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The 9 Most Stylish and Versatile Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag

The 9 Most Stylish and Versatile Yoga Mat Bag

What a week, after asking a group of 12 experts who know the Biomundus, Lotuscrafts, and Vianber brands perfectly, and after spending 14 hours working, we have finished our yoga mat bag guide for all our readers.

Remember: You have the last word. We will show you our selection. Only you know what you are looking for in that product. The Yoga Mat Cover reviewed around 14 products before bringing you this descriptive guide.

1. Gonex Yoga Mat Bag, Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat Cover Durable Waterproof Oxford Cloth with 2 Carrying Pockets, Extra Wide Adjustable Shoulder Strap Portable (Purple)


  • Material: Made of 100% high-quality 600D oxford. Cloth and 210D reinforced seam lining, durable and waterproof. Smooth and robust SBS zippers are designed for long-term use.
  • Spacious: Dimensions: 71 cm long x 18 cm in diameter.Roomy enough for most yoga, pilates, or fitness mats up to 26 inches.
  • Design: Full zippers design lets you easily insert and take out the yoga mat. The shoulder strap is adjustable for custom length and comfortable carrying, keeping your hands free when you hit the yoga studio or gym.
  • Convenient: 2 cargo pockets are perfect for keys, cell phones, cards, wallets, sports towels, and more, convenient and safe for your belongings.
  • Elegant Drawings: This bag has delicate yoga-related patterns, injecting more energy and dynamics into your yoga practice and fitness.

2. Ducomi Yoga Mat Bag with Adjustable Strap, Waterproof Gym and Pilates Cover, Functional Bag for Mattress, Yoga Mat, Gift for Women (70 x 30 cm)


  • Plenty of space for the mat: offers enough space for yoga mats. Diameter: 19cm.
  •  PERFECT FOR ALL SIZES: Fits most mat sizes: Specially made to carry yoga mats, it has a smooth, neutral shape that is easy to carry. No more hassle transporting yoga equipment to and from the studio. Just put it on your shoulder, and you’re good to go.
  • Beautiful and practical yoga bag: You will always have your yoga equipment with the Ducomi yoga mat bag. Thanks to the adjustable strap, the yoga sports bag is also very comfortable.
  •  STURDY AND DURABLE – The yoga mat bag is water-resistant fabric.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – Our yoga bag is subject to strict quality controls to ensure a perfect finish with an integrated zipper for easy opening and closing.

3. Yoga Mat Bag, RYACO Full Zipper Yoga Mat Functional Storage Pockets, Fits Most Mats Adjustable Shoulder Strap Large Size


  • 【Quality and Durable Material】 Made of high quality 100% cotton, this gym shoulder bag will see you through the many workouts. The WIDER size and LONGER strap make it easy to carry without pulling your arms and shoulders.
  • 【Large Capacity】 Our yoga bags are perfect for any mat up to 65cm wide * 8mm thick. This bag is big and sturdy enough to carry your yoga mat, blocks, towel, straps, change clothes, and other small personal items all in one bag.
  • 【Full Zipper Design & Free Yoga Mat Storage Strap】Full zipper design lets you easily insert and take out the yoga mat. With a free yoga mat storage strap and adjustable shoulder strap to individualized length for comfortable carrying, you are keeping your hands free when you go to the yoga studio or gym.
  • 【Multifunctional Pockets】2 outside pockets, one large side pocket for a water bottle, towel, and sunglasses. One small inside ZIPPER pocket for keys and coins and one small inside pocket for mobile phone and wallet.
  • 【Comfort & Protection】 Protect your mat and keep it away from dust, dirt, or water with this bag. The lightweight and simple style make it versatile for training in the studio or gym, shopping, traveling, etc.

4. Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Bag Mysore – Fair and Ecological – Yoga Mat Cover – Yoga Mat Bag Yoga Mat Bag


  • ATTRACTIVE AND PRACTICAL YOGA BAG: With the Lotuscrafts yoga bag, you will always have your yoga equipment. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap, the yoga sports bag is also very comfortable.
  • PLENTY OF SPACE FORMAT AND ACCESSORIES: The yoga bag offers enough space for yoga mats up to 65 cm wide and yoga accessories, with additional external pockets for money, keys, and small things.
  • FAIR AND ECOLOGICAL: The yoga mat cover is robust, organic cotton fabric. The yoga mat bag has been manufactured and dyed environmentally friendly and under proper working conditions.
  • HIGH-QUALITY WORKMANSHIP: Our yoga mat bag is subject to strict quality controls to ensure a perfect finish.
  • SUITABLE FOR LOTUSCRAFTS YOGA MATS: The bag matches our MUDRA STUDIO, OEKO-T, and OEKO yoga mats. Dimensions: 66 x 18 x 18 cm

5. Ultrasport Bag for the yoga mat, fitness equipment, tent, yoga bag, transport bag approx. 72 cm long, available in different colors


  • Lightweight yet spacious yoga bag – ideal for fitness, gym, sports, yoga, or pilates
  • Travel bag, suitable for all common yoga and sports mats and much more; also ideal for storing the tent
  • Material: 100% polyester, water-repellent, length: approx. 72cm; diameter: 20 cm approx.
  • Yoga mat bag, with zipper and a practical adjustable strap for easy and safe transport
  • Additional storage space thanks to an inside and outside pocket (e.g., for mobile, wallet, keys, etc.), available in different colors

6. ACENDRATTI Premium TPE Yoga Mat + Microfiber Towel + Cover + Shoulder Strap. 100% Eco-Friendly 183 x 61cm x 6mm Pilates Fitness, Patented

yoga mat bag


  • ‍♂️ ANTI-SLIP AND HIGH RESISTANCE TECHNOLOGY ‍♂️: Our TPE Yoga mat is manufactured with the most advanced technology, increasing friction and maximizing the anti-slip function on both sides. It offers a pleasant texture to the touch and a high cushioning capacity for the protection of the joints, thanks to its double-layer structure. It has a high resistance to breakage deformation and prevents the appearance of ripples due to rolling.
  • ♻️ ECO FRIENDLY AND QUALITY ♻️: ACENDRATTI sports mats are made with TPE material in both layers, they are 100% environmentally friendly, recyclable, do not generate odors, do not contain PVC, or harmful products, strictly complying with EU Restriction regulations of Hazardous Substances in its composition. Our mats have SGS quality certification.
  • OPTIMAL THICKNESS: 6mm thick double layer TPE, they are ideal for protecting your joints and excellent for maintaining balance
  • ☔ LIGHT AND WATERPROOF ☔: The ACENDRATTI yoga mat is light and easy to carry with the shoulder strap and the cover, both included in this fantastic kit. The carpets must be protected to avoid any source of contamination. Thanks to its waterproof properties, it does not absorb water/sweat, avoiding undesirable odors and facilitating cleaning and drying.
  • PATENTED BUTTERFLY DESIGN AND POSTURE LINES: Get a unique design and laser-engraved posture lines, guaranteeing perfect positioning. Due to its design and ergonomics, this mat is optimal for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, and other related sports.

7. Lotuscrafts Yoga Mat Bag PUNE – Fair and Ecological – Yoga Mat Cover – Yoga Mat Bag – Bag – Yoga Mat Bag


  • ATTRACTIVE AND PRACTICAL YOGA BAG: With the Lotuscrafts yoga bag, you will always have your yoga equipment. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap, the yoga sports bag is also very comfortable.
  • PLENTY OF SPACE FORMAT AND ACCESSORIES: The yoga bag offers enough space for yoga mats up to 65 cm wide and yoga accessories, with additional internal pockets for money, keys, and small things.
  • FAIR AND ECOLOGICAL: The yoga mat cover is robust, organic cotton fabric. The yoga mat bag has been manufactured and dyed environmentally friendly and under proper working conditions.
  • HIGH-QUALITY WORKMANSHIP: Our yoga mat bag is subject to strict quality controls to ensure a perfect finish.
  • SUITABLE FOR LOTUSCRAFTS YOGA MATS: The bag matches our MUDRA STUDIO, OEKO, and PURE yoga mats. Dimensions: 70 x 18 x 15 cm

8. Vianber Yoga Mat Bag, Foldable Canvas Exercise Duffel Bag Mat Yoga Exercise Mat


  • ♥ MATERIAL- Natural canvas, comfortable, lightweight, and durable. No Buckle, No Buckle, Simplicity, and Portable, slip into your gear and go hassle-free.
  • ♥ FEATURE- Explicitly made for carrying yoga mats in the form of an EASY Tote Bag, Gender Neutral, Shoulder Strap. One-piece, no buckles, no fasteners.
  • ♥ MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The vintage-style yoga tote bag is an ideal luggage carrier for your daily practice. You can carry all your yoga class essentials like a yoga mat, socks, yoga strap, smartphone, personal items. You’ve found the best if you need a yoga mat bag that provides a bright, spacious, and functional solution for your on-the-go needs.
  • ♥ COMPACT AND EASY MAINTENANCE: Foldable, can be used in any transport action, easy maintenance, washing machine friendly.
  • ♥ SIZE- Dimension: 22″ length x 11″ diameter with 13″ shoulder strap.

9. EgoIggo Non-Slip Yoga Mat, Yoga Mat Sports Mat. Pilates mat of 183cmx61cm, 6mm thickness of rubber. With Bag and Shoulder Strap. Purple-Pink


  • ⭐Anti-Slip Design: Clear anti-slip textures make the grip stronger. One-piece molding mature technology makes the yoga mat stronger and more tear-resistant. EgoIggo yoga mat does not use glue to attach the Anti-tear net so that it has no strong smell and longer service life. After unrolling, it doesn’t stay up on the corners.
  • ⭐Sport at home: You can keep fit during this period without going to the gym. The EgoIggo fitness mat has no posture line to make the practice more accessible. It is more suitable for people of different heights and levels to perform various exercises. It can be used for yoga, pilates, and various mat exercises like sit-ups or planks. Use yoga bricks/elastic bands/dumbbells together to achieve better exercise results.
  • ⭐Eco-Friendly TPE: Non-toxic, non-slip yoga mat material has passed EU REACH certification and contains no harmful chemicals. Pregnant women can use it with confidence. Compared with natural rubber, TPE material has a minor allergy and is suitable for most people.
  • ⭐Suitable thickness: The 6mm thickness of the yoga mat is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. Being stable and resistant, it has been designed to be both very comfortable. Without compromising stability, your elbows and knees will be well protected
  • ⭐Easy to clean: TPE material does not absorb water and is easy to clean. Compared to cheap PVC or NBR fitness mats, the TPE material has smaller spaces between the molecules, and the cleaning product will not be trapped in the pores. After each use, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the sweat off the pilates mat. It can be stored in the bag, or you can roll it up and tie it with the elastic string that comes inside the package

How do we classify the eroski yoga mat bag?

It must be said that the selected item Eroski yoga mat bag has excellent ratings. But you should not only pay attention to the best ratings of the eroski yoga mat bag. The high number of positive reviews quantitatively makes it a quality product. Always pay attention to the number of different reviews. The more reviews a Smart Note receives, the more trustworthy its opinions and information will be.

User experience will give you a wide range of opinions. If a buyer or user misjudges a product at first glance, he may not like it because the size, cut, or color do not suit him. However, these so-called 1-star reviews usually contain only user complaints.

It may be that they bought the wrong product and it doesn’t fit their idea of ​​what they want. To avoid this, we recommend that you read the reviews carefully. If not, go to a store that also has this product. You can get an overview and form your opinion before buying the product.

View the best grades. Many 4 or 5 star reviews equals excellent product quality. These buyer reviews are a sign that people are satisfied with the product. These customer reviews also often speak to the quality of the product.

The number of ratings is not that high for a particular product, which does not mean that it is terrible. It has a low profile in the market, and there is less review activity for that product. Amazon offers a variety of ways to parse it correctly. You can try it, but we will explain information about the keys for the purchase in the following snippet.

What price should the product Eroski yoga mat bag have?

We always want to ensure you get the best from the eroski yoga mat bag at the best price. Everything must always be at a low price, and there must never be additional cost overruns.

That is all we want to achieve. However, the best comes at a price. When you buy cheap, you often buyback at double or triple the price.

With each product we offer you, you will always be able to find the current price, although this may vary from time to time.

Spend a little more and enjoy it in the long run. If you want to buy a high-quality product, you will enjoy it more in the long run. That is when we recommend choosing a product from the repertoire classification above.

Always with the most recognized brands. 100% satisfaction in the classification of the eroski yoga mat bag.

Our repertoire of advertised products offers you these advantages :

  1. Here you will always find the TOP prices.
  2. Quickly find the best products thanks to our simple presentation.
  3. Always buy with confidence. The products advertised on will always be 100% safe.
  4. 100% satisfaction guarantee thanks to Amazon’s easy exchange service.

In Europe, about 95% of people use the Internet. And most users want you to make the right choice of products and obtain the best quality for what you pay.

Here you will find the best sellers: the best products from online stores like Amazon. Many of our customers have purchased these products and have received very positive feedback.

You will find the best products most recommended about quality-price and always trustworthy and quality brands in the selection. The products classified on this page are purchased and have an excellent result compared to similar products.

Here you can find a classification of the most recommended products in the eroski yoga mat bag category and valuable and qualitative information.

The main classification must have (whenever prices are shown), which you can always check at the bottom of the page. We always try to give you regularly updated product data. In this way, you will be able to decide on the products in the best possible way.

Still don’t know whether to buy it or have doubts?

Before buying an Eroski yoga mat bag, you must clarify any questions and possible doubts. The comments of other buyers will help you research the subject in some specific forums.

For example, you have to solve questions that you can ask yourself, such as any of the following:

– Are there other things to consider besides product details?

– Are the colors correct, as seen in the product photo?

– How does the product behave outdoors?

These are some questions that you may ask yourself as a consumer. Of course, the producers of the brands also want to achieve a high rate of sales—the bigger the brand, the better the product. But of course, there are also many smaller and unknown brands that offer quality products.

Last but not least, price is, of course, a crucial factor. If the price does not match the quality of the product, you may want to buy another product.

Finally, we recommend you follow more information about this type of product on this website that can offer you extra information about these products:

Summary & conclusions

When looking for the best Mat Bags, the test winners from Consumer and User Organization (see are a good recommendation worth considering during your product comparison. Due to many products and manufacturers, we recommend that you read several testimonials before making your purchase. In addition to the OCU test reports, you can, in most cases, also find evaluations made by specialist magazines (such as Stiftung Warentest). If you find several test reports, comparing the best Mat Bags from the practice tests for each list makes sense.

Don’t forget to check the date of the lists of the best products (they must be current). If you use outdated lists, outdated information may prevent you from finding the best outcome. Hence our last recommendation: always look for information about this year’s test winner and, if possible, with a detailed test report.

Is a yoga mat bag necessary?

Sometimes, however, the basic rope straps that most yoga mats come with aren’t enough to carry your mat if you use it often, and they easily break. We definitely recommend investing in a mat bag instead, whether or not you’re in it for the long haul.

How do you strap a yoga mat to a backpack?

You can easily attach a yoga mat of any size to the bottom of the backpack. If carrying your yoga mat horizontally feels a bit awkward, place the mat vertically inside of the bag. Don’t worry, it will fit, and a drawstring closure will secure it in place

Why do trekkers carry yoga mats?

When you are out for hiking, trekking, or camping, you can add this mat to your sleeping bag as an extra layer for a comfortable and sound sleep. You do not need to worry about your mat getting damaged due to folds as it is resistant to crack and can withstand external stress or pressure.

Can you make your own exercise mat?

Blanket. Even if you want you can also make a yoga mat with your old blanket. Fold it in half or in thirds for a manageable size or cut it down. A blanket turned into a yoga mat is great for practising yoga outdoors as well as indoors on carpet

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