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The 5 Best Oscillating Tool to Tackle Any Project

Oscillating Tool

The 5 Best Oscillating Tool to Tackle Any Project

A multitool is a piece of equipment that allows you to do multiple tasks, such as cutting, sanding, and scraping materials such as wood and plastic. Laminate flooring, fiberglass, and more, all with a single tool, can save you space and money thanks to its great size. Versatility. Oscillating tool

In this guide, I intend to enlighten you about everything you need to know about multifunction tools, specifically the oscillating ones, as well as tell you a little about the ones that I consider to be among the best today Oscillating tool

1. DEWALT DWE315KT – QS — The Premium Option

The Dewalt DWE315KT – QS is one of the complete multi-oscillating tools. With its 37 included accessories, including different types of saws, sandpaper, a straight cut guide, and a depth stop, you can use it for practically anything you can think of. In addition, changing its accessories is very fast and requires no special tools. Oscillating tool

This oscillating multitool has 300 W of power, making it perfect for working with all types of surfaces, cutting, or sanding. It can oscillate up to 22,000 times per minute, making it even easier to cut wood, metal, or ceramics, and its speed is effortless to adjust, making it a very versatile device. Oscillating tool

The Dewalt DCS355N – XJ design is quite comfortable: thanks to its ergonomic handle and non-slip rubber coating, you can use it with either one or two hands. On the other hand, thanks to its long cable, you can move it around the house without problems. It also includes a dust extraction accessory that will help you clean for greater comfort. Oscillating tool

As if this were not enough, this multitool includes a universal adapter that allows you to use it with all kinds of accessories, even if they are from other brands. In short, it is a very versatile product that you can use for practically anything. Oscillating tool


  • It comes standard with 37 different accessories.
  • Very simple and comfortable to use.
  • Accessory locking system that allows you to change them without using tools.
  • Universal adapter that makes it even more versatile.
  • It includes a practical case in which you can store all the accessories.


  • Its price is somewhat higher than that of other similar products.

2. Black & Decker MT300KA – QS — The Best Quality – Price Ratio

The Black & Decker MT300KA – QS is an oscillating multitool with 300 W of power and a variable speed between 10,000 and 20,000 oscillations per minute, allowing you to use it for both cutting and sanding the most complex materials. It is a robust and resistant device that will last many years if you treat it with care. Oscillating tool

This multitool comes with many accessories, including saws suitable for different materials, different types of sandpaper, a rigid and flexible scraper, and a dust extractor that helps you clean more efficiently. In addition, it also incorporates an adapter for Bosch, Worx, and Einhell brand accessories, which makes it even more versatile. Oscillating tool

The Black & Decker MT300KA – QS design provides you with the best possible grip comfort, even on the most extended jobs. It can be held with one or two hands without difficulty, and its non-slip surface will make your task easier. On the other hand, its weight of only 1.4 kilos makes it quite comfortable to handle. Oscillating tool

Finally, with this machine, you will not need any tool to change the accessories: its exclusive Superlock system will allow you to do it easily and quickly, something ideal for not wasting time in this regard. All this, for a much lower price than other products with similar characteristics, includes a practical carrying case. Oscillating tool


  • Great value for the price.
  • Twelve different accessories that adapt to all kinds of tasks.
  • 300 W of power and up to 20,000 oscillations per second. Which will allow you to work with even the most complex materials.
  • Comfortable and light design, perfect to use in the most extended tasks.
  • Superlock system to change accessories quickly.


  • It is only compatible with accessories of some specific brands.

3. Tacklife PMT01B 12V — The Budget Option

The Tacklife PMT01B is a low-priced oscillating multitool that can be used without any problem for cutting, sanding, and scraping all types of surfaces. With its 12 volts, it can reach speeds between 5,000 and 15,000 oscillations per minute to work with even the most complex materials. In addition, although it does not include as many accessories as other similar models, it has everything you need to be able to use it as soon as you receive it. Oscillating tool

Oscillating tool

The design of this multitool is quite comfortable: you can hold it with one or two hands without difficulty. On the other hand, the fact that it weighs less than a kilo and works with a battery instead of having to plug it into the mains means that you can use it in any position without getting tired and without being aware of being near an electrical outlet. Oscillating tool

Oscillating tool

Switching between attachments is relatively easy with this machine as it doesn’t require using any tools. Its exclusive design and size allow you to reach even the most remote places; in addition, the fact that it includes an LED work light ensures that you can achieve a perfect finish even if the lighting conditions are not the best. Oscillating tool

Finally, details such as the LED battery status indicator or the fact that it is compatible with spare parts of almost any brand indicate that we are dealing with a tool of the highest quality. All this, with a practical briefcase in which to store the entire series set, at an unbeatable price. Oscillating tool


  • Great value for the price.
  • Ergonomic design, without cables, and easy to use.
  • Premium details like battery indicator and LED work light.
  • Six different speed settings allow you to work with various materials.


  • Its power is a bit less than that of other similar multitools.
  • It comes with a few standard accessories, although they are generally enough to start using as soon as you buy them.

4. Bosch PMF 350 CES — The Most Comfortable to Use

The Bosch PMF 350 CES is one of the most stable oscillating multitools. Thanks to its ergonomic design and additional side handle, you can hold it precisely in the position you want with hardly any vibration. In addition, with its four-position adjustable depth stop, you will be sure to leave the material you are working with entirely to your liking. Oscillating tool

With a power of 350 W and all the accessories it includes, adapted to work with different surfaces, you will be able to sand and cut any material, no matter how hard it is. Thanks to its Starlock connection and the Auto click system, switching between the different heads is straightforward, but not a single bit of stability is lost. Oscillating tool

Oscillating tool

This oscillating multitool is one of the few that includes the possibility of connecting it to a vacuum cleaner to collect all the dust and debris raised while you work with it. This way, it will take very little time to clean up after finishing; its weight of 1.9 kilos and long cable length makes it even more comfortable to use this machine. Oscillating tool

On the other hand, the Bosch PMF 350 CES includes a 180º LED strip that lets you clearly see the surface you are working with. The set has a practical case where you can store all the accessories without using them. In summary, it is one of the complete multifunctions that exists right now. Oscillating tool


  • Good power and speed, which allow you to work with any material.
  • Side handle that guarantees more excellent stability.
  • Luminous LED strip for maximum visibility even in the most challenging corners.
  • Possibility to connect it with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Simplicity when changing accessories thanks to the Autoclick system.


  • It is only compatible with Bosch brand accessories, which can be more expensive.
  • It does not include a large number of stock heads.
  • Its price is somewhat high compared to similar models.

5. Skil 1480AD — Perfect for Home Use

The Skil 1480AD is an oscillating multitool that, with its 300 W of power and adjustable speed between 12,000 and 19,000 revolutions per minute, allows us to carry out all kinds of home projects. It comes standard with many accessories, including several types of sandpaper, saws, and two scrapers adaptable to different materials. Oscillating tool

This multitool has a design that is quite comfortable to use, which is even better if we attach the adjustable handle for both right-handed and left-handed users. With it, the vibrations are barely noticeable; and its weight of 1.5 kilos means that we can work with this machine for a long time without getting tired. Oscillating tool

Oscillating tool

Additionally, the Skil 1480AD can be connected to a home or industrial vacuum to help with dust collection. In this way, and in combination with how easy it is to change the head, we will save a lot of time on our homework. On the other hand, being compatible with accessories from various brands, it is straightforward to get spare parts for this tool. Oscillating tool

Finally, this Skil brand machine includes several other elements, such as a progressively adjustable stop to avoid damaging the materials and a comfortable case to store all the accessories. All this for a much lower price than some of its competitors with similar characteristics.


  • Good value for money.
  • Comfortable detachable handle that eliminates much of the vibrations.
  • It includes a good number of accessories and a briefcase to store them.
  • Possibility to connect it to a vacuum cleaner to help with cleaning.


  • It has less power than other similar machines.
  • The change of accessories can be somewhat more cumbersome than in other models. Oscillating tool

What to know before buying an oscillating multitool

This section tells you everything you need to know about this type of tool. Thus, when you decide to buy one of them, you will be prepared to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Functions of a multitool

In general, most oscillating multitools are prepared to perform three functions: sanding, cutting, and scraping. Depending on their power, the accessories they include, and speed, each model will be more or less efficient in each task. Oscillating tool

Easy to change the head

Older multitool models required a somewhat complicated process to change accessories. Usually, it was necessary to use a wrench or an Allen key to replace one head with another, so the rhythm of work was lost, and it took a long time to get it done. Oscillating tool

Nowadays, however, most multitools incorporate a system that allows you to change accessories in just a few moments without using a wrench or anything similar. For this reason, you are interested in whether the one you plan to acquire is of the latter type since they are much more comfortable and efficient when using them.

Ergonomics, comfort, and ease of use

Some multitools are designed to be used professionally, so they prioritize comfort when using them for an extended period. In this sense, some of the characteristics you should consider are the weight, the shape of the handle, and whether it has a side handle. Oscillating tool

However, if you want to use them for small home projects, you may not be interested in spending more money than usual on a multitool with the best ergonomic design on the market.

Battery or cable?

As with other types of DIY tools, there are both supporters and detractors of battery-powered models. On the one hand, by not having to be plugged into the mains, it is much more comfortable to move them around the house without having to worry about whether there is a plug nearby. On the other hand, the batteries do not usually last long, and if you use them very intensively, they may end up breaking down in a short time. Oscillating tool

Thus, battery-powered models are perfect if you want to use them at home; but if you plan to embark on more serious projects, getting a multitool plugged into the mains is probably a better idea. Oscillating tool


Oscillating multitools can be a great accessory to add to your collection if you like to do small tasks around the house or want to get started on more serious projects. You can easily cut, sand, and scrape with just one tool, usually without spending a lot of money to get good quality.

Which of the five models did you find most interesting? What use do you plan to give your new multitool? We hope that this article Oscillating tool has been helpful to you and that it has helped you decide which of these tools is best for you.

What is an oscillating tool used for?

What is an oscillating tool? An oscillating tool is a compact, portable power tool that accepts a wide range of interchangeable blades, which can be used to sand, cut, scrape, grind and polish.

What is the best oscillating tool to buy?

  • Best Overall: Fein FMM 350QSL Multi Master.
  • Most Versatile Corded: Dremel MM50.
  • Easiest to Use: De Walt DCS 356.
  • Best for Milwaukee Tool Owners: Milwaukee M2626-20.
  • Best Value: Rockwell Soni crafter F80.
  • Most Accurate: De Walt DWE315K.
  • Most Powerful: Bosch GOP55-36B.
  • Versatile Cordless: Dremel MM20.

What is the difference between an oscillating tool and a multi-tool?

While an oscillating tool is a multi-purpose tool used for precision cutting in tight quarters, a rotary tool is not needed quite often but comes in handy for smaller or more detailed work. An oscillating multi-tool, as the name suggests, can sand, cut, and grind almost anything when fitted with various attachments.

Is an oscillating tool worth it?
The Bottom Line

Are oscillating tools worth it in general? For the most part, yes. In two out of the three tests (cutting and sanding), even those on the bottom of the oscillating pile were more effective than the control tools.

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