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5 The Best Bamboo Curtains For Your Home Décor 2022

Bamboo Curtains

Generally, the curtains are usually made of fabric, plastic, or other flexible and light material. However, more and more people are becoming aware of the environmental impact of manufacturing products with plastic, metals, or the textile industry. Therefore, bamboo has become an alternative to make excellent curtains that fully fulfil their function of not letting light through and giving a cosy atmosphere to the home. Here we show you the best:

 1. Victoria M. Dark Brown – bamboo curtains

This accessory will provide your living room or room with an incredible. Touch of elegance and modernity. It will help you avoid excess sunlight and give you privacy. You are managing to create an environment of total comfort. It is made of 100% bamboo, which is of high quality. Therefore it has a long service life.

It has a traction cord located on the right side to lower and raise it. In this way, you adjust its height easily and quickly. It can be mounted on the masonry or the window frame. This way, you avoid drilling. You will only have to pass it a duster or a slightly damp towel for its maintenance.

2. solder B86 – bamboo curtains

This accessory adapts incredibly to any environment, giving a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room where you place it. They are opaque, but they allow a good amount of natural light to pass through during the day if you wish, they also filter the sunlight and provide you with privacy from prying eyes.

They help to maintain a suitable temperature, made with the highest quality natural bamboo poles, thus guaranteeing you incredible durability. It is a fast installation model, thanks to the universal fixing brackets, which is why they are located within the ranking of the most recommended bamboo blinds of the moment. All you have to do is pull the rope to regulate its height..

3. Solagua 6 – bamboo curtains

Another of the most outstanding models, if you are looking for a product that allows you to regulate the amount of natural light, provide you with a good level of security, and is also capable of giving that touch of sophistication and elegance to your room, living room. , office or kitchen you are before your best alternative.

Made with 100% natural bamboo bars of the highest quality, it comes in a natural colour, but you can choose between its five available colours. You can regulate its height by pulling its rope, which has safety protection so that the little ones cannot remove it. It is easy to install and comes with its brackets.

4. Solagua 6 Brown – bamboo curtains

One of the models located inside the top of Chinese panels is, without a doubt, this product, which will add a touch of elegance to any room. It is also perfect for maintaining a comfortable temperature on summer days. allows you to regulate the natural light you want to enter the environment and privacy.

It adapts perfectly to windows or doors whose averages are 90 x 175 cm, made with high quality 100% natural bamboo bars and with brown colour is everything you are looking for for your living room. Its can easily adjust its height using its cord easily and quickly, very easy to install on the wall or the ceiling.

5. Sol Royal B86 – bamboo curtains

Finally, we recommend you do not stop looking at this option. Made with 100% bamboo and natural colour, it is a great alternative to replace those outdated curtains in your room. Not only will you add an elegant touch, but it will also provide privacy. You can regulate the entry of light according to your needs.

It creates an environment of total comfort thanks to it also helps you maintain a comfortable temperature. You can regulate its height as it suits you by pulling the rope, which has child safety. It is easy to install, do not worry about its maintenance. You have to wipe a slightly damp towel and forget the accumulated dust.

Some options to the bamboo door curtain to consider

Although we have already seen that bamboo curtains are very versatile and can be used both outdoors and, for example, as a kitchen door curtain indoors, in some cases, it is not the only solution. When you want to cover a window or place it in an area that is not a lot of passage, for example, you have some options made of bamboo that you can also take into account.

bamboo curtain

These are options that you will use on both doors and windows without giving up. All the advantages provided by a material such as bamboo: Bamboo blinds are resistant and durable, ideal for windows, and you can find them in a wide variety of sizes and colours. The Bamboo curtains are light, so, in addition to windows, they can be placed in some cases on doors. You can find them in natural tones and endless sizes.

Finally, we can also find a series of bamboo window curtains composed of a network of bamboo canes framed in a fabric frame and with rings to hang on a rod. This type of curtains is exclusively for indoor use.

What is a bamboo curtain?

Bamboo curtains are designed to give privacy and avoid many external factors in space. They were used mainly indoors to provide an intimate atmosphere and completely dim the light. Even curtains are made with fabrics so thick or metallic materials that they do not allow light to enter.

They mainly consist of a massive piece of fabric cut vertically, which goes from the ceiling to almost the floor of the place. They can be made of plain or pleated fabric. And its use will depend exclusively on the environment where you want to install it. This way, you make it match the room.

Benefits of bamboo curtains

Bamboo shades have endless benefits when using them. That is why they have become recognized and categorized as one of the most environmentally friendly decorative products. Here are some of the many benefits you will get when buying a bamboo curtain.

They are friendly to the environment.

The curtains made of bamboo are entirely biodegradable. It means that they are made with a material that does not generate any waste that pollutes. For many people who are against the pollution of seas and rivers that the textile industry produces, bamboo curtains are a feasible and environmentalist alternative that does not go against their ideals.

Bamboo is a high-speed growing plant. On average, about 90-95 cm per day, more than any other. That means that you should not be concerned that by cutting bamboo to make a curtain, you will be contributing to the destruction of the forests. Bamboo grows through cell regeneration. It recovers itself each time it is cut. Growing over and over, no matter how many times it is sectioned, for up to 100 years.

Handy and light

Every curtain is intended to be easy to handle and store. If it is a curtain for a home or an office, they are usually light and do not present any problem to be held in any drawer or shelf. Bamboo curtains are no exception, they are incredibly soft, and it will be enough to roll it up to become a kind of rod that will fit into any corner of your house.

 They are always easy to remove and install curtains, which are an incredible help if you are moving or want to move it.

They are of quality.

People think these curtains are not of quality because they were made of bamboo and did not last as long as a product made with synthetic materials. While it is true, a bamboo curtain will not have the same resistance as other materials to external conditions. However, this does not mean that it will not last long. Bamboo curtains are characterized by several years of useful life if given proper care.

Bamboo is a very resistant material. It is even known as vegetable steel. And it is synonymous with durability and efficiency when making any object with it.

They perform the same function as a fabric curtain.

Being made of bamboo, the curtains sometimes think that they will not fulfil the same function. But, there is nothing further from the truth than saying this, curtains made of bamboo have the same characteristics and functionalities as those made of fabric or plastic. They are just as light and manageable, although speaking of decoration, they are not as versatile as a conventional fabric curtain.

However, you can easily keep the external conditions out with a bamboo curtain. For example, many people use these curtains to shut out the noise. Bamboo is also an insulating material, making it the ideal option for all those who want to give their room extra privacy.

They can be purchased at low prices.

Objects made of bamboo always mean that they have a low cost in manufacturing and industrial processes. It makes bamboo curtains much cheaper than curtains made of fabric or plastic, which require long processes to finish. It makes bamboo curtains a feasible option for many people who may not have the resources to purchase expensive fabric curtains.

In addition, acquiring bamboo curtains does not mean that you will stop enjoying the characteristics and qualities sought in cloth fabric. So you would be buying a curtain as effective as a fabric one and at a price that perfectly suits your budget.

Ideal for creating an environment of peace and naturalness

They were speaking in the field of decorations. Bamboo curtains are synonymous with peace and harmony. They create a space in which you can rest and relax. That is why they are often used in rooms and bedrooms that deserve a quiet environment with positive energy.

They can also be used as a base to detach a decoration in general. For example, if you want to decorate a place with a beach theme, bamboo curtains are the ideal option to give that tropical style that you are looking for so much. Likewise, for Asian-themed decorations, bamboo curtains are suitable to unleash your creativity and surprise your family, friends or guests with an excellent arrangement.

They are versatile

The versatility of bamboo curtains means that they can be used in any room without representing any aesthetic inconvenience. In any space where you place it, it will be part and fit in the best way. Also, bamboo is versatile even with its resistance to temperatures and climates. You can use this curtain anywhere in the world. It does not matter if you live in cold or warm weather.

How to place a bamboo curtain?

The process of how to install a bamboo curtain is very varied and will depend on what type of curtain you have purchased. However, manufacturers always try to offer simple models that can be easily installed on the market. It means that to place a curtain on any window, wall or space in general, you will not need the help of an expert.

You have to visualize where you want to place the bamboo curtain in your home or office. And above all, for what purpose, in this way, you will identify what type of bamboo curtain you need. Then you must measure the centimetres of width and length that you want to cover with the bamboo curtain.

The next step is that once you have acquired the bamboo curtain you were looking for so much, you must use the mechanism it includes to be installed. Generally, bamboo curtains have two hooks with two holes on each side. In this way, when you screw these hooks into the wall where you put the curtain will create the ideal support to place the wooden rod from which all the bamboo cloth hangs.

Types of bamboo curtains – bamboo curtains

Conventional curtains have too many types, colours and patterns. That is why the companies responsible for producing bamboo curtains always try to devise new models and different curtains that meet the tastes of all people—calling in this way the attention of more users who are encouraged to be part of this ecological and decorative initiative.

Bamboo Window Shades

These are low in height, but they are the same width as most bamboo curtains. They are ideal for covering windows in interior spaces. They are mainly used to keep sunlight dim, or even if it’s a model with thick, seamlessly attached bamboo rods, it might altogether leave out the clarity.

Bamboo Door Curtains

They are one of the most used by people around the world. They have an elegant design that goes from the ceiling to almost touching the place’s floor where you install it. Its purpose is to cover the door and divide the space in which the curtain is placed. bamboo curtains

Bamboo Outdoor Shades – bamboo curtains

Just as there are models of bamboo curtains to decorate windows and doors inside, some can be used outdoors. These curtains are made of thicker bamboo that can coat with waterproofing. So they are more resistant to humidity and rain. Ideal for placing in a patio or at. The entrance of your home. and giving an excellent first impression to anyone who visits you. bamboo curtains

Bamboo patterned curtains

The bamboo rods create a perfect canvas to capture any image. And that is precisely what this type of bamboo curtains do. They recreate colourful designs throughout the entire curtain. They are ideal for decorating any place with the motive we like the most. There are even some stores that allow them to be personal. bamboo curtains

How to clean a bamboo curtain?

The maintenance of a bamboo curtain is relatively simple. You must know that these are not designed to be washed with soap and water. So the tools you can use to clean a bamboo curtain can be a dry cloth or a feather duster. Primarily because bamboo curtains have excellent dirt repellency. However, this does not mean that they will not get dusty over time.

It is also essential to remember that these curtains do not have the same resistance to external conditions as a plastic curtain or a fabric curtain. Therefore, keeping the bamboo curtain as far away from the water will be an excellent help to maintain its condition and durability.

How to buy a bamboo curtain?

Acquiring a bamboo curtain does not represent any problem. Above all, you are considering that. People are increasingly used and seen as an ecological alternative that contributes to caring for the planet. For this reason, it is prevalent to see these curtains in several stores of articles to decorate the home. You can also find them in stores that sell handicrafts, where you will indeed find many different designs.

Why buy bamboo curtains?

It would be best if you bought bamboo curtains because you will join a global environmental conservation campaign. You are obtaining a product that does not represent any risk to the ecosystem in general. All this without leaving aside that you will continue to enjoy the benefits of having. A beautiful curtain in your home or office.

With a bamboo curtain, you will continue to keep sunlight out, or if, on the contrary, you want to give your entrance a touch of privacy, this is your ideal option. You also mention that you will acquire it at a much more accessible price. On the contrary, you will spend much more money if you buy a fabric or plastic curtain.

Are bamboo curtains waterproof?

Note: For seller fulfilled items from Books, Movies & TV Shows categories, the sellers need to be informed of the damage/ defect within 14 days of delivery.

10 Days Returnable.

Special FeatureBamboo
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
bamboo curtains

What is Bamboo Curtain called?

The Bamboo Curtain (Take no Katen) was the Cold War political demarcation between the Communist states of East Asia, particularly the People’s Republic of China, and the capitalist and non-Communist states of East, South and Southeast Asia

Can you wash bamboo curtains?

You should plan to wash your bamboo blinds every 2-3 months but only if you’re regularly dusting them each week. If you’re not dusting you might want to wash them completely each month. We suggest dusting regularly so you don’t have to keep washing them each month.

Are bamboo curtains see through?

Yes, you can partially see through bamboo blinds. If you want to make your blinds less see-through, you can use privacy liners or blackout liners. Privacy liners will keep people from seeing into your home but will still let some light through

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