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10 Picnic Blankets To Use for Any Outdoor Activity

Picnic Blankets

10 Picnic Blankets To Use for Any Outdoor Activity

What do you usually imagine when you hear “picnic” or “barbecue”? Most of us imagine home-cooked food packed in baskets – delicious sandwiches, fizzy drinks, or beer – and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of home and the city. Another thing that people often imagine is a picnic blanket, a warm and cozy piece of carpet, in which they settle themselves, picnic blankets

What is a picnic blanket?

their family, or their friends. Please take a look at our selection of the ten best picnic blankets and choose the one that fits your needs. You will even find some multifunctional models that bring great comfort to your rest. picnic blankets

For those consumers who often go camping or hiking and like to spend the night outdoors, we recommend that you buy a sleeping bag to exclude spiders and creepy bugs and prevent moisture from entering. Please read our review of the most popular bags and choose the one you like best. Also, if you love lounging around in winter and playing snowballs and walking the quiet, icy streets, you might be interested in hand warmers. You will not be afraid of being cold with them, even when you spend a lot of time outdoors.

1. Bearz Outdoor Picnic Blankets

We have chosen this blanket to open our TOP because it is very light and comfortable.

Available in various colors, this waterproof picnic blanket is ultralight and compact. It can be folded to take up very little space in your suitcase. The moisture-wicking fabric is highly durable and puncture-resistant. It is easy to clean: shake it, and all impurities slide off, including sand.

2. Extsud 200 x 150 waterproof picnic blankets

In TOP 2, we chose this blanket because it is soft on the skin.

It is made with three layers of materials ( velvet, Eva, and epe ) to maximize comfort when sitting. It can also be used on slightly damp ground or grass and cleaned with a wet cloth. Once folded, it takes up very little space (37×25 cm) and is easily transported in your suitcase.


Extsud 200 x 150 cm Couverture de pique-nique, Tapis Pliable Souple, avec…

  • 100% brand new and high quality. Made of 3 layers of different materials: Velvet + EVA +…
  • Large size: 200 x 150 cm. But with foldable design, when not in use, it can be.
  • Use anywhere. Thanks to its small size, once folded, our blanket is a.

3. Songmics Picnic Blankets

We have chosen it because it is easy to transport and clean, ideal for taking on a trip.

The blanket offers enough space for 4-6 people. It consists of 3 layers: the upper, soft layer is made of flannel and foam padding, which is pleasant to the touch when you sit down. Aluminized foil-covered backing effectively insulates against heat and is tear-resistant. Water-resistant, it is ideal for picnics, camping, and the beach. picnic blankets

Easy to fold for transport, it has a hook and loop closure and comes with a handle. Its dimensions are approximately 200 x 200 cm, and, once folded, it compacts to about 40 x 25 x 10 cm. In addition, it is exceptionally light and can be placed in a backpack.


425 Reviews

SONGMICS GCM70KW, Unisex-Adult, Red Wave Pattern, 200200cm

  • In the middle of nature: Fresh air, green grass, and shade provided by a tree.No wetness or sting: Does wet grass make you feel uncomfortable or itchy? Este
  • Ease Your Mind: With a soft flannel surface and sponge filling, this. picnic blankets

4. Laxikoo picnic and beach blanket 210×200 cm

This picnic blanket deserves a top spot on our list because it’s extra-large in size.

With its generous dimensions of 210 x 200 cm, No products were found. It is made from a 210T polyester fabric that is torn, wear, and water-resistant. It comes with four ground nails (included) that help tighten the four corners of the cover, preventing it from being blown away by the wind. picnic blankets

At the same time, the pockets on the back can be filled with stone, sand, or other heavy objects or can be used to store small personal items such as smartphones, sunglasses, etc. When folded, it is only 21x15cm, and you can clip it to your bag or put it in your backpack or car and use it at any time, saving a lot of space. It is the perfect solution for picnics, camping, hiking, beach, children’s indoor games, backpacks, concerts, festivals, and trips. picnic blankets

5. Simpeak waterproof picnic blanket 200 x 200 cm

It is a good choice because it folds up in no time, perfect for the beach or the mountains.

To fold it, roll it up quickly on itself and secure it with the unique straps. It is a multi-purpose blanket for picnics, camping, hiking, sandy beaches, lawns, and other outdoor activities. It can also be used as a mat, baby mat, fitness mat.

Made of Orlon, it is waterproof, comfortable, and soft. Its dimensions are 200 x 200 cm. It’s easy to clean: brush the top and wipe the waterproof bottom with a damp cloth.


Simpeak Waterproof Picnic Blanket 200 * 200cm Anti-Sand Outdoor, Picnic, Camping 

  • Picnic Mats — The size is 200*200cm offers ample space for you.
  • Mats — The size is 200*200cm provides ample space for you.
  • Picnic Mats — The size is 200*200cm offers ample space for you.

6. Meteor Waterproof Picnic Blankets

picnic blankets

We have chosen it because it is available in many models and sizes, very versatile and comfortable.

The picnic blanket can be easily folded, takes up little space, and the sewn-in handle and straps make it easy to carry. The waterproof backing is easy to clean with a damp cloth, liquid stains on the fabric are easily absorbed by materials, and it is easy to shake off sand. picnic blankets

Its construction material is made of fleece, PVC foam, and ALU material that protects against moisture and has excellent thermal insulation properties. The non-slip, waterproof coating acts as insulation, keeping the upper surface comfortable and dry when used on wet grass or sand. The blanket is available in many different styles and sizes to suit all outdoor needs. picnic blankets


Meteor Waterproof Picnic Blanket Polar Portable Beach Blanket Foldable Rug.

  • If you like to spend time outdoors with your family or friends or if you dream of relaxing.
  • The Meteor picnic blanket will become an indispensable addition for lovers.
  • It was made of high-quality wool characterized by softness and good protection.

7. Philorn Foldable Picnic Blankets

Closing our TOP, we chose this model because it has an attractive price and suitable quality materials.

The blanket is 200 × 150 cm in size, and when folded, it becomes 24 × 15 cm. It is easily stored in its carrying bag, and you can put it in your pocket or hang it on your bag with the hook (which comes with the product) and take it anywhere. It is made of 4000D polyester with a waterproof coating. Securely attaches to the ground with the four supplied aluminum anchor points. picnic blankets


PHILORN Large Picnic Blanket Beach Mat (200×150 cm) with 4 Stakes…

  • Practical Design: The blanket size is 200×150 cm(LxW) and 24×15 cm.
  • Premium Material: 4000D polyester oxford material with waterproof and abrasion-resistant coating.
  • Double Stability: You can use the four corner pockets with sand and stones or the 4.

A must-have accessory for family or romantic outings, the picnic blanket lets you soak up the sun or take your basket with you. They come in all shapes and sizes. Which model suits you best? Check out our comparison of the best picnic blankets to find out. picnic blankets

picnic blankets

We spent 33 hours comparing 43 picnic blankets, 27 specialty sites, and 549 user reviews to help you choose the picnic blanket that best suits your needs and budget.

You will find our comparison directly below if you want to know which is the best picnic blanket in 2020. However, if you want to know more before deciding, you will find all the information you need to make the right decision in the second part of this buying guide.

The choice of wording

8. Femor 200 x 200 cm

This picnic and camping blanket is large, comfortable, robust, and waterproof. However, you will need help to fold it. 15.99 euros on Amazon

Comfortable and waterproof, the Femor is the best picnic blanket for this year. Measuring 200 x 200 cm, it is also suitable for camping, the beach, or the garden. It is made of 3 layers and equipped with a carrying handle. It can be folded. However, help is needed to do so. The green striped design is also beautiful. picnic blankets

The simple flocked fabric on the front is very soft and pleasant to the touch. A 2mm sponge in the middle layer provides extra comfort. In short, this is the ideal blanket for eating where a table or chair is not available.

best cheap

9. Amazon Basics TEX-180525 175 x 200 cm

The TEX-180525 picnic blanket is like many AmazonBasics products: simple, cheap, and practical. Plus, it’s machine washable.

You may also be interested in The best laser levels.

AmazonBasics is a solid reference for picnic blankets. Its TEX-180525 model with 175 x 200 cm dimensions does not deny this reputation as it exudes quality. You can use it as a ground, picnic, beach, or camping mat. Its thickness makes it perfectly waterproof, even on a wet basis. picnic blankets

This Amazon Basics cover has a convenient hook-and-loop closure for easy folding and storage. But you have to have a helping hand to bend it. Otherwise, it can become a pain in the neck. We love the charming blue and white plaid pattern. In addition, the TEX-180525 175 x 200 cm can be washed in the washing machine. picnic blankets


The SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm has beautiful leaf patterns in a delightful green. Waterproof and moisture resistant, this picnic, beach, or garden rug provides excellent protection against wet grass from morning dew. Also, it is very reasonably priced. picnic blankets

The 200 x 200 cm format is suitable for family use. The ease of folding is a bit disappointing, but this defect seems familiar to rugs and blankets of this type. In particular, it is impossible to bend it back to its original shape. And for cleaning, the SKYSPER 200 x 200 cm cannot be machine washed. It has to be done by hand, which takes time and energy. picnic blankets

the most practical SKYSPER

This multi-purpose picnic mat in black is convenient—a necessity for camping or picnicking, despite its dimensions.

The 4UMOR 140 x 200 cm. will surprise many. Looking at the package, one would have expected a banal rectangular rug. But in reality, it is much brighter than it seems. It makes a beach rug, a camping rug, or other rugs. And you can shoe it by putting pebbles in the corner pockets or with the buried sardines. But it also has a multitude of details that make the difference. picnic blankets

It starts with a small pocket for storage. The latter is very small, but the 140 x 200 cm 4UMOR fits even if you fold it wrong. There is a zippered pocket to store a phone or other accessories of the same size. There’s also a hood with a bag. that turns the blanket into a raincoat in case of rain. Finally, the finishes are exquisite. The cover comes with four solid plastic stakes. Too bad it’s not 200 x 200 cm. picnic blankets

How to choose a picnic blankets?

If you still haven’t decided which picnic blanket to buy, look at the features below to find out exactly which model to choose and why.

Material picnic blankets

Like everything you have to do with the outdoors, the material is a determining factor for the picnic blanket. Its composition tells you if it is waterproof, robust, comfortable, resistant to sand and tearing. After all, if you find your blanket completely soaked and muddy the first time you go to the beach, you are sure to be disappointed. Who wants to relax on a surface impregnated with water and sand?

The typical material with which these blankets are made is paracord, the nylon used for parachutes. As you can imagine, the fabric is highly durable and lightweight, making it very easy to carry and use for years of adventures. picnic blankets

It is also tear-resistant, making paracord blankets perfect for the beach with small rocks and twigs. However, if your beach mat is only made of this material, it probably won’t be the most comfortable.

Another widely used material is a fleece. The fleece is remarkably soft and comfortable and excellent at wicking away moisture. Many people think that fleece is an odd choice for the beach, as it’s so warm, but it can also work well to keep you cool, even in bright sunlight. picnic blankets

The fleece is usually combined with a type of waterproof base. Some also include a third layer of foam to increase comfort. However, this extra layer will also make the blanket less lightweight.

Dimensions – picnic blankets

With whom or what will you use your new blanket? You won’t need a vast picnic blanket if it’s just you and one other person. However, if you want to use it with the whole family or with a group of friends, you may want to consider a large size. picnic blankets

The standard size of a waterproof picnic blanket is usually around 150 x 200 cm, ideal for a couple of people. The size of 200 x 200 can comfortably accommodate 4-6 people. However, blankets can also be as large as about 14 people, which is enormous and perfect for large gatherings. Keep in mind that the larger the veil, the heavier it will be. picnic blankets

Comfort picnic blankets

Everyone wants to feel comfortable. However, this will also depend on the environment where you wish to place the blanket. Are you going to use it on a sandy beach? In this case, you will most likely not need additional cushioning since the sand tends to move with the person’s weight. However, if you are going to use it on hard ground, such as grass, it is better to choose a thicker blanket. picnic blankets

As just mentioned, thickness will increase weight, so if you’re going hiking and bringing a beach blanket, you may want to consider a thinner product. picnic blankets


You do not want to choose an absorbent blanket if you use it at the beach. Otherwise, it will absorb all the water it comes into contact with, leaving you with a wet surface instead of a protective blanket.


What type of picnic and camping blanket do you have in mind? Do you want a simple nylon paracord to cover the ground? Or do you want a more elegant and soft look, perhaps pale pink with leather straps? The style is up to you, as is the color.

Some products come in only one color and pattern, but some come in various color combinations and even patterns.

However, you may want to avoid or minimize darker colors as they absorb heat through the sun’s rays and aren’t the best if you plan on using the blanket at the beach.

Ease of cleaning

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was easy to clean? The beach is famous for being full of rocks that threaten the whiteness of your blanket: water, sand, and salt are always on the lookout.

Cleaning and maintaining your new picnic blanket shouldn’t be a problem.

The best products are made of washable material, thanks to a fabric that repels water and sand, so you don’t have to take the whole beach home with you. All single-layer beach blankets are easy to clean.


How much do you want to spend on your new product? It is something you should ask yourself upfront and be completely honest. Remember that more expensive products are often worth it for their better build quality and how long they will last.

What kind of blanket is good for a picnic?

The most traditional options for a warm, soft picnic blanket include fleece and wool. But cotton and acrylic picnic blankets offer a soft feel as well, without being too hot for warm-weather picnics

What is a picnic rug called?

A picnic rug, picnic mat, or, blanket is typically a large piece of fabric to lay on the ground. It instantly creates a space for you to enjoy that is comfortable and free of sticks, sand and bugs. A good mat is an essential item for your outdoor adventures to the park, the outback, or the beach

What is a good size for a picnic blanket?

60” x 60” square blanket is the perfect size for a couple looking to enjoy a romantic picnic at the beach! A 78” x 59” (or more) picnic blanket is the suggested size for a family of four. This provides ample space for a cosy meal together at the park.

How do you wash a foil backed picnic blankets?

If you’re considering washing the picnic blanket by hand, add cool water into your tub and some laundry detergent that will wash out stains. Let the blanket sit in the soapy water and then wash it by hand, rinse until the water runs clear and you’re done.

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