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12 Mind blowing wind chimes for homes & Office

wind chimes

12 Mind blowing wind chimes for homes & Office

The wind chime is an easy instrument to use, but it can cause some doubt. It is better to know more things that maybe you did not know about wind chimes. In the next section, you will find valuable information.

A wind chime will fill any space in your house with harmony. (Source: takadahiroto: 47324551 / 123rf)

How does a wind chime work, and what other names does it have?

Most wind chimes are activated when the weather vane picks up a gentle breeze. The clapper is the weight that hits the tubes and makes them vibrate, then produces a delicate sound. Wind chimes have other names. If you know the different names of wind chimes, you will find the ideal one for you. Next, you will see a list of other recognized names for wind chimes.

  • Windchime
  • Furin (Japanese model) ( 3 )
  • Angel caller
  • Windchimes  (English)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wind chime?

The wind chimes will be a decoration that will fill any space in your home with harmony, among other benefits. In the following list, you will find the pros and cons that we see about wind chimes:


  • They are an original decoration
  • They help to meditate
  • It’s sound full of energy
  • They give vitality to spaces


  • They need cleaning
  • Can’t control the sound

Where are the best places to put a wind chime?

If you are thinking about where to put a wind chime, it is best to do it in a space that needs vitality. Places like the bathroom corner, front door, or the corner of a room are the best places. If you place a wind chime in the corners of your home, you will fill it with

good energy, and it will improve your mood. ( 1 )Another place to install your wind chime is outside your home. Gardens, balconies, and garages are the best places. If you want to put a wind chime outside, make sure its materials are weather resistant.

When to buy a wind chime?

Wind chimes make an excellent gift. Currently, people prefer objects that have a dual-use, for example, wind chimes that can be a nice decoration and a charm for good luck. Neo esotericism combines elements of design and superstitions that will give good energy to your home. ( 2 )Wind chimes are ideal for any occasion, thanks to their different models.

Your home can benefit from the freshness and beauty of a wind chime. Perhaps the best time to install a wind chime is in summer; according to Japanese culture, the wind blows gently on this date, and our wind chime will produce sweet sounds.

Wind chimes are instruments that are easy to use and make beautiful sounds. They harmonize the environment, fill any space with good luck and energy. (Source: Cheung: 149925429 / 123rf)

What are the alternatives to a wind chime?

With a wind chime, the alternatives depend on your needs. Its most common use is for feng shui,  decorative, and meditation. Regardless of the specific services, a wind chime will be a complement that will give your home beauty. Another alternative is outdoor decoration. Wind chimes do not ring but glow in the dark; they are ideal for setting parties or moments full of intimacy and magic.

Purchase criteria

If you decide to buy a wind chime, we recommend you consider the following aspects. The purchase criteria will help you make the best decision that suits your convenience and taste. The information we provide you here summarizes the main characteristics of the best wind chimes on the market.


The materials your wind chime is made of will determine its sound and duration. That is why you must consider the materials that make it up before buying one. Below is a table that will help you visualize the attributes of each one.


Aluminum metal high Strong

brass Half a Little bit

Glass high Little bit

Plastic Half Does not have

Wood high Half


The design depends on the manufacturer and the culture the wind chime represents. Oriental ones are the most popular for feng shui style decorationAnother oriental design is the furin bell from Japan. Apart from the traditional designs, we can find modern wind chimes, with led lights and designs of stars, animals, and insects.

They also have other names like a wind chime, angel caller, Furin, and windchimes. (Source: reality images: 121453891 / 123rf)

To decide the design of your wind chime, we recommend that you take your time. You can find modern and traditional methods that will adapt to the decoration of your home. There is an impressive variety of models in the market; if you have problems deciding, it is best to consult the recommendations.


Size is an essential factor. Find a wind chime that fits the space you want to install it in. The sound is different depending on the size of the bell; the longer and broader the sound will be. The bigger they are, the heavier they will be; their weight determines how easily they sway in the wind and how loud they sound.

Before buying, calculate the measurements of the wind chime you need. When choosing your wind chime, consider whether you want it for interior, exterior, office, near a window, or inside a room. Please verify that the manufacturer specifies the length by the wind chime’s width and its aerodynamics according to the shape; these aspects determine that the sound is adequate for each space.

For indoor or outdoor

This aspect is essential since designs cannot be outdoors due to their materials. To avoid the wrong time, verify that your wind chime is suitable for the space in which you want to install it.

Wind chimes that contain paper in their design are for indoor use. Some wind chimes are only decorative and do not produce sounds; they are suitable for offices or shared spaces. Outdoor wind chimes are typically heavy metal and ring in high winds.

Tuning the sounds

Most wind chimes produce a sound determined by their material and shape. The finesse of the sound depends on the manufacturing. Some wind chimes are handcrafted and tuned to create unique sounds.

Tuned wind chimes are considered handcrafted; this raises their price. Before purchasing a specially tuned wind chime, view the build time, materials, and where you plan to install it.

The specially tuned wind chimes are ideal for harmonizing the atmosphere of your home.


The wind chime is more than a decoration. It offers your unique home energy, good fortune, and peace. It’s easy to install, and with suitable materials, it can last a long time outdoors. Their sound is unique, and you can enjoy their company while you meditate or work. Your family will feel the warmth of home together with the freshness of the renewing wind and its melodious vibration.

A wind chime is an ideal object for people of any age. Choose between the different designs and uses for other spaces. Regardless of your choice, keep in mind that a wind chime reminds us how important it is to feel at home.

The wind chimes are decorative objects that bring harmony, peace, and tranquility and absorb and redirect energy to achieve a harmonious aura of positive vibes and well-being.

With the wind chimes, we will also create a more prosperous and positive environment, favoring good energy throughout the place. 

But they keep many more secrets, and in this specialized guide, we will discover them all.

What Are Wind Chimes?

Wind Chimes

The wind chimes are hanging objects composed of sturdy tubes surrounding a pendulum; the pendulum being moved by a gust of wind hits said lines or formal elements creating a soothing sound soft.

In various cultures, it is widespread to hear about wind chimes and their advantages to the home and the harmony of places and salt lamps.

These bells or chimes work in various cultures as an accessory available in entrances or places with wind flows to absorb the negative energies that accumulate there, creating a harmonic atmosphere free of bad “chi” or “qui” supporting an energy balance.

Wind Chimes Meaning

The meaning of the wind chime is unique since they are harmonizing accessories of energy, where opposing forces move away due to the calming sound emitted by the flow of the wind through the metal tubes of each bell. 

The pleasant sound emitted favors energy balance since it activates good energies, creating a natural energy balance.

Atmosphere full of harmony, tranquility, peace, and an ideal environment to develop practices such as meditation

Regardless of whether the room is lonely or full of people, the current of air or wind generates the movement and the shock of these metal tubes that create a unique harmony.

Favoring balancegood fortunepositivity, and good vibes will circulate throughout the room. 

Wind Chimes Buy

Buying wind chimes is the perfect option for giving their home, terrace, or any space a unique and spiritual touch.

Please get rid of bad energies and bring the harmonypeace, and tranquility that only a wind chime can give us to that particular corner.

Where to buy a wind chime or which one to buy is something that we will also explain in this guide.

There are different models and styles of wind chimes, and in this guide, we will show you the ten best wind chimes to buy at the best price.

Best Wind Chimes

Our selection of the ten best wind chimes is based on offering the best products of each type.

And always taking into account the quality and price, that is why these are the best Vietnamese bells on the market that you can buy for your home.

Traditional Chinese 4 Tube BWINKAThe standard Chinese model offered by BWINKA is a bell composed of 4 vintage-style bronze tubes accompanied by five bells, a top made of wood, a resistant nylon cord, and ornaments.

It stands out for being a handmade accessory, in addition to transmitting a clear and harmonic sound with a cheerful tone. 

Aesthetically speaking, it is a beautiful accessory with a structure deeply rooted in Chinese culture, creating a visual spectacle while absorbing bad energies and attracting luck to your home.

1. Traditional Chinese 4 Tube BWINKA

The standard Chinese model offered by BWINKA is a bell composed of 4 vintage-style bronze tubes accompanied by five bells, a top made of wood, a resistant nylon cord, and ornaments.

It stands out for being a handmade accessory, in addition to transmitting a clear and harmonic sound with a cheerful tone. 

Aesthetically speaking, it is a beautiful accessory with a structure deeply rooted in Chinese culture, creating a visual spectacle while absorbing bad energies and attracting luck to your home.

2. Woodstock Chimes Tree Of Life

On the other hand, Woodstock Chimes offers a unique design, in which the tree of life is presented as part of the structure of the wind chime.

It has a silver finish and a size of 46 centimeters, with four metal tubes and a beautiful tree of life finish.

The harmonious sound it gives off is characteristic since its melodies, notes, and scales counteract lousy energy and attract good luck

3. Indian Elephant Bell 

Although wind chimes are related to Chinese culture and its roots, it is possible to find exciting variations that mix other cultures, such as the Indian elephant bell.

It is an exciting accessory made up of recycled iron and two elephants characteristic of Indian culture. Its size is 25 × 73 centimeters and creates a different atmosphere while producing a charming sound.  

4. Handmade Chime

This chime or wind chime is made entirely by hand, using bamboo and coconut as raw materials to build this bell that gives off an exquisite melody.

A beautiful fair trade bell with six tubes will give a unique, spiritual, and tribal touch.

The size is 50 centimeters in total. Its appearance is very traditional or handmade, ideal to be used in more open-air rooms and in conjunction with other classical or folkloric elements. 

5. Woodstock Chimes Polaris Wind Chime

Woodstock Chimes also offers the Polaris wind chime, nicknamed the North Star.

Its structure consists of 22 centimeters with five aluminum tubes, parts in wood finish, and removable wind traps, so customization is the best possible.

This bell has a melody that characterizes the bell company, creating harmonic notes and pentatonic scale—g, B flat, C, D, and F.

6. BEADS Natural Spiral Shell Wind Chime

BEADS offers us a wind chime made from totally natural shells.

Which stands out for the beauty and aesthetics of this 100% organic sand-brown structure. It was built with iron wire, natural shells, and a fishing line.

Its size is 23.52 centimeters long, and its composition of natural shells creates a delicate melody with a sweet hue, where softness, love, and security for the home are given off.

7. Indian Wind Chime With Recycled Material

This recycled material-based Indian wind chime is a handcrafted structure made of recycled iron.

Its elegant and beautiful shape also offers a delightful and harmonious sound, hand-built with iron bells and glass beads.

Its appearance will transport us to India, filling the place where it is placed with peace, energy, and spirituality.

8. Traditional Chinese Wind Chime With 10 Tubes

The traditional Chinese wind chime model, composed of 10 pipes, ornaments, vented and five bronze-based bells, is a handcrafted structure with a conventional Chinese finish.

Made with wood, bronze, and nylon cord, it has a very harmonic melody and timbres, creating a transparent and happy sound that attracts money, luck, and good luck.

9. Yizunnu Garden Wind Chime

Mizuno offers a carillon of metal ideal for the garden, with a height of 40 centimeters and an elegant design for indoor and outdoor.

The wind chime has a dragon and phoenix engraving, which symbolize good fortune and that, together with the pleasant sound it generates, manages to create a wonderful atmosphere in the place.

10. Japanese Wind Chime

This tuned Japanese wind chime, on the other hand, has a slightly different structure than the more common wind chimes since it is made up of a resonance tube supported by cords welded to a metal plate found at the base of it.

This bell, handmade in Japan, generates a more precise and clear sound so that the chords are gradually mastered and create a harmonic atmosphere different from other wind chimes.

Japanese Wind Chimes

As the last of the neutral list, the wind chimes Japanese express a bit of culture and preferences of Japan are custom carillons to the maximum, so there is no doubt that its origin is Japan, which is why these have a name own, called Furin

The Future is exceptional chimes with a fresh and straightforward theme. Japanese culture is highlighted through water, fish, and even insects that refer to the sweet and warm summer. 

As for where and when to place the Fuurin wind chimes, they are mainly used to express. Beautify the arrival of summer. Being placed on windows or doors when summer is just beginning. in that way beautifies, attracts good fortune. and matches the freshness that summer transmits. 

11. Zen Wind Chimes

The wind chimes-style Zen bells are specially designed to be where beauty, harmony, and balance are present, representing the way of life and the various scenarios. 

These chimes usually have a particular structure and design, all fully assembled in a specific way, where each element of the bell has its meaning.

As for what the Zen-type wind chimes are for, they are no longer a simple decoration, and they begin to be a powerful energy harmonizer within the garden.

12. Feng Shui Wind Chimes

You will also find wind chimes specially designed to be used in Feng Shui, an oriental discipline or belief based on vibrations, energy, and the accumulation of it called “chi.” 

But what are the wind chimes for in this traditional oriental technique? These serve as harmonizers or stabilizers of the “chi” since the energy is presented in vibration just like sound does. 

In this way, the vibrations of the melody produced by the bell direct and guide all energies throughout the entire room, attracting good fortune, positivism, and functioning as a powerful magnet of good luck. These chimes work as excellent support for Feng Shui, creating balance, balance, and harmony throughout the place.

Wind Chimes In Turkey

The wind chimes are essential accessories for Turkish culture, where they use these Harmonizing as a decorative and a piece that drives away bad energy. 

As for what the wind chimes in Turkey mean, they represent an amulet against the evil eye, known in that way for being a series of negative energies that are emitted by hostile or envious people through thought or look inflicting damage. About the other person. 

These bells are made up of structures with “eyes of Fatima” or Mazars that mean an amulet against the evil eye in Turkey and can also be used in wind chimes.

In this way, this structure creates a melodic sound while protecting the home from bad energies, the evil eye, and the envy of bad people.

Where To Put The Wind Chimes?

The place where to put or place the wind chimes has to be spatially located in the vicinity. Air inlet to be a constant flow of wind through that place, which causes the movement and the sound of each chime. 

Chimes are commonly used on windows or terraces, as it creates a unique decoration, which is entirely palpable from the outside of the home while attracting good fortune and good luck. 

Its location at the door is prevalent since it represents a protection for the home because it absorbs bad energies, envy, and negative thoughts before they can enter and accumulate in the house’s rooms.

Another place is the garden or terrace, where they are more exposed to the wind and, therefore, its movement and sound.

Where To Put Feng Shui Wind Chimes?

The most common is placed above the doors or in the house’s corner, preferably the west or northwest.

These locations allow an energy balance and a harmonic atmosphere; however, there must be an air inlet nearby with a constant fluid to generate its harmonious sound.

This spatial organization is not the only or mandatory one; different spaces can be adapted in the house as long as stable. Balance and the accumulation of good chi are maintained in the place, such as where you have your acupressure mat to meditate or your zen garden.

Where are the wind chimes placed?

It is believed that, following the rules of Feng Shui, harmony and the accumulation of good energy or chi (ki in Japanese and prana in Sanskrit) is fostered. According to this art, the wind (Feng) disperses energy. Therefore, it is advisable to place wind chimes where there is a draft or above a door. 14-May-2020

What are wind chimes?

The chimes, mobiles, or wind chimes are powerful energy harmonizers. Its magic has captivated different cultures throughout humanity, and the Sioux Indians already used it to drive away bad energies and protect their villages from evil spirits and harmful forces.

What are the bells that move with the wind called?

Wind chimes are percussion instruments made of tubes, rods, bells, and other suspended objects, generally wood or metal.

What do the wind chimes mean in Turkey?

Great gift for family and friends on birthdays and holidays, which means peace, safety, health, and happiness.

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