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10 outstanding square coffee table 2022

square coffee table

10 outstanding square coffee table 2022

The square coffee table brings a certain harmony to a living room with four equal sides. A valuable asset, it also becomes aesthetic when chosen for its noble materials, a modern or original design. If you are looking for that rare gem, this selection offers you multiple inspirations, from the most practical to the most atypical.

1. Square top with TIPTOE modular legs

The low version of the modular legs of the French brand TIPTOE allows you to create a living room table from the top of your choice. Therefore, they are available in ten colours: black, yellow, green, blue, red, pink, white, etc.

Ideal for focusing on light-coloured reminders to match the atmosphere of your space, these metal feet can also check a vintage or industrial-type decoration. The publisher also offers complete sets, like this model equipped with an oak base and black legs. To be found at TIPTOE.

2. Square coffee table in solid teak

In this bohemian interior, we discover a square teak coffee table with a side of 80 centimetres. This model with two solid wood trays displays a raw and refined style, timeless. As here, it goes particularly well with light or powdery shades.

A decorative tip for copying: dare the card of non-conformism by placing the table askew about the carpet, not in the centre, but a corner. To find at Tikamoon

3. White square design coffee table

This sleek design metal coffee table stands out for its dazzling whiteness. Apart from its very characteristic colour, it is also distinguished by its top incorporating a circular recess. Thus this creation will reconcile those who hesitate between a round or a square shape. Likewise, it offers a natural boundary for placing accessories, books, meal trays.

By choosing a white table, the decorator of this living room is playing on the contrast with the charcoal grey tiled floor. An atypical bias from which it may be wise to draw inspiration! Find it at PIB.

4. Square glass coffee table with wheels

Two ecru sofas surround a black and white carpet in this living room. We discover a symbolic creation of Design: the square-shaped tempered glass coffee table with casters designed by Gae Aulenti for Fontana Arte’s publisher.

With its transparent top, black wheels, and shallow height, this piece of furniture stands out from the range available in decoration shops. This unique piece plays with codes by displaying what we usually hide: imposing casters, the top crystalline. 

Particularly suited to contemporary decor, this piece of furniture has many advantages: it can be moved easily (which is very practical for cleaning) and adapt to all living spaces in your home. To find at

5. Colourful square coffee table with minimalist design

In this Cubit furnished living room, we appreciate a harmonious whole with clean lines. The brand, which defines its products as “modular design furniture, ” fulfils its promises. The adjoining modular sofas form a comfortable relaxation space, and a wall shelf with geometric shapes surmounts them to create functional and decorative areas.

On the other side, a colourful living room table with a minimalist design. It is one of the most recent brand models and has been designed to be attached directly to the chair. A daring bias that creates surprise.

In painted steel, its matt colour adds an atypical touch while subtlety.

One can notice on its lower plate of the rising edges, convenient so that the objects arranged in this place remain well in their area. To be found at Cubit.

6. Raw spirit for this square-shaped coffee table in solid oak

In this beige and sea green set, this square-shaped living room table in solid oak comes to dress the room with authenticity.

The slatted top and log legs seem straight out of a forest. They evoke the beauty of a raw and living material, of a beautiful piece to bring together the fireplace with conviviality like a campfire. To find at La Redoute .

7. Square black metal coffee table

All in finesse, this square black metal coffee table will delight those who wish to bet on a decorative touch without overdoing it. The black metallic base blends into the decor with fine lines that will be forgotten. Meanwhile, the glass top offers an almost invisible surface to put personal effects or decoration.

As can be seen here, it is also an excellent choice to add a chic and practical touch to a living room that is already well furnished. To find at La Redoute .

8. Square living room table with metal structure and wooden top

Here is an inspiration that we can draw from to furnish a loft or an apartment. In this beautiful space, the warmth of ocher tones and the luminosity of a square wooden and metal living room table stand out against a cold waxed concrete floor. Ready to accommodate cups of coffee and flutes of champagne, a serving tray with golden reflections brings a touch of sparkle and glamour.

This marriage of materials finds all the taste of modern and warm decoration in a more neutral interior. To find at La Redoute .

9. Marquetry top for a square coffee table

Fine connoisseurs will be charmed by the refined spirit of this square coffee table with a marquetry top. Like a reminder of the broken wooden floor, the mosaic top invites contemplation and a certain amount of care. We appreciate its delicate Design and the grace it can bring to a Haussmann-style apartment.

For a daring touch and to mark its style, as here, it can be placed on an animal skin effect rug. To find at La Redoute .

Square glass and metal coffee table

Living room table or storage unit? We draw on both uses for a room with multiple possibilities, arranged on a Berber carpet. Metal, glass, wood, each material is used differently. square coffee table

Metal, to frame the whole with elegance and harmony in an industrial style. The glass on which you can put your drink, a book. It also lets second support show through to have more decorative effects.

Finally, wood to create a niche in which we can store, even hide, electronic devices or more massive parts. In short, 80 x 80 cm of style and tips! 

10. Marble coffee table by AM.PM

This model will not “leave you unmoved,” and for a good reason, it relies everything on this noble material and character. Whether you are a fan of this raw material or looking for originality, this coffee table will hold your attention. It also exists in different colours, from the darkest to the lightest. The smoothness of the feet further emphasizes the importance for its creator of giving pride of place to the material.

Square coffee table

Good to know: the mottles are not marked in the same way for each part. A great way to afford a piece of furniture like no other. To find at La Redoute .

Square coffee table in a living room with Scandinavian decor

In this old renovated barn, a Scandinavian spirit comes to live in a living room in which we would like to live. Plush materials, wooden accessories, exposed beam so many invitations to let go of everyday life.

A square coffee table in solid oak slats finds its place perfectly in the middle of this cocoon. Each well-marked and carefully assembled slat feels like it’s just been made. Its height of just under 40 cm brings perfect consistency with the sofa. To be found at Maisons du Monde . v

The best coffee tables are essential decorative furniture to make the house more charming and elegant. It can support food, books, magazines, and remote control and can also keep decorative objects.

Over time, as with other types of furniture, coffee tables also gained new details and models.

Best Coffee Tables in 2021

Coffee Table With Modern Design

As a result, nowadays, if you want to purchase a piece of furniture of this type, you will have a wide range of options to choose from.

So to give you a hand in this mission, this article is full of very important information and, in the end, you’ll still find out which are the best coffee tables.

Learn more about coffee tables

First, the coffee table is a table that is more elongated than it is high. It is usually placed in the living room in front of the sofa or armchair to fulfil its main function.

This position is ideal for taking full advantage of this piece of furniture’s support. It makes it easy to support drinks, books, magazines and decorative objects.

And if you like to hold meetings at home, the coffee table is excellent for supporting drinks and food in a conversation circle. square coffee table

To contribute to the organization of your home, some tables and centres have extra spaces to store various objects. It is common for them to have drawers or even a chest-like compartment.

Most coffee tables are made of wood or metal and may not have glass parts.

But of course, these are not the only characteristics of a coffee table. There are hundreds of different models.

If you’re looking for some decorating tips, check out this article and find out how to organize your coffee table.

Are you investing in a single coffee table or a set?

Before buying a coffee table for your home, it is essential to consider the available space in the environment. So you can choose an item with suitable measures.

In addition, taking into account the decoration of the place and the Design of the other items present is also important for creating a harmonious environment.

If you have a small room, it’s best to choose a versatile table that helps you organize your room and support items occasionally. square coffee table

On the other hand, if you have a large room with plenty of space available, you can opt for tables of different sizes and heights to provide a nice modern and sophisticated effect. It is possible to combine coffee tables of different shapes as well.

You can even combine coffee tables with side tables, as long as the chosen objects are harmonious and match the environment in which they will be inserted.

What to consider when comparing coffee table types

Coffee tables are very useful and versatile furniture and, precisely for this reason; new models do not stop appearing on the market. square coffee table

Thus, if you decide to take one to your home, you will certainly be in doubt about which is the best option.

But it is worth noting that for your coffee table to fulfil its real function, it needs to have the right features, which are perfectly suited to your profile and needs. Then see what the main features you should look out for are.


Nowadays, coffee tables are no longer just rectangular pieces of wood as they used to be.

Despite this being a traditional model, nowadays there are tables of different shapes, which influences a lot on the appearance of your environment.

Some formats are more modern; others feel that the environment is wider or smaller. Finally, the Design also influences the movement of people through the domain in question.

So choose a format that will fit your home environment. And if you want something more modern, invest in small triangular tables, for example.


Coffee tables are always lower than traditional tables, but there are many different sizes.

A good tip is that the table you choose is approximately knee-high when you’re shopping. This way, you will always have the objects at hand. square coffee table

As mentioned before, you can also combine more than one coffee table for a more modern and sophisticated look.


The material with which the coffee table is manufactured is one of the main features differentiating the models.

Depending on the chosen item, it has different effects on the environment, providing more beauty, modern style, and sophistication.

Tables made of metal and mirrors give the room a more modern feel, while wooden tables are generally more classic and sophisticated.

But far beyond the style of the table, the material also gives the furniture greater or lesser durability. Those made of metal and solid wood are the most durable. square coffee table

On the other hand, MDF and MDP are less resistant. But, on the other hand, they usually cost much less than solid wood furniture.


The colour of the coffee tables is a very important characteristic, which is directly related to the type of material.

Wooden tables, for example, can have natural tones that vary widely between lighter and darker.

Metal ones usually come in chrome, white, or black, but this can vary. square coffee table

Be aware that not all colours match all types of materials, nor do they look good in any environment, inserted in any decoration.

The most important thing is determining whether you want a more discreet piece or a more flashy and modern piece. It is easier to choose the best shade for your home from this.

What are the best coffee tables?

There was a time when coffee tables were all the same and only served to support objects. Currently, they are part of the decoration of the house and, therefore, they can have different colours, textures, designs and formats.

It is difficult to choose the most suitable one with so many options. So, to guide your purchase, below, you will discover the best coffee tables in 2021 for fearless shopping.

Good and Cheap Round Coffee Table

Pinewood feet / Style: contemporary and classic

A round coffee table is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who want a more beautiful and showy environment without neglecting the modern touch.

Because it’s round, this table looks great in both larger and smaller environments. Its format also contributes to better circulation. square coffee table

The legs of this table are made of pinewood that has great strength and durability. Its varnished top has the shine your environment needs to be charming

Coffee Table with Modern Design

Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 39 cm / Material: MDF and MDP structure and UV finish

The Mobly coffee table has a more retro feel and perfectly fits your living room or office decor.

It is excellent for giving the environment more life and the touch of sophistication and refinement you need.

But in addition to being beautiful, it is also produced in resistant material, designed to provide excellent durability to the furniture.

Finally, the toothpick gives the piece a vintage yet contemporary feel. It will make your home more beautiful and charming.


Coffee tables are essential furniture for both the organization and the decoration of your living room.

Different types of objects can be supported. And when they are well-chosen and arranged, this gives an extra charm. square coffee table

In addition, these small tables are useful to support snacks and drinks at a family gathering or among friends, for example.

But a piece of furniture with so many uses also has a huge diversity of models. So to choose well, use the suggestion of the best coffee tables that we left in this article. square coffee table

The coffee table is the real star in the living room, along with the sofa. The life of your living room revolves around the area that this furniture makes up. Taking care of its Design, how practical it must be to adjust to your needs, and the correct measurements will facilitate the dynamism of the room.

How to choose the coffee table

Starting from the basis that you have already chosen the furniture for the living room and its distribution, you should take into account some tips:

  • The coffee table and sofa should be chosen together — the two must coordinate, especially if you have more than one sofa or chair to create the seating area. square coffee table
  • Give prominence to only one of them —If the sofa (or sofas) are very showy, choose a discreet coffee table and vice versa. You can select a table that attracts attention with sofas with straight lines and neutral or black colours. The important thing is to avoid sharp contrasts.
  • The shape of the table should be adjusted to the distribution of the rest area —This makes it easy to use from any seat. The most versatile is the rectangular one. Both the round and the square will force you to expand the rest area, very important. square coffee table

Measurements and dimensions of the coffee tables

Although they may vary according to your tastes and the dimensions of your living room, keep these measurements in mind.

  1. Coffee tables usually measure 120 x 80 centimeters and their standard heigh centimeters centimetres.  As a general guide, keep in mind that you should never exceed the size of the sofa. If you exceed that, you will prevent the continuity of the line of sight of the television, a window, the door and, in addition, it will cease to be comfortable.
  2. Between the table and the sofas or seats, you will need between 50 and 60 centimetres of distance so that the circulation is fluid. square coffee table
  3. Choose the size of the table according to the distribution of the seating area. There are three common distributions: ‘U’ shaped, ‘L’ shaped, or parallel. A rectangular table is suitable for all. Depending on the measurements of the sofas and the dimensions of the living room, you may have to buy a larger coffee table. Another solution is to put two squares, twins, that cover more space. square coffee table
  4. If the space between the seating areas is very large, forgo round or square ones. Small sofas are more practical, but the greater their diameter, the more meters you will have to dedicate to the rest area.

Table materials and models

We find coffee tables of all kinds of material, from wooden tables, more traditional, to modern design tables or glass tables through iron, wrought iron or a mixture of two or more of them: wrought iron and glass, wood and glass. Or forging and timber.

In addition to those that have similar characteristics, although different sizes or materials of this type of furniture, you will also find innovative designs, almost sculptural or pieces that, although they are not properly tables, do that function, such as trunks, suitcases, pouffes and stools Or, for example, a converted wooden pallet.

Coffee table functions

Also called coffee, although there are slight differences in its origin, it has a multipurpose function.

  • Mark the centre in the rest and gathering area. square coffee table
  • It is used to have snacks, a tabletop drink or coffee or tea in a social gathering in an area that encourages conversation.
  • The television is often in front of you, so it will likely get a lot of use.
  • If you have small children, they will use it as a desk and game table because of its low height.
  • It will serve to highlight a piece in which you are interested, books, vases with flowers or boxes. Some have a display drawer whose contents can be seen through the glass of the envelope. It is the ideal place for one of your collections.
  • You can choose multipurpose tables with storage space or liftable for the game.

In furniture, the time has taught us that imagination and creativity do a wonderful job in our living rooms.

The most eccentric style

The coloured glass, the unexpected shapes, the striking patterns of the coffee tables are also the pieces with which to capture glances or put a personal note, even eccentricity in the room. The sofas can accompany you if you are looking for an ornate set or, preferably, play with neutrality. This Peti Lau room is over the top in its decoration. Maximalism decorates walls with very dark tones, combined with colour on the floor and in textiles.

Do you like tall coffee tables?

Ideally, the height of the coffee table should not exceed the size of the sofa seat. This key must always be applied when a single coffee table is incorporated into the living area. But if you like high tables, opt for several auxiliary or nest-type designs, as in this room from the Molins Design studio, and “elevate” one of them. Of course, it is a design with a light structure. In this room, the play of colours between the coffee tables and the upholstery of the main sofa is a success, as well as the rounded line of the tables that decorate a not too wide central space.

Between two sofas, a narrow coffee table

Two facing sofas or sofa and armchairs that create two parallel lines, without leaving too much space between them, cry out for a narrow rectangular coffee table. Enough a width of 50 cm. It can even be a bank. Set up two square side tables as a centrepiece or small round or irregular tablets if you want to break the symmetry.

Can a coffee table be square?
Square Coffee Tables

A single square coffee table would be small and awkward with a long rectangular sofa, leaving your seating area unbalanced. Thus, doubling the squares gives your living room a more balanced and cohesive look. Plus, with two squares, you get double the area! 13-Aug-2020

How big should a square coffee table be?

Pay attention to the proportions.

Specifically, your coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of your sofa. So, for a 96-inch sofa, you should be looking for a 64-inch long coffee table. 01-March-2021

What to put on a square coffee table?

On square coffee tables, try dividing the area into quadrants and display an arrangement of four main elements: a stack of books, a large plant, a tray, or a collection of bowls, for example. This grid is organized and dynamic at the same time. Move the items to the four quadrants until you reach the best display.

How do you style a centre table?

  • Look up and down. Nothing is noticed when all the elements are at the same eye level.
  • Company of Three. The old rule of three is handy for styling your coffee table.
  • Contrasting colours.
  • Choose sides.
  • Go green.
  • Use a tray.
  • Be entertaining.
  • Examine each angle.

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