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5 Mind blowing succulent pots 2022

succulent pots

5 Mind blowing succulent pots 2022

For your plant to be happy, growing healthy, and beautiful, find a suitable pot for its characteristics. The first thing we think about is size: a small pot if the succulent is tiny, or a large one for a large plant. Then, as a decorative container, to have nice detail on the table or a shelf. Ok, all of that is important, but it is not fundamental. The basic thing is to think about the needs of the plants that it develops without complications. succulent pots

Learn more about pots with succulents and other planters

It must have enough weight to be stable and not allow sudden movements. A plastic pot is discouraged since they often have very little weight, which is not suitable.

1. Plastic or resin pots-succulent pots 

They are the most economical, resistant, easy to clean, and even weigh little. There are very successful imitations of clay and terracotta that can be a great choice in the market. The downside here is the sun, being made of plastic, they don’t shine much over time because the sun discolors them. You can also find pots with higher quality plastic succulents on the market and with LED lights, which will be ideal on a terrace or balcony to provide ambient light while serving as a container for a beautiful plant. succulent pots

There are countless pots with succulents on the market, depending on whether. They will be used inside or outside home or business, by the type of—material used in their manufacture sizes. When choosing the best pots with succulents, we must consider many things, such as the color that best goes with the room where the plant will be placed, the design, the size, the type of irrigation that the plant needs; etc.

To achieve good drainage, the lower part of the pot must have a hole of approximately 1 cm in diameter. Over which it will be convenient to place a broken pot with the concave part facing down; after ¾ of the pot. We fill it with soil vegetable or cactus mix, then a layer of sand, and finally a layer of pebbles. The pebbles help prevent stem rot due to constant moisture from puddles. succulent pots

2. MATERIAL – succulent pots

The material from which the pot is made may seem like a purely decorative and personal taste consideration. Still, in reality, it can also influence the development of the plant. Ceramics, plastic, wood, metal, and glass are among the most popular materials. What material is the best for succulents? It depends on where you are going to put it.


Terracotta and ceramic are materials that breathe quite well, working well in poorly ventilated areas. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. These pots have a disadvantage in boiling and drying quickly if exposed to direct sunlight, although this is not usually a big problem when they contain succulents. succulent pots

The complexity of these containers is that they are heavy on their own, especially when they are filled with soil. If the pot is large, it won’t be easy to move it once you have planted the succulents. They are also fragile containers that can break if you drop them. succulent pots

3. GLASS – succulent pots

Glass is another very beautiful and original material to use as a flowerpot. The essential problem is that glass containers generally lack drainage holes . You can plant in them and try to control the watering, but it’s tricky.

The glass also does not perspire as well as it should and that means that the substrate will have a difficult time drying, damaging the roots. It is also quite fragile , so you should be careful where you put it, especially if you have little ones at home. succulent pots

Planters and pots: If you have a flexible space, it has low investment and 

But if you have no way of figuring out what type of species of orchid is yours, remember what kind of pot your orchid had when you bought it. And is that when you have to transplant the orchid, you will have to do it in a pot with the same characteristics. succulent pots

You have to choose a pot with proper drainage, especially for pots located in gardens or terraces and without a roof to shelter them. It must be borne in mind that in pots exposed to rain, we cannot control the amount of irrigation, so evacuating any excess is vital to prevent the plant’s roots from rotting. Sometimes, the drainage holes have marked the pot itself to make them according to the use we will give them.

All containers for urban gardening can be grouped into these four categories:

We may think that how the pots are made does not affect the life of our plant. But this is not the case at all; the manufacturing materials of the pots are part of the living. Conditions of a certain plant, so it is important to know what advantages and disadvantages .each one of them presents before choosing them and of course taking into account the type of plant that we are going to put in it. succulent pots

For this type of plant, several factors must be considered when choosing the best pot. It seems that they are strong and adapt to everything. Still, they are more delicate than they appear. Various pots are found in the trade, but the most appropriate for growing cacti and succulents are usually pots of clay, both porous and varnished. succulent pots

Use unglazed pots for pine trees and other conifers.

Once you have chosen the place of the garden, measure well the space you have and the pots that you could put. Space is not a problem since there is a wide range of solutions on the market depending on the space we have. succulent pots

One aspect to consider guarantees us that the pots will maintain their original state in moments of extreme temperature, both rising and falling. Their function is to choose a material resistant to frost and UV rays from the sun. In this regard, both fiberglass and plastic are ideal. We will always have to avoid metal and glass pots breaking with temperature changes. succulent pots

The flowerpots, fundamentally, are used to grow plants, used as small gardens, very fashionable in recent years. succulent pots

The width of the pot should be around two-thirds of the height of the tree.

Vertical gardens: It has a high investment for very small spaces and is ideal for balconies or terraces. Have a garden without giving up any space.

4. Terracotta pots – succulent pots

 Terracotta is a natural and very attractive material ideal for giving an Andalusian touch to our terrace or patio. Its biggest problem is that it breaks easily, and unless they have protection from the cold, these types of pots break very easily. It should be noted that there are terracotta pots of different qualities on the market. Ideal for hot climates.

In the next section, we will explain the best way to set up your garden in your home; a garden adapted to the space you have on your balcony, patio, or terrace, the so fashionable in recent times, the “mini-gardens.” The cultivation of plants in pots allows us to recreate the conditions of a garden succulent pots

Next, we are going to tell you several tips to choose a pot correctly and succulent pots

Hanging planters in recent years are being highly demanded; the ability to add vegetation where there is no space makes them perfect for smaller floors. There are very beautiful designs and different sizes to adapt to the space and the tastes we want.

5. Wooden pots and planters: – succulent pots

succulent pots

This type of pot is ideal for those who love rustic and warm and for those looking for an ecological and resistant alternative. They need a little more care to make them look beautiful, with a varnish to waterproof them and another product to preserve the wood will be enough. succulent pots

The height of the pot should be one to two times the thickness of the trunk at its base.

It is important to start with knowing that certain plants need a specific type of pot, for example, a good number of orchids that demand translucent pots. In contrast, others are perfectly suited to almost anyone.

Choosing a pot that fits the tree well is difficult since we must consider its shape, color, whether it is enameled or unglazed. We must have a series of rules to choose a correct pot, they should not be taken as strict rules, and also, aesthetic issues are subjective and usually have an important personal component; these rules are: succulent pots

succulent pots

Some succulents captivate us with tones; However, some change according to temperature, climate, lighting, fertilization, and even the substrate.

For this reason, we present you with some types of succulents that are easy to care for. (indirect light is enough and watering them every two weeks). Have a mix of exotic colors so that you can decorate every corner of your home. succulent pots

The success of succulent plants is a mix of how beautiful they are and how easy it is to grow. The root easily from a cutting and are content to be watered a little now and then. They rarely fail, but choosing the right pot can make all the difference. The container where the plant grows will influence its correct development and the aesthetics of the arrangement. Keep reading that today we will help you choose the best pot for your succulents. succulent pots

I have been growing these types of plants for many years and, over time, I have come to have a beautiful collection. Regarding them, choose the proper pot is part of my hobby: I have ceramic pots in different colors, small terracotta pots, metal containers, etc . I love the contrast of the plant and container color: gray succulents in red pots or reddish succulents in blue pots. Very interesting compositions can be made with the shades of the succulent leaves and the flowerpots. succulent pots

COLORS AND TEXTURES – succulent pots

Now that you know what materials can be better to contain a succulent plant, it is time to choose the pot that you like the most. The color contrasts are very attractive : orange succulents are blue or green pots, or red pots for bluish or green succulents. But give free rein to your imagination and you will surely be surprised by the beautiful combinations that can be achieved. succulent pots

If you can’t make up your mind or find the right pot very difficult to find, a great option is to turn to basic terracotta pots or simple white ceramic pots . Its simplicity helps enhance the succulent’s prominence, and that never fails.

Echeveria Elegans – succulent pots

Endemic to Mexico, they are rosettes of light green fleshy leaves with pointed ends, turning red or blue depending on the light and climate. Some have red flowers and are used in group pots to decorate any space in the house: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, or terraces.

As you have seen, these succulents, in addition to giving color to your home, are extremely easy to care for. So, what are you waiting for to decorate every corner of your house?

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mini pots – succulent pots

They are mini pots because we need them for mini succulents. Everything is small so that it fits well in any corner of the home, indoors, and on the porch, terrace or patio. All beautiful, so that it is also decorative.

Small succulent plants are usually identified with the home’s interior, among other reasons, because they are tender, and we want to protect them from the elements, pamper them. These succulents in small pots are already a classic to include among the plants used in interior decoration, in arrangements for all kinds of events, including gifts at wedding celebrations. But in spring and summer, the weather is favorable for these plants, and we do not have to give up using them to decorate the outside, show them off and let them join us at meals, dinners, and gatherings. succulent pots

At the garden table, patio, or terrace, on the windowsill. On the table in the living room, or a room or office. Wherever it is, small, yes, but stand out. Well dressed so that their value is even better recognized.


If we have a new succulent, because we have recently acquired it or it has been given to us, it will be very good for us to look at these mini pots designed for them. Of course, we don’t need to buy or receive one as a gift, because perhaps what we have is a new succulent. After all, we have managed to reproduce it from a rosette or leaf, and it will be waiting for a place to stay comfortably. That’s where we go, to find a small pot to make our little succulents bigger. succulent pots

All the images correspond to mini pots that I found on Amazon. Most are ceramic with different finishes. They all have drain holes in the base. They can be purchased individually, with or without a plate or tray. Sometimes they also appear in groups. There are different tastes and needs, but remember that the plant is not included, and do not get excited. succulent pots

What pots are suitable for succulents?

The best pots for succulents are made from terra cotta or ceramic. Both materials are breathable, promoting proper water drainage and air circulation. Just remember that both terra cotta and ceramic are heavy, especially once you add soil and plants.

Do succulents need pots with holes?

Succulents need their roots to dry quickly. They do not like to sit in water for more than a day or two and will start to rot if they stay wet for much longer. It is why I highly recommend using pots with a drainage hole when starting with succulents.

Do succulents like deep pots?

Avoid pots that are too tall or deep due to the amount of soil they contain. You want enough space for the taproot to grow, but not so much that the soil doesn’t dry. Succulent and cacti usually prefer shallow containers that dry out more quickly, resulting in healthier and happier plants.

Are succulents in small pots okay?

A small pot can drastically damage your succulent

Due to its size, a small pot can hold less soil, which means your plant won’t get enough nutrients to thrive. Also, a small container shrinks the roots, eventually stunting a plant’s growth.

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