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The best Bumper Car For Kids You’ll love 2022

Bumper Car For Kid

A bumper car, also called auto-box in Alsace, auto-scooter in Belgium. auto-Camors in Normandy (from the name of a Foraine family today specializing in the operation of ghost train). Bumper car in the North. or auto bumping or auto-debutante in Mayenne, is a small two-seater electric car protected by .shock-absorbing beads, which serves as a funfair attraction by .colliding with other similar cars on a track. bumper car for kids

She draws her energy power supply rod at the vehicle’s rear and connects it to a metal grid for the electrical supply installed above the way. The supply voltage is a direct current of 90 to 100 volts. The positive (+) is applied to this overhead metal grid and the ground. The return of the wind is the sheet metal surface to the bottom correctly connected to the carcass of the merry-go-round and the earth (zero potential) to avoid any risk of electrocution.

USE OF BUMPER CARS – bumper car for kids

The object of the Bumper Car game is to eject your opponent’s Minifigure from their Bumper Car. To set up the game, follow these steps.

  • Assemble the Minifigure on their color-matched bumper car. Line up the bumper car seat slot with the corresponding locking pin on the figure and press firmly until they snap together. bumper car for kids
  • The side buttons on the bumper car activates the ejection seat under the Minifigure. The winner of the game is the first player to successfully collide with their opponent’s car and eject their opponent’s model.

Please note the model number and unit name in your email: Model no. Bumper cars ODY-116

CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS. bumper car for kids

  • Suitable for ages eight and up. Adult supervision is always recommended.
  • This product contains small parts which present a choking hazard. Keep away from small children.
  • Manufacturers and dealers accept no responsibility for damage caused by misuse.
  • Keep hair and lose clothing away from the bumper car when it is on.
  • Please remove the batteries if the bumper cars are stored and unused for an extended period.
  • Check the batteries regularly for any leaks or corrosion that may occur.
  • When installing the batteries, carefully follow the +/- polarity markings.
  • Do not mix different types of batteries.
  • Remove dead or dead batteries.
  • Do not exceed the load volts and amps of 5via.
  • Please do not leave the charger plugged in or charge it for more than an hour.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE – bumper car for kids

  • Do not immerse the device in liquids.
  • Keep the device dry.
  • Do not place the appliance near unshielded solid magnets.
  • Do not expose the device to extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  • don’t drop, or crush the unit with extreme force.
  • please don not disassemble the device for any reason.



This product complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Its operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference and
  2. This device must accept any interference receptor, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Why are kids’ bumper cars such fabulous additions to your riding activities?

Kids love moving cars! Like a kind of fantastic children’s ride. Children’s bumper cars are set for the needs of children. Popular with children and adults alike, dodgem cars or bumper cars are usually associated with high-impact collisions. And if kids want to have fun, bumper car for kids

they have to ride it with their parents. Not anymore. With the available kids’ dodgem cars, kids can experience all the joy of mini bumper cars on their own, feeling the thrill of driving their cars and bumping into smaller-scale traffic jams. bumper car for kids

Like a kiddie trick with a bit of joy, dodgem cars for children will satisfy the thrill needs of young people, help overcome fear and bring more fun to children. Kiddie bumper cars are suitable for your indoor and outdoor places, such as amusement and theme parks,

family entertainment centers, carnivals, parties, fairgrounds, shopping malls. Kiddie Dodgem cars have been proven to be a favorite with young children and also an excellent investment. For anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. bumper car for kids

Beston children’s bumper cars for sale

What Makes Best on the Preferred Choice for Buying Kids’ Bumper Cars?

As a leading China amusement ride and equipment manufacturer, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and selling a wide range of amusement park rides, carnival rides, rides to customers worldwide. Over the past years, Beston has been serving high-quality products and the best services to our customers from various countries, thereby gaining their trust and support. Knowing the secrets of success, Beston always considers customer needs at all stages of production, sales, shipping, installation, and maintenance.

Beston electric bumper cars for children

Without exception, Beston’s children’s bumper cars are of high quality. The bodies of the vehicles are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, while the bottoms of the cars are made of high-quality rubber or inflatable materials to reduce the impact. For paints on vehicles, they are painted to the relevant standards, bumper car for kids

which lasts for a long time. In addition, each children’s bumper car is equipped with a steering wheel and seat belt. All of these benefits make Beston Kids’ Bumper Cars a reliable investment for you, whether you want to start your own business by entertaining your customers or renting them out, or adding them to your existing amusement rides.

Beston Kiddie Bumper Cars For Sale

Different types of Beston children’s bumper mini cars

Beton offers a wide variety of mini bumper cars for sale to meet your needs and grab the attention of children. According to shapes and designs, dodgem mini cars can be classified as car-shaped bumper cars, animal-shaped cars, UFO-shaped cars, etc. Also, in light of the different materials used at the bottom of the rides, children’s bumper cars can be divided into inflatable and rubber cars. bumper car for kids

  1. Children’s bumper cars in the shape of a vehicle. Children love cars! Kids’ bumper cars are so appealing that kids are tempted to ride repeatedly. Choose the one you like best and jump, fasten your seat belt, and then the kids can have fun. Turn the steering wheels, chase down friends and even bump into your friends’ cars. All this guarantees great fun for young children. bumper car for kids
  1. Those in the shape of an animal. Animals are children’s favorites. Animal-shaped kids dodge cars combine animals with bumper cars, making them more attractive and durable for kids. Children will be more than happy but euphoric when driving with their favorite animals such as bears, ladybugs.
  2. Those in the shape of a UFO. Children are curious about everything, and the new form of mini bumper cars in the shape of UFOs will catch their attention.

Outstanding features of Beston children’s bumper cars bumper car for kids

  1. Safety first. As mentioned above, Beston kids’ bumper cars are well constructed with high-quality materials, making them durable and reliable. Seat belts are equipped to ensure safety while children are driving. In addition, the power is limited to ensure the fun and safety of young people.
  2. Great pleasure guaranteed. Driving alone, children can chase each other, turn around and even collide with other cars. All in all, they can enjoy all the fun on children’s bumper cars.
  3. Attractive appearances. Regardless of the models, themes, Beston Kiddie Dodgem cars come in various colors, designs, and vivid figures. In addition, lights are incorporated to add extra charm. The temptation of kids’ bumper rides is so intense that kids will be drawn to your sights and ride the bumper cars again and again.
  4. Easy to operate and maintain. Beston children’s bumper cars are usually battery-powered, making them very easy for your guests and your business. When they are no longer powered, all you have to do is recharge them. Another plus is that our battery-powered kids’ bumper cars can run on almost any surface. High-quality materials, battery-powered system, all this makes children’s bumper cars easy to maintain, which can save your maintenance cost. bumper car for kids
  1. Easily transportable. Due to its more petite size and battery-powered system, Beston kids’ bumper cars for sale can be easily transported so that you can rent them, attend funfairs or use them in your halls indoors and out. Outside.

Master the art of avoiding skirmishes bumper car for kids

Make life hard for your competitors on this bumper car ride. Unleash the asphalt addict in you during this round of innocent road rage. This traditional family ride has been completely renovated, and the enormous rubberized bumpers of its bumper cars are state of the art in design. bumper car for kids

Enter the arena for the ultimate showdown. Choose your favorite vehicle. It doesn’t matter, as long as the speed is correct. Fasten your seat belt, and you’re good to go. Take control and roar!

You have to stay in your lane when you’re on the road in real life. But in a bumper car race, there is no line or rule. You have to maneuver on the crowded track to avoid a collision or run straight into your neighbors’ vehicles. Luckily, the big rubberized bumpers on these boats make them leap, but don’t stop you from continuing to drive and get ready for your next crash. bumper car for kids

Electrically powered cars roar as they glide along the open track. You can do a 360 or go fast straight ahead, and the choice is yours. Beware of other vehicles because bang! You will never have had so much fun being in the middle of a collision in the middle of traffic!

Bumper cars, bumper cars, or crazy cars? What do you call the famous amusement park and fairground attraction? You may have thought that everyone says it in the same way, but the truth is that it is not like that, and in fact, the way to name cars that operate electrically and whose fun is crashing may vary depending on the community where you are. bumper car for kids

Bumper cars, bumper cars, or crazy cars

All at some point in our childhood and during adolescence, even as adults. We have gone to the fair in our neighborhood or town or the amusement park. And we have come across. That attraction in some cars connected to an electric. Cable is They move down the track and collide with others.

They are the so-called “bumper cars” or also ” bumper cars” or even “crazy cars,” and that is where the doubt arises. As to how it is said since it seems that in the same way as other words or expressions (we are, For example, the dichotomy between «sneakers» «sports,» «tennis,» or «sneakers» to define sports shoes occurs). Depending on the community in which you live, you will say it one way or another.

Cars and bumper cars take over.

Among the ways mentioned above, it seems that the one most used in our country is “Bumper cars” or at least that is how we usually find the poster—this attraction in much of the North of Spain and the Community of Madrid. Community Valenciana, Aragon or Catalonia. bumper car for kids

However, “Bumper cars” are also widely used throughout the country and in communities such as those mentioned and Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha or more specifically in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona as Valencia, Zaragoza, or Bilbao.

We can say then that both bumper and bumper cars are used almost equally. However, let’s go to the country’s south and specifically to cities like Seville or Jaén. We realize that the expression « crazy, cars, “Which curiously in the Canary Islands, is also used but in a diminutive form, that is,” crazy cochitos “(as well as the term” cochitos de esmoche “coquitos. bumper car for kids

What is the age limit for the kid zone bumper car?

one and a half years old

ASTM-certified to this bumper car comprises a safety belt, anti-flat tires, and light. It is recommended for children aged one and a half years old and above.

Can the Kidzone bumper cargo be outside?

Yes, the Kidzone bumper car can go outside. It works on grass as well as the sidewalk and driveway areas.

Does the kid zone bumper car play music?

[360 DEGREE SPIN] Bumper car with a 360-degree spin for more smiles and more awesome riding fun. Ideal for toddlers and kids 1.5 years and above with a maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs. Built-in Bluetooth music to play out your kids’ favorite tunes.

How does a bumper car move for kids?

The bumper cars run on electricity, carried by a pole on the back of the car that leads up to a wire grid in the ride’s ceiling. This grid has the electricity that runs the vehicle. Electrical energy carried to the cars from the grid is converted to kinetic energy, which is converted to heat.

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