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7 The Best Bar Stools With Backs Bed Bath & Beyond

Bar Stools With Backs

7 The Best Bar Stools With Backs Bed Bath & Beyond

These seats can be chosen upholstered in wood, white, or various colors and styles such as Nordic, Scandinavian, vintage, cheap, light, modern, etc.

In short, we have a great variety and offers of different types of high stools:

  • for counters
  • bar kitchens
  • American bars
  • restaurants
  • high kitchen or dining room tables

Choosing the right seat height is vital in a stool to be comfortable and in the correct position.


This stool has a metal structure around which the wicker that makes up the seat has been woven, giving it a handmade look. Stained black contrasted this kitchen with country air and dominated by white.  Although bulky, these stools are an ideal option if you are looking for comfort and give a more welcoming and warm look to the bar area of ​​your kitchen. Made of natural fibers and with a wooden structure, they have been completed with a mat to soften the seat. bar stools with backs. 

2. NORDIC AIR STOOLS – bar stools with backs

White and wood never fail, especially if the kitchen, like this one, is also white because the wood of the structure gives the warmest note and the touch of contrast. bar stools with backs


COPY THE LOOK – bar stools with backs

With refined lines and a minimalist air, the Ice stool by Maisons du Monde stands out for its strong inspiration in Scandinavian design. Its structure is in oak, and the seat is in polypropylene, although it has been covered with padding, also in white, to make it more comfortable. It bar stools with backs


These stools are a replica of the iconic Tolix, designed in the 30s. These seats were expressly conceived for outdoor use, so they originally had three holes in the seat to evacuate water.  and at the same time visually very light, due to their braided design, which makes them lighter. The fibers also give extra warmth to a kitchen, like this one, which is very white.  bar stools with backs


This stool gives a personal note to this mini office integrated into the kitchen. With the iron frame and mango wood seat and back, it has a footrest, and its seat is swivel, which gives much more freedom of movement.  This stool is perfect for a country setting or to add a touch of warmth to a more contemporary one. With the vane seat and a footrest bar to rest your feet, it is perfect for a high table or, like here, for the island bar bar stools with backs

5. METAL FRAME AND WOODEN SEAT – bar stools with backs

These stools are a successful mix of industrial and rustic style, thanks to their metallic black design and wooden seat in a natural finish, with the plus, in addition, of being very light visually.  With the wooden legs and the polypropylene seat, which makes it easy to clean, this stool is perfect for equipping the bar area of ​​this kitchen while giving it a modern and contemporary touch.  bar stools with backs

Catalina House stools. 

Barstool with adjustable backrest: the comfort solution – bar stools with backs

If you plan to use your barstools every day, opt for models with an adjustable backrest and seat height. Many of our models are also swivel for more practicality in everyday life. Our bar stools with backrest display a resolutely designer look, matching all types of interior decorations. bar stools with backs

Bar stools with imitation leather back and seat: easy maintenance and a modern look

bar stools with backs

We offer bar stools with a backrest provided with imitation leather covering (imitation leather). In addition to being very easy to clean, it is one of the most popular products in design decoration. Several models are available in our online stool catalogue. bar stools with backs

Choose a bar stool with an industrial-style backrest decor with characters. If, on the contrary, you want to rediscover the charm of the decoration of yesteryear, then go to the side of the bar stools with backrest in aged imitation leather, which will give a vintage and elegant touch to your kitchen, bar or around a table. To eat high. bar stools with backs

Bar stools with fabric backs: comfortable and warm

Do you prefer the warmth of fabric to imitation leather? Discover our selection of bar chairs with very comfortable backrests. These bar chairs are padded with a firm foam that will provide you with excellent comfort daily. On the fabric side, we offer microfiber stools and particularly resistant velvet stools. Whatever model of stool you choose, you will choose between different colors: white, brown, yellow, black Many references are in stock!

Bar stools with wooden backrest, Scandinavian style

Let yourself be inspired by the Nordic style decoration with our selection of Scandinavian bar stools with a backrest. Designed with wooden legs and a plastic seat, our stools will seduce you with their sleek design and an attractive price! Order now a set of bar stools with a Scandinavian-style backrest. bar stools with backs

Designer bar stools with comfortable backrest

Do you like ultra-contemporary decor? Discover our bar stools with backrest in a resolute design style that will give a very modern touch to your decor. Our adjustable designer bar stools are mostly designed with a chrome swivel foot (often tulip foot) which offers excellent stability and easy maintenance. bar stools with backs

Buy a set of bar stools with a backrest at the best price and benefit from free delivery *

Have you fallen for a bar stool with a comfortable and modern backrest? Please place your order on our contemporary furniture online store and benefit from * free delivery to our depot located in Béziers. You can also request express delivery of all your items within 24/48 working hours directly to your home.


Did the stool with the backrest seduce you with its optimum comfort? Are you looking to buy one or more, but you do not know which brand to turn to? Do not search anymore! At 4 Pieds, you will find endless variations of stools with backs. They are available in all colours and styles. They can also integrate other options. Among all our models, you may find, for example, a stool with a folding backrest adjustable in height or with a padded seat.

You will therefore be spoiled for choice. In addition, our 4 Feet brand offers you to adapt your stool with a backrest to your interior. You can choose the colours and finishes of a large number of our furniture. To help you select the right colours and finishes, we suggest sending you samples. You will be able to have a real preview of the material, its finish, its colour, and its texture. Interior decoration consultants are also available to answer all your questions.

You can contact them by going directly to the store or visiting our online store. Our comfortable stools with backrests are also of good quality. We have chosen to favour predominantly French and European manufacture. This decision was taken to build real relationships of trust with our suppliers. It also shows a desire on our part to reduce our carbon footprint. All you have to do is discover the uniquely designed creations of our renowned craftsmen. bar stools with backs


Our brand 4 Pieds offers for sale endless models of stools with backrests. You will surely find the right shoe among our very large collection for you. If you are a lover of modern furniture, go for a designer stool. Do you prefer the industrial style? So set

your sights on a metal structure and a wooden seat. For an authentic piece of furniture, turn to a wooden stool. Whether you have a contemporary, design, Scandinavian, industrial, rustic, or even vintage style, you will surely find a model that will match your tastes. bar stools with backs

To adapt your bar stool with the backrest to your kitchen or dining room decor, we suggest you personalize it. You will thus be able to choose the colour of the seat and the structure. You can also select the finish you want. If you opt for a high wooden chair, you may be offered to choose the type of wood. Consult our product sheets to discover the customization elements available. bar stools with backs

Whether your preference is on a black bar stool with a backrest or red, yellow, green or white, find your future seat in our online store or our stores. If you hesitate between several models or between different finishes, you can ask us for advice. bar stools with backs

Specialists are available to answer your questions. They will assist you with expertise in purchasing your stool with a backrest. You can also ask us for samples. With these, it may be easier for you to make your choice. Stool on one leg or adjustable or even swivel, whatever model you choose, know that the vast majority of our products are customizable. bar stools with backs


The high stool with a backrest is mainly recognized for its comfort. It is also appreciated for its user-friendliness. Whether your choice is a snack stool to associate it with a worktop or a table height of 90 cm or that it goes on a barstool if you have a table 110 cm high, comfort is an important aspect not to be overlooked. Indeed, if for you comfort is essential, then you should prefer a seat with a backrest

. A  bar stool with a backrest will be perfect if you want to have an extended drink with your loved ones. Very trendy, the tall furniture will allow you to enjoy good times with friends or family while being comfortably installed. The bar stool will also facilitate your movements. Indeed, bar stools with backs

its high waist will allow you to stand up more quickly. The high seat is therefore practical if you have little time to eat at midday, for example. In addition to being ergonomic, the bar stool with a backrest is also user-friendly. Tall furniture is, in fact, regularly used to create cosy and pleasant spaces. bar stools with backs

Often, in American kitchens, it makes it possible to separate the kitchen from the living room and, therefore to create warmer places. Sometimes bar stools with backrests can have the particularity of being adjustable in height. So you won’t have to choose between different seat sizes. bar stools with backs

The adjustable stool will allow you to adjust its seat height according to the use you will make of it. Among our many models, you can also choose a seat with a padded seat and back. Finally, the “must-have” of comfort is to opt for a bar stool with a backrest and armrests.


The low stool with a backrest is an interesting seat if you want to save space. Like its elders, it will offer you good comfort thanks to its back support and can generally be easily stored by sliding under the table. The perfect compromise between comfort and practicality,

this type of stool goes well with classic tables 75 cm high. Small in size, you can easily store it in a corner or under a table. It can then be used as a booster seat when you receive guests. In addition, if you set your sights on a folding model, bar stools with backs

you can store it in a cabinet or in a trunk. It will thus declutter your interior. The low stool with a backrest can also save you space in your home by using extra furniture. You can put green plants, plaids, books, and many other decorative objects there.

It will then be an ideal accessory to decorate your room and declutter it. Like the high seat, the low stool can have several features. Some models can be adjustable, swivel, without backrest, with armrests, with padded or well-padded seats. bar stools with backs

bar stools with backs

You will be spoiled for choice among all our possibilities of low stools with a backrest. Defining your needs beforehand will help you select the ideal model for your living room. If you are looking for a comfortable seat, we recommend a padded seat. Do you want a multifunctional stool? In this case, opt for a model that is adjustable in height. If you want to move freely, we recommend the swivel seat. To find your dream stool with a backrest, visit our online store or stores. bar stools with backs

Today, the market offers us a wide range of stools; the essential thing is to choose the right one according to our needs and the use we will give it. bar stools with backs

The most important aspects to look at when choosing a stool are The seat height of the chair, the type of backrest and the type of legs, and if we want it upholstered or not. Combine these aspects well, and you will have the perfect stool for you! bar stools with backs

We differentiate them by the backs; there are mainly three types:

No backrest. These stools are ideal when we are looking to hide them under the countertop, or we are looking for a light and light stool—designed to be a brief space of time such as a breakfast or fast food. bar stools with backs

With medium backrest. These models are the most popular. We have a small backrest. It allows us to be seated for a more extended period in the arrested way since we can support our back. Suppose they must be hidden under the countertop. We must pay attention to both the height of the seat and that of the backrest itself.

They are suitable for breakfasts and meals more natural and restful.

With high back. The latter are models with a seat similar to a chair, aesthetically they are bulkier because they visually occupy more, but it allows us to maintain a more natural and restful position since they will enable us to support our back fully. They are the most suitable, for example, if we work on a stool or if we want to remain seated for a more extended period. bar stools with backs

If we differentiate them by type of legs, we again have three main differences:

The high stools. They are those that allow us to regulate the seat’s height using a hydraulic piston. It is essential both the quality of this lifting system and stability, with a solid base to prevent falls.

If you need to move them, keep in mind that they are much heavier than a four-legged stool. The gloss chrome finishes are bright but more challenging to maintain without fingerprints. A good epoxy paint finish will allow you to quickly clean and have them on the first day for an extended period. bar stools with backs

Metal legs. Choose this option if you are looking for a light stool that takes up little space visually. There are models with square or round tube legs, depending on our taste. They are finished in a wide range of colors. The footrest will help you sit better, be more comfortable, allow you to support your feet, and give rigidity to the whole.

Wooden legs. They are the best option when looking for the warm aspect of wood or a Nordic style. They must be solid and have good joints, so try to avoid those delivered disassembled or with visible screws; these can be more unstable. Ensure that the wooden footrest is protected with a metallic coating so that it does not wear out with use and present a sinister appearance. bar stools with backs

Another way to differentiate them and choose the best one is the seat height:

It is an essential aspect for you to wear comfortably. The distance between the seat and the worktop should be between 25 and 30 cm, a 65 cm high chair will be suitable for counters with a height of approximately 90-92 cm, such as kitchen countertops. seat height of 75 cm will be ideal for tall bars between 105 – 108 cm in height.

As for what type of seat to choose :

Stools with wooden, lacquer, plastic, upholstered, laminated seats. It depends on your taste.

Although it is harder to sit on, a wooden seat will be easy to clean and maintain.

If you choose the upholstered stool, it will be softer and softer, so it can give you extra comfort. Choose it with good quality upholstery and easy cleaning. Nowadays, there are super beautiful and aesthetic fabrics, whether vinyl or Aquaclean, for example, that decorate and make their maintenance much more manageable.  

Another possibility is high stools with plastic or polypropylene seats that give you extra modernity. They weigh little, and in some models, the heart and legs can be the same color and achieve a very elegant uniformity. bar stools with backs

There are even more materials for a stool seat and an example. resistance and ease of cleaning are

Stools with laminated seats and backrest. 

Finally, the possibility of metal stools is very resistant, therefore also used in the contract.

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