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The 8 Best lingerie chest of drawers

lingerie chest of drawers

The 8 Best lingerie chest of drawers

Since not everyone likes to maintain order, it is essential to have a piece of furniture that allows you to organize everything from toys. Dishes, clothes, and even jewelry, and what better than a decorative and functional chest of drawers—next, 9 of the best models that the market offers you.

lingerie chest of drawers

Ikea chest of drawers

If you are looking for a dresser for the bedroom, Ikea could have the solution for you with this practical and attractive model. It is a piece of furniture that offers you excellent storage capacity. It has five drawers positioned in a column to organize everything from clothes to accessories. On its upper part, you can put any decoration of your choice. lingerie chest of drawers

Its dimensions are 112 x 70 x 40 cm, so it takes up little space in the room. Likewise, it is an Ikea dresser made of wood that gives you strength and durability; You can easily mount it, and for more excellent stability, the manufacturer recommends fixing it to the wall with the included anti-tip device. On the other hand, the drawers offer a practical opening design that does not need handles. lingerie chest of drawers

In addition, you can select the chest of drawers in white or oak. If you are looking for a smaller piece of furniture that complements the decoration, Ikea also offers you two suitable options according to your needs.

It could be the best dresser of the moment, as it gives you optimal storage and high quality. Know its pros and cons.


Capacity: The dresser has five drawers of the same size, where you can store shirts, pants, and any other object.

Materials: It is made of wood to have a durable and resistant piece of furniture.

Variety: You can select between white or oak, the one that best integrates with your decoration.


Rails: The quality of the drawer rails could be improved. However, its functionality is not seriously compromised by this detail.

white chest of drawers

1. Habitdesign 007804A 4 Drawers Sinfonier Model Sweet

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Among the best dressers of 2022, this model stands out for its attractive presence and functionality. It is a white chest of drawers belonging to the elegant Sweet bedroom range by Habitdesign, which consists of two bedside tables and a headboard; so if you have previously purchased these pieces, with this chest of drawers, you can complement the collection.

Given its design with simple lines, it is a piece of furniture recommended for spaces with a Nordic or Scandinavian decorative style. Its dimensions are 77.5 x 95 x 40 cm, which makes it ideal for any bedroom or room; likewise, it has four drawers whose measurements are 71 x 10 x 35 cm so that you can store clothes, sheets, accessories, handkerchiefs, towels, etc. lingerie chest of drawers

Likewise, it is a chest of drawers with four legs that provide stability while keeping it off the ground, which favors cleaning. It integrated easy-grip button-shaped handles and was made of high-quality chipboard with melamine coating. lingerie chest of drawers

Habitdesign might be the best dresser brand right now, given the wide variety of furniture it offers and its high quality. Next, the pros and cons of this model.


Design: It is an attractive chest of drawers with an appropriate strategy for bedrooms with a Scandinavian or Nordic style.

Drawers: Its four drawers offer a maximum capacity of up to 5 kilos each, allowing you to store various things.

Legs: Its structure includes four robust legs made of high quality and resistant ABS plastic.


Opening: Greater opening in the drawers is missing since the things stored at the bottom could be inaccessible.

Baby changing table

2. Plaster Bathtub with drawers

If you are expecting your child and need a comfortable baby changing table, this model could meet all your expectations. It is a multifunctional piece of furniture that integrates a practical padded changing table, a bathtub, and four drawers for storage. It also offers swivel casters, two of which are lockable for optimal stability. lingerie chest of drawers

The changing table has a safe anti-tip system and has an easy mechanism that allows you to lift it to access the bathtub, which is equipp with a plug and functional drain. The drawers, meanwhile, will enable you to store clothes, diapers, and baby items. Likewise, it has a tray for objects with a towel rack to put soap and shampoo.

Likewise, since babies increase, when you do not use the bathtub or the changing table, you can remove them, and the chest of drawers will continue to be a beneficial element in their room. In addition, it is easy to clean since it is made of PVC plastic. lingerie chest of drawers

This dresser could be the right piece of furniture when it comes to changing or bathing the baby without having to make movements that affect your back. Analyze its pros and cons.


Multifunction: It is a piece of furniture that offers extra storage space and integrates a changing table and a practical bathtub; designed for the little ones.

Materials: It has PVC plastic that resists moisture, is resistant, and is easy to clean.

Wheels: Thanks to its four wheels, you can quickly move the dresser, and the locking system provides stability.


Opening: Something that could be improved in this model is the smoothness in the closing and opening mechanism of the drawers. lingerie chest of drawers

vintage chest of drawers

3. Rebecca Mobili Bathroom Cabinet 6 Drawers Paulownia Wood MDF

For those passionate about furniture with original creations, this versatile chest of drawers could be the ideal model to place at the house’s entrance, in a bathroom, bedroom, or in rooms with few square meters, since it offers an attractive design and a compact size. ; because its dimensions are 68.5 cm high, 56.5 cm long, and 27 cm deep.

It is a sober and elegant vintage chest of drawers that offers you six drawers of 17.5 x 22 cm, making it especially useful for storing small objects of daily use. Its main attraction is its drawers, each artistically designed with different colors and textures to offer a unique style. lingerie chest of drawers

For this reason, it is a timeless product that integrates perfectly with the vintage style, whether urban or country. In addition, for greater comfort and to improve the user experience, the manufacturer ships this practical piece of furniture fully assembled. lingerie chest of drawers

If you are committed to vintage decoration and need a chest of drawers that harmonizes with your style, this model could be what you are looking for. Continue reading, and you will know its pros and cons.


Design and materials: It is a white wooden chest of drawers with six beautifully designed drawers in different styles, which favors aesthetics and order.

Assembly: You will receive the chest of drawers ready to use, so no assembly work is necessary.

Utility: Thanks to its size and design, you can put it in a bedroom, bathroom, or at the house entrance.


Capacity: Given the small size of the drawers, it is an ideal chest of drawers mainly for storing small objects.

wooden chest of drawers

4. Sleeper Dogar Altea Chest of 6 drawers Pin

This piece of furniture could be the best price-quality chest of drawers on the market; since it is not only one of the cheapest, but it is also an attractive, robust piece of furniture with a large storage capacity. For this, it is made of solid pine wood, which provides resistance and long functional life; It also offers you six spacious drawers and a surface that gives you extra space to put cosmetics, jewelry, or some decoration.

It is a wooden dresser with dimensions of 100 cm high, 78 cm wide, and 39 cm deep, giving you enough storage capacity to organize clothes, lingerie, towels, accessories, accessories, and more. Its six drawers of the same size have wooden handles that combine with its structure and plastic guides that favor opening and closing with ease. In addition, it also has robust legs made of the same material. lingerie chest of drawers

Wood is a material that provides warmth, adapts to any decorative style, and offers durability, so it is comfortable could be a good investment. Keep reading, and you will know more about this model. lingerie chest of drawers


Materials: It is a high-quality pine wood, robust and resistant furniture, with honey-colored finishes that fit with different decorations.

Capacity: It has six large drawers that allow you to store various clothes, towels, sheets, and everything you want to have close at hand.

Legs: Its four robust legs made of wood offer stability and favor the cleaning of the floor.


Assembly: The assembly work could be laborious, mainly with a DIY experience.

tall chest of drawers

5. Miroytengo Dresser Kate Bedroom Modern Style chest of drawers five drawers

lingerie chest of drawers

The best chest of drawers for a small bedroom could be the one that gives you optimal vertical storage, such as this tall chest of drawers that stands out for its stylized and modern design. Its measurements are 50 cm wide, 100.9 cm high, and 33.3 cm deep, so you can put it in any hole without taking up much space.

It is made with melamine finishes, a material that stands out for its resistance to scratches and for offering ease of cleaning. The design provides you with white color with wood-effect sable tones, adding a touch of sobriety and making it ideal for double bedrooms. lingerie chest of drawers

Its structure gives you five drawers of the same size, in which you can store and organize everything from sheets, clothes, accessories to accessories such as scarves and gloves. As for its assembly, you will not have to worry, as it includes a practical manual with the proper screws.

Because it is a functional, modern dresser and one of the cheapest at the moment, it is a model that you could take into account in your comparison. Please pay attention to the summary of its pros and cons. lingerie chest of drawers


Dimensions: Its compact dimensions could make this chest of drawers the right piece of furniture to place in small spaces.

Storage: Despite its size, it is a model that offers optimal vertical storage, so it has five drawers.

Melamine: It has melamine finishes in white and wood effect, which provides sobriety and ease of cleaning.


Glue: Although its drawers are attached with glue, you can quickly reinforce them using wood screws.

Children’s chest of drawers

6. Homcom Children’s Dresser 3 Drawers with Legs for Children

If you are remodeling your little one’s bedroom and don’t know which is the best chest of drawers that can be integrat with the existing decoration, this Homcom model could be the most suitable. It is a children’s chest of drawers that provides a storage solution and brings a touch of class to the environment. lingerie chest of drawers

It has three large capacity drawers that allow you to store toys, books, or clothes. In addition, its front part is painted in beautiful pastel colors with a light effect, and its handles offer fun designs. For this reason, it is a recommended model for children’s rooms. Likewise, the plan has four legs made of solid and robust wood that provide stability.

Its structure measures 90 x 42 x 80 cm, so it will not take up much space in the room, and since the manufacturer offers two available versions, in shades of blue and pink, you can choose depending on whether it is a child. or girl lingerie chest of drawers

This chest of drawers could come in handy to organize and keep order in playrooms or bedrooms. Read on and analyze its pros and cons.


Capacity: It can support up to 50 kilos of weight, thanks to its robust MDF structure and large drawers, which allow you to store various objects.

Legs: Its four wooden feet with pads protect the floor and facilitate cleaning; while providing adequate support.

Anti-tip: It is a chest of drawers with an anti-tip accessory, so you can quickly hook it to the wall for more excellent safety.


Weight: With more than 35 kilos of weight, this dresser could be heavy to move from one place to another.

nordic chest of drawers

7. Lolahome Children’s Nordic Wood Chest

Nordic furniture is characterized by simplicity, straight lines, practicality and functionality, and the white color that brings light to the environment. In this sense, this model could be the accessory you need to give the rooms of the little ones a touch of style and extra storage space.

It is a Nordic chest of drawers with a modern design and includes two drawers with a wooden handle, a hole, and two compartments with a roller shutter type closure, which favors storage and order. Its compact size offers you 59 x 25 x 74 cm measurements, so you can quickly assemble it, even in small bedrooms. lingerie chest of drawers

In its structure, made of DM wood, white and brown tones predominate, easily combined with the environment; Likewise, its four turned 13 cm high pinewood legs provide stability and keep it off the ground. lingerie chest of drawers

It is a product that brings light, organization, and a touch of simplicity to rooms, so it deserves your consideration. Read on to learn about its advantages and disadvantages.


Design: A Nordic dresser offers a timeless design with straight and simple lines, specially designed to complement the decoration with this style.

Storage: It has two drawers, one hole, and two compartments equipped with a roller shutter-type closing mechanism to store toys, books, etc. lingerie chest of drawers

Legs: Its structure gives you four legs turned in pinewood, resistant, and 13 cm high, which moves the chest of drawers off the ground.


Weight: It weighs 15 kilos, so it could be heavy if you plan to move it frequently.

Chest of 8 drawers

8. Lolahome 8 Drawer 2 Door Oriental Plywood

With a timeless design that remains in force overtime, this oriental-style chest of drawers could be a wise purchase if you are looking for a touch of class and distinction to the rooms. It is a model that stands out for its aesthetic component, given its exotic design and its finishes in an attractive indigo blue color so that it can fill any corner of your house with life. lingerie chest of drawers

It also offers a large storage capacity since it is a chest of drawers with eight drawers: 6 small and two large; likewise, it has a compartment with two doors and an internal shelf. It is recommended to organize jewelry, jewelry, handkerchiefs, scarves, keys, or any small object. lingerie chest of drawers

About its structure, it is an old chest of drawers made of resistant MDF wood, and it handles its made of ancient blacksmithing, with a round ring format; likewise, the closing mechanism of the two doors offers you a round lock with key and chain of great beauty. lingerie chest of drawers

If you don’t know which chest of drawers to buy that gives you storage and aesthetic addition to the rooms, this beautiful piece of furniture could be an excellent option. Check its pros and cons.


Capacity: It has six small drawers, two large ones, and a large compartment with two doors, which offers you a large storage capacity. lingerie chest of drawers

Dimensions: It is a chest of drawers with dimensions of 73 x 90 x 26 cm, which favors its integration into any space.

Hinges and handles: The hinges, handles, and the central lock its made of aged metal with a decorative design; to provide added appeal. lingerie chest of drawers


Cost: This is the most expensive dresser on our list; if its price exceeds your budget, you could analyze other options. lingerie chest of drawers

Shopping guide

Choosing the most suitable storage system for your needs is not complicated if you pay attention to the following guide to buying the best chest of drawers. Here, you can find relevant information about the aspects you should consider to help you make this investment for your home. lingerie chest of drawers


Chests of drawers are timeless pieces of furniture that have remained current over time. Although its primary function is to store, it is furniture that at the same time provides an aesthetic component to spaces. For this reason, a chest of drawers not only favors organization and order but will also give rooms a decorative touch. lingerie chest of drawers

Thanks to the size and variety of drawers they can contain, chests of drawers are the most suitable furniture for storing various types of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, costume jewelry, accessories, and any other personal complement. Likewise, since they take up less space than a wardrobe, they are preferred to put in bedrooms and have everything at hand. lingerie chest of drawers

On the other hand, apart from the drawers for storage, the dressers also offer a handy. The upper surface places a decorative element, such as a vase of flowers, a mirror, or a picture frame. lingerie chest of drawers


It would help if you chose a chest of drawers based on the use you will give them and the place intended for it in your home. Although furniture can be moved relatively quickly, the idea is that the chest of drawers has a specific location within the decoration. lingerie chest of drawers

In this sense, there are models specially designed to put in the main bedroom, for children’s rooms, for the house’s entrance, and the kitchen or dining room; in which cases it could be used to store and protect crockery, cutlery, or tablecloths. Similarly, chests of drawers also offer utility in a living room, providing organization to books, magazines, or CDs, while providing extra space to place decorations. lingerie chest of drawers

style and color

Today’s dresser market offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of styles and designs. You can find models that represent vintage or classic style, industrial style, Nordic, rustic, modern, and minimalist in comparing dressers. There are also oriental-style ones with multiple drawers, and some even offer the ideal design for children’s rooms. lingerie chest of drawers

For this reason, if you like the contemporary and are looking to get out of the pattern, you could opt for an eclectic style. On the other hand, if you are a lover of retro decoration, a vintage chest of drawers could be a good option. Also, if you have a baby at home, chests of drawers integrate a practical changing table or bathtub on top. lingerie chest of drawers

About color, you could bet on natural wood tones that provide warmth and, like whites and neutrals, combine with any decorative style. However, you can also get a model that steals the limelight, such as a chest of drawers painted in an intense color or drawers in different colors.

size and materials

The size of the chest of drawers will depend on your storage needs and the space available for it, so the market offers you models designed for large living rooms and small rooms. In this sense, you can find dressers that take up little space since their structure is vertical and their drawers form a column, while others turn out to be wider than tall, and the distribution of their drawers is horizontal, so they need extra space. lingerie chest of drawers

When it comes to materials, and if you’re worried about how much it costs, you can always find a good, inexpensive dresser made from products that provide durability. In this sense, the materials frequently used by manufacturers are wood, metal, PVC plastic, wicker, lacquered MDF, plywood, and melamine. lingerie chest of drawers

However, wood is the material par excellence, a noble product that harmonizes with any decorative style. If the wood is high quality, you could have a chest of drawers to pass on to your children. It is also a robust material whose raw material is renewable and easily recyclable. Their disadvantage is that they are heavy furniture to move from one place to another. lingerie chest of drawers

Compared to chests of drawers made of plastic, these offer a light, practical, and easy-to-clean storage option; They are usually used in children’s rooms, and their negative point is that they do not support large loads. As for the wicker dressers, they are models that are ideal for country or beach houses. lingerie chest of drawers

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a dresser?

If you just bought a chest of drawers, you probably already have a place for it in your home, be it the bedroom, library, living room, or in the children’s playroom. It begins first by making its respective assembly; Some models make this task easier since they include all the screws and come with the proper holes for assembly. Once you have it fully assembled, make sure that the dresser is stable, for which you could fix it to the wall. lingerie chest of drawers

You will then be able to use the drawers to organize clothing or accessories, but you will also find it helpful to store books, toys, or things you need to have close at hand.

Q2: How to paint a chest of drawers with chalk paint?

Renovating an old chest of drawers with chalk paint is an easy project to carry out since it is acrylic paint with a matt finish, which is easily cleaned with water; you do not need to sand beforehand surfaces are left with a smooth touch. lingerie chest of drawers

Start by removing the handles from each drawer and, if possible, take the opportunity to replace them with others that are more in line with the new aesthetic. lingerie chest of drawers

Next, with a clean cloth, remove any dirt that the wood might have and proceed to paint the structure by applying two or three coats of white paint, letting it dry between each application. If you want an aged finish, you can use a round brush, and if you are looking for a soft effect, you should use a flat brush. lingerie chest of drawers

The drawers can be painted in different colors, according to your tastes. To finish, it is advisable to apply a layer of wax to protect the paint and, after 24 hours, rub it with a clean cloth to make it shine.

Q3: How to make a melamine chest of drawers?

There is a great diversity of designs, formats, sizes, and materials to build a chest of drawers adapted to every need and taste. For this reason, if you want to make this piece of furniture in melamine, a durable and easy-to-clean material

you will be able to search the web for any tutorial that suits your level of DIY experience and the model you have in mind. There are endless platforms that will tell you what you must do to carry out your project step by step. lingerie chest of drawers

Q4: What to put on top of a dresser?

The chest of drawers favors the organization and optimization of space; however, what you put on top of it is decisive to provide a good or bad image of the environment. For this reason, always avoid overloading it with objects. lingerie chest of drawers

If the chest of drawers goes in the bedroom, you should assess your space availability; If you have enough square meters, you could put only decorative objects on it. the other hand, your room is small and you need to take advantage of the smallest space, a good option is to put jewelry boxes, hangers, organizers, or any box that allows you to store small objects in an orderly way. lingerie chest of drawers

Q5: How to restore an old chest of drawers?

If you have an old dresser and want to restore it to give it new life, start by removing the handles and sanding the wood. Then, you must remove all the dust that has been generated with a cloth, since this could adhere to the fresh paint. lingerie chest of drawers

Next, proceed to paint with a water-based product and in the color of your choice (apply two coats) and then go over the entire surface with soft sandpaper; clean again and apply a coat of varnish. When the varnish dries, go over it with steel wool sandpaper to achieve an appropriate texture. To finish, put the handles and clean the drawers inside. lingerie chest of drawers

Q6: How to wallpaper a chest of drawers?

With this technique, even the most straightforward chest of drawers will become an original and exclusive piece of furniture. You only need wallpaper, special wallpaper glue, a bottle of transparent varnish, handles, scissors, and brushes. lingerie chest of drawers

First, give your dresser a deep clean to remove any dirt or grease that might be on it. Next, carefully spread the glue on the surface where you will paste the paper; To do this, you must cut it into pieces according to the furniture’s dimensions. Once the form is wholly glued and the glue is dry, you can cover the entire surface with a layer of varnish and then mount the handles.

Q7: How to fix the dresser drawers?

The main problem that dresser drawers usually present is their difficulty in opening and closing. For this reason, the best solution could be to put rails on it if it does not have them or replace the old ones that have already given their useful life; Thanks to this mechanism, the closing and opening of the drawers will be smooth and effortless.

What is lingerie chest of drawers?

Usually, a lingerie dresser or chest is a relatively tall, narrow piece of furniture with five or more drawers. Some models feature open shelving as well as drawer space. Since a lingerie chest is usually tall and narrow, it fits nicely into a tight space like a corner.

What is a gentleman’s chest?

A gentleman’s chest is so named for its tall cabinet section that offers enough length to hang dress pants, ties, suits, and other hanging clothing. The design features a column of drawers with a large cabinet for hanging clothes beside the drawers

What is a narrow chest of drawers called?

A bachelor’s chest is a small, narrow chest with about three to four drawers and is traditionally meant for a single person with limited clothing storage needs. This furniture piece is considered a chest instead of a dresser because it is narrow and has limited storage space

What is a dresser with a mirror called?

A dresser with a mirror attached is called a bureau.

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