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10 Fantastic small freezer for using small space 2022

small freezer

10 Fantastic small freezer for using small space 2022

Store food containers and keep food to eat later in a suitable freezer. Thanks to its small size, you can find a hole.

Is your fridge freezer out of reach, and you can’t store as many homemade food toppers as you would like? It is normal. It happens to almost all of us when we have children or stop having time to cook every day because of work. In those cases, a mini freezer can be very helpful to preserve food. Its compact size will allow you to place it anywhere in the kitchen. Even if it has a fridge area, you can use it as a minibar.

An excellent Hisense FV105D4AW2 offers a perfect example of the possibilities of these appliances. Its freezing capacity is four stars, it has an A ++ energy efficiency certificate and offers up to 82 litres of capacity. Together with its silent operation, its good value for money and the excellent ratings given by its buyers on Amazon has led us to choose it as the best small freezer in this comparison.

1. The best, our choice: Hisense Upright Freezer

We started with the best small freezer of the Hisense brand according to the opinions .of Amazon users, which give it a 4.1 out of 5 and 58% of 5-star ratings. it is possible, to a large extent, thanks to its A ++ energy efficiency certificate, its silent nature and its large capacity (82 litres). “It is a vertical type and easily placed under the worktop. An efficient, powerful and versatile mini freezer with a reversible door,” says Manuel about it. It has an of4-star freezing capacity and has an organizer drawer inside with a transparent lid to view the contents.

Hisense Upright Freeza

2. Second option: Klarstein Small Freezer on Wheels

The best small freezer from the Klarstein brand for Amazon customers. The lid is on the top, offers 100 litres of capacity and has a type A + energy efficiency certificate. Furthermore, the user counts the thermostat. Allows to choose the inner temperature in a range Between -15 ° C and -26 ° C . Special mention deserves, according to Magdalena, “its removable basket for small foods that allows a better organization inside”. It has wheels for more accessible transport and is available in white, black and grey. It shows a 4.1 out of 5 and a 57% of the maximum score.

Klarstein Small Freezer on Wheels

3. Alternative: Chest chest freezer ELECTRIC

Now we go with what, based on consumer reviews on Amazon, is the best small freezer of the Electric brand. It is demonstrated by its 4.2 out of 5 and 65% 5-star analysis. It also opens from the top and can be chosen in three sizes (100 l, 150 l and 200 l capacity). As Julián says, it is “a cheap and efficient mini chest freezer with mechanical temperature control. I was shocked by its ability to freeze”. Specifically, this is located in the four stars. It has a practical metal basket inside, and its legs are adjustable in height.

Chest freezer ELECTRIC

4. Klarstein mini freezer

The second-best small freezer is the Klarstein brand. Its buyers on Amazon give it 4.3 out of 5 and 58% 5-star reviews. According to Antonio, due to its size, “it should be considered more like a minibar. I have put it in the bedroom and, honestly, I feel as if I sleep every night with the luxuries of a hotel”. In addition, it does not affect rest since it is hushed (41 dB at maximum performance) and consumes very little energy. Its A ++ energy class certificate endorses it. It offers 34 litres of capacity, its design is more comprehensive than high, and its interior is divided into two compartments by a metal mesh shelf.

Klarstein mini freezer

5. Severin 32 liter mini freezer

With 4.3 out of 5 and 63% maximum marks, this is the best Severin brand small freezer for Amazon users. Its design is exquisite, but, above all, it is convenient. In addition, it offers 32 litres of capacity, so it is also perfect to be used as a minibar. The indoor fan prevents frost build-up on the walls.

Severin 32 liter mini freezer

6. SAUBER upright freezer

“The value for money of this mini freezer is exceptional. I use it as a small fridge for drinks, and I am delighted”. This review, signed by Gabriela, perfectly reflects the top quality of the best small freezer of the Sauber brand for Amazon customers. Its dimensions are 51 x 44 cm, and it sports an A + energy class label. Its capacity amounts to 46 litres, it has a freezer compartment, and the rest operates as a refrigerator. In addition, it has an automatic defrosting system and manual temperature control. It reaches 4.2 out of 5 and 57% of 5-star reviews.

SAUBER compact refrigerator with one door

7. KOENIG Mini Upright Freezer

According to Amazon’s consumer ratings, it is the turn of one of the best upright freezers of the H. Koenig brand. It is “a low consumption appliance of energy class A + and offers 34 litres of storage capacity. It occupies only 51 centimetres in height and has two compartments inside. In addition, it is hushed, with 40 dB.

  H.KOENIG Mini Upright Freezer

8. CANDY Upright Freezer

Here we are faced with the best small freezer of the Candy brand. Those who have purchased it through Amazon reward it with a 4 out of 5 and 54% of 5-star reviews. It is an appliance with a quick freeze function, a maximum noise emission of 43 dB, and an A + energy efficiency certificate (174 kWh). For Olga, the most exciting thing is “the internal division by drawers. It’s an exciting and friendly cheap mini freezer. “

small freezer

CANDY Upright Freeza

9. Bomann steel look freezer

finishes this comparison with the best small freezer of the Bomann brand according to the analyzes of Amazon customers. Due to its finish that simulates the aesthetics of steel, “it is perfect for the kitchen. It has complemented perfectly with the rest of my appliances. I give it a 10 for design” (José Antonio). Its door is reversible and offers 31 litres of capacity. In addition, it achieves A ++ energy efficiency; that is, it consumes 25% less than other models classified as A +. All of this has earned it 4.2 out of 5 and 59% 5-star ratings.

Bomann steel look freezer

How to choose a small freezer?

After making this comparison of small freezers, it has become clear to us that, to be successful buying, it is necessary to take into account the following aspects:

  • Materials. Without a doubt, small stainless steel freezers offer an excellent aesthetic finish and a level of resistance and quality that is superior to the others. However, they are also priced slightly higher.
  • Storage capacity. It is measured in litres. The best mini freezers usually offer between 80 and 100 litres of power, a figure quite similar to those incorporated in combi refrigerators.
  • Type. A freely available one will allow you to choose its location with the only requirement of a nearby outlet. However, the built-in and the panel panels offer much more pleasing aesthetic results. Of course, your kitchen must be prepared for its placement.
  • Electric consumption. You can determine it according to its level of energy efficiency. It is considered an energy-efficient small freezer when it sports an A +, A ++, or A +++. The advantage of these models is that they allow the investment to be amortized through the consequent savings in the electricity bill despite being slightly more expensive. Think of it as an appliance that will stay on 24/7. In addition, it is the most sustainable and responsible option for the planet.

small freezer

  • Noise level. The smaller, the better. Ideally, it should be less than 40 dB when operating at maximum performance.
  • Defrosting Honestly, removing frost and ice sheets is a cumbersome process and, if not done regularly, can lead to compressor failure. Therefore, it is best to choose mini-freezers with No Frost technology that automate this process.
  • Extra functions. There are small freezers with an ice cube dispenser, an adjustable thermostat, a touch control panel or a quick freeze function. All of them are handy additional functions on a day-to-day basis.
  • Security. Buying a small freezer with a door alarm can save you more than one upset. It will warn you that you have left it open to prevent the interior from losing cold and the food defrosting.
  • Price of small freezers. It depends on many factors such as design, capacity or brand. In general, those analyzed in this comparison range between € 180 and € 300.
  • Best brands of small freezers. Hisense, Klarstein and Electric have been the highest rated by users in this review.

How do they work?

A small freezer is a cooling device That Keeps food and beverage stored therein at temperatures -4º C and Generally Between -30 ° C . Its objective is to slow down the enzymatic activity of these products and thus avoid their decomposition or alteration of their properties. The main difference concerning a traditional freezer is its small size and the absence of a fridge on the top or bottom.

The best upright freezers for storing frozen food

 explain how a mini freezer works. It is necessary to know its components :

  • Coolant liquid. It can be made from pure ammonia or freon. It is the element responsible for cooling the air inside the freezer. can only be handled by qualified personnel.
  • Compressor. It is used to raise the liquid’s pressure and circulate through the refrigeration circuit.
  • Bobbins. They communicate the compressor with the expansion valve. The cooling liquid circulates through them.
  • Expansion valve. The refrigerant liquid reaches it to reduce the pressure and transport it as supply gas to the evaporator.
  • Thermostat. Allows the user to determine the temperature inside the appliance. Depending on the graduation level, the circuit will work with a greater or lesser amount of coolant.

With that said, we can already explain the operation of any small compression-chilled freezer. Interestingly, this appliance does not cool the interior receptacle but eliminates the heat present so that the temperature drops. The process is this:

small freezer

  1. The refrigerant liquid reaches the compressor in the form of gas.
  2. The compression made by this piece causes that gas to heat up and move to the coils.
  3. In the coils, the gas cools down and returns to its liquid form.
  4. Once it is liquid again, the refrigerant reaches the expansion valve, transforming into a kind of mist at a shallow temperature.
  5. In this phase, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from inside the freezer.
  6. When the liquid is heated by heat absorption, the cycle begins again.
  7. This cycle is repeated until the inside of the freezer is at the temperature indicated by the user.

This process can lead to the formation of frost and ice patches on the walls of the receptacle, which leads to the need to defrost it from time to time. However, small freezers with No Frost technology do not have this problem.

“No Frost” freezers can keep food frost-free

Specifically, although the freezing process is the same, these devices have a fan that moves the air towards an evaporator. There is a tray in which the water is deposited, subsequently heated by an electrical. A resistance that evaporates it (hence its name). This system is not only more convenient than the traditional one, but it also offers a higher index of food preservation and higher energy efficiency.

10. Types of small freezers

In the market we can find all these types of small freezers:

  • Small upright freezers. They have an access door in the upper part. They are the small freezers recommended for small kitchens.
  • Small chest freezers. The most common. They have the access door in the front. Generally, they are placed under the counter.
  • Small built-in or integrated freezers. Their peculiarity is that it can be integrated into kitchen furniture to hide their top and sides. It is a very aesthetic solution.
  • Small free-standing or free-standing freezers. It is possible to put them anywhere in the house as long as there is a power outlet nearby. As an example, any small minibar can serve us.
  • Small panel freezers. They are integrated into the kitchen furniture, but it is also possible to cover the door with a panel of identical finish to the latter. This way, they are concealed, and the room offers a much more harmonious aesthetic.


  • Small freezers with one or two doors usually have one, but some models have two to divide the interior space better and avoid unnecessary cold losses.
  • Small frost-free freezers. They have a fan and an evaporator that prevents ice from forming on the internal walls. This way, they do not have to be defrosted periodically, and many breakdowns are avoided.
  • Dual small freezers. They also incorporate a higher temperature refrigeration zone, that is, a refrigerator. They are also called small compact refrigerators.
  • Small freezers on wheels. They are portable and straightforward to move. They are designed, for example, to go camping for several days and store food and drink properly.

How much energy do they consume?

It will depend on the energy efficiency certificate that the appliance has, its freezing capacity and its size. It is an important question when buying a small freezer since it will be an appliance that will remain on throughout the day. Therefore, paying a little more at the beginning will be an investment that you will amortize in a short time through your electricity bill.

The efficiency of an A +++ freezer will allow you to save on your electricity bill.

The best small freezers have an A +++ energy efficiency certificate. These can consume four times less energy to obtain the same degree of cooling as a type C. Below; we offer you a list with approximate figures (they may vary depending on the brand and model) so that you can see it more clearly:

  • Small A +++ freezers . 175 kWh.
  • Small freezers A ++ . 285 kWh.
  • Minor A + freezers. 320 kWh.
  • Small freezers. 375 kWh.
  • B small freezers. 505 kWh.
  • Small freezers C . 650 kWh.

What can I keep in them?

Pretty much anything :

  • Carbonated drinks. Cool them more quickly, but remember that they should not freeze to avoid losing gas.
  • Fermented drinks. Like beer. Nor should its freezing point be reached.
  • Cooked dishes. Soups, meat stews, stews, etc.
  • Pre-cooked food. Pizzas, lasagna, cannelloni, etc.
  • Ice. In bags or ice buckets.
  • Bread.
  • Toilet.
  • Etc.

Store food and drinks in the freezer but no jars or glass bottles

We remind you that, for safety, you should not store jars or glass bottles in the freezer. When frozen, the liquid stored in them will expand and cause the glass to break.

In which places can I have a small freezer?

It is usual to install a small freezer in the kitchen to support the main freezer if it does not offer enough capacity for the family. However, it is also possible to use it independently in :

  • The office.
  • The bedroom (like a hotel minibar)
  • Garage.
  • The storage room.
  • Etc.

How to clean a mini-fridge?

The first part of the cleaning process for your small freezer will depend on whether it has No Frost technology or not. In any case, we explain it in full so that you can start from the beginning or skip that phase:

  1. Turn off the freezer. Remember to remove the plug from the outlet.
  2. Remove stored food. Ideally, you have consumed as much as possible in the previous days. You can use a container with ice to avoid thawing as much as possible.
  3. Melt the ice. Open the door and wait for it to melt if you have time. But if you’re in a hurry, use a hairdryer or put a pot of hot water inside. Both actions will significantly speed up the process.
  4. Dry the interior. I am using an absorbent cloth.
  5. Remove the shelves and drawers. Soak them in lukewarm water in the sink or tub.
  6. Start cleaning the inside of the freezer. We recommend using a paste of baking soda and water since it will absorb odours in addition to serving to remove dirt. Smear it primarily on the most encrusted stains, if any. You can remove it after a couple of hours with a damp cloth.
  7. Now get on with the shelves and drawers. It is best to use a soft scouring pad and a little dish soap. When you’re done, put them to dry. Do not put them back in the freezer if they are damp.
  8. Reconnect the freezer. Put the plug back into the socket and insert the drawers and shelves. Also, put the food in and wait a few hours to return to the previous cold level.

The best mini fridges on the market to keep your food and drinks always cold

However, never use knives or sharp or pointed elements to remove the ice, as you can seriously damage the freezer’s walls. Also, do not use soap inside the appliance as it will flavour the foods you store and is difficult to remove altogether.

What maintenance do they require?

There is none beyond the cleaning process detailed above, which should be done every 3-6 months. Defrosting will only be necessary for freezers with No Frost technology. Do it as soon as you detect ice or frost plates, as they can damage the compressor and cause a severe failure.

What are the advantages of having one?

The best small freezers provide several definite advantages :

  • They can be placed anywhere, even outside the kitchen.
  • offer additional freezing space to the main freezer.
  • They are ideal for people who live alone or in small apartments.
  • optimize their storage capacity to the maximum.
  • They can also serve as a fridge.
  • have a lower energy consumption than a traditional freezer.

What are the best options on the market?

According to the opinions on small freezers analyzed, the most exciting models in value for money belonging to the following brands:

  • Hisense. An incredibly unique brand. It designs and markets small freezers with a defrosting system, low consumption and very quiet, equipped with an elegant, practical and functional design.
  • Klarstein. An excellent alternative for those looking for a cheap small freezer. It is specialized in the design of vertical opening models ideal for confined spaces.
  • Electric. Another good option for finding great deals on small freezers. Their creations are pretty simple and include an adjustable temperature thermostat. They are freely available in all cases.

It’s over. With this, you already have more than enough information to buy the best small freezer for your home according to your use and storage needs.

What is the best brand of refrigerators? 

Whirlpool tends to receive high qualifications from both consumers and analysts. Yale Appliances classifies Whirlpool as the most reliable appliance brand based on the number of devices sold and the number of times it was repaired.

How to choose a good freezer?

The freezers must have a clear and accessible control panel located outside to avoid opening them. The ideal is that you mark the degrees of the freezer. An excellent digital thermostat is essential to choose a precise temperature.

Tips for choosing a freezer |Refrigerators> Report> Freezer 

🥇 This is the best prophesies refrigerator 2021

For reduced spaces, the best is the GE GLE12HSLSS. A better relationship between quality and price is GE French Door Gene Gne25JMMKES. The best style of French doors is Samsung RF23J9011SR4 – Door Flex.

What are the best brands in freezers?

Freezer capacity price

1. Bomann GB 388 – Freezer 30 L See price

2. Beko HSA40520 – 360 L Horizontal Freezer See Price

3. Klarstein Iceblokk 100 – Freezer 100 L See Price

4. Bomann GS 195 – Freezer 70 L See Price

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