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The 9 Best Scooter for Kids for 2022

Scooter for Kids

The 9 Best Scooter for Kids for 2022

3-wheel scooters are one of the best gifts given to a child. They are pure fun, and parents like them because they are a safe toy that keeps them active and helps them develop their balance. scooter for kids

They must be from a guaranteed brand and have passed all the security controls when buying them. If not, they can be dangerous. scooter for kids

The safety of the little ones is no-nonsense, and, to help you choose a safe and quality scooter, we have selected the nine best 3-wheel scooters that can be found on the market. And if you get to the end, you will discover an extra option that all children are amazed at.

What will you find in this guide? 

The nine best 3-wheel scooters of 2022

They all have European Certification and have passed the quality and safety controls required by the regulations to be used by children.

Before moving on to the analysis of the models, please take. A look at this table in which we have put the main characteristics of each one so that you can easily compare them and go directly to the ones that interest you the most. scooter for kids

Comparison of 3-wheel scooters

*NOTE: If you see it on mobile, scroll with your finger to see the entire content of the table.

Modelrecommended ageWeightmax weightFolding?Led lightsPrice

If you are looking for a basic 3-wheel scooter, but one that is safe and has correct finishes, Profun is a good option. In addition, it has the lowest price of all the selected ones.

Their dimensions are designed for children between 3 and 12 years old and are available in 6 colors. There are two versions: the mast cannot be folded in the cheapest, but it is removable in the other, which costs a few euros more if it is foldable and the colors are more striking. In both, the front wheels have LED lights that are activated when moving, although, on sunny days, the truth is that they do not see much. scooter for kids

The structure is quite resistant and can hold up to 60 kg, the wheels are good-sized, and the rear is double. The platform where you step on to brake is also more comprehensive, which translates into better braking. Its handlebar can be adjusted in 3 heights, and the grips are made of non-slip rubber to not slip with sweat. scooter for kids

In summary: a basic scooter that does not lack anything important, perfect for tight budgets. Pros:

  • Economic price.
  • It brakes pretty well.


  • Medium quality.
  • The lowest model does not fold.

8. Banne scooter for kids

With large wheels to roll well on all terrains.

We start with a 3-wheel scooter that is fun and safe due to its characteristics. Also, having more significant than usual front wheels, it moves pretty well, even on dirt trails or grass. scooter for kids

Banne transmits solidity, and its finishes are of quality, but if you want it to last, you’d better check the screws from time to time because they loosen quickly. It is also available in black combined with fuchsia that girls will like more. The handlebar can be adjusted to suit children’s height between 3 and 13 years old. Its platform, which is quite broad, has non-slip strips to prevent slips and falls.

It folds in a second, and there is no need to load it because it can be carried by taking it from the handlebar like a school backpack. The brake is on the rear wheel and is activated by stepping on a plastic cover that brakes it by friction. scooter for kids

The front wheels have LED lights activated by movement, something that children love so much that almost all scooters of this style already include them.

In summary: a well-built 3-wheel scooter with large wheels to move well on different types of terrain. Pros:

  • It drives well almost all geographies.
  • Platform with good width and non-slip.


  • The screws loosen and are removed quickly.

Baobë 5 in 1 scooter for kids

Multifunctional and perfect for gifting.

At home, the little ones can also enjoy their scooter even if they take their first steps. This 5-in-1 Baobë has everything you need to serve as a ride-on when you’re a baby, a stroller to take you for a sit-down ride, and a 3-wheel scooter when you’re older. You’ll have to remove parts.

It is available in pink and green. The seat is adjustable in 3 heights, and the handlebar, in addition to being foldable, has four positions, so you adjust it as the child grows. You won’t need to buy another one until they are at least six years old. scooter for kids

The front wheels have colored LEDs activated by movement, something very colorful that will stimulate him when he is a baby and amuse him when he grows up and is a child. scooter for kids

We think it’s perfect for a gift: for a fairly reasonable price, you’ll give several toys in 1, which will be helpful and practical for parents in addition to entertaining and stimulating the little one.

In short: an evolutionary 3-wheel scooter, which adapts to entertain your little one at different stages of their growth. Pros:

  • Ride-on, stroller, and scooter, all in 1.
  • Material quality.
  • Perfect for gifts.


  • Medium quality.
  • It does not have a harness to hold the baby when sitting.

6. Globe Light Up scooter for kids

Mid-range with the 3 B’s.

Many look for the 3 B’s when buying. If this is your case, but you do not trust finding a scooter that lasts four days, Globber Light Up is robust, resistant, and from a brand of trust. Let’s see why it’s good, excellent and cheap. scooter for kids

Sound: the quality of the materials is correct and conveys solidity. It has a reinforced platform and can hold up to 50 kg. The handlebar adjusts to 3 heights to enjoy children from 3 to 6.

Nice: you have several colors available, some of them in neon tones, which combine perfectly with the LEDs on the wheels and that at night are a show that delights the little ones. scooter for kids

Cheap: It is practically the same as most scooters, with suitable materials and a competitive price. It only needs to be foldable, although if you need to store it under the bed or put it in the trunk, you will only have to press a tab to remove the handlebar.

scooter for kids

In short: a good, friendly, and cheap mid-range scooter. Pros:

  • Nice scooter, quality, and at a reasonable price.
  • Robust and resistant.


  • Medium quality.
  • It is not foldable.

D’Arpeje Funbee (with V-wheels)

Fun and speed to drift without limits.

Are you looking for a different scooter? Scooters with 3 V-wheels like the D’Arpeje Funbee are a foreign concept, which allows children to make 360-degree turns, all kinds of skids, and reach high speeds without hardly having to push themselves. They only need to move their hips well.

It is super-fun, but as it requires a particular skill, mainly because it can go quickly, we do not recommend it for children under six years of age. Its structure is resistant, and it can hold up to 100 kg. Come on. You can take it off your child and start doing skids and turns. scooter for kids

It is pretty stable even when going fast, and to stop it, it has a friction brake that is activated by pressing the lever on the handlebars. It does its job well, but it’s nothing to write home about.

The structure is foldable and looks like an umbrella-type stroller, so the space you need to store it is minimal. Carrying it is another story, it weighs about 10 kg, so if your child is small, you will have to take it. scooter for kids

In short: a new concept of a 3-wheel scooter that multiplies the possibilities of fun at an acceptable price.

  • Very fun skateboard.
  • You can pick up quite a bit of speed.
  • Folded, it is very compact.


  • Medium quality.
  • It is not a light scooter.

Facol  scooter for kids

The medium-high range is complete and designed to last.

Good quality finishes wide wheels to use it on all types of surfaces with more excellent stability and led lights activated by the movement to multiply the fun of the little ones every time they use it.

Fascol is a very robust 3-wheel scooter, and its structure supports up to 60 kg. The handlebar, made of aluminum, can be adjusted in 4 heights to fit children from 3 to 12 years old, although its 4 kg weight can be heavy for the little ones. scooter for kids

The mast leans a little to the sides to increase safety in curves, so it is easier for the child to stay on top, and many falls are avoided. In addition, by pressing two buttons at the base of the mast, you can fold it so that it does not take up much space at home. The foot brake is reinforced and works quite well. scooter for kids

In summary: a mid-high range scooter, which can roll on dirt or grass and, although it is not too expensive, its price is above average.

  • Material quality.
  • Wide wheels with led lights.
  • The mast tilts to give stability when cornering.


  • Somewhat high price.
  • A bit heavy.

Globe My Free scooter for kids

Different, innovative, and prepared to adapt to the child’s growth.

This 3-wheel scooter has received international awards for innovation for its revolutionary design, which makes it possible, with the combination of several parts, that you can use it as a ride-on when it is a baby, as a stroller when it is 18 months old and as a 3-wheel scooter from 3 years.

As you can see, Globber My Free is multifunctional and adapts to the different needs of the little one as he grows. It is built with top-quality materials, and both the plastics and aluminum are solid and durable. scooter for kids

The handlebar adapts to your little one’s height, and to make learning to use it easily for them, you can lock the steering, and when you see that he gets the trick and has more ease, you unlock it.

Although it is not a problem, it is not foldable because removing the handlebar does not cost anything. With all the accessories, it weighs 4.4 kg when the seat is extracted. And used as a scooter about 3.8 kg. scooter for kids

In short: a scooter with an ingenious design that adapts. So that your little one can have fun with it up to the age of 6.Pros:

  • Material quality.
  • Ride-on, stroller, and scooter, all in 1.
  • Award-winning scooter.


  • The wheels do not have led lights.

Immek scooter for kids

When we think of children’s toys, the first things that come to mind are fun and safe. And that is precisely what defines Immek, a scooter designed for children to have a great time, but at the same time, parents can rest easy knowing they have the best security features.

Its aesthetic with graffiti drawings triumphs among children from 4 to 12 years old, and to take care of them and prevent them from falling, it has everything: large front wheels with quality bearings that make it stable and smooth when rolling; comprehensive platform for greater walking comfort; system that to turn the mast must be tilted avoiding that they have tipped over when cornering; a double rear wheel that offers more braking surface and grips with a rubber ball at the ends to protect the hands from blows. scooter for kids

And so that children can enjoy it at night, the wheels have LED lights that are a real show when there is little light. It can be folded for storage or thrown in the trunk, being so small that it will hardly take away space to store more important things. And the best thing is it is super-light, it weighs only 2.5 kg, the little ones will have no problem holding it. scooter for kids

It’s sturdy, but if you want it to last, you’d better give the screws a tightening periodically.

In summary: a 3-wheel scooter with an aesthetic you like and safety elements to spare. Pros:

  • Aesthetics that children love.
  • Features that make it very safe to use.
  • The lightest of the selected ones.


  • Screws loosen easily.

3Style RGS-1 scooter for kids

We have had no doubts, the first of our selection is 3Style RGS-1 for two reasons: its excellent value for money, and because more than us, children and parents have chosen it, for this reason, it is the best seller on the market. scooter for kids

There are three models available: RGS-1 for children from 3 years old, RGS-2 for those who are at least five years old, and the RGS-3 for those who are already seven years old… You can choose between several colors in all models, including pink, which you can’t find in others.

Aluminum and plastic are the materials with which it is built. And it shows that it is made to last in things such as the steel reinforcements in the parts. That often breaks, such as the lower area of ​​the base or the platform where it is placed. Tread when braking, which in this scooter, is metallic. All without shooting the scooter’s weight, which is only 2.7 kg. scooter for kids

The mast must be tilted to change direction because the handlebar does not rotate. It is a good safety feature that prevents children from tipping over when going fast and turning.

In addition, the wheels have LED lights so that the kids can hallucinate playing at night. If you don’t have much space, you can put it under a bed or in any hole because the mast can be folded.

In short: the best-selling 3-wheel scooter because it offers the same as others that cost twice as much.Pros:

  • The best-selling 3-wheel scooter for children.
  • The best value for money.
  • Resistant and at the same time light.
  • LED lights that are activated by movement.


  • On sunny days the lights are not visible much.

Extra option and some security recommendations.

Nerf with dart launcher

No, we have not gone crazy or blind, it is indeed a 2-wheel scooter, but it is so much fun that we have not been able to resist and put it as an extra option. What doesn’t kid like to skate and shoot? Well, if they can do it simultaneously, the fun multiplies. scooter for kids

Nerf knows this. That is why it has this scooter model on the market. It has incorporated one of its most popular guns. The Elite Jolt, with which any child from 6-7 years old will be amazed. Which is an age at which who already have. Enough talent to handle it without problems.

The finishes of the scooter are correct, and since it is made of light materials, it only weighs 3.5 kg, which is the average for 3-wheelers. The cuffs are made of thick foam to protect the child’s hands in the event of a fall.

The best thing is that Nerf is customized and is different from the rest. The gun is attached to the handlebar, so kids can use it from the stand or take it out and shoot left and right. Just below, it has a piece to carry five foam rubber darts and thus reloads faster. scooter for kids

If your child likes to shoot like almost all children, they will surely love the Nerf. In Nerfmania, they have analyzed more than 80 models, so it is more than likely that you will find one that fits you. Pros:

  • Double fun.
  • It weighs little and is manageable.
  • Customized by Nerf.


  • It does not come with many darts, although more can be purchased separately.

Some safety tips scooter for kids

The safety of the little ones is the essential thing, therefore. Although it is almost inevitable that they fail, especially the first days they start using them, it is highly recommended that they wear protection to avoid getting hurt when they end up on the ground. scooter for kids

They are incredibly convenient when they are learning to drive their 3-wheel scooter because they have the most falls. As you will see, they are not expensive, and you will have your child adequately protected for little money. scooter for kids

What kind of scooter is best for kids?

Kids ScooterWhy We Love ItMSRP
Razor A2Best on a budget$50
3 Wheel Scooters
Micro Kickboard Maxi DeluxeBest Overall – smooth ride, great quality$140
Micro Kickboard Mini DeluxeBest for toddlers and pre schoolers$90
scooter for kids

What is a good scooter for a 4 year old?

The Micro Mini Deluxe is a perennial favorite of toddlers and on-the-go preschoolers for good reason: This well-made scooter is, along with the Maxi, the most stable and easy to use model around.

What scooter is best for a 5 year old?

Quick Comparison of the Best Scooters for 5-8 Year Olds

ModelFoldable DesignWeight Capacity
Razor A3Yes143lbs
Micro SpriteYes220lbs
Razor AYes143lbs
Globber Flow 2No220lbs
scooter for kids

How does a 6 year old buy a scooter?

Six-year-olds grow in both height and weight. For this reason, you want a scooter that is as easy to adjust as possible. Take a look at the handlebars and consider how quick it will be to make adjustments. Properly placed handlebars are essential to scooter safety, so make sure that you can maneuver them accordingly.

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