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The Best 2 Slice Toaster For Your Kitchen

Best 2 Slice Toaster

The Best 2 Slice Toaster For Your Kitchen

Toast with olive oil and tomato, a typical, something that you cannot eliminate from your daily breakfast. Similarly, if you want to take advantage of avocado, jam and the best foie gras, you should treat the bread with the best toaster on the market that suits your needs.

Whether it’s wholemeal, mould or the typical baguette from the bakery, making a memorable toast is not a piece of cake. With the help of a toaster, life is much simpler. But which toaster to buy? What benefits does it offer me? What are the best brands?

All these questions can be answered here. Our goal is to provide accurate information about the best toaster models most sought after and valued by consumers.

best 2 slice toaster

Since there are numerous models, brands, wide slots, single-slot and other features, it is always challenging to choose. In the following list, you will find the selection of these products and the recommendations that we offer you. Additionally, you will have a guide made with the most extraordinary rigour to look at the main factors before making the right decision.

The time has come to know the best toasters to taste bread as God intended. A list made based on the ratings and opinions on the internet and, of course. The recommendations of our experts.

For lovers of a perfect roast, the Inspire by Russell Hobbs is undoubtedly an excellent option. It has a double slot with a wide opening, which, thanks to its size, will allow you to toast thick and thin slices with the same efficiency. best 2 slice toaster

The stainless steel body is covered with a layer that prevents burns. Its exterior finish is elegant and capable of adapting to all types of decoration.

The toasting power is nothing more than 1050w, so most of its users consider it an excellent cheap and good toaster. best 2 slice toaster

It incorporates different functions to enhance toasting. A tray that collects the crumbs an extraction system allows you to lift and check the toasting level. In addition, it has a function to reheat and defrost food.

Russell Hobbs Inspire adjusts the power level or cancels the toast if you have overdone it. The Russell Hobbs Inspire is a great model for the best toast.


  • Oversized double slot
  • Defrost and reheat functions
  • intensity adjustment


  • no stopwatch

1. Taurus Mytoast Duplo best 2 slice toaster

“Large size for thick and elongated toast”

  • Material: Plastic
  • Slots: 2
  • Power: 1450W
  • Temperature regulation: 6 levels
  • Crumb tray: Yes

If you still don’t know which toaster to buythe Taurus Duplo Mytoast will make you fall in love. She has the most comprehensive slots in this Top 7. 32mm thick and very long toasts are possible. Regardless of the type of bread, she will toast them. best 2 slice toaster

The brutal 1450 watts of power is distributed perfectly, not to burn the toast, but to achieve the perfect browning in less time.

If you like a different toast, the six intensity levels are there for you to configure to taste.

It has a practical improved lifting system. Take the toast to a higher level to remove it without burning yourself. best 2 slice toaster

The plastic body has also been well thought out, BPA-free Bakelite that doesn’t get hot and lasts longer.

Avoid leaving a mess after cooking with the crumb tray and defrost or reheat food with extra features built into its LED – illuminated controls.

Discover the price of this Taurus Mytoast Duplo and see how happy its buyers are.


  • Larger double slot
  • Defrost and reheat food
  • Intensity adjustment with six levels


  • no stopwatch

2. Russell Hobbs Adventure best 2 slice toaster

“Elegant design and crispy toast”

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Slots: 2
  • Power: 1000w
  • Temperature regulation: 5 levels
  • Crumb tray: Yes

Russell Hobbs at the Top again, now with a modern toaster model with impressive features, the Russell Hobbs Adventure. best 2 slice toaster

The stainless steel body has a sleek, minimalist design that looks flawless.

It incorporates support above the slots, ideal for heating pastries and rolls.

Allowing you to toast wide and long slices alike, the 1000-watt heating system is designed to distribute heat evenly, reaching the edges for an intense crunch.

The temperature adjustment is five levels. Set the toasting intensity and monitor progress with the elevation system to achieve the browning you like best. best 2 slice toaster

Crumbs won’t be a problem. The stainless steel tray covers the entire bottom area, so nothing gets through. Defrost slices of bread or cancel toasting. With the Hobbs Adventure, you’re in control.


  • thick and long grooves
  • Cancel and defrost functions
  • 5-level intensity adjustment


  • Does not have a timer

3. Cecotec Steel &Toast

“High power and greater volume for more toast in less time.”

  • Material: Stainless steel and plastic
  • Slots: 2
  • Power: 1400w
  • Temperature regulation: 6 levels
  • Crumb tray: Yes

In this Top with the best toasters, without a doubt, the Cecotec Steel&Toast could not be missing.

As in most of its products, this toaster has an elegant design in timeless stainless steel, which matches anywhere.

Its incredible power of 1400 watts reminds us of the Taurus Mytoast, but without a doubt, with improvements regarding internal heat distribution and intensity levels. You can adjust your toast to 6 different levels to find your ideal slice. best 2 slice toaster

The upper bun holder is practical. You can heat pastries and more significant foods.

The double slots are extensive for multiple slices of bread. Includes function to defrost and reheat, thus adapting to any situation. best 2 slice toaster

The crumb trays its included with the model. Cecotec Steel&Toast has an internal capacity of 2 litres, auto-centring of the bread and an elevator system for toast monitoring.


  • Slots for four slices
  • Thaw and reheat slices
  • Intensity adjustment with six levels
  • Self-centring of the bread


  • somewhat heavy

4. Moulinex Subito best 2 slice toaster

“A slot with effective size and power”

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Slots: 1
  • Power: 1000w
  • Temperature regulation: 7 levels
  • Crumb tray: Yes

If yours is a cheap toaster, the Moulinex Subito has excellent features and a very competitive price.

The body is constructed of high-quality stainless steel to withstand constant use.

The front and the back are covered with heat-insulating plastic that prevents contact burns. Front controls allow toasting, reheating and cancel toasting. best 2 slice toaster

The 1000 watt power can penetrate the toast and be adjusted with the seven levels on the handle.

Although it only has one slot, it is wide enough in length and width to fit up to two thin slices or one thick slice.

The tray collects crumbs avoids spending long periods gathering everything that the bread has released. If you want to watch how the slices of this Moulinex Subito are going, the self-adjusting elevation system will allow it. best 2 slice toaster


  • Good value for money
  • High power for one slice
  • 7-level intensity adjustment
  • Thaw and reheat


  • a single slot

5. Twinzee best 2 slice toaster

“The best toasts in retro style and for little money”

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Slots: 2
  • Power: 850w
  • Temperature regulation: 7 levels
  • Crumb tray: Yes

Considered by our experts as the best wide slot toaster in this TopTop. For many, the Twinzee is one of the best toasters on the market.

It has a power of 850 watts, making the most of it when toasting each slice. The interior design of the heating system distributes heat for better toasting. best 2 slice toaster

The pair of extra-wide 32mm slots are suitable for thick or thin slices of bread.

The seven selection levels allow you to adjust the power according to the final toasting you want in the bread. best 2 slice toaster

It includes different accessories to enhance its use. There is a top rack for warming buns, bamboo tongs for confidently picking up toast, and a crumb tray for easy cleanup.

The Twinzee features defrost, reheat and cancel functions and the quick lift system. The retro design is adaptable to any space, thanks to the fact that it comes in two colours.

Its body was made of stainless steel, light and cold touch zones to avoid burns in the kitchen.


  • nice design
  • Accessories included
  • 7-level intensity adjustment
  • Thaw and reheat


  • Powerless than 1000 watts

6. Rowenta TL681830

“The one with the greatest power, functions and toasting levels”

  • Material: Plastic
  • Slots: 4
  • Power: 1600w
  • Temperature regulation: 8 levels
  • Crumb tray: Yes

We have reached what is undoubtedly the best toaster 2022 of this TopTop, the Rowenta TL681830. Not only because of its modern design, but because of the power and versatility that only it has.

It has a higher power of 1600 watts, allowing you to concisely toast slices of any type of bread.

The temperature setting is not 6 or 7; It is eight levels! Toast customization like no other.

The body made of high-resistance plastic prevents burns when handling it.

The digital control panel has buttons to adjust the level and access the reheat, defrost or cancel toast functions. All visible from an LCD screen. best 2 slice toaster

The Rowenta TL681830 comes included support for rolls and croissants and a practical tray that collects crumbs and does not let any. The lifting system with extra excursion allows you to remove even the smallest toasts. best 2 slice toaster


  • Fresh and modern design
  • top potency
  • 8-level intensity adjustment
  • Different features included


  • no auto-off

7. Comparison of the best toasters

Making decisions to buy the best toaster on the market is not simple. We try to help you make the best possible decision through this comparative table.

Through evaluating the strengths of each, the choice will be made even more accessible.

Recommendations of the best toasters

In this particular section prepared by user opinions and our experts, you will find the best toasters that could best fit your kitchen. If you need one but have a small budget, the toasters that we show you below will be a superb purchase if you decide on them.

Best wide slot toaster: Philips HD2581

best 2 slice toaster
  • Material: Plastic
  • Slots: 2
  • Power: 830W
  • Temperature regulation: 8 levels
  • Crumb tray: Yes

The Philips HD2581 takes its outstanding features and low price of all the cheap toasters.

Cold-touch plastic construction can avoid burns to the user while handling it. It not only heats both sides of the toast but its 830 watts are also distributed between its two slots to toast better and in less time. best 2 slice toaster best 2 slice toaster

The eight temperature intensities you can choose allow a personalized toast and taste. If you prefer the most golden or freshest bread, you will get all that for less than 20 euros. best 2 slice toaster

Because the two slots are vast, you can attach a rack to warm buns and rolls on TopTop. Remove all the bread residue after cooking with ease. The internal tray collects them all to clean in seconds.

This Philips HD2581 has extra functions to make the best use of its power. You can defrost and reheat toast with the built-in buttons on the front panel. The different elevation allows you to take the toast without burning your fingers.

Best Cheap Toaster:

8. Moulinex Multi pan A15453

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Slots: No slots
  • Power: 760w
  • Temperature regulation: No
  • Crumb Tray: No

As an excellent guide to electric toasters, we could not leave out those who prefer other alternatives. The Moulinex Multipan is the best vertical toaster on the market, not only for its features but also for its price. best 2 slice toaster

It incorporates a heating system that heats evenly on both sides. The 760-watt power can toast four slices of sliced ​​bread, croissants, scones and all kinds of rolls.

Its compact size and lightweight allow it to be carried anywhere. The body made of stainless steel withstands high temperatures, and the resistant bakelite handles prevent burns when handling it.

It is capable of fixing any type of bread. Thanks to the hooks that tighten the bread, it keeps the slices fixed on the hot sides of the toaster. Its operation is fast and straightforward. Just press the on/off button to start the toast. best 2 slice toaster

Displaying bread will be more versatile than with other toasters. The real-time view of the toasts offered by this Moulinex Multi pan will allow you to serve them to the diner’s taste.

9. Best horizontal toaster: Cecotec Horizontal

  • Material: Stainless steel and plastic
  • Slots: No slots
  • Power: 900w
  • Temperature regulation: 6 levels
  • Crumb tray: Yes

Continuing with horizontal toasters, one of its greatest exponents is this Cecotec model that promises to toast any type of bread quickly.

It is a horizontal toaster with a maximum power of 900 watts, distributed among its three lower halogen resistances.

Not only are they more efficient than other technologies, but they also provide more uniform toasting than vertical ones. best 2 slice toaster

Thanks to the six selection levels, no matter what type of bread you want to toast, it can achieve the doneness level that you prefer.

This toaster will heat them from sliced ​​bread through croissants to a delicious bagel without any complications. best 2 slice toaster

The bottom tray collects all the crumbs for you. Pesky crumbs on the kitchen table will be a thing of the past. Just remove the tray when finished toasting to clean. It has an operation light indicator and external plastic coating for cold touch.

What toaster to buy? – Guide 

This buying guide can find the key to choosing the best toaster. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying one, it will be beneficial for you to read all the information that we have condensed for you.

Learn about the types of toasters and the specific function of each one; also, find out if a toaster or a sandwich maker is better. We don’t keep anything! best 2 slice toaster

It is a section to learn about the strengths of the most popular toasters in 2022. Toasters are beneficial tools, and their operation depends on the technical specifications. A device with little power is not efficient, hence the importance of being clear about the qualities that define a good toaster. best 2 slice toaster

Marketing manipulates you into buying for a brand. To stop the influence of the networks, knowledge and validate for yourself what you need to prepare a rich, hot and unique toasted bread.

What are the advantages of buying the best toaster?

Toasters are multifunctional appliances that toast slices of bread and, depending on their structure, also allow the heating of buns, rolls and cakes. They have an ergonomic design that fits the available space in the kitchen. Slot lengths vary by the model to prepare as desired. best 2 slice toaster

In addition, toasters can toast food automatically so that you can carry out other activities. At the same time, the bread cooks inside. The device is expelled from the interior at a particular time.

They are perfect for every occasion. Its are not limited to use during breakfast. In the toasters, you can prepare snacks at all times. They have different temperature levels that manage to satisfy each person’s tastes without burning the bread.

The equipment’s power is a fundamental determinant for the speed with which the toasting of the bread is carried out. The best toasters use powers more significant than 500 W, and therefore, the benefits found in them are guaranteed. best 2 slice toaster

By buying a toaster, you get a much healthier lifestyle, you can spend more time on other tasks that require more attention than cooking, and you have access to a delicious snack in no time. Perfect to complement specific nutritional diets.

What to consider when buying the best toaster?

Next, we show you the essential features we should know before buying a toaster for our home. Find out which of them may interest you the most to choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes.

toast level best 2 slice toaster

They are the levels of adjustment or regulation for a toaster’s temperature. It is a handle that varies the set point of the thermostat. Depending on the number of adjustment levels a toaster has, it will be possible to select a suitable temperature for the intensity of the toast. best 2 slice toaster

It is common to find toasters with 5, 6 and even height adjustment levels. The recommended is six levels to customize the toast to your liking.

slot size

It refers to the width and length of a toaster’s slots. Having wider and longer spaces makes it easier to toast other varieties of bread or more slices of bread at a time. best 2 slice toaster

There are models with one or two wide and long slots. These models are the most recommended if you want to toast more than one type of bread. best 2 slice toaster

crumb tray best 2 slice toaster

It is a metal tray made of stainless steel that goes in the lower part of the toaster. The best models come with a crumb tray, allowing crumbs to fall into it for easy cleanup. best 2 slice toaster

Make sure that the model you choose comes with one of them. Also, check that it covers the entire lower area; otherwise, the crumbs will still slip through.

Bread defrosting system best 2 slice toaster

It is a functionality that most toasters incorporate. It allows defrosting toasts that have been in the refrigerator for a long time to toast them directly, without prior defrosting.

You can activate it from the front panel on the toaster. In this mode, the toaster gradually varies the heating power to defrost and then starts its maximum capacity to toast the bread. best 2 slice toaster

Ease of cleaning best 2 slice toaster

A toaster is an appliance that you will use every day. To make some toast in the morning, as a sandwich or dinner. For this reason, you must make sure that it is easy to clean.

Some models are removable, so you can take the trays to the dishwasher and have them clean them. Other models are so efficient that they require almost no cleaning. The crumb tray does all the work by collecting the excess. best 2 slice toaster

Power best 2 slice toaster

The power in a toaster is related to the amount of electricity it can absorb from the electrical network. The higher the number, the higher the consumption.

A toaster with high power is not only capable of heating a larger area of ​​bread, but it can also have it ready in less time. Thanks to the fact that it distributes the heat between the inner faces, a high-power toaster reduces waiting time. best 2 slice toaster

Security best 2 slice toaster

Depending on the model and manufacturer, toasters may include different security mechanisms. The most common are the plastic coatings in some of the external areas to avoid contact burns.

There are also models with automatic shutdown. It does turn off the toaster if it has been lifted running for too long. Others have short-circuited disconnection in case of electrical failures.

To avoid accidents, the toaster you choose must incorporate the auto-off and cold touch coating.

Types of toasters

Knowing the different types of toasters on the market is advantageous for you as a consumer since it allows you to be part of what you have been looking for. The types of roasters are as follows:

vertical toasters

They are appliances that can heat all types of bread regardless of its thickness.

It is a little-used model since it does not have the typical upper slots you are used to.

They have a central grid that is heated, with handles on the sides (usually cool touch) that open and close at different angles to hold bread of all kinds of thickness, not just sliced ​​bread.

They are ideal for those people who are not limited to a single style but constantly vary the types of bread they consume. best 2 slice toaster

horizontal toaster

It is an entirely flat model in which you can place any type of bread, bun or croissant to be heated, defrosted or toasted. Allows size variation as they have a unique design with grids and bases at high temperatures.

Two best 2 slice toaster

It is a group that includes all the toasters that use slots to carry out their functions in toasting bread. They were widely used and the best sellers on the market. Among them, we can find:

  • Four-slot toasters: Although they belong to the group of two-slot toasters, these are a variation that has twice as many slots to toast a more significant number of loaves of bread in the shortest possible time. They are ideal for large families or homes with small children. The speed with which you can prepare breakfast for the children is much greater using this toaster.
  • Long slot toasters: It is a toaster with extra-long slots to generate slices of toast of different sizes. It was not restricted to sliced ​​bread. It has an internal system that centralizes the pieces to prevent roast on one side. best 2 slice toaster

Which toaster is better horizontal or vertical?

The best toaster depends on your needs. However, here you can find out the most beneficial of each model to make the best decision.

The horizontal toaster is an innovative model that resembles a grill but with specific properties for toasting bread. best 2 slice toaster

One of the main attractions is the convenience it offers because you can place any piece of bun or bread on its rack, regardless of size, to be toasted. In general, it uses halogen resistances to raise its temperature to different degrees that toast the food in a few minutes.

They handle high power levels, which translates into faster toasting. Horizontal toasters are versatile pieces of equipment created to speed up breakfast preparation. best 2 slice toaster

The vertical toaster is a little-known model, but it fully fulfils its function. The loaves are inserted vertically between a grid at high temperatures and handles that adjust the bread to the grid. They are easy to use. One of their main advantages is that the user can see the toasting process and decide the right moment to remove it from the heat.

They fit all types of bread, whether thick or flat. However, the horizontal toaster beats the vertical toaster by far when it comes to convenience.

How do you clean a toaster inside?

Cleaning your toaster is very simple. However, make sure you follow the following tips to make it shine and not get hurt in the cleaning process:

  • Before starting to clean the equipment, the first thing you should do is verify that the toaster is unplugged from the outlet. It is a crucial safety step that you must follow to avoid unwanted accidents. best 2 slice toaster
  • If you have recently used the equipment, you should also wait to be at room temperature to prevent burns. best 2 slice toaster
  • Remove the crumb tray that is attached to the base. Most toasters have a hygiene system that traps all the crumbs produced by the bread during the toasting process
  • Discard the crumbs in the indicated place and wash the tray with soap and water. It is an element that can be cleaned in the dishwasher without the inconvenience
  • Remove the bun holder (if the toaster includes it). You can wash it underwater and let it dry in a place free of humidity
  • If the toaster has slots, the best way to clean it inside is to introduce a small moistened brush to remove the crumbs stuck to the internal grids.

Best toaster brands

There is always a group that stands out from the rest, in this case, we must mention the best-selling brands with the most extended history in the market that have revolutionized the style of electrical appliances as we know them today, these are: best 2 slice toaster

best Rowenta toaster

It is a German brand that originated in 1884. It is an innovative family that has perfected the structure of its products over the decades and currently implements patented technology in its products to optimize the services they offer.

An example of this is the Rowenta TL681830 toaster with a timeless design that includes an LCD screen, allows you to monitor the toasting level of the bread, control the power and customize the tastes according to the user. best 2 slice toaster

CECOTEC bread toaster

It is a brand with Spanish technology. It is one of the best-sellers since its equipment is highly efficient and has a wide variety of products at affordable costs for each user.

Cecotec toasters are characterized by ease of use and high power that improve the experience for toasting bread, pastries and more.

Moulinex bread toaster

Brand of French origin, manufacturers seek to provide an optimization response to routine activities. Their users improve their quality of life and have more free time away from household chores.

The Moulinex Multi pan A15453 toaster is a sample of originality and electrical power, two essential qualities to buy the best toaster on the market. best 2 slice toaster

Frequently asked questions before buying the best toaster.

In the next section, we will talk about the most frequent doubts of users when purchasing a toaster.

How long can a toaster last?

The useful life is estimated up to 5 years, however. It is a time that varies depending on the user’s use of the equipment.

In the case of the people who watch every detail while handling the toaster, they keep it disconnected from the outlet and are responsible for periodic cleaning; the bread toaster can generate a useful life of up to 10 years, especially if it belongs the best brands. best 2 slice toaster

On the contrary, if the minimum care given to the equipment is not monitored, the toaster is used for more than 12 hours a day (as in the case of restaurants) and is handled with little care, the lifetime helpful life is less than five years.

Can aluminium foil be used?

Aluminium cannot be used in the toaster. The reason, the barrier created by the aluminium foil inside the toaster prevents the proper functioning of the toaster since the metal heats up at a high rate. It becomes a harmful practice because high temperatures can cause second-degree burns in the user. best 2 slice toaster

In addition, if any of the toaster’s electrical components come into contact with aluminium, it can generate a dangerous electrical shock that puts the user’s health at risk and ultimately damages the toaster.

What brand is best for 2 slice toaster?

Best 2-slice toaster: Breville Edge 2-Slice Toaster VTT981. Runner-up: The Range My Kitchen Saturn 2-Slice Toaster 322713. Best 2-slice toaster for bagels: KitchenAid Classic 2-Slice Manual Toaster 5KMT2115. Best 2-slice toaster for toasting frozen bread: Kenwood Abbey 2-Slice Toaster TCP05

What is the top rated toaster?

Our Top Toaster Picks

  • Best Overall: Cuisinart 2-Slice Digital Toaster with MemorySet.
  • Best Value: Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster.
  • 4-Slice Toaster: KRUPS Breakfast Set 4-Slice Toaster.
  • Smart Toaster: Breville Die-Cast Smart Toaster.
  • Retro Toaster: SMEG 2-Slice Toaste

What is the best 2021 toaster?

Best toaster 2022

  • Cuisinart CPT-180 Classic Toaster. Best toaster overall.
  • Breville Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster.
  • Smeg TSF01 toaster.
  • Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch 2 Long Slot Toaster.
  • KitchenAid 4-Slice Wide Slot Toaster.
  • Dualit 4 Slice Newgen Toaster.
  • Smeg 4 Slice Toaster TSF03
  • Alessi Plissé Toaster.

What is the best toaster on the market UK?

Best toasters at a glance

  • Best all-round toaster: DeLonghi Distinta Flair 4-slice toaster, £124.99.
  • Toaster with best overall functionality: Sage the Smart Toast BTA845, £170.95.
  • Best new brand toaster: Gastroback Design Toaster Pro 2S, £94.58.
  • blow-out buy: KitchenAid Artisan 5KMT4205 4-slice toaster, £329.

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