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The 7 Best Window Washers You ”ll love

Window Washers

When it comes to cleaning the windows, we must look for a window cleaner that can make things easier for us to the extent that they are a surface that, if not treated with specific care, can deteriorate and look bad for the rest of the time—the life they have. window washers

After a friend asked me for advice, I decided to do this review of window cleaners to help her and you. 

1. The Glider D-3 – window washers

It must be said that this glass cleaner has a classic design that is, however, efficient. Regarding the previous model, it must be noted that it is a manual model with a lower price. Despite this, it is easy to use and is suitable for various types of glass regardless of its thickness since it can cover up to 28mm. window washers

It comes with three separators adapted to any thickness that allows us to have a glass cleaner that can safely clean our home and, incidentally,  with any window.

It has four brushes, two on each side, which allow deep cleaning of the entire glass. Before using it, the whole surface must be lathered  (not too much so that there are no detergent marks) and then pass it to leave it spotless. It works with a magnet system that keeps it glued to the glass for effective cleaning. window washers

At the same time, it comes with some clothes that allow us to remove the most persistent dirt with ease. It comes with an extensible rope that can pass over a greater distance.

2. Kärcher WV 2 Plus – window washers

It must be said to begin with that being  Kärcher. This model must already have our trust. Everyone knows the quality and seriousness this brand offers in all its products. They are specialized in thorough cleaning, so in the case of crystals, we cannot expect anything less. 

It is a mixed model, between the manual and the automatic to the extent that we handle it with our hands, but it has a gun that gives pressurized water to increase the quality of the results on the crystals. It is very easy to handle. Its has an adapted handle that can make us finish the entire operation in a few minutes.  window washers

It has a long-lasting battery and, naturally, it works without cables. You have to charge it and use it for a long time. Its can absorb dripping, so it does not generate more dirt than it removes. It has a cap on the tank that we can easily open to evacuate all the land collected with its drip system.  window washers

It should be noted that because it is  Kächer, the materials are of good quality. Therefore, we are talking about a glass cleaner that will serve us for many years (as is generally the case with any of the brand’s devices). It weighs 599 grams, a light model that also adds to its manageability.

3. Vileda Windomatic window washers

As I have put in the description,  the Vileda Windomatic glass cleaner seems to be a simple device and offers many possibilities. Its design is similar to that of the previous model. It is operated from a handle and works like a classic glass cleaner, only with more efficiency. window washers

However, it should be noted that it has a flexible neck that contributes to its effectiveness in that it can remove more dirt. Likewise, this quality helps when cleaning edges and corners. Another advantage is that it does not leak and is easy to clean. We can even put it in the dishwasher.

It is rechargeable, so it works with batteries and has a good autonomy capacity. Its weight is 898 grams, which is little and makes it a fairly light model. Naturally, we only have to charge its battery and pass water and cleaner through the crystals to use it. Again, we must make sure not to add too much detergent so that there are no marks. After passing the glass cleaner, the surface will be like new. window washers

4. Kärcher Window Vac WV 50 Plus

The  Kärcher WV 50 Plus is the big brother of the previous model. Its operation is the same, but some things have changed. It has a little more size to the extent that it also has more power. However, in terms of the capacity of its tank, it must be said that it also has 0.1 liters. window washers

Its only adds about 100 grams more weight, although it is not less manageable for that. Its allows to carry out the entire cleaning operation of all the windows in a few minutes and efficiently. 

It has, yes,  a bottle with suede to spray and better remove the embedded surface. also has a tank to store dirty water, and it doesn’t leak either. In general, it is a very good device for cleaning windows, and personally, it is one of the ones I like the most. It has a rechargeable battery to be used without cables or hassles. window washers

5. Houzetek window washers

This window cleaning robot is designed to leave all types of glass sparkling both vertically and horizontally. Its has a  suction power of 2.5Kpa, which allows it to adhere firmly to the surface. It has anti-fall and anti-impact technology to guarantee its durability; it can remain in the glass for 30 minutes without a power supply. window washers

Its has a 4.5-meter safety rope as a backup. It is fully automatic. Its very fast and efficient; It only takes  4 minutes per square meter. It is also silent  (70 dB).

Take a look at the prices on Amazon.

6. Cecotec WinDroid 870 window washers

Cecotec offers you this  80W robotic glass cleaner with three automatic programs to easily and efficiently clean all glass surfaces  (windows, doors, mirrors, tables, etc.). You can work in a  vertical or horizontal position. It has a UPS  (uninterruptible power supply) security system to prevent failures in the event of a power outage. window washers

Its  AutoStop System function allows it to stop automatically when finished. It uses high-quality reusable microfiber pads and can clean wet or dry at a speed of  4 min/m²  in near silence. Includes remote control.

Take a look at the prices on Amazon.

7. Alfawise S60 window washers

The  Alfawise S60 glass cleaner is a very complete and versatile device. It is perfect for removing embedded dirt for several years in the crystals, that is, to do an ideal cleaning that gives good results. It is an intelligent device that allows us to clean the glass surface without damaging it

Its has a remote control to carry out cleaning remotely, so it will not be necessary for us to move on a ladder. Therefore, it is perfect for older people who want to avoid the risks associated with this type of cleaning. To do this, it has a safety rope that prevents it from falling into the void. We have to activate it with the remote control and notice how it leaves the entire surface clean and perfect.  window washers

It must be said that this glass cleaner is valid for the whole set in general to the extent that it is also capable of cleaning tiles. It has several modes that do their job automatically and easily. Undoubtedly, it is an effective glass cleaner with many guarantees for all these reasons.

It has quite compact dimensions, and all its materials are of quality. The total weight it has is 5kgIt has an extensible cable of 4 meters, so everything is easy. Thus, it is a fairly complete device with a versatile kit to clean windows thoroughly. It includes several cable types, and above all, I want to highlight its remote function to cleanse the crystals without inconvenience. window washers

window washers buying guide

Glass cleaners can help us achieve a good result far superior to any that we can achieve with just water and chamois. If you want to increase the cleanliness and lifetime of your crystals, it is highly recommended that you have one.  window washers

Weight and size of the window cleaner

The weight and size of the window cleaners are essential to the extent that we will have to be in awkward positions on some occasions. It must also be said that a greater weight goes against its manageability. For this reason, we must try to buy a glass cleaner that is light and at the same time allows us easy use.  window washers

vacuum cleaner tank

The tank of the vacuum cleaner is the place where the dirt goes. This point is especially important, and we must take it into account when deciding which glass cleaner to buy. If what we do is clean a glass but dirty everything else, we are going wrong. It is always better to have this help. 

cleaning effectiveness

The effectiveness of cleaning depends on the power, the modes it counts, and the clothes that our glass cleaner presents. Ideally, it should be complete in these three parts to have a good cleaning partner.  window washers

battery life

Battery autonomy is becoming more and more important in everything. How could it be otherwise? It is also in crystal aspiration. We must look for a device that can offer us enough minutes of charging to carry out the entire operation at once and without inconvenience. window washers

neck flexibility

The flexibility of the neck is important to the extent that it allows us to obtain better results thanks to the fact that with it, we can access corners and surfaces that are difficult to clean in better conditions. window washers

Why is it important to clean the windows of the home?

Cleaning the home, in general, is important. However,  too many times, we neglect cleaning the house. Below we explain why it is important also to take it into account. 

  • Preserving the good views through the window –  naturally, if we have dirty windows, what we are doing is going against our quality of life to the extent that we deprive ourselves of the quality of the views from outside and subtract light to our own home. 
  • Avoid glass degradation –  glasses that are not well maintained deteriorate and perform less well. 
  • The good image of your home or business –  dirty windows speak very badly about our home and business. 
  • Less heating capacity –  with dirty glass, a large amount of the light that enters a space is lost and, consequently, part of its energy.

When and how did the window cleaner come about?

There is no certainty about the history of the window cleaner, but it can be said that it all started or originated to fill a need in vehicles. According to the history of cars, the inventor Mary Anderson’s prototype to clean glass was because drivers had to practically climb out of the vehicle door window at arm’s length to manually clean the mirror every time it rained or got wet. window washers

The idea came of a rotating arm system with a rubber sheet on its blade. It was in the 1900s, and women were not considered worthy of such ingenuity for many years. That is why their invention passed the “history” until in the 60s, Robert Kearns presented an improvement for the windshield wipers that well, that’s another story since Ford stole his patent and that intellectual authorship trial lasted decades. window washers

The window cleaner we know today and what this article is about is the result of these ingenuities—the practicality of the home, the comfort of the housewife. The person in charge of cleaning the offices without being mechanics, and to date, robots have been invented to fulfill the functions of a window cleaner.

Exact functions of a glass vacuum cleaner

You can find everything in your windows, large windows, external or internal glass panes, such as bird droppings, pasted paper, dead insects, organic waste, etc., difficult to remove with just water and detergent. For this reason, it is good to have all the necessary tools in a small bag or box where you can have them at hand. window washers

Its very name indicates the function it must fulfill, but you have to do it well for that. In this section and the previous one, we summarize the most important things you should know. About these useful devices today, wherever you are, home, office, premises, business, in your vehicle, etc., if you have glass or crystals, you will have to have the complete and correct equipment to carry out the respective cleaning. window washers

What are the correct tools to clean glass?

It also applies to vitrified surfaces. In addition to a good glass cleaner, you can not miss the water and special soap to clean glass together with a glass bucket or bucket because if not, cleaning will not be effective. You can not ignore the glass humidifier (or glass soaker), which will make the work of cleaning windows start in the best way thanks to the microfiber material incorporated or cloth.

The surface scraper with its spare blades is also important among your glass cleaning devices. Enough paper roll to clean the scraper if necessary. The glass cleaning guide to leaving it as new. A good telescopic ladder could not be missing, or a telescopic handle to reach the high places from the ground. window washers

You must have at hand the number of a store or the address of one that sells spare parts for the rubber bands or another that you need, in case the ones you use for cleaning the windows deteriorate over time or you have run out of them. that the window cleaning team brought. window washers

How to choose the best device to clean windows? 

The polishing and gloss properties of glass make it easy to clean. Still, impeccable cleaning is difficult as any dirt on the surface is visible, especially grease stains, fingerprints, and the veil left behind when the water used for cleaning is dried. window washers

In the case of glass objects, it is enough to rub them with a dry cloth or paper and that opaque layer. As a result, the drying of the water and washing detergent will disappear. But in the case of large objects such as stained glass windows, it is not so easy, and you have to use special glass cleaners; For this, you must evaluate which glass cleaner suits you best.

Types of glass cleaners that you can find in the market.

We will see several crystal cleaning devices on the market, the same one that will help you choose the best one for you. Each one has its peculiarities, but the important thing is that they perform the same function. window washers

magnetic glass cleaners

Quite simply, they are window cleaning robots. They have the particularity that they work with a sophisticated system that prevents accidents and comprises two pieces. (one will be located on the front of the glass, while the other will be on the back) joined by a magnet, reducing cleaning speed and treating the same glass front and back without difficulty. window washers

A glass vacuum cleaner with a handle

They are manual, and they are also called telescopic. It can be extendable or scrapers, and this will depend on how long you want it and, of course, the vitrified surfaces you will clean. They have many uses, even clean bathroom screens, and can be used anywhere due to their easy mobility.

3m spray glass cleaner

This type of spray glass cleaner is often used on cars and boats because the surfaces are exposed to other weather factors and external agents. It can be used safely on plastic, vinyl, chrome, and metal, eliminating stains, dirt, and insects that may remain on the glass. window washers

Steam window vacuum cleaner

These window cleaners are electric, but they emit steam with the peculiarity. They are usually light, and without cables, they are generally very effective in removing dirt from your windows. With it, you will be able to reach the highest or farthest windows and reach tiny corners. It will allow you to refresh curtains, sofas, and upholstery in general and thus avoid damaging the tissues. window washers

Osmosis glass cleaning

It combines a glass cleaning device and pure water (quite clear and clean). It is used mostly for windows that are not reachable with cranes or scaffolding. You can also clean surfaces such as marble, metal, facades, awnings, pergolas, and posters since the reverse osmosis system has been formulated to help remove dirt more easily, thanks to the pole. window washers

Clean windows with ionized water

To these devices, just by adding water and common salt, you will have an excellent domestic water ionizer. Without using chemical products to clean your crystals, you will naturally achieve a level of disinfection, eliminating bacteria and viruses.

Optical glass cleaner

To avoid damaging these helpers of our site and to be able to clean them in a better way, this is already somewhat more manual. You have some options. Using a little water and liquid or neutral soap will not damage. The methodology is the same, just as you can also use white vinegar, alcohol, wipes, and special drinks. Only the dimensions are different. window washers

Glass cleaning fish?

Yes, there are these glass cleaner minnows, but they are only for aquarium use obviously because they have to be underwater. They are fish that settle at the bottom to eat algae and small microorganisms, keeping the aquarium as clean as possible; It is recommended due to its size. The ancistrus fish is used and between 2 or 3.

What glass cleaner to buy?

In our previous section, we have the best shopping guide and your opinions, of course, and the comparison of the best electric window cleaners for 2022. Here you already have an entry of all the existing window cleaners on the market that benefit you the most.

Read carefully in the previous sections of this section, and you will find the types of devices to clean windows. According to your experience, comfort, budget, and taste, you will be able to choose the right one for your workplace, home, or even vehicle. In the same way, we make your life easier by telling you where to buy them so that you can see more models and the variety that online stores offer you. window washers

Natural ways to clean crystals

If you prefer to use natural products or are allergic to any chemical agent and you cannot use them, then here we give you some tips to choose which one suits you best or which one you have at home to use. They are as effective as if you were using a factory product. Many of the detergents on the market have ammonia among their components. It is an extremely irritating and toxic gas, so many opt for the natural option as far as possible and within their possibilities.

For any of these ecological options, you will always need your glass cleaning device where you can have your product ready:

Window cleaning with white vinegar

It is usually used together with baking soda and water, mix the ingredients and use a sponge to spread with the preparation and that’s it. Now you can start cleaning, wait 5 minutes for the dust to disintegrate, and you will be able to leave your glass impeccable depending on the dirt on the glass. You can increase the dose you originally used to clean with these ingredients, and the waiting time to clean with the water at the end would increase to about 15 minutes and so on.

Citrus window washers

Combined with vinegar, specifically lemon or orange peels. You must prepare this and leave it concentrating for two weeks before using it. You will filter in a strainer and continue with the mixture to proceed to clean your glass, remember to wash and dry your windows very well, in this case, because they could stain if you dry them badly. window washers

Starch window washers

This item is perfect for cleaning mirrors and other stained glass surfaces. You need extra hot water. When you place it on the glass and the mixture is dry, you will finish the cleaning by rubbing the glass with paper or newspaper soaked with vinegar to clean any residue. window washers

Window cleaning with sea salt

Or coarse salt is done mostly in crystals or small glasses and is not entirely recommended because its excessive use can damage and scratch the crystals. However, you can use it for a first cleaning and then wash it with plenty of water; only if you like otherwise, use any other alternative options. 

Alcohol window washers

This element is very good due to its ability to dissolve fats by contact with the hands. It dries quickly and is an excellent glass cleaner, only apply it with a dry and clean cloth so that it does not leave residues or marks on the glass. There are those who you prefer to use soft and absorbent.

If you use any chemical element to clean your windows in spray or aerosol, avoid breathing the particles of the cleaner and the continued use in closed places where the smell is concentrated. Never mix glass cleaning detergents with another cleaning product or chemicals because they can irritate your skin, eyes, mouth, or other dangerous allergies. If you can, use protective glasses and a mask for greater safety. window washers

Where to buy glass cleaners?

If you are looking for a place to buy these wonderful glass-cleaning devices at, you will find all kinds. From glass cleaning robots, 3-in-1 window cleaners, easy-to-handle stainless steel window cleaners, telescopic sponge cleaners, electric cleaners, window vacuum cleaners, magnetic cleaners, etc., accessories, there you will be a good time reviewing. window washers

Another option is, where you can see that they have window cleaners at a very good price, such as telescopic, with rubber sheet, articulated for easy handling, 3 in 1 with microfiber, etc., plus cleaning products. You will also find various glass vacuum cleaner discounts at, it does not have as much variety, but you will also have some results to compare and decide.

How much is a window washer? Window Cleaning Prices

TypeAverage Cost
Call-out Charge$45 – $85
Per Window$10 – $15
Per Window (3rd or 4th Story)$13 – $20
Per Pane$4 – $8
window washers

What is a good window washer?

The 7 glass cleaners we tested

  • Windex – Original.
  • Glass Plus – Glass Cleaner Trigger.
  • Weiman – Glass Cleaner.
  • Seventh Generation – Free & Clear Glass & Surface Cleaner.
  • Zep – Streak-Free Glass Cleaner.
  • Stoner – Invisible Glass Premium.
  • Your Best Digs – Homemade Glass Cleaner.

How do I clean the outside of my window I can’t reach ?

Here are some tips:

  1. Gather your equipment. …
  2. Spray down the window using your hose.
  3. Add a couple drops of your cleaning solution to your bucket of water and dip your brush or sponge into this.
  4. Using your extension pole, scrub the window with your brush/sponge. …
  5. Rinse the window with your hose.

How often should a window be cleaned?

twice a year Residential Windows

For residential homes, you should schedule window cleaning at least twice a year. If you live on a busy street or a place with lots of pollen and trees, you might choose to get your windows cleaned three times a year.

What do professional window washers use to clean windows?

Pro cleaners use squeegees inside all the time, even in houses with stained and varnished woodwork. When cleaning windows with a squeegee indoors, the key is to squeeze most of the soapy water out of the scrubber to eliminate excessive dripping and running.

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