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15 The Best King Canopy Bed Bedroom Furniture

King Canopy Bed

15 The Best King Canopy Bed Bedroom Furniture

Have you installed your four-poster bed and want to add quality bedding accessories? To combine comfort with elegance, we advise you to invest in a quality mattress, such as our Tediber mattress, and suitable pillows, sheets and covers. Thus, you can create a room decoration according to your tastes.

Our advice Buying guide

A king-size four-poster bed may seem like an extravagant purchase, but it packs a lot of comfort and style. From its sturdy frame and practical features to the attractive style and appearance you can enjoy, there are many benefits to purchasing this type of bed for your home. However, how do you know what kind of bed will be best for you? Considering all the different designs available, you might have difficulty finding the ideal option. Let’s look at some of the common styles available for purchase. king canopy bed

What are the most common king-size canopy bed designs?

  • Fully enclosed canopy bed. The most common design is the canopy bed that is wholly held within its frame. It has four tall posts around seven feet tall and a ‘roof’ running across the top for the fully enclosed design. It is ideal if you want something cozy for your bedroom and feels enveloped by your bed. king canopy bed
  • Canopy bed without shelter. This style is much like the fully enclosed canopy bed, but it does not have the top piece. It is a less expensive and simpler version of this design. You can still enjoy the comfort and benefits of a king-size canopy bed without the top piece. An alternative option is to have a roof frame around the top of the bed; This is still very different from the previous design, as the hollow top frame prevents it from being enclosed. It is an elegant yet simple design for those who want all the elegance of a canopy bed without making it. The room feels too cluttered and confined or has a high or too big bed.

How to style with a canopy bed?

If you want something very traditional that makes you feel like you’ve returned to a medieval castle, consider a vintage four-poster bed. An item that is old or has been around for a generation or two can give your bedroom a great deal of character while also giving it something to show off. It was traditional to design canopy beds with many ornate details, so you will often find swirls, flowers, lines, dots, animals, and other features etched into the frame.

Can a four-poster king bed fit a modern bedroom?

A very different design from the others you will see, modern canopy beds are pretty unique in their way. At the same time, some techniques are simple, more natural designs, such as those that use branches to create elegant posts. Light pine wood is used for the bed frame, king canopy bed

followed by matching coloured extensions for the four pillars around the bed. This natural effect is created not only because branches or fake branches are used but also because the size and shape are slightly different, contrary to the typical uniform designs that we are used to seeing. king canopy bed


Are you looking for decorating ideas for the bedroom? Betting on a four-poster bed is always a trend. The black wrought iron structure was exposed in this bedroom, loosely covered with a side-to-side curtain. One of the keys to making material as cold as iron warm is to combine it with materials such as wood and natural fibres, and always with light-toned textiles. The swing? Hit for sure! king canopy bed

Bed and carpet, from the ATD Architecture Studio.


To gain more visual space and give it a touch of originality. This room opted for an incomplete canopy that reveals the elegant carving of the structure. The white colour also helps to lighten the space. king canopy bed

Bed, Bench, Stand of Furniture. 


The mixture of wood and natural fibres creates a super cool and stylish canopy that does not require curtains to succeed. Accompany it with linen textiles. king canopy bed

Bed, , in the decorator’s study


Bamboo is a very resistant material and, in addition, ecological. By choosing it for the bed canopy, the classic style of the bedroom becomes more relaxed. Also, bamboo decoration is in! king canopy bed

Bed, nightstand and chest of drawers from Maisons du Monde.


The classic shapes of the canopy add the finishing touch to the romantic décor of this French-style bedroom in bright, neutral tones, where the curtain is elegantly and draped from side to side. Without a doubt, the most suitable piece for a house with a stately past like this one. king canopy bed

Bed by Coco-Mat. Canopy, from Güell-Lamadrid. Secretary and bench in Little House. Suitcase, in Luzio. Carpet, from Ikea.


The white wrought iron four-poster beds always conceive romantic bedrooms with country and vintage tones. We love them for their sweetness and because they are suitable for all types of rooms, whether for children or adults.

Ripalda iron bed, by Gonzálbez. Armchair, by Roche Bobois. Linen curtains, Tignes-Duck Egg, by Designers Guild, in Usera Users. king canopy bed


Yes, there are also canopies for modern and current bedrooms. Here you have a perfect example that combines modernity and warmth thanks to the straight lines and the oak wood. The best way not to detract from it is to decorate it with a light curtain in colours that provide luminosity, such as white. king canopy bed

Oak bed and nightstand,


Do you want to take the beach to the bedroom? You will achieve this with a white wooden four-poster bed to match the curtains, bedding in white and blue tones that recall the sea, and natural fibres that double the freshness.

Four-poster bed, carpet, and ceiling fan at Cassai Home & Fashion. king canopy bed


Are you one of those who are very clear that the classic style is the one that best defines them? If you don’t want to risk it, we recommend opting for a carved wooden canopy with classic lines in your bedroom. They are timeless, and you can combine them with all kinds of textiles and never lack warmth. king canopy bed

Canopy bed, in Raffles. Bedside table, mirror and lamps, at Better & Best. Sofa, in La Torre. Wallpaper, at Moet Chansons. Carpet, in KP.

10. FOR YOUTH BEDROOMS – king canopy bed

The rustic style is beautiful in youth bedrooms. A four-poster canopy bed will allow them to personalize the décor in their way, for example, by placing a garland of their favourite photos side by side. king canopy bed

Trunk and lamp by Coton et Bois, rugby.Ikea and bench and lounger Decoration of Asun Antó.


If you have high ceilings and enough square footage in your bedroom, go for a canopy with voluminous curtains for a wow effect. king canopy bed

Armchair and bench at the foot of the bed, in Rialto Living. Bedside table and table lamp, in Sleeping Company.


The romanticism and sophistication of the French style have crept into this bedroom, where the four-poster bed becomes a true jewel full of details and classic lines. There are no curtains, letting the wood carving and crown moulding dominate the decor; king canopy bed

Bed by Homes in Heaven. Bedside table and bench at the foot of the bed, in Becerra.


A small canopy like this one in gray can create corners brimming with magic in children’s rooms. You can place it on its bed or design a beautiful reading corner with cushions and blankets on the floor. king canopy bed

Wardrobe, table with chairs and canopy, by Petit Armari. Bed by Dijous. Dresser, from IKEA. Carpet, by Zara Home. Gooseneck lamp, by IKEA. Garland and animal heads, by Petit Armari.

12. WOOD AS THE PROTAGONIST – king canopy bed

You can choose different materials for your canopy bed. In this case, as the wooden structure monopolizes all the attention, it has been preferred to leave it naked and not dress it with a curtain. In this way, you also gain a more casual look.

Four-poster bed, designed by the Pino & del Valle studio. Stool and carpet, in Fernando Moreno. king canopy bed


Not old-fashioned, not corny, not just for XXL bedrooms. There are canopies for all tastes: thin, thick, voluminous, minimalist. We will not say that they are highly recommended in mini bedrooms, but perhaps you had ruled it out ahead of time. If you are passionate about them, who knows!

Steel canopy bed, designed by decorator Nela San Juan Galatas. Chaise longue, in Taller de las Indias. Baúl, in Fronda. Table lamp, in Becara. Kilim rug, king canopy bed

LOW COST – king canopy bed

Some canopies come ready to mount and are easily attached to the ceiling with a hook. It is the best option if you don’t want to invest a lot of money and look for something simpler. They are also more recommended for small bedrooms since they hardly occupy space.

Bedside table, in Meridiana. Baúl, at Home Makers. Luis XVI armchair, king canopy bed

13. MATCH THE FABRICS – king canopy bed

To achieve the style you want in your bedroom, play with the fabrics of the canopies. Light colours and delicate textiles will give it an air of lightness and romance. The darker ones will help keep the outside light from filtering through.

Bed and lanterns, by India & Pacific. Bedspread, gray and pink cushions and canopy, by Filocolore. Table lamps, king canopy bed


To achieve a more vintage atmosphere in this room. A pseudo-canopy has been placed that reinforces the bedroom’s aesthetics. All in the same white and gray tones and with recovered pieces.

Headboard and bedside table, by Pomax, in Cassai.


For princesses, heroines or whatever they want to dream of at night, a mini canopy that will give their bedrooms maximum charm.

Minnen extendable bed, from Ikea. Canopy, by Loani Linen Home, with Telas y Telas drops. Restored and painted bedside table and ceiling lamp from El Trastero de Macarena. king canopy bed


The white metal canopies have a more casual look, ideal for spring or summer with lightweight fabrics.

Wrought iron bed, mirror, curtains, tray and coffee set, in Coton et Bois. Blanket, duvet cover and pillowcases and cushions,king canopy bed

15. ABROAD – king canopy bed

There is nothing more rustic than sleeping for a while in. the garden a four-poster bed like this one. How about copying the idea on your terrace?

Bed with iron frame and canopy, by Orient Express. Coffee table, by Pep Sala and pink cloth and basket, by El Mundo Insólito.

The canopy beds are characterized by four posts that rise above the corners. The mattress and joined together by sidebars. The curtains or fabrics placed on these posts as a ceiling to cover the bed are canopies and can be chosen from different materials, placing them loosely covering the bed or tied on the bars. king canopy bed

Formerly, canopies used to preside over the beds of the noble people to keep the heat in the bed area, shelter from the cold, and protect themselves from insects and parasites. Today, they give a romantic and dreamy air to the bedroom.

Canopy beds wrap you in their embrace: with the canopy closed around the bed, they offer you privacy and a sense of protection. You will find them of many types, and if you have always dreamed of a four-poster bed, it is possible to choose one that matches the decoration you have in your bedroom.

TIPS TO CONSIDER – king canopy bed

Bedroom size: Depending on the bed you choose, they can have different visual effects.

Ceiling Height: Measure the ceiling height of the bedroom well and from there, choose a style that matches your design.

Choose a tall canopy bed if you want the rest of the furniture not to be overshadowed.

The height of the awnings is also significant: if it is higher, the room will appear smaller and more intimate.

  • Consider the colour, lines, and shape to match the furniture in the bedroom.

The canopy beds can be made of many materials, such as natural wood, plywood or solid wood, iron. The choice of style and design you decide to decorate the bedroom will allow you to give it a dreamy and romantic, rustic, colonial air. Or more modern and linear.

How do I put curtains on my four-poster bed?

Placing fabric slipcovers on canopy beds may seem difficult at first glance. However, it is quite possible to put ordinary window curtains on it if you only use accessories such as hooks, ties or rings. Alternatively, you can have window curtains modified to fit your canopy bed and equipped with Velcro patches for easier installation. Here is our in-depth guide to draping canopy bed curtains and how to hang sheer curtains on a canopy bed.

However, specially designed canopy bed curtains are standard in retail stores and the online market. As an example, this canopy can be attached to the bed frame with curtain arches. king canopy bed

Alternatively, you can get a canopy that hangs over the bed with wall or ceiling hooks. This type of canvas roof is pretty straightforward, as all you need to do is secure the ends of the curtain in place to install your awning. This mesh canopy, for example, is a system that does just that. The curtains hung from hooks in the ceiling, allowing them to be installed on ordinary beds.

Finally, you can get canopy netting for your bed. It works like a tent that completely envelops your bed in fabric. Install above your bed. It would help if you had a rope and a single strong ceiling hook to carry the roof above your sleeping area. This dome-shaped canopy is an excellent example of that, as its size is generous enough to cover the entire bed yet simple enough to set up and take down for travel. king canopy bed

Do men and women like canopy beds?

In general, women are more attracted to canopy beds, with the dramatic curtains and the transparent enclosure, the four-poster bed hints at Victorian origins and even the medieval period. It keeps the occupant warm on cold nights and provides a unique feeling of privacy and grandeur. king canopy bed

On the other hand, men have mixed feelings about canopy beds. Under the impression that such beds are often designed for women, many men are uncomfortable having their four-poster beds for fear that their sexuality will be questioned. Other men, however, do not shy away from the idea. Instead, they think they can use four-poster beds to make their rooms more attractive to women. Plus, for DIY enthusiasts, creating a four-poster bed can prove to be a challenging but rewarding project.

Surprisingly, animals also love four-poster beds. Cats, dogs, and more exotic animals like bearded dragons love to snuggle up and hide under the covers of a four-poster bed. Perhaps this is because a four-poster bed makes your pet feel safe. This specially designed canopy bed for pets can be used when travelling with your favourite four-legged friend. king canopy bed

Who typically uses canopy beds?

Although canopy beds offer many benefits, some people are reluctant to get one due to preconceptions. Many people think that canopy beds are only for girls or royal family members. New parents avoid this bed type, assuming a cradle is always the best option for babies. As we’ve discussed before, single men who choose to sleep on four-poster beds sometimes face homophobic reviews. Practical couples usually avoid looking at canopy beds, thinking they are too expensive. However, times are changing! These days, you can quickly get a four-poster bed that fits your budget and preferences. king canopy bed

For example, this bed from Baxton Studio features iron tube posts with brass plated corner fittings. It can stand on its own in a bachelor pad. If you want a curtain to match this bed, you can get a simple canopy net for boys. Both of these items exude sophistication but aren’t frilly enough to make your manhood questionable.

As for the budget-conscious guest, here’s a queen canopy bed that because it already comes with a mosquito net. The design is modern, elegant and suitable for a studio or a large bedroom. It’s perfect for new couples who want style in their bedroom without breaking the bank. king canopy bed

Is there a “male” four-poster bed?

In the recent past, four-poster beds were limited to rooms for little girls. Frill lace curtains are a popular choice for mosquito nets on canopy beds. Back then, if you had a four-poster bed and were a man, your sexuality was probably in question. king canopy bed

Today, however, four-poster beds come in a wide variety of designs and can suit anyone. From a little boy to a proud bachelor, every man can now get a four-poster bed designed to his liking.

For example, this four-poster bed will easily find its place in a boy’s room. Her weight limit is 450 pounds. Thanks to the simple metal structure and no-frills construction, the bed frame can stand alone without any curtains. But if you still want a curtain to cover your bed, there are ‘male’ options. For example, this awning fabric set may be worth your attention. king canopy bed

What is the canopy on a bed called?

Crown (also Canopy crown): The apex of a raised canopy. Finials: Decorative end caps for the bedposts used to hold a shelter in place. Footboard: The solid or upholstered secondary focal point of a bed attached at or to the foot of the bed.

What are canopy beds for?

Intended initially to conserve warmth and offer privacy, canopy beds are now beloved for their sumptuous design. These beds, typically four-posters, feature fabric draped over the top and on all sides, often finished with tassels or other details to add drama.20-Dec-2016

What is the standard height of a canopy bed?

Generally speaking, the posts of a canopy bed can be as high as 83” (roughly 7 feet) and as low as 78”. Based on this information, bedrooms with 10-foot high ceilings can easily accommodate four-poster beds. And, as we discussed before, rooms with lower ceilings can still feature canopy beds without posts.17-Jan-2020

How long is a king-size bed?

80 inches long

King-size mattresses are 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. A king bed gives you plenty of room to sleep with a partner. Compared to a queen mattress, a king bed has 8 inches more width per person.

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