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12 Fantastic Flower Plants for home 2022

Flower Plants for home

12 Fantastic Flower Plants for home 2022

Not only can you enjoy the color and aroma of flowers in the warmer months! There are indoor flowering plants that, with proper care, will bring spring into your home in the middle of winter. And they are beautiful!

Journalists specialized in decoration After a long day at work or a difficult day, we all want to get home and relax in a familiar and pleasant space. The living room or bedroom is our haven of peace, and we like to find a calm and peaceful environment. flower plants for home

One of the most effective ways to achieve that tranquility is to include natural plants and flowers in the decoration; their vitality provides us with positive energy and replenishes our emotional health. Today we propose a selection of 10 wild plants and flowers grown well at home and are ideal for decorating our home. Most of them can be found here: flowers at home Barcelona.

One natural plant that thrives indoors is the Spathiphyllum, also known as the spathiphyllum or peace lily. The care it requires is very simple and does not go beyond placing it in a bright place and watering once a week. We must avoid exposing it to drafts and clean flower plants for home

The dust that accumulates on its leaves to grow healthy and beautiful. It tolerates places with little light quite well, but in that case, it will flower with difficulty. The flowers are white and stylized, very decorative in a living room or even a bedroom. flower plants for home


Its peculiar inflorescence – when the flowers grow grouped on a single stem – makes them striking and highly decorative. Its bracts – the leaves that protect the flower when it is born – are of very vivid colors, such as red, orange, or yellow. It is the most spectacular of this species. Although they flower only once in their life, their flower lasts between 3 and 6 months. Later, although the plant dies, it leaves many shoots at its base so that you can once again enjoy its beauty and color. flower plants for home

  • Be grateful for indirect or filtered light and always avoid the sun’s direct rays.  
  • Watering should be moderate: once a week in winter and about three times warmer. And you also have to add water to the center of the rosette. Of course, you have to change the water that accumulates in the center of the rosette two or three times a month. flower plants for home flower plants for home
  • It is essential to spray the plant with warm water weekly, as it loves the humidity. 

2. BEGONIA OR SUGAR FLOWER – flower plants for home

Its flowers are reminiscent of the rose and can be red, white, or pink. Its Latin name is Begonia semperflorens, which in Latin means “always with flowers.” And its flowering, as its name suggests, occurs throughout the year, although with a decline during autumn and winter. Other species of Begonia will offer different colors, such as yellow or orange, although their flowering is more seasonal. Don’t miss this post if you want to learn how to take care of yourself. flower plants for home

3. HIBISCUS, A UNIQUE AROMA – flower plants for home

Recognizable by its trumpet-shaped flowers and bright, dark green leaves. Its flowering time occurs from the beginning of spring to the end of summer or fall, but it can produce flowers almost all year round in tropical climates. And although they only last between one and three days, they grow so prolifically that their short lives matter little. What colors can you find? From the purest white to orange, red, purple, and even yellow. See how the hibiscus is cared for. And do you know that you can make tea with its flowers? They say that it fights hypertension, but it is also delicious! flower plants for home


Also known as the lily of peace –without detracting from the classic olive tree–, this peculiar plant is characterized by its bright green and striking white flowers. Although it blooms throughout the year, it is during spring and summer when it does so without interruption. And, to favor it and continue offering its peculiar flowers, the dried flowers must be cut when they begin to yellow. Discover how this indoor flowering plant is cared for to decorate your home throughout the year. flower plants for home

5. ORCHIDS, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL – flower plants for home

There are blue, yellow, pink, white, and even mottled. And its beautiful flower imitates the wings of a butterfly. Who doesn’t want a plant like this in their home? Its beautiful flowering lasts three months, although you can extend it with specific fertilizers. The spikes and buds appear in late fall and shortly after that flower into spring. And do not think that it is not easy to take care of it. Indeed, if someone gives you an orchid, you think: “I’m going to kill her for sure.” In reality, although its flowers are very delicate, its care is nothing to write home about. flower plants for home

6.POINSETTIA OR POINSETTIA – flower plants for home

This flowering houseplant is one of the quintessential Christmas symbols. They are characterized by their pointed, bright green leaves and the red, pink, or white bracts, which surround the actual flowers of the Poinsettia. These are small and creamy yellow. The beauty of this type of plant is these “false leaves,” which provide shade and liveliness. Its flowering occurs at the end of the year, although if you want it to flower earlier, you can “trick” it, placing it in a shady, cool area that does not receive sun for at least 12 hours a day. You will see how it blooms sooner by offering little light to this indoor plant. flower plants for home

  • Their ideal temperature is between 16 and 22º, and it is preferable to keep them away from heat sources, such as heating and drafts. 
  • He likes light but not direct sun. flower plants for home
  • Irrigation should be given twice a week and constantly control the substrate’s humidity so as not to overdo it. It also prefers the method of irrigation by capillarity – on the plate.
  • To extend its life after Christmas – it will have already lost the red bracts and green leaves – prune it leaving the stems about 10 cm from the base and sealing the ends with melted wax (be careful not to burn). 

7. AFRICAN VIOLET OR SAINTPAULIA – flower plants for home

This colorful species is capable of offering you flowers all year round! Although it contradicts their name, they can also be blue, pink, red, white, or multicolored. Its flowering occurs indistinctly throughout the year, mainly if it is located in a very bright area. What if it stops blooming? Move it to a place of ​​your house with more light and, in no time, it will return to delight you with its flowers. flower plants for home

Tips for your care: flower plants for home


  • They need a lot of light to flourish, although it is better to avoid direct sunlight in winter.
  • The ideal temperature is between 17 and 21 degrees, and they do not tolerate those below 10 degrees.
  •  Best done from below. Water is poured into the plate and left for half an hour. The excess water is then removed. This method of irrigation is called capillarity.  flower plants for home
  • Avoid overwatering it since the roots can be damaged if there is moisture. To not be mistaken, it is always advisable to check the humidity of the substrate by putting your finger in it. 


Its delicate white flowers have great symbolism. But beyond that, they offer a unique aroma and beauty to your home. The flowering season is from May to July, but it will give flowers again in autumn, lasting until December in its ideal climate. More than six months are enjoying its incredible flowers! Now, what is the perfect environment? Well, the semitropical. With an average temperature of 18º and spraying it from time to time, you can get a very lush gardenia. Learn how to take care of it. flower plants for home

9. MINI ROSE OR PITIMINÍ – flower plants for home

Although we are used to enjoying flower plants for home the outdoors and in “large dimensions,” the dwarf species of the rose bush offers the same beauty. During the summer, it will bloom continuously, infusing your home with its delicate aroma and fascinating beauty. Also known as a pitimini rose, you can find it with flowers of many colors: yellow, white, red, pink, and, of course, red. Their care is more delicate, but the reward is worth it. 


Its flower is very peculiar: it looks like a kind of spike surrounded by a heart-shaped leaf of intense color. And, although the most common color is red, there are also purple, white, orange and black! Although they require a more specialized hand. You will achieve continuous flowering with good growing conditions – substrate, irrigation, light, fertilizer. So you can enjoy its attractive and attractive color all year round!ELEVEN.


Colorful, grateful, and tremendously beautiful. It is one of those plants that can bloom almost all year round, although they usually bloom in late summer or early spring. All its varieties are characterized by resistant, indoor plants and endowed with particular fleshy leaves and intense green. And its colors? The kalanchoe can display white, red, pink, orange, yellow, and even bicolor flowers. A perfect plant to give color to any corner! And their care is effortless. flower plants for home


The flower of this bulb usually lasts between 3 and 6 weeks, but with reasonable care, you can get it to bloom more than once a year and enjoy its characteristic beauty. Its flowers can be orange, yellow, pink, white, or bicolor.  flower plants for home

Amaryllis care: flower plants for home

  • Due to its tropical origin, the idea is to offer it a lot of light, avoiding direct exposure to the sun. Inside, please place it in a room with no excess heat and always away from radiators.
  • The substrate is also important: the lower layer should be sand, and the upper layer should be a substrate rich in organic matter. flower plants for home
  • Although they like the substrate moist, avoid excess water, which can cause the bulb to rot (where the sand in the substrate comes into play).

  • It is better to leave about a third of the bulb outside for proper development.

Do you love flowering plants? But above all, do you love to wear them inside your home, whatever the time of year? Many species bloom at different times of the year, some up to twice and others throughout the year. African violet is also very easy to care for, by the way. So you no longer have an excuse not to provide our green corner with some indoor flowering plants that give vitality and color to your home this winter. The indoor plants often require more comprehensive care than outside, especially on the issue of currents, heat sources, and position in your home. Still, what about the satisfaction of watching your flowers grow? Gardener pride! flower plants for home

Natural plants with a lot of love – flower plants for home

Plant seedlings, transplant them into a grow tent, with its light and all, and see how they grow! We have plants, seeds, watering cans, lights, and everything you need to make it happen. You will control the entire process from the birth of the plant to the recipe to put it in your mouth. flower plants for home

As natural and healthy as possible. And the flavor it has? You will not have tasted anything like it. It is a very educational task to share with the little ones in the house. They will learn where vegetables come from and the responsibility of knowing how to care for them flower plants for home

Although when we think about the decoration of our home, thousands of very expensive ideas come to mind that involve very complicated works or assemblies, things are much simpler. In many cases, it does not take more than ingenuity and a minimum investment of money and time for things to change significantly in our eyes. flower plants for home

Easy to grow flowers in pots.

  • Wonderful
  • Wonderful
  • Geranium
  • Geranium
  • Begonia
  • Begonia
  • Petunia
  • Petunia
  • Zinnia
  • Zinnia
  • Thought
  • Thought
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What flowers can you have inside the house?

Consuelo Bobadilla Agricultural Engineer
Bromeliads are an ideal floral plant at home as it can quickly adapt to most environments and has a wide variety of species.
Violet of the Alps.

What flowering plants are there?

KALANCHOE. Kalanchoe. An indoor plant that blooms all year round that will only ask for abundant light and little watering to look flowery and healthy. …
ANTURIUM AND SPATIPHYLLUM. Anthurium (Anthurium) …
ROSAL MINI. Rose Mini. …
ORCHID. Orchid. …
BEGONIA. Begonia. …

Which houseplant blooms all year round?

The red anthurium or Anthurium is an indoor plant that blooms throughout the year, but can occur outdoors if the average temperatures are between 20 ºC and 30 ºC.

What are the most resistant outdoor plants?

six spectacular outdoor plants that can withstand it all
Ivy (Hedera helix)
Blue lily (Iris germanica)
Chinese jasmine or false jasmine
Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)
Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)
Durillo (Viburnum tinus)
Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana

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