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5 The Best 3d Wall Panels Home Improvement

3d Wall Panels

5 The Best 3d Wall Panels Home Improvement

The 3D Wall  WallArt and the SelectWalls 3D Wall Panels allow you to decorate your interior and create a design and modern 3D Wall. You will be able to surprise your guests with our relief wall panels which, in addition to being decorative, are also ecological wall coverings. They are made from natural materials such as sugar cane or wood fibre.

Our range consists of more than 40 decorative 3d panels, so you can decorate your interior and dress your walls as you wish and even paint our 3d panels in the colour of your choice. WallArt is the brand behind 3d wall panels. Designers awarded the prize for “the most innovative ecological product of the year”.

The role of wall panel in the interior: the nuances of choice and design

First of all, 3D wall panels are a hot trend in interior design, which is not yet too widespread. Such decoration brings additional volume to the room, creating interesting visual effects thanks to the play of light on the embossed surface and always becomes the central object on the background of the overall design.

Modern 3D wall panels in the interior can help with zoning and decorating problems of any horizontal or vertical surfaces, interior partitions.

Features of 3D wall panels

Embossed wall panels are made using different technologies using different types of materials.

3D wall panels were modelled using computer technology. Then a suitable material is selected, and the production of 3D wall panels begins directly at the factory. At this point, the board is formed, giving it volume and the necessary surface topography.

After the foundation was created, the decorative part of the panel was carried out, which has additional functions, protecting the foundation from moisture, mechanical damage and even burns when exposed to the sun. The panel’s surface can be painted, enamelled, plated, glossy, matte, fluorescent or metallized.

The manufacturing process of 3D wall panels is quite complex, technologically, takes time. For this reason, the cost of the product is relatively high.

Design tips for using 3D wall panel

  • Decoration with large volume textures is better for spacious rooms, while small patterns can be used even for small spaces.
  • The embossed wall itself, even white, is a reasonably noticeable decor. It is not always worth focusing on it, even more so, colouring it too brightly with exciting colours.
  • If brightly coloured panels are used, the other walls should be as light as possible.
  • Visually, the 3D effect will be noticeable in any light. In addition, it varies depending on the viewing angle. The motif is often illuminated by wall sconces, floor lamps, light strips, or ceiling lights to make it more visible and exciting.
  • Large panels are perfect if the design involves using local relief as an individual artwork. Many manufacturers offer ready-made options, but you can also combine tiles from any collection to your liking.
  • It is essential to choose a suitable material by colour, shape. Elements may differ in their ultramodern design; they will become an excellent complement to hi-tech, modern and techno styles. Classic patterns are best suited to historical styles. And almost imperceptibly, light and discretion can be used even for ethnic types.
  • The 3d wall panel is a decoration, and a decor itself, so bulky furniture should not block them, rarely complemented by separate accessories. 3d wall panels
  • Sufficiently deep textures are suitable for decorating living rooms, offices, while delicate, soft and concise ones look best on the walls of bedrooms or bathrooms. 3d wall panels
  • In addition to various colours, the surfaces are matte and glossy, which is also essential to consider when choosing a material. The glossy coating gives more optical effects, visually enlarges the space. The frosted surface simply stands out for its texture, creating the necessary ambience and comforting the atmosphere with comfort and tranquillity.

Types of 3D decorative wall panels

It is not enough to stick the wall with the panels you like. To achieve the desired result, complement and decorate the interior can only types of finishes correctly selected in terms of size, texture, and material. Before jumping into these design delicacies, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the features of existing options, their advantages and disadvantages. 3d wall panels

Gypsum 3D Wall Panel

One of the most common is the gypsum board. Its safe, non-toxic, resistant to extreme temperatures, provide additional sound insulation, have a long service life. The possibility of varnishing it allows you in a few hours to update the piece, bring new notes. When installing, you can get a seamless surface.

For their manufacture, construction gypsum was used. The panels are installed without joints. The joints between them are filled with special putty, and the entire surface of the coating is ground. After that, 3D gypsum boards can be painted in any colour. They look great in any interior. 3d wall panels

But the material is quite fragile. Therefore, the installation of the items should be carried out carefully, trying not to lean on the corners and avoid screwing in the screws using the adhesive method—3D gypsum board sits not recommended for wall cladding in high humidity rooms. 3d wall panels

The structure of the gypsum panels gives the products excellent thermal and acoustic insulation qualities.

The material does not burn. Therefore, the products can be used to cope with fireplaces. 3D gypsum wall panels were presented in a wide assortment and variety of design solutions in the construction market.

Plastic 3D Wall Panel

In the manufacture of 3d panels, PVC panels are used technologies that allow you to create an imitation of many natural materials, including decorative stone and wood. Polymers also successfully mimic the texture of fabric or leather, and some collections include panels covered in high-quality leather with textile. Plastic panels are second to none in a variety of colours and textures. The relief depth depends on the thickness of the material, ranging from 30 to 120 mm. Plastic tiles are lightweight, waterproof and easy to maintain. 3d wall panels

The basis of their manufacture is polymeric materials. Plastic 3D models are similar in their functions to decorative aluminium panels, and it’s presented in the market of finishing materials with a wide assortment. It provides a variety of shapes and many colour options for the products. 3d wall panels

The high resistance of plastic 3D wall panels to temperature changes and humidity is their undoubted advantage. In addition, these polymer products are flexible, lightweight and durable. Plastic allows you to make intricate patterns on the surface of panels that mimic expensive natural materials.

Decorative plastic panels are unpretentious in maintenance and easily clean the dirt with a soft sponge and detergents.

3D glass wall panel

This type of decoration, which appeared as one of the last, has not yet managed to become very popular. 3D glass wall panels are exquisite, have excellent quality features, but not everyone can afford them. In addition, due to their heavyweight, they are not suitable for all walls, especially partitions. 3d wall panels

To manufacture such panels. Tempered glass with a thickness of 0.5 cm was used. It has increased strength, but the material does not give sharp fragments even when destroyed, improving its safety. 3d wall panels

3D glass panels make the interior light and airy; they are lovely when decorating the walls of swimming pools.

Aluminum 3D Wall Panel

The finish is not afraid of exposure to temperature or humidity, resistant to ultraviolet light and various alkaline environments. No further processing or staining is necessary. Manufacturing technology allows you to experiment with texture and colour. Due to their lightness, they can even be mounted on plasterboard partitions, but the panels are fixed to the metal profile frame so that part of the room is remote. 3d wall panels

Such models were preferred by people who, in addition to. The decorative properties of the coating attach great importance to strength, reliability and safety. The panels it made of aluminium or alloys. Its surface is decorated with volumetric drawings applied by the drilling method, after which it is covered with a protective polymer film.

A positive aspect of 3D aluminium panels is their corrosion resistance, fire safety and moisture resistance.

The aluminium panels are mounted on a metal profile frame base. These models are often used to decorate the walls of museums and exhibition halls. Panels are suitable for decorating dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens at home. Aluminium panels are ideal for wall decoration of interiors, made in a minimalist or “high-tech” style.


Set yourself free: easy self-adhesive design, installation, occasional college, arbitrary cut. Size: 23.6 “x23.6” / 60x60cm. Eco-friendly material: pe material, eco-friendly and environmental protection, waterproof, odourless, non-toxic, suitable for family home safe space. 3d wall panels

Elegant decoration: kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, home, office, driveway, party counter or as a living decoration. 3d brick wall stickers: better noise reduction effect. Soft three-dimensional decorative foam, anti-collision for children, healing for the safety of family members. 3d wall panels

The good

3d stickers

Set yourself free

Elegant decor

Eco-friendly material

The bad

It is perfect in all aspects.


Scope of delivery: 1m wall cladding-wood and three different thicknesses with 2.4.6mm solid wood planks (200 x 50mm) for high-quality cladding with wood panels for personal decoration, a better option to precast panels. Modern optics: a unique 3d design effect for wall decoration with solid wood for the living room.

Design your wood wall and accentuate the wall design with individual wood panels. Sustainability: sustainable natural product of controlled forestry for a creative wood wall design with the wood planks can highlight and give a natural touch with authentic wood look. 3d wall panels

Natural: natural: 100% natural wood with an ultraviolet-hardened smooth finish, matte finish, distinctive textures, colours, and wood structure brings nature into your home. Easy installation: quick, simple and individual preparation of your walls. With individual planks of different thicknesses and shades for an irregular glued 3d effect.

The good

Easy installation

Modern optics

The bad

Its manufacturer is known for offering many faulty products.


Elegant decoration: kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, home, office, driveway, party counter or as a living decoration. 3d brick wallpaper: anti-pollution, easy to clean, soundproof and waterproof, beware of fire. Good material: insulating, non-toxic, odourless, firmly, smooth surface. DIY – Straightforward to put on, easily cut out, casual collage. Size: 60 x 60cm / 23.6 “x 23.6”, it is about one cm thick. 3d wall panels

The good

Elegant decor

3d brick wallpaper

Good material

The bad

The manufacturer did a poor job assembling the product.


3d wall panels

One roll is 53cm wide and 10m long and can cover approximately 5m. Our wallpaper is well wrapped in an original and delicate box with our hammer logo brand. We have good customer service, and we also accept 100% returns. Suitable for decorating the living room/bedrooms/restaurant/hotel with the modern style. Improved PVC material is more sensitive and smooth without smell; waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion. Our products have passed quality testing before leaving the factory, and you don’t worry about quality. 3d wall panels

The good

Our products have passed

High quality

We have good customer service

The bad

It doesn’t offer enough features for such a high price.

Do the refined decorative panels require a lifetime warranty?

The recommended warranty period depends on how often you use your accent panel, how expensive it is, the company that made it, and many other factors. Manufacturers sell their most expensive products with a lifetime warranty, while the least costly accent panel might not be guaranteed at all. The best warranty period for an excellent decorative panel is five years. 3d wall panels


The 3d wall embossed sticker offers incredible visual impact. The tiles are transparent, water-resistant, anti-collision and can be installed on a clean and smooth surface in minutes without the need for specialized tools and do not create any type of mess, all this in a matter of minutes. Besides them,

they never crack over time. The white brick 3d wall panel was made of the self-adhesive substrate covered with environmental material. It features peel-stick installation. You can do it quickly. Peel and stick 3d wallpaper is also an inexpensive wall covering material. It will stay on your wall for as long as you want. The tiles can also be easily installed directly on existing panels or smooth surfaces. 3d wall panels

Note: the item is not fire-resistant. Please keep it away from fire. Please note that rough surfaces such as brick, stone, plaster, stucco, plywood, orange peel, or wall alone are not suitable for installation. The size of each finish is approximately 23.6 ″ .23.6 ″ (60.60cm). Featured walls, kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room. TV wall, sofa background, office wall decoration, etc. 3d wall panels

3D wall panels in the kitchen

The second most popular option is the use of 3D wall panels in the kitchen or dining room interior. As a rule, preference is given to plastic or MDF panels since they are easy to maintain and resistant to moisture. If we talk about the use of gypsum materials, then they are also covered with water-repellent varnishes. 3d wall panels

Most often, the material is used for the working wall. In addition, you can successfully highlight the dining area in the kitchen. This type of decoration can be used simultaneously in two places in spacious rooms, creating a more holistic design.

wall panels in the children’s room

Some manufacturers offer a unique range for children’s rooms. These panels are often in lego cubes, various geometric shapes, colours.

An exciting addition to the children’s room will be part of the wall with a wavy texture, painted in rainbow colours. In the children’s room, this decor was recommended to be used only in the playground.

wall panels in the bathroom

In bathrooms, volumetric panels it used locally or to highlight a separate area in combination bathrooms. You can distinguish any size if you select a material not affected by humidity and temperature. 3d wall panels

With 3d decorative panels, a wall above the tub or an utterly free fence is made. An unusual finish will help highlight the toilet area and not emphasize it if there are lighter shades firmly.

3D wall panel mounting technology

Before installing the 3D wall panels with your own hands, it is necessary to calculate the materials. Its complexity depends on the type of volumetric models chosen as they have individual sizes. It knows these characteristics and this area. It is easy to calculate the number of panels required. 3d wall panels

Once the panels are delivered to the workplace, you can begin mounting them to the walls using one of the following methods:

  • They are fixing the panels to the frame. It is made of profiles and installed on the walls before installing the plates. In this case, between their backside and the wall surface, there is always a 30-50 mm gap, which can be successfully used for laying hidden communications: electrical cables or wires of a low-current network. Such an assembly of 3D panels somewhat reduces the volume of the room. It should be considered when planning the installation in a small space. 3d wall panels
  • They were fixing the panels with screws. This method allows a damaged cladding element to be replaced at random. On one side of the sign, there is a single guide. With its help, the plate is mounted on the wall. Then the next cladding element is applied to the previous one and locked in its grooves. 3d wall panels

wall panels

  • This process continues until the required number of panels are installed. If applicable, their correct placement should be monitored when creating a coating pattern. The advantage of this fastening method is the ability to mount 3D panels on uneven walls. A ready siding will reliably hide its flaws. Plasterboard panels in this manner are not recommended. 3d wall panels
  • It is gluing of the panels to the walls. To secure the boards in this way, the surface of the building envelope must be perfectly flat. With a spatula, the adhesive is applied evenly to the wall. After which, a panel is used and held until it adheres firmly to the surface. The excess glue that runs through the joints between the panels must be removed in time. The composition for mounting panels is not cheap. So, to reduce its consumption, a flat surface is crucial.

3D Gaps Wall Panel – 12 3d wall plates – 3m² – WallArt

The Maxwell 3d wall panel allows you to dress your walls with a modern and designed 3d wall decor!

The 3d plates are made from molded and pressed sugarcane bagasse, making it an environmentally friendly material. Each WallArt box contains 12 wall plates, which allows you to cover an area of ​​3m². The installation is easy (DIY), and you can cut and paint the tiles in the desired color to have a unique decoration! 3d wall panels

A wall covering that is easy to install and paint: 4 steps.

The 3d WallArt decorative panels are DIY products. They are easy to install and install by an amateur handyperson. The installation of 3D wall panels was done in 4 steps: Prepare, Glue, Install and Paint!: Let the panels acclimatize 24 hours in the room where they will be installed and mark your wall. 3d wall panels

Apply WallArt glue all around the plate and the surfaces in contact with the wall.

Place the leaves on your wall, leaving a 1mm joint between them. Apply an acrylic sealant and smooth it out.

Step 4: Paint the panels using a brush and roller or a paint gun. 3d wall panels

Cut: If you have cutouts, you just need to draw a cut line on your panel. It will then be necessary to pass several times on this line with a Stanley type cutter. Then sand the board to make it smooth.

Design tip: Do not hesitate to install spotlights or an LED strip above the panels to highlight the reliefs of the delegations.

3d sugar cane plaques: a 100% natural wall covering

WallArt is an eco-responsible brand. Its concern is to combine ecology with design. This is why after many years of research, the brand from the Netherlands has developed. An innovative process to create a 100% natural and biodegradable material.

The panels are made from bagasse, the fibrous residue obtained after extracting the juice from sugar cane. You thus get fibre as ecological as bamboo, which values ​​waste. Importantly, this 3d wall decoration also takes care of your interior and its occupants. Indeed, this 3d wall decor emits no emissions in the air and protects your interior!

WallArt: 3d tiles to decorate your walls!

The 3D Wallart decorative panel is a real innovation in interior decoration and wall coverings. These panels are 100% natural. They are made from moulded and pressed sugar cane bagasse. The principle is simple, the wall plates stick to your walls, and you can cut them and paint them in the desired colour to have a unique wall decoration!

No more flat and white walls. With WallArt, you give relief to your walls! Choose from the wide range of designs and decorate your interior: create a 3d wall, renovate a wall, make a splashback, dress up a bar, make a headboard, etc. The decor solutions are endless, and you can create a cocooning, modern and designer atmosphere

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other modern material, 3D wall panels have advantages and disadvantages.


  • Wide choice of colour palette, shapes and textures;
  • The room becomes visually more voluminous and impressive;
  • It allows you to hide the defects of the wall surface and elements of engineering systems.


  • The disadvantages of various panels vary depending on the source material. For example, gypsum is quite fragile and is not suitable for rooms with high humidity; 3d wall panels
  • The 3D wall panel would not be a good option for every room. They are recommended for use in spacious rooms;
  • This finish requires additional care, as it contributes to the accumulation of dust;
  • Excessive volume can tire your eyes and make the atmosphere look like you are in the office.

Are 3D wall panels good?

as well. 3D wall panels are made light but durable. When these are used for interior decoration of homes or commercial settings, these make the wall strong and sturdy besides improvising the look

What is 3D wall Panelling?

While enhancing the walls, investing on the right material is important. … 3D wall panels are the most amazing variations among the textured wall panels which give creative repetitive patterns and create magnificent illusions on the application of light.

What are 3D wall panels made of?

The 3D wall panels are made from high performance and durable polystyrene material with a minimum thickness of 100mm. It proffers low absorption levels and excellent prevention against moisture and condensation on the walls making it suitable for both interior and exterior usage

Are 3D wall panels expensive?

Leather 3D panels: Made from leather, these panels are expensive. These deliver unmatched performance for transforming your office interior to a place of royal elegance. You can use these for decorating living rooms, bedrooms for creating a luxurious ambiance provided those be free from moisture ingress

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