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30 Hot Ideas Summer Nail Designs

Summer Nail Designs

30 Hot Ideas Summer Nail Designs

It’s time to know what the 2022 nails will be that we will see the most and the most fashionable nail designs. We review 400 photos of Decorated Nails 2022 – Nail Designs for hands and feet. Do not worry about your style because we will show you many different examples, such as acrylic nails, gel nails, false nails, porcelain nails, pointed nails, or vintage nails. summer nail designs

See what most modern colors and designs for your nails that will be a trend in 2022: stylish pins: colors and designs 2022

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False nails are an option for those girls who always want to have perfect nails. If you have brittle nails or you just would like to have more beautiful and longer nails, we recommend you use any of the methods to have false nails, such as gel nails, porcelain nails, or acrylic nails. summer nail designs

2. GEL NAILS 2022

Gel nails 2022 are the latest nail trend and the most used technique in false nails. To have gel nails, we need a special gel that you can find in online nail art stores and some hairdressers and beauty salons, as well as nail salons. With this gel, we place a drop on our nails, and with the help of a brush, we extend it until we create the shape of the nail that we want. Afterward, we need to fix the gel with a unique manicure drying lamp. summer nail designs

To see our favorite gel nail designs and how the result looks, visit:

3. Photos of gel nails 2022

Gel nails also come in the two guises of elegance and the more elaborate technique. The most discreet side comes in pastel colors and light tones but always shines from glitter to gems and other shiny details to nails completely covered by pearls and other accessories widely used by nail art.

One of the trends that we will see the most in the nail art of gel nails 2022 is those bicolors. We can see them in all shades, although, following the dynamics of metallic, we can see many colors combined with silver, gold, etc. summer nail designs

As in the other false nails, we will also see many 2022 nail models with geometric shapes and details that accentuate these shapes, such as metallic stick lines. summer nail designs

The good thing is that we can decorate our gel nails with the designs that we like the most, whether we apply colors like Black or white.

Metallic tones are also a trend for gel nails in 2022, so bet on a manicure like the one you see above. Perfect for parties, but also the day. summer nail designs

Since we put on gel nails and don’t have to wear them for months if we don’t want to, we can choose to put on one long enough to show it off. For this, nothing like choosing nails like those you see above has a beautiful decoration in two tones, Black and gold, mixed with a nude manner.

If you want to learn how to remove your gel nails yourself, visit:

 How to remove gel nails at home


Porcelain nails 2022 are similar to acrylic nails 2022 since they were made the same way but replaced acrylic with fiberglass. Of the false nails 2022, these are the most expensive and delicate since you will have to redo or fill them every fortnight. For this reason, these are the false nails that we least recommend, but you can also investigate if this style of pin is the best for you.

Porcelain nails 2022, the most expensive and the most delicate, and the ones that achieve the best final appearance, are the most used to do manicures for special occasions. For example, for weddings. Communions, baptisms, parties. For this reason, their designs are also usually more elaborate and stand out more than the rest of false nails. Here we can see impossible lengths and impressive decorations. summer nail designs

The result is spectacular and much more natural than acrylic if the professional gives it the shape and size that best fits, thanks to the mold placed just below the edge of the natural nail. Its maintenance is essential to fill in the gaps since the natural nails grow. summer nail designs

summer nail designs

Long porcelain nails can look spectacular on you, but we can achieve the same thing if we choose to make them short, as we see in this image. Some beautifully decorated porcelain nails also have an elegant drawing in blue and white, forming a kind of branches and leaves ideal for this fall of 2022. summer nail designs

This other image corresponds to porcelain nails that we associate with what we usually see for these decorated nails—long, with a French manicure and a small detail like a sticker.

To see porcelain nail designs and check the results,


Two thousand twenty-two acrylic nails are made of a special liquid that helps form the desired nails and polymer powder. A paste is created that dries in a few minutes and forms our claw by putting these two ingredients together. Depending on the technique of the person who performs acrylic nails in 2022, they can be as exact as a person’s nails. summer nail designs

These nails are highly recommended because they allow us to choose the exact size and shape of the staples we want, and they are also very resistant. For this reason, they have a reasonably high price. The advantage of acrylic nails 2022 is that, in addition to bein

 more resistant and personalized, they can last longer than any other type of false nails 2022. As we have already explained, the biggest drawback of these nails is that they are more expensive since applying them is more complex than using gel nails. summer nail designs

As for the trends that we will see in acrylic nails 2022, we will see two very different nail models that adapt to each person’s tastes. In 2022 we will see a clear trend towards the natural, the discreet, the nude .it is why we will forget a little about the infinite acrylic nails, and we will see more natural pins with a more comfortable size and more discreet colors. However, nail art continues to grow and evolve, and we will also continue to see impossible acrylic nails with great lengths and impressive drawings.

6. Acrylic nails – Summer nail designs

 are the most considered option when decorating our nails, being the other pillar of nail decoration. However, more and more are daring with something more than citrus colors.

A perfect way to give a different touch to our nails. More lively, more cheerful, and above all, more current. Therefore, we can choose any of the trends in nail decoration. From the faded nails to the drawings that we like the most, they are a trend this season. Acrylics are the most recommended type of nail for those who want to wear nails for longer. summer nail designs

The best thing about this trend is that it allows us to show off the nails that best suit our style, no matter what colors or shapes we choose; The important thing is that we make them an ideal accessory for any of the events that we are going to attend. summer nail designs

Do not hesitate and opt for soft tones, as we have already mentioned. The blues, the corals, the green. All these shades are trendy and will serve to decorate your nails to the latest.

summer nail designs

In addition, on these tones, you can combine others that are darker. Including Black, although not for all nails. Look at this beautiful decoration with different shades and stripes. It is perfect for this fall-winter. summer nail designs

And if you wish, you could find some inspiration from a celebrity. We cannot mention Rosalía since the singer has become the queen of false nails this 2022, specifically acrylic ones. Very long and with all kinds of colors and designs,

Rosalía’s nails are always highly commended. We are left with the model you see above, full of beads (perhaps to wear them only on some other special occasion). Also, these that you see below are much more “simple” in their design since it is limited to painting them in different colors, and in addition, they filed so that the tip is square. summer nail designs

To see how acrylic nails look done and some ideas of our favorite designs of the season, visit:

Acrylic nails photos 2022


Permanent enamel is only applicable to gel, acrylic, or porcelain nails because it was used with color pigment. However, if you want to keep your nails natural, we can always resort to semi-permanent nail polish. It is achieved thanks to two layers of enamel and then drying it with a unique led lamp. Finally, we apply a top to protect the enamel and make it shine more. summer nail designs

As for designs, nothing like opting for short nails. Whether permanent or semi-permanent and in soft colors like these. you see above in coral color with geometric prints for two pins. Beautiful nails that you will be able to show off for several weeks. summer nail designs


Here we show you some nail designs that are so fashionable this season. However, we can tell you that white is the color, dark colors in earth tones, and metallic and pastel colors. summer nail designs

7. WHITE NAILS – Summer nail designs

White nails 2022 are also a classic, especially in the summer and spring. They are efficient since they combine with almost all our outfits and practically all colors. The biggest problem that we can find with white nails 2022 is that if the nail polish is not optimal, we can have issues with the pigmentation of the nail and create a strange effect on it. summer nail designs

White nails are also matte and also combined with other colors. The most classic combination is black and white. Still, we can also find many 2022 nail models that combine white with metallic tones (gold and silver) and pastel colors, even creating very beautiful, eye-catching, and elegant fades. summer nail designs

8. BLACK NAILS – Summer nail designs

Black nails 2022 will undoubtedly be very fashionable throughout the year. It is a classic among classics because they are efficient since they combine with most of our outfits and, in addition, they give us an exquisite touch. Although for it to provide us with this elegant touch, we must know what we combine it with so that we do not have a too rocky look if that is not what we are looking for.

Black nails 2022 are also combined with other trendy colors such as metallic colors and shades of gold. In addition, we can make more basic designs and combine them with white or red. As we told you before, don’t forget to add some decoration or glitter to make them even more personalized.


French nails or French nails 2022 are in fashion every year, and they are the most popular in nail art. However, we must bear in mind that they try to reformulate French nails every year to make them different from the classic ones and that we do not always get bored with the same designs. One of the latest additions to this type of manicure is the French. Manicure with rhinestones or details, such as bows, delimiting the area of ​​the outer part of the nail. And the inner part, as marked by the French manicure. summer nail designs

As for the colors we can see, this type of manicure is becoming more varied. We can find from the classic white and beige to more vibrant, two-tone tones such as black and white, in an opaque style and metallic colors that we have already said that we will not stop seeing this year.

10. MIRROR EFFECT NAILS – Summer nail designs

Mirror nails are, without a doubt, the nails of the 2022 season. Although they may seem too striking, we can choose between more striking and discreet ones depending on the tone in which we choose them. The most popular are silver mirror nails, but we can also see them in gold, aquamarine blue, and pearl pink shades. summer nail designs

We recommend that if you want mirror nails for something more formal, choose a color like silver and not do all mirror nails. For example, you can paint your nails matte grayish silver and make one or two silver mirror nails. In this way, they will combine very well but very sophisticated and discreetly. summer nail designs

11. RED NAILS – Summer nail designs

Red nails 2022 is a nail art classic. This color is widely used on nails for various reasons. First of all, it is a color that can be combined with other colors. So it can go well with almost any outfit that we wear. Another reason is its elegance. The red color gives our hands a very slender and elegant look, so it looks great on our manicure. summer nail designs

Red nails 2022 worn traditionally, but they are also worn with other colors to give it a different touch, combined with rhinestones and details that make them suitable for more formal occasions. Likewise, we can also see them combined with metallic tones, especially on Christmas or Valentine’s Day dates. summer nail designs

12. PURPLE NAILS – Summer nail designs

Purple nails 2022 are unusual, but we can also find many designs with this color. This year, with the fashion of pastel hair dyes such as seawater or purple, these nails have also become fashionable again, so it is worth showing you some examples. summer nail designs

Depending on the shade of purple that we use, you can find one style or another. For example, if you are looking for a more childish or angelic tone, you can go for pastel purple nails, but if you want something more formal, use dark purple nails, pulling mauve, or lilac. A lovely combination is a dark purple with gold because, as we have told you, gold this year is worn with almost any color.

13. SPIKED NAILS – Summer nail designs

Sharp nails are one of the fashions that we are seeing the most in recent times, and that is a trend thanks to the great divas of rap, trap and reggaeton, and even flamenco such as Rosalía, Nathy Peluso, or Bad Gyal. It consists of making a nail in the shape of a beak, and they are worn very long and false with very extravagant designs. summer nail designs

14. ANIMAL PRINT NAILS – Summer nail designs

Animal print 2022 nails will also be the stars of this year. We can find them in all colors and shapes: tiger, leopard, zebra, etc. We will also see some different designs in which animal prints mixed, for example, leopard and zebra. summer nail designs

As for colors, just as we can see animal print nails 2022 in the most basic and typical colors, such as brown tones, we can also try other more striking colors, such as the full range of electric and metallic styles. Don’t forget to try trendy colors this season like burgundy, purple and yellow.


Pointed nails 2022 is undoubtedly one of the most striking trends this year. We have seen them in many celebrities that we follow, such as Rita Ora or Rihanna since they are the riskiest 2022 nail models. summer nail designs

These nails are also known as stiletto nails. Are they the most spectacular on the market in terms of format and design? The wearers of these nails are not looking for something discreet, so the plans are still as stunning as the manicure of these nails. summer nail designs

16. METALLIC NAILS – Summer nail designs

One of the trends in decorated nails that we will see the most this year and that we can see in all kinds of styles, both for day-to-day and for more formal events, is metallic nails. You can see them in colors such as gold or silver and other colors, as you see in the photo below. summer nail designs

17. GRADIENT NAILS 2022 – Summer nail designs

Gradient nails are also a must for this Winter 2022 season. It consists of mixing two colors on the same nail and not seeing the line that divides them. To do this, we must put a little latex on the finger so as not to bruise ourselves and then, with a sponge stained with the two colors, pass it over the nail until it is wholly impregnated. Then we remove the latex and lacquer it with a shine to last longer—the enamel. summer nail designs

18. VINTAGE NAILS 2022 – summer nail designs

summer nail designs

Vintage nails 2022 will also be very fashionable throughout this year. In general, everything that has to do with retro and vintage has become very trendy in recent years. One of the main features of vintage nails is flowers and pastel colors. For example, we can place a background in a pastel tone such as blue or pink, making some flowers on that background. summer nail designs

In addition to flowers and pastel tones, ocher tones and simple figures such as bicycles are also prevalent in vintage nails 2022. Finally, if you want to go a little forward in time but still be retro or vintage, you can make your vintage 2022 nails with polka dots, pin-up style.

19. PINK NAILS 2022 – Summer nail designs

Pink nails 2022 can be seen throughout this year. We will find pink nails in all the available shades, from the most youthful ones such as fuchsia pink or bubblegum pink to the most elegant pink bordering on garnet or pale pink for the most discreet. As for the combinations of nails with pink, we can see two-tone pins, among which are pink nails with metallic tones and pink with white or, simply, two shades of pink combined. summer nail designs

A technique that we will appreciate in pink nails 2022 is the pink nails with gradient. We start with intense color in the broadest part of the nail, and then we finish in the tip with a shade of the same pink but much lighter. We can use a sponge to make these gradients, and the result will be excellent. summer nail designs

20. MATTE NAILS 2022 – Summer nail designs

Another trend this year is matte nails 2022—these nails are made with a special nail lacquer that produces this effect. The good thing about these nails is that they tend to dry faster than regular nail polishes, but they are also more sensitive, and the manicure will last less than the regular manicure.

Among the colors worn with matte nails 2022, we must highlight the Black that looks good with this flat style, and that also gives us a more elegant appearance and makes our hands look neater. We can see them combined with metallic tones and details such as pearls and bows for the most sophisticated girls. summer nail designs

21. FLOWER NAILS 2022 – Summer nail designs

Flower nails 2022 is another of the most classic designs for painting our nails. Above all, we can see these types of plans in spring and summer, but they are becoming more and more widespread due to other styles such as vintage nails 2022 that we have already seen before. summer nail designs

As for the flower nail design 2022, we can opt for something more discreet, like a single flower in the corner of the nail, or wear a single pin with flowers. But if you want to do something classy, you can opt for a print of small colored flowers on all the nails. It depends on the type you want to wear and your outfit. summer nail designs

22. BLUE NAILS 2022 – summer nail designs

The blue nails 2022 transport us to the 90s, but now they are renewed. Although wearing blue nails was a thing for teenagers, now we can wear them at any age, depending on the style we give them. We can get the color blue from a very rock look to a much more elegant one, going through the classy touch. summer nail designs

One of the combinations that we will see the most this year in blue nails 2022 is blue nails with gold details. We can achieve it through nail lacquers with gold glitter or stickers such as stripes and gold dots, as well as sticker rhinestones. summer nail designs

23.GOLD NAILS 2022 – summer nail designs

You are going to love the golden nails 2022. They have a very festive and sophisticated touch. You can combine them with other colors such as Black or white, depending on whether you are looking for something more discreet or you are looking for something more striking for a party. One of the combinations that we like the most is the color nude. Gold draws too much attention, so it is necessary to contrast it with another more specific and flatter color, such as nude.

If you prefer, you can also use gold only in the details of the nails, for example, in rhinestones, dots, stripes, or even pearls. Another combination of golden nails 2022 that is very popular, for example, is the combination of rhinestones and gold stickers with transparent nails, only with a layer of glitter. summer nail designs

WINE COLORED NAILS – Summer nail designs

The wine color will also be very fashionable in 2022, both in nails and in fashion. That is why we could not forget about the wine color nails 2022. It is a classic nail color since most people prefer to wear them in shades close to red. But, in addition, this color is exquisite and goes great with all winter outfits. summer nail designs

When combining them with other colors, we can do it with gold for parties or even Christmas, but we can also combine them with Black to give them a more formal touch or even with white if we are looking for something more romantic. summer nail designs

24. SILVER NAILS 2022 – Summer nail designs

Silver nails 2022 are also in fashion because it is one of the colors to wear the trendy metallic tone. Most silver nails are metallic nails, as you can see. There is also a very nice trend that is metallic silver mirror nails, in which everything we see is reflected. They look incredible, but we will tell you more about them below. summer nail designs

Like gold, silver nails don’t have to be silver entirely but can be silver in details such as rhinestoneslines, or dots. They can give a very sophisticated touch to any design, or you can use them to spice up a more straightforward and more discreet nail design. Likewise, all the silver details are great for party and celebration occasions, especially those made up of silver glitter.

CORAL NAILS – Summer nail designs

Coral nails 2022 are also very fashionable. It is a color that we can see very common in nail designs for fall-winter because it is a very typical color in that season and, above all, it brings a lot of freshness to our look and our outfits. The coral color can be combined with many colors, depending on the style we are looking for. summer nail designs

For example, if we look for an elegant or formal style, coral nails 2022 can look great with gold details. And, if we want to combine it with other colors, we can choose another shade of coral, a beige or nude color, or an off-white. Try not to combine it with darker tones because it can look extraordinary and not very discreet sophisticated. summer nail designs

GRAY NAILS – Summer nail designs

Gray nails are also a classic of recent years, although gray nails 2022 present some novelties such as rhinestones or diamonds that adorn the gray background. As for the combinations, if we are looking for a more formal look, combining it with other darker colors such as darker gray or Black is advisable. summer nail designs

However, if we want to give it a more romantic or childish touch, we can combine it with light colors such as pale pink, which is also very sophisticated. Pair it with gold or silver glitter and even silver mirror nails for parties and special events. summer nail designs

25. TRIBAL NAILS 2022 – Summer nail designs

Tribal nails 2022 will also be the season’s key since everything tribal has been very trendy since last year, both in fashion and accessories such as sticker tattoos, earrings, etc. The colors that you can use depend on the season we are in, we can opt for pastel or light pastel colors, or if we are in a colder season, we can use earth and black colors. summer nail designs

Other ideas to combine with tribal nails have to do with alternating the pins that we will paint in this way. As tribal nails usually have many geometric shapes and typically have a lot of detail, if you are looking for something more classic, you can opt for a tribal print only in the gaps of the nails and, in the rest, keep a formal and straightforward line. summer nail designs

26. BEIGE NAILS OR NUDE NAILS – Summer nail designs

Beige nails 2022 will be the cover of almost every fashion magazine. More and more naturalness is taking place in recent years, so beige nails 2022 or nude nails 2022 will be very common among celebrities and street fashion. summer nail designs

The good thing about these nails is that we can combine them with all kinds of outfits and styles to be a regular for us. They also give us a more straightforward and elegant look, so they are still a good option for parties or formal events. Such as weddings, baptisms, or communions.

27. GREEN NAILS 2022 – Summer nail designs

Green nails 2022, we know that they are not the most popular, but still, you will see that there are many occasions on which you can wear them. However, we warned you that military green and khaki green would be in fashion in everything related to fashion and the design world, so it would not surprise us to see that green nails 2022 are also very trendy. Fashion summer nail designs

Another color that we will see is the green nails 2022 in pastel tones. This style of nails, especially we will see in the summer season, gives us a lot of liveliness and freshness. On the other hand, we are also going to see green nails 2022 in October, on the occasion of Halloween, since they can be an ideal background to make some zombie nail designs.

28. SAILOR NAILS – Summer nail designs

Sailor nails 2022 is the classic of each year. They are effortless to make, and we can combine them in many different ways. These nails, above all, can be seen in the summer season and autumn, since it reminds us of the sea and good weather, so it is not very common to see them in winter.

For some nails to be sailor nails 2022, we don’t have to do them in blue and white (like the classic ones), but we can do it in many colors, maintaining the most typical features of this nail style. For example, sailor anchors can not be missing in terms of drawings and prints; do not miss stripes.

29. ORANGE NAILS – Summer nail designs

Orange nails 2022 are also a nail style that, above all, we will be able to see in summer due to its luminosity and the intensity of the color. Among the shades of orange, we will find, we go from the most fluorescent orange to the most muted orange, pulling towards pastel orange. summer nail designs

Orange nails 2022 are also a very typical Halloween nail style. The reason is that they imitate the orange color of pumpkins, and we can make many designs with them. But as we said, if you prefer to wear them in autumn and winter, you can also wear them in a lighter or pastel tone and combine them with other colors such as silver. This combination is very fashionable, so silver is generally worn. summer nail designs


There are special occasions in which we can always make different designs or take great care to wear our most beautiful nails within the decorated nails. It is the case of Christmas. We can choose our favorite Christmas nails these days, although red and gold colors will always stand out for the celebration and blue and white for the cold winter. You can choose several different drawings that refer to Christmas but are very easy to make, such as a reindeer, a Christmas ball, or a Christmas tree. summer nail designs

If you want to see some of our favorite Christmas nail designs, visit:

The best Christmas nail designs 2022


We can also have our nails decorated to give our costume an extra point on Halloween. Make them match the outfit we are wearing, or simply. Wear them decorated with some Halloween details such as a drawing of a pumpkin, a zombie, drops of blood, or even a spider web. But if you want to decorate your nails more efficiently, you can simply choose the representative colors of Halloween to decorate them, such as Black and orange. summer nail designs

To see more photos of nail decoration ideas for Halloween, visit:

Halloween nails: easy nail decorations


If you don’t want anything to go wrong on a romantic Valentine’s Day, the lovely idea is to make yourself some romantic nails suitable for the celebrated day. The color of this day par excellence is red, and of course, the drawing that we will see the most is the heart, but you can also bet on more different proposals such as romantic nails in pink or gold and other drawings such as letters with messages of love. summer nail designs

To see more ideas of how to decorate your nails on Valentine’s Day, visit:

Nails decorated for Valentine’s Day


In carnival, you can also complement your costume with nails that match the character you have chosen, or you can wear very fun and colorful nails that echo how fun carnival days are and how happy they are with all the streets full of color. The best thing for these dates is to take a risk with very different and original manicures. summer nail designs

To see many ideas of how you can do your nails for the days of Carnival visit:

photos of nails for carnival


On your wedding day, your nails have to be perfect. The trend that we see the most is discreet nude nails but very well cared for and bright. If you prefer to give it something more elegant and striking, you can try a French manicure in two light colors but different from white and nude and even add some rhinestones.

If you want to see more photos that inspire you to create your nail designs for your wedding day, visit: summer nail designs

nail art for brides

NAILS WITH DRAWINGS – Summer nail designs

The time has come to bring out our most daring and artistic side, showing it on our nails. In this way, we will offer our designs to the world, starting with our pins. What about the nails in the purest marine style? They may seem summery to you, but the truth is that they are also a trend now for fall-winter 2022.

Flowers will be the ideal adornment for our most romantic occasions, perfect to combine with the colors that we like the most and that go best with our style and our chosen look for that occasion.

And what about the heart nail art? Ideal for our anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, and who knows, help us find the perfect partner that we all need.

As I told you before, faded nails are all the rage in the most current nail trends, just as Californian highlights are for our hair, for our nails, there is nothing better than mixing the colors that we like the most.

Some of the most original nails that we can see are those decorated with letters or phrases, perfect for reflecting what we feel and making us want to smile in our day-to-day life, regardless of how good or how bad it has presented. 

summer nail designs

This type of decoration is usually made with stickers to try to do it ourselves, but it is better than in this case, we spend money on the necessary mold.

For our days at the office where we want to show off a more simple nail decoration, we can choose to decorate a single nail differently or have a small detail on each pin to go according to the latest trends, without forgetting where we are going. summer nail designs

Without a doubt, our nails can be as versatile as we are, thus going perfectly with our look and with the event or occasion that comes our way.

Or we can choose something as simple as nails that are worn in soft colors or coral colors and add a small detail such as a stripe as the only drawing. Some staples that can also be worn short, perhaps being a type of nail that is more committed even though we see how the famous wear their nails longer and longer when in reality they are not practical at all. summer nail designs

We have already seen different options for decorated nails for Winter 2022, but we do not want to forget about the feet, so here are our recommendations for trimming the toenails.


Along with the decorated fingernails that we have shown you, we can also see below the best-decorated nail proposals for Feet or Foot nails and that, in the same way, are filled with varied colors and even the one that we put small bright pieces on them.

Creative decorations also affect the feet. With “animal print” patterns or imitating Captain America’s shield, you will feel that your toenails are the most original. In addition, this type of decoration is simple to do, and you can wear it during the fall season. summer nail designs

If you want a simple decoration that mixes two trending tones, black and white, we suggest something as simple as painting your toenails with these two colors. On the thumb, you can try to make a slight bow. What does it look good?

summer nail designs

For those looking for shades and patterns that are the latest fashion and that are also somewhat more elaborate, there is nothing like opting for red or fuchsia that can be mixed with other colors such as white. Try painting small flowers, leaves, or markings that look like petals for decoration.

If you want something even more elaborate, you can try painting your nails Black and gold to make different figures. You will need a specific brush for nail decoration for this type of decoration.

Shades like bright red or yellow are also a good option for your toenails. You can also add small drawings, whether stripes, dots, polka dots, or, again, leaves. It is a matter of practice to make all these designs. summer nail designs

There will be nothing like betting on colors that also combine with those of your hands, including burgundy or brown that you can use to decorate your nails in the “animal print” style or, if you prefer, just painting the nails in said tones.


Now, let’s see some tips with which you will get a perfect manicure and pedicure:

  • Be careful with the cuticles: you have to remove the cuticles, not cut them, so that the hands are always well worked and without skins. summer nail designs
  • Clean hands: if you are looking for spectacular results on your nails, the first thing you should be clear about is that before you start painting them, you must have your hands very clean and, above all, very dry. summer nail designs
  • Always file in one direction: don’t change direction when filing your nails. You just have to do it to one and keep it throughout the process.
  • Apply a layer of nail polish enhancer: before applying the paint, you must use a coating that protects and makes the color of the nails more durable. summer nail designs
  • Use Vaseline to avoid painting outside the nail: so that you do not leave the nail area, use a little Vaseline or glue that children use at school. It is easily removed when you have finished, and while you have it, you will prevent your skin from being painted.

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