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The 10 Queen Innerspring Mattress

Queen Innerspring Mattress

The 10 Queen Innerspring Mattress

Lights go out. Dreams come on. We slip between the soft sheets, and when we close our eyes, nothing matters beyond enjoying a well-deserved rest .it is how it should be every night. However, it is not always and not for everyone that easy. queen innerspring mattress

Many factors can play a role, but nothing you do will work if you don’t start by paying attention to the quality of your mattress. Have you felt that it has been losing its properties for a long time?

Changing it once and for all will add to your nights of well-being, which is why we have prepared this guide with all the essential information to choosing a good pocket spring mattress.



Before choosing a pocket spring mattress, you must take into account these six fundamental points to find the most suitable one for you and guarantee your rest:

 Several springs: for a pocket spring mattress to have a correct response and provide a good rest, the number of springs should not be less than 220 m2.

 Quality of the springs: the higher the level of carbon concentration in the steel and the number of turns of the wire, the better the spring will be. queen innerspring mattress

 Small diameter springs: take into account the diameter of the springs, since the smaller, the better they will adapt to your body. Micro pocket springs are the best option as they are the most precise.

 Type of bagging fabric: the most used material is TNT (non-woven fabric), although high-end mattresses usually have cotton fabric bagging.

 The connection between springs: the better the relationship between the springs and the bagging used. The greater the comfort and independence of beds. If not, they could lose their freedom or break the pockets by friction, exposing the spring. queen innerspring mattress

 The top layer: The quality of the material that accompanies the pocket spring block determines the mattress’s performance and comfort. It is usually viscoelastic, although other materials such as latex or high-resistance foam can be added.

queen innerspring mattress

Although the web is full of data and reviews, you have to use it to determine if a mattress is as good as its advertising claims. As simple as effective. That being the case, we tested many spring models currently on sale for you to compile this ranking with the ten best on the market. queen innerspring mattress

Of course, we have considered all the technical characteristics, but also something that no product description tells you: the feeling you get after taking a nap on each of them. queen innerspring mattress


  Ideal for double beds and people up to 130 kg 

Materials: Airgocell foam, memory foam, pocket springs, and HRX foam

Firmness: medium

Breathability: high

We started by spoiling, but we can’t help it: it’s one of the most comfortable pocket spring mattresses we’ve tried so far.

It combines memory foam and other types of foam with a core of pocket springs, offering:

  • Good ability to adapt to the shape of the body. And changes in posture, providing adequate support without areas of excess pressure, which we have verified in our pressure relief test.
  • Pleasant, welcoming sensation. With a slight rebound effect when lying down. And a medium firmness that we honestly did not expect and were surprised. We found it soft, but without being too weak, so we would recommend it for both robust and thin people and those who usually change their position when sleeping. queen innerspring mattress
  • High breathability
  •  Thanks to the air circulation allowed by the open pore composition of the upper layer of Airgocell and the pocket springs. We have had the opportunity to test it in the summer, and we have found it to be a reasonably excellent mattress. queen innerspring mattress

bed independence

One of the benefits of pocket springs is that they tend to have good bed independence, something we have seen on this mattress after putting it through our motion transmission test and, most importantly, after sleeping a few nights on it. queen innerspring mattress

We conclude that the Hybrid Premium is a good option for double beds and especially suitable for couples in which one of the two tends to move a lot when sleeping, as in our case.

Test at home and guarantee queen innerspring mattress

The manufacturer offers a 100-night trial at home.

If you are not convinced during this time, you can return it. It will refund the amount of the mattress and take care of the bed collection (a detail that few brands offer).

And after this trial period, the 10-year warranty begins to count.


  • Good adaptability and breathability
  • Good independence of beds for double beds
  • Suitable for robust people


  • Not suitable for articulated bed bases
  • Loses ergonomics in people over 130 kg

If you want to know more about this mattress, don’t miss our unboxing  and evaluation video:

Emma Hybrid Premium mattress: unboxing, test, and opinion


Do you want more product features, opinions, and best prices? Check out the Complete Guide to the Emma Hybrid Premium Mattress.

2. MORPHEUS – queen innerspring mattress

core of micro springs for greater adaptability to the body and better ventilation.

Materials: micro pocket springs + memory foam + foam

Firmness: medium-high

Breathability: high

Thanks to this, what has caught our attention the most about the Morfeo mattress is its core of micro springs (a more significant number of smaller diameter springs). The bed offers excellent adaptability, providing the proper support to each area of ​​the body, better distributing the body’s weight, and offering good ergonomics for your back. queen innerspring mattress

The sensation when trying it is firm on the high side, being suitable for a relatively wide range of weights (up to 95-100 kg) and ideal for sleeping in any position. Even face down, something that we especially liked since they are not comfortable mattresses, is so standard in this position.

In addition, it presents excellent independence of beds that make it a good option for double beds because it hardly transmits movement. queen innerspring mattress

Of course, quality is paid. So if you are looking for something cheap for a sporadic use bed, this is not the mattress you are looking for.

Materials – queen innerspring mattress

Its 26 cm thickness combine:

  • The upper layer of 4 cm viscoelastic of 80 kg/m3. It is the highest density we have tested so far and effectively lowers the hardness of the spring core.
  • Pocketed micro-spring core: offers good ergonomics and high breathability.
  • The bottom layer of foam support.

The stretch synthetic fabric cover is soft to the touch and padded. In addition, it separates into two parts -which makes it easy to remove, wash and put back on- and it has the Sanitized treatment that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. queen innerspring mattress

You can use it on any base except articulated bed bases.

Test at home and guarantee

You can try it for 100 nights at home, and if you are not convinced, the manufacturer takes care of the return costs (something rare). In addition, it has a ten-year guarantee. queen innerspring mattress


  • Optimum adaptability
  • Excellent bed independence
  • Suitable for a wide range of weight
  • Long trial and warranty period


  • You have to wait three days before using it
  • High price

If you want to know more about this mattress, don’t miss our unboxing  and evaluation video:

Morfeo mattress: unboxing, test, and opinion


Do you want more product features, opinions, and best prices? Check out the Complete Morpheus Mattress Guide.


  Superior quality to take utmost care of the health of the back.

Get an additional 5% discount with the exclusive code 5COLCHON

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam + latex

Firmness: medium-high

Breathability: high

Having slept several nights on this mattress, we are quite convinced that it is a “round” model in many ways.

No point has not been taken care of to the extreme. Let’s go from the general to the particular:

Welcome and adaptability – queen innerspring mattress

The structure is divided into seven different rest areas. We see that this makes a lot of sense since we do not support all body parts in the same way when lying on the bed. Due to their different weight, they also do not exert the same pressure against the surface. queen innerspring mattress

Thus, the Hypnia is prepared to accommodate the head, shoulders, back, lower back, buttocks, thighs, and legs optimally. With a height of 30 cm and a Visco density of 85 kg/m³ (much higher than the average of 50 kg/m3 that we usually find in most mattresses), it ensures firmness and ergonomic support for the spine, with a feeling of welcome as we have seen in few beds.

queen innerspring mattress

High-quality viscoelastic and natural latex has been used in its construction in an integrated topper. Consequently, it provides smooth adaptability and relief from pain in joints, bones, and muscles. queen innerspring mattress

It is also essential that the materials have the OEKOTEX Standard 100 quality certificate, which guarantees that they do not contain harmful substances.

The combination of materials also lengthens the mattress’s durability, which, by the way, does not have to be turned over with the change of seasons.

bed independence queen innerspring mattress

The pocket springs ensure that each person on the bed has a high degree of autonomy. It does not matter if your companion moves, gets up, or goes back to bed. We have verified that this does not cause any discomfort. queen innerspring mattress

We also like the detail of adding a drill made with natural bamboo fibers, which absorb moisture, allow air to pass through, and maintain a constant temperature in the bed.

Mattress test and warranty

The high range is evident in the increased attention to detail, also in terms of after-sales service. Hypnia offers a 15-year guarantee, free shipping within the national territory, and a four-month trial, as well as a free return and full refund. queen innerspring mattress


  • High ergonomics
  • Recommended for people with back problems
  • Excellent feeling of welcome
  • High quality of materials
  • Excellent bed independence
  • Bamboo fiber breathable cover


  • Price above average
  • Can’t draw

If you want to know more about this mattress, don’t miss our unboxing  and evaluation video:

Hypnia Superior Wellness Mattress: unboxing, test, and opinion


Do you want more product features, opinions, and best prices? Check out the Complete Hypnia Mattress Guide.


  Three materials for those looking for global ergonomics with complete independence of beds. 

32% discount + €5 additional with the exclusive code ENCUENTRAMARTMOTA

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam + Airsoft-Tech foam

Firmness: medium

Breathability: high

This mattress is a perfect example of innovation in product development. The Marmota Hybrid stands out on several levels, starting with the excellent note that its combination of viscoelastic, foam, and pocket springs gets. With this model, choosing between one or the other is unnecessary since it has the benefits of the three materials gathered. queen innerspring mattress

The layers were distributed in the following order:

  1. The 3 cm of viscoelastic is responsible for providing the body with adequate .adaptability and relieving pressure points.
  2. The 4 cm Airsoft-Tech foam is the ideal solution to enhance the effects of superior viscoelastic. It serves as a shock absorber and is highly resilient.
  3. The pocket springs are the “heart” of the mattress. We have been able to verify that, thanks to them, good ergonomics are obtained without compromising the independence of beds.
  4. The bottom foam and perimeter reinforcement protect the springs and reinforce the mattress to last in good condition for many years.

queen innerspring mattress

In addition, the padded cover adds extra comfort to the set. Although it cannot be thoroughly machine washed (it can be dry-cleaned), the upper white part -which is the one that tends to get dirty the most- can soak in the washing machine. queen innerspring mattress

There is no need to worry about the temperature: the memory foam is open cell, and the mattress’s core is made of pocket springs so that the air can circulate freely.

In addition, it has a 10-year guarantee that begins with a 100-night trial, so you can check with the pillow if it is the right option. queen innerspring mattress

If you want to know more about the Marmota Hybrid mattress and see it live, don’t miss the unboxing video in which we tell you more details:

Marmota Hybrid mattress: unboxing, test, and opinion


  • Combination of viscoelastic, foam, and pocket springs
  • High ergonomics
  • Perfect bed independence
  • Good temperature regulation


  • Only the upper part of the cover can be washed in a washing machine
  • High price

5. AZNAR QUEEN – queen innerspring mattress

 A good combination of comfort, support, and breathability is ideal for robust people and double beds.

Materials: pocket springs + cotton virgin fiber + supersoft

Firmness: medium-high

Breathability: high

If you are looking for a mattress that gives you good support and ergonomics, especially in robust people, the Queen can be a good option.

And it is that by having a core of pocket springs combined with a layer of soft foam padding, the Aznar brand has found a correct balance for those people who usually sleep on their backs or stomachs, move a lot, have a high weight, or are hot. queen innerspring mattress

Although the manufacturer indicates that it has a medium hardness, it is somewhat higher, and we consider its firmness to be medium-high. That is why it can be challenging for thin people, especially if you sleep on your side or are looking for a very soft bed.

Its 28 cm height combine:

  • The upper layer of 3 cm of supersoft foam: It does not have a memory effect but has good adaptability and helps reduce the firmness of pocket springs, making the mattress more comfortable. queen innerspring mattress
  •  An intermediate layer of virgin cotton fiber. It covers the core of springs to insulate it and favor temperature and humidity regulation inside.
  • Pocket spring core: the individual springs segmented into three differentiated comfort zones offer good adaptability to the pressure of each area of ​​the body.

Sheath – queen innerspring mattress

Its stretch synthetic fabric cover has seemed elastic, soft, and breathable, thanks to the micro-perforations it has. In addition, it has a Sanitized treatment that prevents the proliferation of microbes. queen innerspring mattress

Of course, as it is not removable, you will have to take a little more care of its hygiene (we recommend using a protective cover between the mattress and the bottom sheet).

When two people lie down, we have verified that it has the correct independence of beds to be a good option for double beds. queen innerspring mattress

Maintenance – queen innerspring mattress

Due to its distribution of layers, you will not need to turn it over, although we do recommend turning it from head to toe every six months, for which its robust side handles will be handy. queen innerspring mattress

Its price is mid-range, making it a good option for daily use.

One point in its favor is that you can try it for 100 nights. And suppose in the end you are not convinced. In that case, the manufacturer offers you the possibility of returning it and changing it for another mattress of the same brand (paying the price difference, if any). It also has a 2-year warranty. queen innerspring mattress

If you want to know more about this mattress, see its  unboxing and know our opinion, do not miss our video:

Aznar Queen mattress: unboxing, test, and opinion


  • good support
  • Correct thermoregulation
  • High breathability
  • hypoallergenic cover
  • Suitable for robust people


  • Can’t draw
  • Not recommended for skinny people
  • Modest warranty (2 years)

6. VISCO CLOUD FLEX queen innerspring mattress

queen innerspring mattress

  High range for people looking for a low firmness mattress. 

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: low-medium

Breathability: high

Chosen as one of the best mattresses of 2019 by the OCU, Flex has called this mattress “Nube,” and the truth is that they do not lack reasons to choose such an evocative name.

The multiple layer system and the use of memory foam have been decisive. In this case, we have seven different layers on each side of the core of pocket springs interacting with each other, with a total thickness of 31 cm:

  • Optigrade stretch fabric upholstery. Soft to the touch, thermoregulatory, clean, and highly elastic.
  • Hypoallergenic fibers. A good option for people with allergies or sensitive skin. In addition, they promote good ventilation and absorb moisture. queen innerspring mattress
  • Viscoelastic with gel particles: achieve progressive adaptability while keeping the temperature at bay.
  • Commodo+ System is a technology patented by the brand that consists of high-consistency profiling that avoids pressure points and allows a healthy rest. queen innerspring mattress
  • TNT or “non-woven fabric”: it is a recycled and recyclable textile, ultra-resistant, antibacterial, and water-repellent that significantly extends the useful life of the mattress.

queen innerspring mattress

  • Comfort System: high-density material that favors maximum adaptation to the silhouette.
  • It encapsulated: a covering of HR (high resilience) foam that provides resistance and extends the life of the mattress. queen innerspring mattress
  • The core of pocket springs: the springs serve as shock absorbers. They can absorb weight and movement, achieve adequate support for each body, and avoid the transmission of signals if two people sleep in the bed.

Beyond the diversity of technologies that have been used in its design. The truth is that we believe that the feeling of welcome is impeccable. It is one of those mattresses that is hard to leave in the morning. queen innerspring mattress

Of course, since it is a low-firmness mattress, if you are very robust (Body Mass Index greater than 30) or you like mattresses that sink little, our advice is that you opt for a medium or medium-firmness model. High, like the Hypnia Superior Wellness. queen innerspring mattress

If you want to know more about this mattress, see its  unboxing and know our opinion, do not miss our video:

Flex Nube Visco Mattress: unboxing, test, and opinion


  • Reversible: same layers on both sides
  • hypoallergenic fillings
  • High bed independence
  • Excellent degree of adaptability
  • good thermoregulation


  • Due to its structure, it should not be used on slatted bases or articulated beds
  • Not recommended for robust people (BMI>30)
  • Modest warranty (2 years)

7. PIKOLIN VETCH – queen innerspring mattress

  They are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding in terms of hygiene and rest.

Veza is one of the premium models of the Pikolín brand.

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: medium-high

Breathability: medium

It is padding its made of athermal fiber sheets, polyester foam, Viscofoam Soft, and Viscofoam Firm. The manufacturer assures that this combination is the one that generates a sensation of extra soft comfort and allows a good level of ventilation. Our feeling when trying it has been well received but without sinking too much, ideal if two people are going to sleep in the bed and have pretty different weights and robust people (over 80 kg). queen innerspring mattress

The pocket springs were made of hardened steel. They have been ultrasonically welded and bagged one by one in a very resistant fabric. The technology used to manufacture them is called Adaptech: it facilitates point-by-point adaptation to the body’s morphology without altering the firmness of the mattress, which is medium-high.

therapeutic rest – queen innerspring mattress

According to the manufacturer, the homogeneous distribution of pressure areas contributes to muscle regeneration after, for example, a sports session or a strenuous day’s work. For this reason, we believe that this mattress will live up to the expectations of those who fundamentally seek to obtain a therapeutic rest. queen innerspring mattress

Although it has two sides ( stretch for winter and mesh for summer), we agree with the opinion of other users that breathability during the summer months could be improved.

It also has a triple barrier to achieve high and long-lasting hygienic protection, as it acts against the main microbial agents: mites, bacteria, and fungi. Thus, you will never have to worry about disinfecting it. queen innerspring mattress


  • Excellent degree of adaptability, an excellent feeling of rest
  • Reversible
  • Permanent hygienic protection


  • No handles to flip
  • Improved breathability


  For those who tend to feel hot at night. Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: medium

Breathability: high

If you live in a place where temperature changes between winter and summer are pretty pronounced, or you are simply a hot person, this is an exciting option for you.

Tecnocolchón presents a model with a micro-perforated three-dimensional fabric rear face with an inner air chamber that regulates temperature and excess heat.

We have put it to the test in demanding conditions, and it does not disappoint: the degree of breathability is excellent. queen innerspring mattress

In addition to the aforementioned 3D fabric, the other side incorporates ergonomic elastic fabric made with ceramic microcapsules. According to the manufacturer, this material improves blood circulation and helps regulate body temperature.

Ergonomics and welcoming feeling

The set is completed by a layer of 2 cm of viscoelastic added to both sides of the pocket springs. You are giving it more excellent ergonomics for a correct spine alignment. Of course, if you are looking for a mattress with a high feeling of welcome or relatively soft, this will not be the best option for you. queen innerspring mattress

A high-pressure, maximum-density polyurethane perimeter joins the mattress and the bed’s core. It maintains the stability and firmness of the entire block. queen innerspring mattress

A couple of included extras have positively caught our attention:

  • Its handles allow it to be turned more easily.
  • The  Oeko-Tex certificate guarantees that the mattress textiles are free of substances harmful to health.


  • Reversible and highly breathable
  • Ergonomic ceramic fabric that could improve circulation
  • A good option for overweight people
  • Oeko-Tex certified


  • No case, you need to buy one
  • The 2 cm layer of Visco may not be enough for some people experiencing a too strong feeling.


  The best economic option of progressive adaptability. 

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: medium progressive

Breathability: high

The Simper Relax Magestic is a solvent proposal at a contained cost. The brand itself highlights its acceptance of progressive firmness as a strong point. It means that the mattress gradually adapts to the sleeper’s body, providing a personalized rest. queen innerspring mattress

That is why it is a good option for people who suffer from a lumbar, muscular, or joint ailment.

Its Multi Progress system consists of the strategic distribution of 9 layers. As we have seen, there are the same four above and below the pocket springs: queen innerspring mattress

  • High-density memory foam.
  • Viscoelastic with graphene for better air circulation (we know from experience that graphene is quite effective in this regard).
  •  High-density foam.
  • Special support layer.

We particularly like this last special bracket that wraps around the pocket springs. It facilitates adaptability and perspiration. It is hypoallergenic and contains a natural anti-mite, antibacterial and antifungal treatment. In addition, it is certified by Oeko Tex, Cetem, and ISO 9001. There is no doubt that a base like this will make the springs keep their properties intact for much longer.

Suitable for winter and summer queen innerspring mattress

With a total thickness of 30 cm, the mattress is covered on one side with quality stretch fabric with a very soft touch for the cold months and, on the other, with a breathable 3D fabric for the warm months.

Thus, it is possible to turn the mattress according to the year’s season ( it incorporates four very well sewn handles).


  • Meager price
  • Good performance in hot and cold weather
  • Quality and certified support that protects the pocket springs and extends their useful life
  • It fits most body shapes and weights


  • Only the exceptional support has a 10-year guarantee. The core has a 5-year warranty.
  • It is quite a high mattress. Some bed furniture and sheets might not be compatible

10. SLEEP GREAT COMFORT – queen innerspring mattress

 A broad layer of Visco for those looking for a plush feel on a budget 

Materials: pocket springs + memory foam

Firmness: high

Breathability: medium

The Duérmete Gran Confort is a mattress made in Spain that combines excellently the support of the pocket springs with the great welcome of its 6 cm Visco layer, whose density of 75 kg/m3 is higher than the average, which is usually 50kg/m3.

It might seem like a soft mattress, but it is substantial thanks to its core. Its seven rest areas allow more excellent adaptation and relieve pressure points.


If you are hot or live in hot climates, this mattress may be a good option for you because it has good breathability and prevents the accumulation of heat and humidity.

Of course, it is not removable, so you must take special care of its hygiene. We recommend looking for a protective cover to keep your mattress in good condition.

We value positively value its natural treatments, such as that of its stretch fabric cover with apical -which comes from beeswax- that gives it softness and freshness.

Its padding is made of natural fibers to soften and prevent static electricity. In addition, it has antibacterial and anti-mite treatment, so it will be a good option if you have any allergies.

Due to its layered structure, it is not reversible, but we recommend that you rotate it from head to toe a couple of times a year.

Something that has surprised us a lot is that its guarantee is only two years since it is a product with a valuable life of close to 10 years, it is pretty short.


  • A broad layer of Visco
  • good breathability
  • Good balance between firmness and adaptability
  • allergy-friendly


  • Can’t draw
  • short warranty

As we have just seen, there are enough excellent options on the market. However, we understand that sometimes ten can be too many choices. If what you need is an even more specific selection, here are our two recommended models

What is the best innerspring mattress for the money?

The Best Innerspring Mattresses

  • Best Overall – Saatva Classic.
  • Best Value – DreamCloud Mattress.
  • THE for Back Pain – WinkBed.
  • Most Comfortable – GhostBed Flex.
  • Pressure Relief – Nolah Evolution 15.
  • Best for Side Sleepers – Layla Hybrid.
  • Best for Stomach Sleepers – Joybed LX.
  • THE for Back Sleepers – Real Bed

Are innerspring mattresses the best?

In over 100 years of design, redesign, modifications, and so on, innerspring mattresses remain some of the best beds you can get. That’s not to say they’re better or worse than memory foam models, just more time-tested. It’s worth noting that an innerspring mattress has a bouncier feel than a memory foam mattress.

Why Innerspring mattresses are the best?

Traditionally, mattresses with coils are known for having a bit more bounce than other mattress types, but thanks to advanced technology, the best innerspring mattresses can isolate motion almost as well as memory foam — or at least a lot better than the old spring mattress in the spare bedroom of your grandparents’ 

Do they still make innerspring mattresses?

Innerspring mattresses are the traditional choice and are still widely popular today. They provide support, durability, and breathability. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best innerspring mattress, including spring design, coil count, and coil gauge.

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