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5 Mind blowing tree swing children and adults

tree swing

5 Mind blowing tree swing children and adults

Are you lucky enough to have a garden, orchard, or land where you can place a swing? It’s a great idea to relax and keep the kids entertained! We show you some options to make a swing by recycling original materials and how to make a fixed structure or, if you prefer, hang it from a tree. Take note and go ahead and make a tree swing


The good weather is coming, and who does not want to enjoy their free time in the garden! Relax and feel comfortable in a more natural environment. A great idea to relax and keep the children entertained is to place a swing in the park. tree swing

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, orchard, or field, go ahead with this DIY activity! tree swing

We teach you how to make different garden swings using recycled materials: tires, skateboards So that. In addition to having fun making it, we do it from a sustainable and more ecological point of view.

We tell you how to make a swing with a classic structure on the ground, and we also teach you how to hang it from a tree!

Take note and get to work!

How to make a classic swing?

If you need to elaborate the swing structure, the classic one anchored to the ground, we leave you this informative and didactic article from the fellow Bricomanía. tree swing

They teach us to step by step how to make it:

How to make a swing

In Bricomanía, we will see how to make a wooden swing outside our home.

How to hang a swing from a tree?

To place a tree swing, we must first consider that the tree we have chosen is made of hardwood, healthy, and strong enough to support a person’s weight and the structure of the swing itself.

The best trees for a swing are oak, maples, or ash. Fruit trees it’s not highly recommended, as they do not have such a strong structure. tree swing

Find a long branch parallel to the ground. It is not too low so that they can swing comfortably once the swing is in place. The ideal height is between 2 and 6 meters with ground clearance. tree swing

So that the swing does not hit the trunk, it must also have a distance between one meter and one and a half meters. On the width of the branch, it must be, in its part closest to the trunk, at least 200 mm wide.

You can make a knot (or two, depending on how you made the seat), although it is always best to screw it.

 Do this, the branch is wholly drilled, and large and thick eyebolts (more than 16 mm) are used to support the weight of the swing.

To fix the eyebolts, you will need washers and nuts and hook the chains or rope, a link, or a carabiner. And ready!

In this case, the most crucial thing is to find the right branch and consider the distances between the swing, the trunk, and the ground.

Make a swing with a skateboard.

A most original idea! If you have a skateboard or scooter that you don’t use or is already somewhat worn out for skating, you can take advantage of the board to make a swing. tree swing

We will use the table as a seat, making two holes in each side and introducing a rope through or a system of chains.

All these materials were found. 

Swing with tire or wheel

A classic of artisanal and homemade swings! We can make a swing differently with a tire (usually a car, although you can use a larger one).

Tires are, perhaps, the recycled material that gives the most possibilities to make a swing.

Don’t hesitate if you want to make a swing out of a tire and are lucky enough to have a tree in your garden that you can use as support!

You can place it vertically, tying the top of the tire so that children can put their body inside and swing or sit on top and hold on to the rope, as you can see in the photo.

If you want it to be a more traditional swing, make four holes in the sides and insert a sturdy rope or chains.

Traditional handmade swing: A wooden plank

If you prefer to make a swing traditionally, you can do it with a wooden plank.

Keep in mind that it has a suitable thickness so that it does not break easily and resist weight, and also that it has an adequate width so that they can sit comfortably. tree swing

The hanging system will be similar to the other ideas, through ropes or chains, to your liking!

Step by step tree swing

Although there are many ways to attach to the swing, and many of them are advanced, we will consider the easiest way to make our tree swing delight everyone who enters the garden? First of all, if we have a sufficiently large and durable tree, we will not need any swing stand. A simple swing on ropes is enough. To begin with, let’s take a flat board about 50 centimeters wide. Let’s trim it evenly, sand it, sharpen it and smooth it, for example, with sandpaper. tree swing

The second step is drilling two holes symmetrically on both sides of the board. This hole must it made in the right places – otherwise, the swing bench may wobble too much, and it becomes inconvenient to keep balance. Then we put the rope through the drilled holes. To hang the swing on a branch, use a knot. Both the string tied at a distance of about.50 centimeters from each other – this corresponds. The length of the swing seat. It is the easiest solution, allowing us to quickly remove and hide the entire toy. tree swing

Other solutions are also available; some use a carabiner for the swing, while others use the tires (which we also write about below). One thing is sure: when we have the right tree, we do not need any house with a swing, anchors driven into the ground, or other accessories for swings. In this way, we can keep it simple!

Metal swing for children

Wooden swings are a classic genre, but metal versions are also on the market. Such structures are lighter than wooden swings, and therefore ground anchors can be helpful. As a rule, the construction of the frame itself and the installation require a bit of effort, but even people without much experience can handle it. In addition, this type of structure seems to be an exciting solution for people looking for a swing for a balcony!

Or maybe a standing log swing?

A wooden swing for children can also be made of logs. It is, of course, an advanced matter that we recommend especially to fans of carpentry. It can also be commissioned to an appropriate team, but we will certainly agree that the design of a swing made this way can win the heart of many people. This type of swing frame is hefty, so anchors for wooden posts that ensure adequate stability of the structure will be helpful. tree swing

Ranking of hammer drills

Children’s swing with backrest

If we want our swing bench also to have a backrest, we recommend that you buy the appropriate model. However, for those more ambitious DIYers, we have an alternative. Such an advanced swing seat requires, first of all, a drill that will allow us to screw the backrest at the right angle. tree swing

We were interested in one of the internet projects where the swing bench was made of simple, seasoned pine wood. A few screws, planing and smoothing, as well as covering with an appropriate protective layer, will allow you to create such a seat. Later, all you need to do is reach for, for example, jute ropes, and our wooden swing for children is ready. Even if the result seems stable, we must emphasize that garden anchor will be very useful. In this way, the swing handle will not tip over even in the strongest wind when a strongly swinging person is on the seat. tree swing

Tire swing – tree swing

As we have already shown, a wood swing is just one of the options. The topic of homemade construction could not be complete without tires. It is an excellent material for a swing as it is a solid and comfortable option. Additionally, it is entirely safe. So how do you do something like that? tree swing

How to make a swing out of a tire?

First of all – where to get a suitable tire? Of course, many people may already have such old, worn or punctured tires or receive them from friends. A vulcanization plant may be another option. Such worn-out and worthless tires usually lie aimlessly in such places, so the owners may be willing to get rid of them if we ask politely. tree swing

Let’s start with the tires drilled on both sides. This way, the water won’t collect inside and leak. We recommend a total of six such drill holes (three per side). Then we pass the rope through the drilled holes. We use pulleys and hoops to reduce the movement to keep the structure safe and the string not to move too much. tree swing

The tire should be hung at the height of forty centimeters if it is a swing for a child. When they grow, it is possible to increase this height to continue to use our structure. tree swing

How to make a swing on a tree? Step-by-step fastening of the swing

A swing in the garden, on the terrace, or on the balcony is a dream of many children and adults. Of course, there are ready-made kits in many stores that you need to assemble. However, in this article, we consider something else – how to make a swing yourself? We care primarily about safety and making the whole process easy, even for people who have little to do with construction and DIY daily. tree swing

Swing for children and adults

Table of contents 

We deliberately point out at the beginning that the swing is not only children’s entertainment. Of course, adults can also relax and rest on it. This solution can be used in various ways, and you can also show your imagination. The following article will show you how diverse your options are. tree swing

The swing in the garden will be perfect during the coming heat.

The summers are getting hotter and hotter, so it is worth finding ways to deal with the excess temperature. So the swings can be a good solution in this matter. Cleverly placed in the shade will provide us with adequate cooling and relaxation. Besides, who wouldn’t want to swing in peace while sipping lemonade or drinking on a summer day? A little effort and such luxury will be at your fingertips!

Ranking of garden hammocks

Swing for the garden – how to prepare?

The swing must be stable and durable, especially if we plan a multi-person model. It is not only about safety issues during use – even a simple swing for a child can break down for the winter. Therefore, we must ensure the appropriate quality and solidity of artistry. tree swing

In addition, the fundamental question is where it should be and what we have a place for in our garden. Additionally, it is worth ensuring some consistency. For example, if we already have other garden furniture made of wood, a swing made of similar materials will undoubtedly look better. tree swing

Balcony owners will only have a slightly tricky task, but also, in this case, something is done. A wooden swing for children can be made by us ourselves. In addition, it is worth looking for natural solutions that the garden will offer us. Therefore, a tree swing can be an exciting option. tree swing

Swing seat – tree swing

Of course, the construction of a swing seat is a fundamental issue. Let’s look at one of the more straightforward solutions, i.e., a simple structure made of boards. In addition, there are numerous ready-made models on the market that are not so expensive at all. So you can consider which purchase will be the best. If we want the swing to satisfy us, the seat will be of the highest quality. tree swing

To manufacture the seat, you will need four boards, two 450 mm long and two 250 mm. We connect them crosswise under both ends of the manufactured structure. This way, we will have a seat measuring 250 by 450 millimeters. On the corners, we drill holes through which we put ropes, chains, or other materials on which we want to hang our homemade seat. tree swing

Of course, this is just one of the ideas. Below, we also describe the swing assembly made of a tire. In addition, if we want to build a multi-person swing, we will have to make a suitable bench that will accommodate several “passengers.” tree swing

Swing chain – tree swing

The chain is undoubtedly a solid solution. Its advantage over the rope is primarily based on its longevity. At the point of friction, it will not develop to serve us for long seasons. On the other hand, the drawback of the chain is that it can “jump” during the swing, and the movement will not be entirely smooth. Therefore, it is good to reach for a model with tiny links or use other technologies and hooks to prevent this problem. We recommend a standard 5mm chain. Let’s check if the selected model is adapted to the appropriate loads.

tree swing

Swing rope

In the case of a rope, the problem may be described above, i.e., rope wear. A home solution to this problem will be to use a suitable metal wheel that will act as a bearing. In this way, we will reduce the threat of this type, and our swing will serve us for many seasons. It is a taste, but we still recommend a chain swing. If we take care of the right solutions, it will be a better option. tree swing

Swing handles – tree swing

You will need appropriate ropes or chains to hang our structure. For a child’s swing to be safe, suitable hammer anchors will be required. When it comes to the upper elements of the system, proper attachment to the frame or branches will ensure our safety. So let’s reach for hooks or hoops to hang the movable part. Attaching the swing to a beam or branch can also be temporarily solved using appropriate knots. In addition, remember that the swing anchor is one of the essential things in the entire project of this type. tree swing

Have you ever seen those pictures of swings or hammocks in the trees? I do, and whenever I see them, I feel great relaxation and peace; love them; I had always wanted to be able to have something like this in the garden when I was little and when I was not so little! tree swing

But our outdoor space is limited, and there is not enough to plant many trees, or we cannot walk through the garden! So one day, I said to myself, why not hang a swing on our outings to the mountain? And the truth is that it is much simpler than I thought and a total success. tree swing

I recommend everyone to try it. For those of you who do not go out to the field a little, it is an ideal way to motivate children to play outside and start spending more time outdoors. And to those of you who already go out often, it’s just that it’s enjoyable!! And an excellent resource for those moments when you suddenly don’t know what to do or a change of dynamics is necessary. tree swing

I detail the most important benefits:

It simultaneously stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, which favors the connections between them. These connections are essential for learning rhythm, spatial perception, balance, or coordination.

– Stimulates the cerebral cortex, which is the part of the brain that favors concentration. tree swing

– It favors gross motor skills (torso impulse, stretching and picking up the legs, etc.) and fine motor skills (handgrip).

– It helps in sensory integration, which is how the brain organizes and interprets the information from the senses. tree swing

– It’s relaxing. Have you observed how many times children fall asleep almost with the rocking?

But if we also swing in the forest, it is doubly fun, calming and one feels a state of freedom and harmony with the environment. tree swing


1. Wooden swing – tree swing

The swing is the essential element of all, the one that I would not hesitate to have at home and hang from here to there. You can buy loose items, just the swing base with the ropes, nothing else. I recommend you look for a light swing to transport it easily. tree swing

The trapeze will give even more play if you have older children since it allows you to swing and do stunts simultaneously. Here you have a simple and easy-to-use trapeze.

2. Rope ladder

The rope ladder is excellent for all ages. The little ones only go up the first steps and sit there, swinging or doing various balances. The older ones go up to the top or even turn upside down!

Here you can see our rope ladder.

3. Climbing rope

The climbing rope is another specific item to hang and use in the woods.

The little ones will use it to balance as if it were a vine, or they will be able to climb it if you knot it near the tree and use it as a support point. From 6 years old (although you already know that each child is different), they begin to have the strength to climb it. tree swing

We have a thick rope with wide knots to support and facilitate the ascent.

4. Carrying a scarf or cloth – tree swing

is a resource that I love. Very versatile. It’s used to climb and rotate as in the circus, like a hammock, as a hiding place 

The carrying scarves are special to hold a lot of weight, but you can use any twill fabric or, in any case, one that is resistant to support the weight of children. tree swing

In the photographs, you can see my favorite star showing her circus skills with the scarf.

5. Hammock – tree swing

Finally, I will show you this hammock that at home is a success. It is straightforward to put on; you have to tie it with a single point to a tree. It is from Jugaia, where, by the way, they have many other interesting little things in the outdoor section.

You can also place it inside if you have a hook on the ceiling. tree swing


Hanging swings or ladders in trees is a lot of fun, but some basic ideas to keep in mind.

– Look at the type of tree: it goes without saying, but you have to look for hardwood trees. Avoid fruit trees, pine, and diseased trees to avoid damage to the tree or the child. tree swing

– Look at the branches. The branches must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a certain length from the trunk out to be able to hang the swing (approximately 1 meter, but it depends on what you turn, of course)
  • Be 18-20 centimeters in diameter to support children’s weight and not damage the tree.
  • Look for branches that are not very high so that the swing is around 30 centimeters from the ground.

-To hang the structures, you need a rope that connects the swing (or another system) with the tree branch. Make sure to tie it well to avoid incidents. We also use carabiners to join the structure with the rope tied to the unit so that as soon as we want to change the element, we only have to open the carabiner and change what we were using for what we want to use .tree swing

And so far, everything I can tell you about hanging swings and other elements in the trees. I hope you are encouraged to try it if you have not already done so. In our case, any excuse is good to go outside and swing! tree swing

How do you hang a swing?

Image result for How to hang a swing from a beam
You can make a knot (or two, depending on how you made the seat), although it is always best to screw it. Do this, the branch is wholly drilled, and large and thick eyebolts (more than 16 mm) are used, which will support the weight of the swing.

How much space do I need for a hammock?

2.5 m. These distances are a reference. If more space is available, the rope can compensate for the distance. If you do not have enough space, you can raise the height to which the hammock will be attached, as long as there is no difference of more than 25-30 cm.

What distance is needed to place a hammock?

The hammock requires two support or anchoring points, preferably with at least 3 meters between them. These support points can be Beams, beams, or solid wood columns—tall trees.

The space needed to hang a hammock

But to feel comfortable, it is necessary to install it correctly, whether inside the house, on a balcony, or in the garden. First, you must find the ideal place

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