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Dry Erase Board Uses In Classroom, Office & Home

Dry Erase Board

Dry Erase Board Uses In Classroom, Office & Home

They are no longer just for teachers. You’ll find an erase board if you walk into almost any office, school, factory, or home. dry erase board

And no wonder. Dry erase boards are much more convenient than their whiteboard ancestors. Dry-erase markers are far less messy than chalk – in the room, on the floor, and your hands. These boards can be cleaned weekly instead of daily. And you can choose different colors of marker pens to make the graphs and other data more precise. dry erase board

The variety of dry-erase boards is as diverse as the ways to use them. It can be challenging to guess what size and the weight you need, not to mention other features. Let us help you find the best dry-erase board for your space and budget. Read on to get a better idea of ​​what you will need. When you’re done, check out our recommendations for the best products on the market.

dry erase board

The whiteboard supports the rewriting and writing various information using erasable colored markers. It is used in companies and schools, standard rooms, or training. It can be free-standing or wall-mounted but also exists in a magnetic version.

The 5 Best dry erase board in 2022

The best value for money

This erasable magnetic whiteboard can be used at home or in the office. It has a magnetic and smooth writing surface 600mm wide and 900mm high. Then, it is equipped with a marker holder and can be easily fixed on a wall. This product comes with six magnets, two erasable markers, and one eraser block. dry erase board

Viz-pro Magnetic Dry Erase Board with a shiny surface

Imagine placing this incredible and functional whiteboard in the center of your company’s meeting room, right? With this magnetic board, your subordinates will no longer have excuses to say that they missed your instructions for the next meeting.

And if you are a soccer coach and you need to draw the plays on a board, this model is perfect for you since it is big enough for you to write down what you want, and you can erase it over and over again, thus keeping all the events updated.

Its surface is very bright and easy to erase if you have the magnetic eraser, which adheres very well and does not move down, the assembly is quite simple, and it is done with screws in its corners, its size is 1000 x 800 mm, and in addition to all this, it has a low price.

Bi-Office Maya Magnetic Whiteboard

With ten year guarantee

This whiteboard is ideal for everyday use in all spaces, whether at home or in the office. It has a magnetic surface that makes it perfect for writing, and it is even suitable for children as they can draw, erase and redraw as many times as they want.

Make your day-to-day more fun by displaying small notes with magnets, or write your husband the list of the market he must buy.

Its surface is very smooth, the markers write smoothly, the elements for fixing the walls are included, it has an aluminum frame, it is available in various sizes, its price is quite affordable, and it has a 10-year guarantee.

Magnetic board 90 x 60 cm 5 Star 908116

Available in various sizes

Imagine placing this practical blackboard in your kitchen space to have, in plain sight, the supplies you need to acquire for the week. Good idea. This functional magnetic dry-erase board includes a wall mounting kit and tray for easy marker placement.

You can also use it as a board to coordinate your children’s homework assignments, so no one can avoid the tasks that are theirs to do! And if you don’t want to be so severe, give your kids ample space so they can awaken all their creativity and start drawing non-stop. This will keep them entertained and develop their artistic abilities.

It is available in 2 different sizes, its price is less high than the competition, and the buyers’ experience indicates that it is a product of excellent quality.

Magnetic White Board 110 x 80 cm Homcom

Includes mounting system

This board fits into any office thanks to its elegant design. It has an adhesive surface that will allow you to anchor notes with the help of magnets. Its frame is made of anodized aluminum and surrounds the entire board, giving it a more distinctive character. In addition, it incorporates durable plastic corners, and its surface resists scratches.

Its rear wall is made of galvanized metal. It incorporates a mounting system that can be vertical or horizontal. If that were not enough, purchasing your whiteboard includes four markers, one red and three black, one magnetic eraser, and ten magnets 30mm each.

The comparison made by many buyers shows that it is a good product, and its quality/price ratio is unbeatable.

Before using it for the first time, remember to remove the plastic attached to your magnetic board.

Rexel magnetic whiteboard 355 x 280mm

Does not require screws for mounting

This small individual dry-erase board is characterized by a very resistant surface and is mounted on a silver and black frame that gives it a sober and elegant character.

It is very well assembled and is built with suitable quality materials. Its includes four pads that adhere and serve to place it on the fridge or any other metal surface of your choice without needing glue or making any holes.

Its does not leave traces of color when erased. It has a super economical price. It is available in 3 different sizes. Its includes a black marker, two magnets, and foam adhesive tape so you can fix it on the surface you like the most.

Why buy a whiteboard?

At home: to help your children with their homework

For as long as we can remember, we can’t imagine explaining things to children without having a blackboard. They come in all sizes, so it’s up to you to choose the format that will make you more comfortable.

The child concentrates efficiently with a board as a support because it reminds him of school. So you take the mistress’s place more easily. it will make it easier for you to capture his attention and gain respect without making much effort. You can also go further by sending him to the board to do exercises or express what he has understood through drawings. It is an excellent educational tool, as it solicits both the brain and the body.

The white color allows the use of different markers with various colors. Drawing on a whiteboard is child’s play.

You don’t have to use different notebooks and sheets to explain one thing. Just write on your whiteboard. When your student has understood or when he has finished copying, you can erase it.

In the office: to present your ideas.

A whiteboard is a handy tool for presenting your ideas during a meeting. It is an essential support in companies. It is economical because it does not need a power source to operate. You only need an erasable marker.

Even in this digital age, it remains practical and indispensable because of this great practicality. It allows you to mention the main points and illustrate them to captivate and hold your audience’s attention. In addition, the information remains visible wherever it is placed in the room. You don’t necessarily have to have a lot of light.

can erase your table with a single gesture when you have finished your explanation. You can use it as many times as you want. This solid and resistant support can be used for several years.

The whiteboard is multitasking. Depending on your needs, it can also be transformed into an easel with a writing desk. You can use it to attach work supports using magnets. These are often delivered with the whiteboard. You can also project images onto it.

dry erase board

How to choose your dry erase board?

According to the writing surface

The choice of the surface of a painting is essential because it determines its comfort of use and resistance over time.

A board with a melamine surface is an entry-level product with good quality. It has the advantage of being inexpensive and does not have a magnetic surface. It is only compatible with an alcohol-based whiteboard marker. Improper maintenance and improper use and maintenance of the latter over the long term will leave indelible marks. Therefore, it is imperative to use the appropriate products and clean them after each use.

The lacquered steel model is intended for occasional use. Intensive use will likely accelerate its deterioration and make it difficult to clean. When ink stains do not want to leave, their use becomes more restrictive.

dry erase board

The nano-clean lacquered version has a unique coating that prevents ink from penetrating the writing surface. It is suitable for everyday use due to its very high resistance. As for the enamel whiteboard, it is ideal for very regular or intensive use. The resistance of its finish makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The glass board is very resistant to wear and ink stains. It is of very high quality and shows longer service life and higher prices than other boards.

According to its format

The size or format of your painting must adapt to the volumes and dimensions of the room where it will be installed. In general, this type of support is available in 3 different sizes.

There is the small model that is often used as a personal memo. In this case, it is often used to note important things to do or information. It measures between 45 cm wide and 60 cm long.

The medium format model is 90 cm wide and 120 cm long. It is suitable for group work for training or a meeting. You can note information and attach photos or any other communication medium.

The large format model is often 120 cm wide and 240 cm long. Due to its size, it is often used in conference rooms and classrooms. It brings together essential information and complex ideas. This type of support is often used to display important projects.

According to its ease of use

This setting mainly depends on your needs. How your whiteboard is set up can make it easy to use or not. The whiteboard is fixed to the wall, and the one sits on the floor.

With the first whiteboard model, you must plant a nail or a screw in the wall so your communication medium can hang on it. The table was designed to be. Placed on the ground is equipped with a base and a frame to remain balanced. It often has the advantage of being usable on both sides.

Part of being happy with your board is ensuring it has a system that balances it perfectly. Otherwise, it may be out of balance when you press it when writing. It can quickly become a source of discomfort when you use it daily.

According to his options

The options offered by your whiteboard can be essential depending on how you use it. If you also need it as a projection surface regularly, do you turn to the whiteboard with a semi-matt or semi-gloss lacquered surface?

This type of coating has a low reflectance index and avoids the formation of reflections at the time of projection. All the information presented on the table will then be perfectly legible.

A multi-panel whiteboard also comes in handy when you have multiple pieces of information on the board. Depending on the model, you can have 3 or 5 panels dedicated to writing. Then, the other tables can be collapsed when you don’t need them.

The different types of dry erase board

The wall-mounted whiteboard

It is a white magnetic holder with a white aluminum or plastic frame. There are models in enameled steel of superior quality for intensive use. Simple to use, it is a table that moves according to your desires. You can take it off the wall to hang it or even turn it around according to your needs.

This board attaches directly to the wall and does not use a floor surface. It will adapt perfectly to a reasonably small room due to its size.

There are also frameless whiteboard models. It is installed by wall mounting. It is therefore advisable to find the right location and not to move it frequently. Depending on its dimensions, it can fill an entire wall. In schools or meeting rooms, it can therefore be more practical than the one with a frame.

This table type can also be juxtaposed from edge to edge; a function is practical for continuous writing.

The triptych whiteboard

It is a wall-mounted whiteboard equipped with folding side panels. The surfaces can be combined to make a single board if you need a large writing surface.

It’s the whiteboard you need to be able to unveil your presentation as you go along. The audience can only see what is written at the right time.

The whiteboard on the feet

There are two types of the whiteboard on feet: fixed models and those on casters.

The standing whiteboard balances on its fixed feet. The quality of the manufacturing materials is, therefore, a critical selection criterion for the stability of the switchboard. The majority of models are equipped with a double writing surface. The panels can be fixed or swiveled according to your needs. It is practical and suitable for different uses. This painting can go from room to room quite easily.

When it meets a frequent need to move a table, the whiteboard is on wheels. It will be perfect if you don’t need multiple boards but instead have a board that you can move from room to room quickly. It has four wheels and a braking system to stay in place when you want. Its writing panel has a double surface and adapts to multiple uses.

The flexible adhesive whiteboard

The flexible adhesive whiteboard does not require additional fixing, except that it has its fixing system. It needs flat and stable support to serve as a board.

For example, you can place it on the wall or a table. It adheres easily to different surfaces without damaging them.

According to your needs, you can cut it. Also, it allows you to create a collaborative space quickly.

The whiteboard is the educational tool par excellence to offer to children. This wall panel is also practical in the professional environment for a demonstration or an exhibition of ideas. Make sure you choose the suitable model by taking advantage of our valuable advice.

How to hang a whiteboard?

You have several options when you want to hang your whiteboard. If you plan to drill into the wall, you will need a drill/driver. Otherwise, several solutions exist for hanging a painting on the wall without drilling into it. There are adhesive tabs, Velcro strips, or adhesive hooks.

What to clean a whiteboard with?

Mixing isopropyl alcohol and water is the best solution to restore all its whiteness to a painting.

How to erase a whiteboard?

As a general rule, all whiteboards for sale in the market are sold with a sponge. If it should no longer fulfill its role, replace it or use a cloth lightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol and water.

What can I use instead of a dry-erase board?

5 Alternatives To Whiteboards

  • Plastic Plates. Those super shiny plastic plates you use for birthday parties and cookouts are perfect for writing on with your dry-erase marker. 
  • Desk. 
  • Page Protectors. 
  • Anything Metal. 
  • Vinyl Spots

What are dry-erase boards used for?

  • Dry-erase boards are a great addition to the kitchen. They can be used to write menus, grocery lists, or reminder messages to family members. You can use them to create chore charts and schedules. Writing and wiping information makes them more effective than using poster boards or other materials.

What is a dry-erase board called?

  • A whiteboard (known as a marker board, dry-erase board, dry-wipe board, and pen-board) is a glossy, usually white surface for making non-permanent markings.

What is the difference between a whiteboard and a dry-erase board?

  • Is a Whiteboard the Same as A Dry Erase Board? When it comes to whiteboard vs. dry-erase board, the truth is that they are the same material. They’re typically made of melamine, porcelain, and glass.

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