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 The 9 Best Fabric types of glue – 2022 Opinions

Fabric glue

The 9 Best Fabric types of glue – 2022 Opinions

There is an excellent offer of fabric glues in the market that help us make crafts or replace the thread and the needle to make repairs on the garments. Of the many options available, Starplast 100ml is a very popular liquid silicone designed for manual projects and can be used on various materials, including fabrics. But if you’re looking for a glue that helps you sew overlapping fabrics without any of the pieces moving, Takter 650 is a functional spray in this category because it acts as a temporary, easy-to-apply, and quick-drying adhesive. 

Fabric glue

If you have a sewing kit with many threads and needles of different sizes to make occasional repairs or if you are passionate about DIY and crafts with fabrics, at some point, you will need glue designed for this material. For this reason, here we show you a selection of the best fabric glues of 2021 so that you can choose the most versatile and that you do not miss this product in your craft drawer.

Glue for fabric and leather

1. Starplast Pack of 4 Liquid Silicone Glues 

A few decades ago, we did not even know how to use a hot glue gun, much less did we have a bottle of liquid silicone on hand. But nowadays, this versatile glue has become indispensable in any home. School stationery, in short, anywhere where the practicality of. This product is used even as glue for fabric and leather.

It is precisely the versatility of liquid silicone for its adherence to various materials that have made it an easily accessible product. For this reason, many users recommend the pack of 4 Starplast liquid silicones of 100 ml each.

The design of the dispenser cap is very convenient to distribute the glue, plus there is no dripping when you finish using it. It is noted that when the silicone dries, it becomes waterproof.

If you need a versatile and easy-to-use adhesive, this can be a good option, efficiently answering your questions about which fabric glue to buy. Therefore, we summarize its pros and cons below.



It is a suitable glue for many materials such as fabric, leather, wood, paper, EVA rubber, among others.


It comes in a pack of 4 units of 100 ml each, a good supply for many manual activities. 


The dispenser cap design makes it easy to apply glue.


This product is non-toxic to be used with peace of mind.

2. Westcott 17114 Mini Glue Stick 

Thinking about expanding the ways of using a hot glue gun, Westcott has designed this fabric and leather glue in a mini stick format with a 7mm diameter.

Its usefulness extends to decorations, crafts, and repairs of objects made of fabric, leather, and vinyl, leaving a durable and resistant finish. In addition, it is suitable for use in guns with different temperature levels and the Westcott E-16758 00 hot melt gun, which can be purchased separately. 

Due to its presentation in a pack of 30 minibars and its functionality, many users can consider this model the best fabric glue. It reduces sewing time in simple repairs, in which only a little of the hot glue is applied to get good results.

The characteristics of this product may be those expected in the best fabric glue of the moment. Still, before giving it that qualification, we invite you to review the positive and negative aspects that we distinguish in it. 



The format of this glue stick is designed for use in hot melt guns, facilitating its application with optimal results.


The pack with 30 units offers a good supply of this hot adhesive to make different crafts.


This glue can be applied to fabrics, leather, and vinyl, facilitating adherence between these materials. 

A hot melt gun is needed to melt the glue efficiently.

Fabric spray glue

3. Takter 650 Adhesive Fixative Textile Spray

A top-rated product in dressmaking rooms is this spray glue for fabric from Takter. It is a temporary adhesive that joins two pieces or prevents the material from moving to make embroidery or some pattern.

The main characteristics of this product are its easy application and fast-drying, and transparency, so it will not leave any residue on the fabric. Likewise, it is compatible with any material, so there are no restrictions on its application and utility.

Regarding the presentation of the spray, it comes in a 500 ml bottle and is recommended to use in ventilated spaces since it has a particular smell that evaporates in a short time.  

For all these qualities, Takter spray is one of the best fabric glues of 2021, and here we have summarized its most prominent positives and negatives. 



The spray is easily applied to any fabric and dries in no time.


The bottle comes with 500 ml of spray content, and its chlorofluorocarbon-free design is ozone-friendly.


This glue is suitable for patchwork work, joining the pieces together before finally fixing them with a needle and thread.

The effect of the spray is not permanent; it is only used to replace the basting before finally fixing the fabric with a seam.

4. 3M Upholstery Spray Adhesive

If you are looking for the best fabric glue, this one from 3M may be the ideal answer if you need an adhesive for your car upholstery, especially when fixing the roof. 

The presentation of this product as a spray glue for fabric dramatically facilitates its use. The sprayer can be adjusted to spread or reduce the adhesive. Allows the amount of product applied to the surfaces to be regulated. 

On the other hand, the drying speed stands out, as well as the adhesive film formed with excellent resistance to be used in different fabrics, upholstery, foam padding, metals, fiberglass, and some vinyl products.

3M is recognized for the quality of its different adhesives, both for industrial and domestic use. which is why it can be considered the best brand of fabric glues. Thanks. The efficiency of this product, which we have made a summary. Its main characteristics are in the next section. 



The spray nozzle can be adjusted to control the amount of glue applied so that it does not become a stream during application.


It is a fast-drying and good resistance glue, offering efficient adhesion to different materials.


This glue’s 3M brand endorsement is synonymous with its quality and efficiency in different applications.

Water-resistant fabric glue

5. Ceys 501024 Textilceys Textile Glue 

If the thread and the needle are not your best friends, this waterproof fabric glue can be the solution to different situations in which you need to decorate, fix or make a garment and avoid the step of threading.

Due to its functionality and affordable cost can be considered the best value for money fabric glue. In addition, its easy-to-apply format allows you to use the right amount without wasting or staining. 

Regarding compatibility, you can use this glue on all kinds of natural and synthetic fabrics, felt, cotton, among others. It also serves as an adhesive for wood, leather, cardboard, metal, and other materials. 

Regarding resistance, this product can be washed and ironed without compromising its adherence, increasing its versatility. 

We invite you to look at the pros and cons that we distinguish in Keys textile glue since it is one of the cheapest in our selection.



Fabrics adhered with this glue can be washed and ironed without any difficulty.


The product specifies the mode of use to make its application correctly.


Glue can be used on cotton, polyester, denim, felt, leather, and other natural or synthetic fabrics. 

It is recommended to leave cloth garments dry for 24 hours to offer maximum fixation.

Gütermann fabric glue

6. Knorr Prandell 5 Tubes Gütermann HT2 Glue for Cloth

Fabric glue

When looking for resistant adhesives for fabrics, appliques, PVC, among others, Gütermann fabric glue stands out for its performance and easy application.

First of all, we mention the functional nozzle that avoids dripping and waste of the product, allowing simultaneously to apply the correct amount in the desired area.

Secondly, its resistance makes it very versatile because it can be washed at temperatures up to 40 ° C. The garment can only be ironed after applying the glue to achieve this quality.

With this product, you can make different types of crafts and even improvements in clothing, such as fixing hems or decorating handles, since when it dries, its finish is transparent and flexible. Its versatility also allows it to be applied to fabrics such as cotton, wool, felt, ribbons, and leather applications. 

For all these advantages, we have decided to summarize the pros and cons of this product below.

The 9 Best Fabric types of glue – 2022 Opinions


The tube format with a fine nozzle allows you to use the right amount of glue and apply it to the garment without jets or drips.


This product comes in a presentation of 5 tubes to offer a good supply, used by those who enjoy making crafts and decorations on fabrics.


When ironing the fabric with this adhesive, it becomes resistant to washing, admitting temperatures of up to 40 degrees or dry cleaning. 

The glue’s cost is high, but since it is a set of 5 units of 30 g each, the investment is compensated. 

Washable fabric glue

7. Ber-Fix Fabric Glue Washable at 95 °

Using washable fabric glue lets you craft and patch your clothing without fear that the patch will ultimately come off when you wash the garments. It is achieved with this Ber-Fix product that comes in a compact 40 ml container, whose nozzle facilitates the application of the glue. However, to improve using this adhesive, a sponge is included with which the product spreads better on the fabric. 

Regarding its ability to be washable, this glue admits up to 95 ° C in washing and 180 ° C in ironing without affecting its properties. It can be used in patchwork projects and achieve a resistant and flexible finish. 

For all these virtues, this product becomes a tool for sewists, manualists, and DIY enthusiasts, since many projects can be carried out with it.

Consequently, we invite you to read the positive and negative aspects we distinguish in this glue.


The design of the small bottle with a spout facilitates the application of the product. In addition, it includes a sponge to spread the glue on the fabric quickly.


The glue has a flexible finish, making it suitable for hemming and appliquéing fabrics. 


It can be used on synthetic fabrics such as canvas and neoprene, offering optimal results.

Instructions in Spanish are missed. Although its use is quite intuitive, this is an aspect to improve the manufacturer. 

Special glue for fabric

8. Pattex Glue for textile, transparent 

Pattex 1479394 special fabric glue is all you need to fix different elements on textiles comfortably. Like the rest of the brand’s adhesives, this material offers high resistance and durability when gluing on fabrics, such as cotton, denim, felt, leather, or synthetic fibers, among others.

Thanks to its formulation, the glue withstands both washing and ironing reliably so that the joined pieces do not separate easily. This glue is presented in a 20-gram tube, with a design that makes it easy to pour it where it is needed. Something that helps avoid excesses, which can affect the quality of the final work. 

As an extra, we are talking about transparent glue, so it is well hidden in any piece and does not attract much attention.

Give any garment an optimal finish with this efficient fabric glue from Pattex, which will make it easy to unleash The high quality of its formula gives a remarkable resistance to the product, accepting the ironing and washing of the garment once it is glued.


This glue is suitable for all fabrics, such as denim, linen, cotton, or synthetics.


The transparent finish does not draw too much attention to the fabrics in which it is used.

Glue for fabric and cardboard

9. Of Temporary Adhesive for Fabrics and Papers

Odif’s proposal with its glue for fabric and cardboard is beneficial for those who work in clothing workshops and need to fix the patterns to the materials to be cut so that they do not move.

This spray’s mechanism of action consists of creating an adhesive film without smells or stains, which allows two pieces of fabric to be joined while secured in another way, such as patchwork or decoupage work. 

It is a temporary glue; it does not resist washing but avoids pins and basting. In addition, it does not obstruct the passage of the needle once it dries. Regarding the presentation, this is a 250 ml spray at an affordable cost, a manageable and functional size to develop different manual projects. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product, we recommend looking at the positive and negative aspects that stand out in it.



With this glue, embroideries are made without the fabric moving, avoiding pins or safety pins.


The bottle specifies the correct way to use this product to achieve maximum fixation on the different compatible materials.

No smell or color:

The glue is odorless and does not leave stains on the fabric. In addition, it can be washed to remove excess product from the garment.

If you need a permanent adhesive, you should look for another glue because this one is for temporary fixation.

Shopping guide

Searching for fabric glues seems like the easiest way to choose the product you need for your manual projects, but first, we recommend you review our guide to buying the best fabric glue and know the highlights in this unique adhesive.

Adhesion and flexibility

When comparing fabric glues, we must consider the level of adhesion offered by the products since there are temporary and permanent adhesives for fabrics on the market. The former is the most suitable for sewing jobs in which you need to secure two pieces before finally joining them with a needle and thread. They are also helpful for making patchwork designs, embroidery, prints, and the like.

On the other hand, the permanent glue manages to definitively join the pieces of fabric or appliqués on the materials without risk of it coming off, thus dispensing with the thread and the needle to sew them. 

In this sense, flexibility is another aspect to consider as fabric glue. If it is a garment in which you are placing appliques or ornaments, you will not want that part of the piece to be hard, as it must naturally conform to your body’s movement. So it is essential to check if, among the specifications, the glue manufacturer highlights its flexibility. 

The 9 Best Fabric types of glue – 2022 Opinions

The versatility in fabric glue is an essential requirement to guarantee its functionality within your DIY box. Unless you are a professional tailor, it is not easy to have a specific adhesive for each material.

That is why our recommendation is to acquire a glue that is compatible with natural and synthetic, porous and smooth fabrics, and that also offers good adhesion to other materials such as leather, vinyl, cardboard, paper, among others, such as silicone, for example.

However, if your search is more specific, of course, you will find special glues designed for a particular fabric or material. The cost may increase, but the ideal adhesive will offset the investment for the craft or project you are doing.


Resistance and durability are expected from permanent fabric adhesives, so it is necessary to check if they can be washed and up to what temperature. The same happens with its ironing capacity.

Consequently, some products can be dry cleaned or at high temperatures, but it activates this quality; it is necessary to iron them before fixing or completely hardening the glue, making it heat resistant. In contrast, others do not need to go through this process.

This feature may alter how much the product costs, but it doesn’t make it that expensive as there are numerous inexpensive and functional glue options for these applications. 


Regarding the presentation where you can buy fabric glue, you have many options to choose from. Some in spray format come in 250 and 500 ml; others of liquid consistency are available in plastic bottles of 100 ml or 40 ml. In comparison, some products come in small tubes of 30 ml and presentations of several units with a competitive cost-benefit ratio.

There are also glue sticks that must be used with hot melt guns as silicone and come in packs of several dozen. In this case, it is essential to check the diameter of the glue tubes to see if they are compatible with your heat gun. 

Application The 9 Best Fabric types of glue – 2022 Opinions

Related to the previous section is the way of applying the product. As we already mentioned, some come as a spray, and others must be used with a hot-melt gun.

But on the other hand, there are the liquid glues. The design of the nozzle matters to ensure .that the content does not spill. Some models have a dispenser that allows you to apply the right amount and spread it on the fabric so that no lumps or glue jets form.

Other products come with a sponge for a uniform application on large surfaces, favoring a complete coverage, so the fabric adheres correctly. 

The important thing is to note that, currently, the different glues available come with a unique design to offer a simple application without wasting the product. 

Frequently asked questions 

1: How to remove glue from fabric?

Some products specify in their instructions how to remove glue residue. Most can be diluted in water if they are not resistant. Others can only be removed with a damp cloth while the glue has not entirely dried because once it is absorbed, the fabrics remain adhered to each other. 

But, if it is a glue stain that you want to remove, you can use nail polish remover and dip an ear swab in the liquid. Then it is applied to the affected area and left to act for about 15 minutes.

After this time and with the help of an old toothbrush, rub. The stain until all the glue remains are removed. At the end of this procedure, wash the garment as usual and dry to verify that the stain is gone.

2: How to take out fabric glue?

It is essential to identify the type of garment that has been stained because if it is silk, chiffon, or some delicate fabric, it will be better to take it to the dry cleaner and have it appropriately done there. 

If it is a garment that you regularly wash at home and whose fabric is resistant, then you can try the following:


 – Let the dry glue well, and a spoon rub over the stain to remove as much of the dried product as possible. Remember to be careful not to rip the fabric.

 You can now use a stain remover of those you buy in the supermarket to wash clothes and apply a quantity directly on the glue stain. Let it soak well, then flush the garment on a low-heat wash cycle.

 – Check if the stain has disappeared and, if it persists, repeat the procedure while the garment is wet. Then wash again and let it dry, as the color will indeed have subsided.

3: How do you use the fabric glue?

Each product should have instructions on how to apply fabric glue properly. It is advisable to clean the fabric well and dry it before using glue.

Next, start to spread the glue on the surface and glue the piece you want to join. Wait a few seconds and enter the fabrics by pressing gently to avoid bubbles, and both parts adhere. The same procedure is done if you attach the fabric to wood, cardboard, or another material. 

4: How to make fabric glue?

Although there are many types of fabric glue on the market at an affordable price, you always have the option of making your adhesive at home. You will only need rice, salt, and water to do this. First, you must place the ingredients in a pot and bring them to cook over medium heat, stirring frequently. After several minutes, lower the heat and bring the elements to a simmer and cover the pot, but not entirely, for about 30 minutes. 

The correct point of rice is when it is very soft and with a glutinous texture. It is essential to keep stirring the mixture so that the rice releases all its starch. Finally, please turn off the heat and allow the cooked rice to cool, then place it in the blender and mix on medium speed until it becomes a consistent paste. 

Please put it in a plastic container, and it is ready to use. What is leftover can be stored in the well-sealed refrigerator. 

What is the best textile glue?

Top 6 Permanent Fabric Glue Reviews
Permatex 25247 Fabric Repair Kit
Tear Mender Instant adhesive for fabrics and leathers.
Beacon Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive.
Aleene transparent gel sticky glue.
Dritz 401 fabric glue stick
E6000 565002 Fabri-Fuse adhesives.

How to glue the fabric permanently?

Excellent permanent fabric glue is powder glue. It is a more modern variation of fabric glue. You can apply the powder to the surface you want to glue and then cover it with a cloth and an iron. 17-May-2021

Can I use fabric glue instead of sewing?

If your fabric doesn’t take heat well or has an iron, this fabric glue is the best seamless option. Permanent Fabric Glue is ideal for hems, trims, appliqués, patches, zippers, repairs, roman shades, and crafts.

Is there any glue for the fabric?

Fear not, as these materials can be easily attached without breaking the needle and thread. Just use fabric adhesive. Fabric Glue is a liquid adhesive specially formulated to repair and repair flexible materials such as vinyl seats, cushions, clothing, tarps, and outdoor equipment.

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