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5 The Best Portable Fan Cool & Birdie 2022

Portable Fan

5 The Best Portable Fan Cool & Birdie 2022

The portable fan is a type that can come in very handy. Indeed, they can be carried everywhere with you. Some models are small enough that you can take them in your pocket. You will have no trouble taking them with you on a trip or in your car, whether with a handle or a stand.

In addition, despite their small size, they are equipped with many features. Some may have multiple speeds, ventilation modes, or even LED lights. According to the models, they generally work with a battery with more or less long autonomy. There are several types of portable fans. To help you choose, here is a selection of the best portable fans. 


1. Junket JMES-fan blueportable fan

Jumkeet JMES-fan-blue

  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Operation: battery
  • Features: tranquil

This USB fan is very compact thanks to its 21 x 11 x 4 cm size, allowing you to carry it everywhere with you. It has a handle that is ideal for holding the fan. 

It is very functional despite its small size. a button that will allow you to choose between its three speeds, from the lowest to the fastest. The manufacturers have four blades and a brushless DC motor, which gives it excellent quality. But also long service life. Its range is extreme since it goes up to 3 meters. For example, it will be ideal for the vital part of the car. 

On top of that, it is hushed. You can even use it during your sleep thanks to its 40 decibels with high speed. 

Thanks to its high-performance battery, you can use your fan for 8 hours non-stop when it is fully charged. It takes just 3 hours to charge fully. 

This portable fan is efficient. With its 200 grams, you can wear it very quickly. It is robust and functional thanks to its 4 watts. All this for a minimum price of fewer than 10 euros.

WE love

  • Compact
  • Handle
  • Four blades and a brushless DC motor
  • 40 decibels
  • Very light
  • Meager price

We like less

  • Few options

2. Comlife – the functional

Com life

  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Operation: USB cable
  • Features: convenient

This portable fan model is a hand-held fan that has a handle. This one is available in either black or pink. Thanks to its handle, you can carry it everywhere with you directly by hand, or you can also put it down because it has a base.

It is very safe because a safety grid protects its four blades. The manufacturers will be mighty while remaining silent, thanks to its brushless copper motor. In addition, you will be able to choose between four speeds which are impressive for a model of this size. One of its speeds offers the natural wind mode, which will imitate by stopping the fan every five seconds. portable fan

To recharge your model, simply plug it in via a USB cable. Its autonomy can vary between 3 and 10.5 hours and up to 18 hours with natural wind mode. portable fan

Thus, this portable fan will be easily transportable thanks to its 200 grams. You can take it everywhere with you. With its different features, you will be constantly refreshed. In addition, it is offered at an attractive price, less than 20 euros.

WE love

  • It’s base
  • His security
  • Its natural wind mode
  • Its autonomy
  • His weight

We like less

  • Its price is a little high

3. Simba – the low end – portable fan

No product found

This portable fan has a modern design at a more than attractive price. It is a hand-held fan that also has a removable stand for standing. It recharges via a USB cable and has autonomy between 1 and 3 hours for 3 to 5 hours of charge. Its will be ideal for journeys by car, for example.

It has three-speed levels, from weakest to fastest. In addition, thanks to its lithium battery, this model will be excellent and will have a long lifespan. It is also powerful thanks to its 4 watts.

So, this portable fan will be perfect if you are looking for a low-end fan. It will be very convenient to be transported because it weighs only 199 grams. You can also put it down thanks to its base, and it will not disturb you because it is hushed. portable fan

WE love

  • It’s base
  • Its three speeds
  • His power
  • His price

We like less

  • Its low autonomy

4. Ruined – the neck model portable fan

portable fan


  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Operation: USB cable
  • Features: silent

This time it is a portable neck fan model. Indeed, it is worn directly on your neck, facilitating its transport. Therefore, this model works without blades, making it more ecological, safer, and less noisy. Its angle can be adjusted to 360 degrees to suit your needs. In addition, it weighs only 220 grams, which makes it very light.

The fan has three-speed levels. It can be recharged directly by USB and maximum autonomy of 5 hours for 3 hours of charge. It’s also hushed, as it barely emits 35 decibels, which is ideal for a neck fan.

Thanks to its 5 watts, this portable fan model will be compelling. It has many features that make it very attractive, at less than 25 euros. portable fan

WE love

  • originality
  • Its three speeds
  • Its 35 dB
  • autonomy
  • His power

We like less

  • Its price is a little high

Handan HF-331l – portable fan

Handan HF-331l

  • Weight: 249 grams
  • Operation: battery
  • Features: fogger

This portable fan comes with a unique feature which is its fogger option. In addition to stirring the air, it will project a light mist to bring you even more freshness. 

It has a handle to allow you to carry it, and it is foldable, which is ideal for putting it on your desk or your table.

Its 18650 battery is rechargeable and has a power of 2000 mAh Li-ion. It is of good quality and will last a long time. 

Its tank has significant autonomy, allowing you to use its fogger function for 1.5 hours non-stop. Thanks to its brushless motor, the fan function will have a freedom of 9 hours.

With a control button, you can choose between three speeds according to your refreshment needs. This humidifier is ultra-functional, and with its 249 grams, it is easily transportable. 

For an affordable price, you will have calm and relaxed air and a light mist that will make the atmosphere even more pleasant. 

WE love

  • Fogger function
  • Adjustable handle
  • Great autonomy
  • Three speeds
  • Lightweight

We like less

  • Few options

How To Choose A Portable Fan?

Although these are petite models, there are some features to consider when purchasing your portable fan to make sure it meets your expectations. 


Depending on the brand and models, you will find portable fans of different sizes and sizes. To ensure that your portable fan does not become too bulky, it should still be small enough. The ideal will be to carry it in a bag or a pocket. If you are looking for petite models, pocket fans will be perfect. In addition, some models can be put directly on your neck or be held in your hand.

Nonetheless, neck fans can be more constraining, while hand-held fans can often be put down and transformed into portable desk fans. The weight criterion should also be taken into account. As these are models that you will generally hold, they shouldn’t exceed 1 kg.

The power – portable fan

Some models can still be powerful enough to keep you feeling fresh despite their size. As these are portable fans, they will generally run either on batteries or batteries. You may need to change the batteries or recharge its battery, including a USB cable. However, the power will be stable throughout the use of a storm. Your model but will need to be recharged regularly depending on the autonomy of the model. While with batteries, the power will gradually decrease, but the freedom will be more critical. However, the purchase of the battery is an additional cost.

On average, these models have a power of fewer than 10 watts. It will be enough to cool you down slightly without too much energy. 


There are a lot of them for this type of model. There will be portable fans with or without a protective grille. With or without blades, with a base or a handle. Depending on your expectations and needs, there will be many different shapes. Some may also have LED lights, which adds to the charm.

The options – portable fan

First and foremost, your portable fan must be practical. For this, it should have several functionalities. First, it must be easily transportable; choose a model with a handle or a base. It will allow a better grip. 

For USB models, consider choosing a model with a long cable. It is also possible that your portable fan can act as a fogger. It will thus be equipped with a tank with a push button. If you activate the button, it will deliver a light mist or fine droplets of water to cool you down. 

Depending on the models, there will be more or more minor features. For example, they can be equipped with several speeds, an economy mode, turbo, or the oscillation function. However, they will not have a remote control or timers like the ceiling fan or the desk fan. It can be pretty handy to control it from a distance.

However, they are generally very quiet models, as most do not exceed 50 dB.

The price

These are models at a mini price. Most have a price between 5 and 20 euros. Five times cheaper than models of pedestal fans or the column fan. You can be refreshed for a very affordable and accessible price. 

What’s The Difference From A Handheld Fan?

Pocket fans are even smaller than portable fans. Most models will have a tiny handle and rarely a pedestal. While the small portable fan still has a large handle to facilitate its grip. 

Do Portable Fans Have A Long Lifespan?

It depends on the models and the quality of the materials. The more quality the portable fan has a battery, the longer it will likely last. Likewise, for it to have a long lifespan, it will need to be maintained regularly. 

How To Maintain A Portable Fan? 

You just need to pass a damp cloth over its body to remove the dust regarding its cleaning. Likewise, you can take a cotton swab to clean the blades. It will be necessary to recharge its battery correctly as regards its maintenance. Wait for your fan to switch off, then recharge its battery to full charge to avoid damaging it. 

Can They Be Hanging On? 

Some models of portable fans will have a clip in place of their base. This mini fan can be hung on an umbrella or a stroller. It is very convenient to carry them and use them in your free hand. 

What Mode Of Operation Should We Promote?

Portable fan models that charge with a USB cable are very convenient; however, they are restrictive because you have to do it in advance. So, if you want to travel long distances with your portable fan, it is better to favor models with a long autonomy or recharged with batteries.

Where To Buy A Portable Fan?

You can find portable fan models in supermarkets or on Amazon-type online sites. Some brands are more famous than others. If you are looking for a portable fan with a long lifespan, these brands will be ideal. However, their prices are usually higher, depending on your needs.

A Com life Or HandFan Portable Fan?

The Com life brand offers a wide choice of portable ventilators at attractive prices and many options and designs. However, the Handan brand provides features that are often more developed at a higher price. So it will depend on what options you are looking for and your needs.

Products Selected Last Year

Com life HF340 – portable fan

Com life HF340

  • Power: 2 watts
  • Operation: battery
  • Features: two heads

This portable fan is entirely original because it is worn directly on the neck. This fan will cool you efficiently thanks to its two heads in the form of an audio headset. 

Its two heads are made up of four blades to ensure strong wind. This model is very light to allow you comfort in the neck. With its 195 degrees and 360-degree oscillation, you will be able to determine the position and place where the fresh air is released. In addition, the rod that holds the two heads is bendable, with an inclination that you can adjust.

It is very functional because you will choose between 6-speed modes, which is rare for this model—speeds ranging from slowest to fastest. What’s more, what is quite astonishing about a portable fan model is that it is integrated into an economic model. It allows your fan to stop every 5 seconds to save battery. 

Its battery is rechargeable via USB. It is mighty thanks to its 2600 mAh. With a full charge of just a few hours, it can operate for 2 to 9 hours. 

This portable fan is ideal for carrying; it is practical, light, and functional. For the price of one fan, you’ll get two. 

WE love

  • Original design
  • 360-degree oscillation
  • Six-speed modes
  • Economy mode
  • Great autonomy

We like less

  • Price a bit high

Kahuku FAN-03 portable fan

Kahuku FAN-03

  • Decibels: 22 dB
  • Operation: battery
  • Features: minimal

This portable fan is very original. Besides having an unusual design, its shape is efficient. In the form of a tube, you can open the cap to discover the propellers and close it so you can put it in your bag or your pocket.

Even if it is tiny, it still has three adjustable speeds using a button. Its noise is unbeatable because it barely makes 22 decibels. You can use it to work without any problem because it is not noisy.

It has a small handle that is removable, and its head can swing up to 360 degrees. 

Its 2000 mAh battery is excellent quality and can work for 5 hours non-stop. It is rechargeable via a USB cable. 

This faint and portable fan model is very functional and small. Thanks to its original design, it will be practical and ideal for children. However, it is a little less potent than the other models due to its small blades, but it will be enough to bring you a light breeze. 

WE love

  • Original
  • Very small and practical
  • Low noise level with 22 decibels
  • Oscillation up to 360 degrees
  • Great autonomy

We like less

  • Few options due to its small size
  • Design

Ugreen 50724 – the functional – portable fan

No product found

This portable fan is very functional. You can choose to transport it either using its handle or its bracelet, which is included, or simply to put it down thanks to its base. 

Its 186-gram weight makes it very light. With its three-speed levels, you will have the choice between a more or less critical refreshment. In addition to that, its LED light can indicate its working state, according to the manufacturers.

Thanks to its bearings and seven propellers, this fan is efficient and powerful. Its rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery is of excellent quality and has an autonomy of 2.5 to 10 hours, charging between 3 and 4 hours. It is rechargeable using a USB cable.

Its grid is removable, which will allow you to clean it easily. In addition to its classic and versatile design, this model is practical and light. Its price of fewer than 20 euros is affordable, and it will ensure pleasant cooling. 

WE love

  • Bracelet included
  • Base and handle
  • Very light
  • LED light
  • Seven propellers

We like less

  • Its price is a little higher

Good To Remember – portable fan

It is an efficient type of fan. They are functional, light, and trim. However, their power and airflow are pretty limited. Usually, they will be sufficient and refreshing only for one person. If you are looking for a more powerful fan that remains compact, you can turn to table fan models. However, these tiny models are good alternatives to large cooling devices like the air conditioner or cooler.

How do portable fans work?

A portable fan is a mechanical device that causes air movement and induces airflow for cooling purposes. Fans are widely used to circulate air in rooms and buildings to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

What is a portable fan?

A portable ventilator is a device connected to a cord that can be easily moved by hand from place to place. Portable Fans include Box Fans, Window Fans, Double Window Fans, Window Fans, Desk / Table Fans, Pedestal / Floor Fans, Clamp Fans, and Ottoman Fans.

Are portable fans safe?

Typical electric fans (like the ones you buy at a store, such as box fans, tower fans, and pedestal or table fans) are pretty safe and almost always very reliable. Electric fans like this do not cause any health problems and usually do not cause any potential electrical issues.

How long does a portable fan last?

Rechargeable portable fans vary in run time depending on the design and speed setting. Most have a battery life of between 3 and 12 hours, with faster speeds than further drain the battery. Portable fans with non-rechargeable batteries can last 40 hours or more before the batteries need to be replaced.

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