stove

For the

Respect for the environment: This model has the green flame symbol. It ensures a use that does not cause degradation to nature because it emits only a low rate of carbon monoxide.

High yield: This copy gives you a high yield of 76%. It consumes only a few logs, especially 2.5 kg / h. So you can save on your heating.

Power: This article works with 10 kW. A test will suffice to demonstrate its ability to cover a room of 250 m³. It also allows you to benefit from optimal heat.

The cons

Weight: Once installed, it becomes difficult to move this item due to its weight of 167 kg. 

6. Supra Gotham 01 Slit Wood Stove

See more pictures

As for this model, its greatest asset is its power. Imagine that this wood-burning stove can reach a capacity of 12 kW to 15 kW. It will be enough to heat an entire house. Being a wood stove, it is fed with wood and charcoal. The size of the logs that you can fit in should ideally measure 33 cm for the furnace to operate properly. wood burning stove

Afterward, you must know how to use it correctly so as not to burn yourself with it knowing that the regulation of this model is manual. This copy guarantees you the comfort of use since not only will your whole house be kept warm, but this model is also ecological. It emits only 0.16% carbon monoxide. Certainly, some models do better, but we must recognize the advantage of using such an ecological stove at home.

In addition, note the quality of this model by considering its energy efficiency, which is 78% includes the economic advantage it offers you, as the limited number of wood will suffice for its consumption. Finally, this model has a 150 mm nozzle through which the fumes will release over it. wood burning stove

For the

Ecological: It emits only 0.16% carbon monoxide, making it even more comfortable. Its use is suitable for environmental protection. Although it requires wood, it consumes very little.

Economical: With the high efficiency of 78% that it offers, this model allows you to save money because it now reduces the heating bill. With the few logs it consumes, you can rest easy.

Powerful: Intensity is the strong point of this model, as it has a power of 15 kW. A force that is quite sufficient to heat an entire house.

The cons

Price: This copy is not the cheapest on the market. It is sold at a high price. It will be yours if you are willing to invest so that you can save.

7. Godin 3144n Cast Iron Wood Stove

This Godin wood stove is distinguished above all by its design. The apparatus is small in size, thus facilitating its installation. Also, its weight of only 80 kg will allow you to change the location as you see fit. The anthracite-painted color of the structure will offer the product a sober and discreet touch. What does not disturb the general harmony of your interior decoration? wood burning stove

Regarding its positioning and mounting, you will have two options here, depending on the conditions and the space you have. Thus the connection can be made either at the rear or front.

Depending on your current needs, it can be adjusted from 5 to 8 kW regarding its power. You can then adapt to the size of your reception room. According to consumers, the performance of this specimen is at the height of its cost. wood burning stove

For the

Simple design: Its look remains quite basic. However, it will appeal to those who don’t appreciate extravagance too much. And thanks to this look, this product can easily be integrated into your layout.

Ease of assembly: We note beforehand that the connection diameter is 153 mm. You will therefore have no trouble finding a tube on the market. Also, you can install it from behind or from the front, depending on the case you encounter. wood burning stove

The cons

Robustness: With its weight of only 80 kg, some might conclude that this material is not strong enough.

8. Invicta Gomont Cast Iron Wood Stove 14kW

This Invicta wood stove stands out primarily for its practical design. Indeed, this product is in vertical form. Thanks to this look, you should have no trouble setting it up even in a tight spot. Also, if you are looking for a space-saving item, this one will satisfy your need. wood burning stove

Regarding its performance, this specimen has a power of 12 KW. Thus, this equipment will offer optimal comfort in a room with a maximum volume of 300 m3, equivalent to a medium-sized room.

In terms of its design material, its prototype was made from Gomont cast iron. Therefore, the strength of the entire structure is not to be called into question. This article will accompany you without fail for several years to come. In addition, the smoke outlet diameter is 150 mm. You do not run the risk of suffocating yourself because the evacuation will be done little by little. wood burning stove

For the

Space-saving: With its vertical shape, this equipment will not take up much space in your home.

Good capacity: One of the main advantages of this specimen lies in its ability to process a room up to 300 m3 in volume easily.

Power: Thanks to its capacity of 12 KW, this item heats up quite quickly. You won’t have to wait long before having a perfectly conditioned room.

The cons

Weight: Weighing in at 128 kg. This product will not be the easiest to move. It is, therefore, preferable to assign it a fixed place.

9. La Nordica Super Junior Freestanding wood stove

The appearance of a wood stove flame appears wider and slower. Regarding this model, the exterior coating is stylish, with a massive enameled steel finish on the design side. You will notice it immediately with its green and gray colors. The door and head are made of enameled cast iron, while the handles are brass. Ceramic panes are very strong, able to withstand 750 degrees maximum. It is equipped with a cast-iron hearth and an external ash scraper. wood burning stove

This model is suitable for rooms up to 143 m3. It can heat a good surface with a better temperature distribution. The heat diffuses well, and you can adjust the temperature to your liking by adding fuel. This wood stove has a power of 5000 Watts for an appliance that measures only 36 cm wide, 41.6 cm deep, and 77.1 cm. It weighs only 64 kg.

On the technical side, the door can open up to 90 degrees. The size of the fire pit door measures 215 x 175 mm. This auxiliary heater has a diameter of the exhaust duct, which measures 12 cm. The primary and secondary airflow is adjustable. You don’t need to waste so much wood for regular use, as the wood consumption for this model is 1.6 kg per hour. wood burning stove

For the

Adequate power: This appliance provides primary heating for your room. Operation by radiation allows local heating. Thanks to its strength, it is perfectly suited for direct heating. wood burning stove

Good efficiency: This essential heating is very efficient with an efficiency of 79.5%. The cost of wood logs will be lower than that of other types of heaters. There are no major expenses in terms of the device and the cost of fuel.

Stylish design: The stylish side and it’s very successful finish catch the eye at first glance. This model combines the rustic and modern sides. It blends in very well with any decor.

Fuel: Wood logs require a large place to store them. However, the device offers better performance, a determining factor in properly heating your home.

10. Nordica Supermax Panoramic Wood Stove

A wood stove can become a great focal point in your living room. This contemporary model offers clean shapes with an enameled steel exterior cladding. Thanks to its large front window, it is easy to install, and you can greatly benefit from the beautiful flames. The doors and the head are made of cast iron. Its cast-iron casing painted in black or anthracite combines design and safety. It looks good in your bedroom or living room. This device is very resistant and durable. Therefore, its use gives an excellent result.

This stove offers a good combustion capacity for small rooms. It can heat a volume of about 172 m3. With 80.3% efficiency, fuel consumption does not exceed 1.9 kg per hour. In addition, it provides a steady heat flow; the heat spreads for a long time even after the fire has been extinguished. In addition, the door incorporates a flap opening, with a diameter of the exhaust duct measuring 12 cm. It is ideal if you are looking for an inexpensive wood stove that can give you quality performance. wood burning stove

Buying Guide, Ranking, and Tests

It is important to have good heating to stay in a comfortable home in winter. The system must still be economical not to increase the heating bill. It is why the manufacturers offer you wood stoves. They work with natural and ecological fuel and effectively heat your interior. If you are planning on buying one, but you don’t know how to choose the best wood stoves of 2022, wood burning stove

then take the time to read this guide. It will give you information on the main criteria to consider, including performance, design, and compliance with standards. Here is a catalog of the six most coveted products on the market: always to assist you. At the top of the chain, there is the Godin 388117. It attracts users by its design which is both aesthetic and not bulky.

How to use a wood stove?

Apart from providing warmth to the room where it is located, the woodstove also creates charm. It’s what prompted you to buy one of these devices. But now you have to learn how to use it. If you don’t have the know-how, we’ve prepared some tips for you in the sections below. wood burning stove

Read the accompanying manual.

Before touching anything, first, find out about the object you have just acquired. This step will indeed allow you to handle your property better. But the most important thing you will learn from this reading is about the key actions that will protect you and your family members from the dangers that can arise while using your property. wood burning stove

Choose the perfect location.

This step should have already been done when choosing the stove. Indeed, apart from the object’s future location, size and power must also be taken into account to avoid overheating the room or, worse, burning your furniture. In this sense, keep your wood stove away from anything that is textile or furniture. Also, choose a location near an opening in case of danger to ventilate the room. wood burning stove

Hire a professional for the various assembly details

Indeed, the instructions related to assembly are already given in the user manual. However, do not do the group yourself because the handling of these different parts is delicate in the sense that if an error occurs in the connection of the elements, you risk causing a fire. Instead, call on an RGE Qualibois certified professional for more security. wood burning stove

Observe a few rules when using

Now that everything is in place try out your pan. Put wood inside and avoid overloading it. Recent models are effective. It is no longer necessary to add a lot of timber to benefit from more or less constant heat over a long period. Also, know that the quality of the wood is important. So use dry wood only. In addition, follow the ignition indications already specified in the manual to prevent soot from blocking the ducts. wood burning stove

Overhaul the stove before each winter

The woodstove will only serve you in winter. So before each use, carry out a small check to limit accidents. For this task, call in a professional who can help you know if your stove is still functional or not. If it is not in good condition, do not turn it on. wood burning stove

Clean the passages inside your wood stove

Apart from the annual review of your equipment, it is also important to clean or sweep all the device’s ducts. It will protect you from poisonous gases which may emanate from the stove. Indeed, if the piping is clogged, the toxic cloud can escape by other routes. A fire can even break out. To limit the extent of the danger, therefore, carry out a chimney sweep at least twice a year. wood burning stove

What are the advantages of choosing a wood stove in winter?

When looking for a heating solution for the home, several offers seem tempting on the market. However, knowing what best fits our way of life and where we live is another story. In order not to resort to a large layout, some people prefer to keep the chimneys away. It does not mean that they want to equip themselves with a modern radiator. The stove thus emerges as a happy medium between the grace brought by a gentle fire that warms the heart of the house and an auxiliary tool that ensures the family’s comfort.

Beautify your interior with stove

Today, the old-fashioned image of our grandmothers’ wood stoves is being revolutionized by specimens in vogue, refined, and at the cutting edge of technology. Forget the machines that heat your interior badly and clutter the air with their ashes. New items find a prime location in our homes. You can opt for models with a traditional look or those that are more modern and hanging.

The insert models are more discreet. If you don’t like big enough devices, these may be right for you. The connecting pipes that serve as a pipe for the smoke are recessed into the wall with this specimen. At first glance, all that’s left is your wood burning stove

stove which is directly installed on the ground or even suspended a few meters away. With this technology, you can use wood or pellets as fuel. The product’s location varies according to your desires and the style of your decoration. Some opt for simplicity by placing the device

So, on the design side, you can choose between classic glass. The industrial version is better suited for lofts with brick partitions and metal beams that serve as an ornament to the room. If you want to gain a cocooning effect, there are vintage models. wood burning stove

To create this atmosphere of conviviality during the cold evenings, the sight of the flame .which burns before our eyes, noise. And the crackling of wood seduces many people. Its aesthetic is a key element that pushes us to get one. And apparently, the tool is on the list of the most trendy decoration products during the winter season.

Save money with a wood stove.

There are many reasons why we are moving towards these heaters. It’s not limited only to their aesthetics, which naturally makes them fashionable decorative objects. Other details make many appreciate the tool. The performance level of the wood stove is quite high when it is fitted with additional equipment capable of providing for the heating of the house. wood burning stove

Because of its coating and thermal inertia capacity, its autonomy is 12 hours. To this end, it manages to condition a constant heat propagated in the room. Thus, the specimen demonstrates high performance with an attractive yield..

In addition, the tool’s functionality allows you to program the heating temperature to a precise degree. Setting up the stove is not complex. It’s up to you to set the ideal temperature for your comfort. In terms of maintenance, there isn’t much to do. 

What criteria for the choice?

Have you decided to buy your wood stove? To easily find the right shoes for you, taking a few characteristics into account seems obvious. We also advise you on the addresses to visit to achieve good business. Do not neglect the question of fuel because this will determine your comfort in the long term. wood burning stove

They can be found in specialized stores, DIY superstores, and the web. There are different sizes and outputs, so it will be up to you to consider the dimensions of the room for which the device is intended. Just make sure that the logs have an ideal humidity level between 10 and 15% to optimize the device’s combustion and efficiency. wood burning stove

The material of construction also matters in choosing a stove. It conditions its autonomy or inertia, the diffusion of heat, as well as the service life. Steel and cast iron share the stage. The first shows itself solidly in the heat and is more aesthetic; the second, heavy, retains heat for longer. Installation, ignition mode, options are present; these are other details to focus on..

Most popular brands

It is almost winter, and you must prepare to welcome it so that you can enjoy some comfort in your home. As a heater, you have chosen to have a wood stove. But you still haven’t gone to the store to buy it. Indeed, you first want to be sure of the quality of the product you will invest in. The problem is that you don’t know the area. Therefore, this article is for you because we have developed the details of the most popular brands on the market.

The Invicta brand is a French gem. And for a good reason, it shines the know-how of France on a global level. It should be remembered that the brand specializes in designing and manufacturing various cast iron materials. You have the casseroles, the wooden stoves, the barbecues, or the decorations. Note that the factory called on these two divisions to manufacture these items. wood burning stove

Another brand that offers Made in France products: Supra. The brand has been in existence for more than 150 years, and if it has been able to remain on the market for so many years, it has never stopped developing items that are each more effective than the next. If we dig deeper into Supra’s details, you should know that his material of choice is steel. wood burning stove

The history of Godin began in 1840 when the founder named Jean-Baptiste André Godin had replaced the traditional material to make the stoves, the sheet by another, the cast iron. It is how he revolutionized the world of heating. To this day, the name Godin is still associated with this quality-heating image. But the exploits of Jean-Baptiste Godin are not limited to this success..

What is better, wood stove or fireplace?

Considering the power of each of the two appliances, it would be better to opt for a stove if you need to heat a large area room, since both wood and pellet stoves have a higher calorific performance than a fireplace, either open or closed.

How do wood stoves work?

In summary: wood-burning stoves do not heat by burning wood or firewood, but by a combustion process where the wood reaches extremely high temperatures and ends up releasing combustible gases. These are the ones in charge of providing the heat.

What is the performance of a wood stove?

In short, the performance of a wood stove is measured through the relationship between the energy it produces and the energy it consumes. In this way, we can say that the performance normally varies between 50% and 80%, depending on the wood stove in question.

Which wood heater is better?

The best wood-burning heater is Lepen Calefactores; although other brands in our country, Leben wood-burning heaters stand out for their variety, durability, and design.

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