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Top 5 Carpets For Living Room 2022

Carpets For Living Room

Top 5 Carpets For Living Room 2022

The choice of a carpet is decisive for the interior decoration. The selection can be difficult among the different sizes, shapes, and materials. To find out which is the best carpet on the market, some models stand out. You have the choice of aesthetics, practicality, and robustness. carpets for living room

1. Safavieh SG151-1010 California Premium Shag Collection 

Seeing a beautiful carpet immediate gives a feeling of comfort. When solid in color, it produces a sense of purity and harmony. This one combines these characteristics.

If you’re wondering where to buy a new rug, look to Safavieh. This manufacturer crafted this model from durable acrylic. In addition to being aesthetic, it is therefore resistant.

Shag-type carpet, therefore, has long hairs. It is a vintage touch brought up to date with always quality methods. Made in China, this rug is made with great care. Indeed, acrylic fibers are woven by hand. It gives it exceptional comfort and softness. carpets for living room

Elegant, this object is suitable for all rooms of the house. It is not too imposing with a diameter of 4′ or 1.21 m while remaining visible. Its bright color also contributes to this visibility. carpets for living room

Good points – carpets for living room


With its long pile, this rug is very cozy. The fibers used are indeed very soft. They thus provide an incomparable softness to this object.

Quality object:

This carpet made in China breaks with the reputation of this origin. The acrylic fibers are woven by hand. In addition, this material is resistant and has excellent longevity.

Negative points


The reverse side of this rug is not equipped with anti-slip pads. If it is simply placed on the ground, especially if the latter is smooth, it risks slipping or instead causing people to stumble.

2. Gertmenian 21490 Outdoor Tropical Garden Rug

Rugs aren’t just for indoor use. They can also be used on a terrace or patio. Of American origin, the Gertmenian brand specializes in making carpets of all kinds. carpets for living room

This model is considered the best mat in its category. It is made on Belgian looms. The cable yarn used is made of 100% polypropylene. This one is very durable. carpets for living room

This carpet is intended for the outside with its weather hazards. It is particularly resistant to UV rays from the sun. In addition, it is treated against stains and mold.

In addition to its dark color, it makes it very easy to maintain. Indeed, to clean it, all you need is a garden hose and possibly a little soap. Its dimensions allow it to cover an area of ​​more than three m². carpets for living room

Good points – carpets for living room


It is made from 100% polypropylene. This outdoor rug is robust. It is designed to withstand the sun’s UV rays. In addition, it is not sensitive to stains and mold.

Easy to maintain:

This rug is very easy to clean. All you have to do is wash it with water with a garden hose. It is sometimes necessary to put soap for more cleanliness. Nothing complicated about all this.

Negative points


The carpet is fragile. Its thickness is minimal for a model intended for outdoor use with the risk of frequent passengers deploring this aspect of the mat.

3. Ikea Storabo Kids Rug Play Mat – carpets for living room

The rugs are designed to beautify the living room and the children’s room. They thus carry patterns or designs that are particularly suitable for toddlers. Ikea, a renowned furniture manufacturer, offers its Storabo model.

You can find it in comparison. Practical, this green carpet is intended for children from 18 months. It is not expensive and allows the youngest to have fun.

Its surface contains images of roads, parking lots, and traffic signs, among other things. The child can therefore drive his cars there. carpets for living room

The nylon bristles are soft and safe for children. The underlying canvas is made of solid polypropylene. Thus, the carpet does not slip even if the children run on it. It is easy to clean. Indeed, it can be machine washed on a regular cycle. carpets for living room

Good points


Drawings of roads, rails, and other elements in a city allow children to learn traffic while having fun.


The nylon in this rug does not affect children’s skin or health. Plus, the rubber backing prevents it from slipping. The youngest does not have to fear falling with it.

Easy to maintain:

To wash this Ikea rug, simply put it in the washing machine on normal mode.

Negative points

A little small:

With only 75 cm in width, this carpet is small in size. It is just suitable for the little ones.

4. Superior Modern Rockwood Premium Carpet

Suppose you are looking for a better value for money carpet. Consider the size but also the patterns of it. This model from Superior, for example, is decorated with brick patterns.

These designs and the neutral colors make this object both timeless and suitable for all styles. This living room rug is made with soft, plush, and durable polypropylene fibers.

The bristles are 8mm high. The back, on the other hand, is made of jute. This combination of materials makes this rug a solid and durable object. You can consult a price comparator to check its quality. carpets for living room

This rug is perfect for high-traffic areas. In addition to its physical robustness, it is also resistant to moisture, mold, and moths. It is also antistatic. For its maintenance, vacuum regularly.

Good points – carpets for living room


With its brick patterns and colors, this rug has a modern and timeless design. It matches almost any interior.


The materials that make up this carpet are of good quality and resistant. It can therefore last for years without difficulty and without tarnishing. It is protected against most wear agents.

Negative points


The jute backing tends not to hold the rug in place. It is, therefore, necessary to obtain non-slip pads.

Raised edges:

The corners of the carpet sometimes lift. They therefore hang and are unpleasant to see.

5. Noahas Modern Ultra Soft Shag Rug

carpets for living room

Some rugs can be installed anywhere, both in the living room and the bedroom. Noah offers its model, which is the cheapest selection, as a decoration and practical object.

With long hairs, about 4.5 cm, it has a velvety touch. It is made up of 3 layers. The surface is soft and comfortable. carpets for living room

This mat contains a memory foam core that relieves the soles of the feet. The back is equipped with PVC dots which prevent the rug from slipping.

With 5.3′ in length and 4′ in width, dimensions of approximately 160 x 120 cm. this rug can be placed in any house room. carpets for living room

It can be used as a living room rug, bedside rug, or play mat. It is also insulated to protect your feet from the cold. You can compare it to other models to test its versatility.

Good points – carpets for living room


This carpet, with its long pile, has very soft touch. It is made of soft materials making it very comfortable.


This rug can be installed anywhere in the living room, bedroom, or study room. It can walk on. 


This rug has a great color and is a great home decor item.

Low density:

The pile of this rug is soft but not very numerous. Its density lets you see the base through the bristles on some products.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How do you clean a dry carpet?

Carpet cleaning may require the services of a professional. However, dry cleaning can be done yourself. It is preferable to obtain a product specially dedicated to this use. It is often in powder form. The amount needed depends on the size, thickness, and carpet’s dirty. Cleaning begins with sprinkling the cleaner evenly over the carpet. carpets for living room

Then, the product must be penetrated by carefully brushing the rug with a soft brush. It is necessary to insist on filthy areas. Then, the cleaner must act 15 to 20 minutes before vacuuming. This action must be meticulous in removing all traces of the product. carpets for living room

Q2: How to wash a shag rug?

To wash a long-pile carpet, avoid doing it with plenty of water. Soapy water with dishwashing liquid can do the trick. To do this, you must lather the liquid in water and then brush the carpet with this soapy water. After rinsing, the mat can be dried with a hairdryer.

It can also be washed with a cloth moistened with 2/3 water and 1/3 ammonia. Rinsing is done with vinegar water. Soda crystals dissolved in hot water can also clean shag carpet. It is necessary to moisten a cloth with the liquid obtained to rub the dirt.  carpets for living room

Q3: How to remove a stain from a carpet?

Carbonated water, white vinegar, and dishwashing liquid, these three products can effectively remove a stain from a carpet. The first step is always to dab the stain with a cloth or sponge to not become embedded. Then, the area should be brushed with carbonated water and baking soda, vinegar, or soapy water using a sponge. Then let the product act for 15 to 30 minutes, then vacuum or rinse with clear water.

Q4: How to clean a carpet with baking soda?

Baking soda can be used alone or with sparkling water to clean a carpet. In the 1st case, it must be sprinkled on the mat. Then, brush the carpet with a soft bristle brush to make it penetrate. The baking soda must act between 15 minutes and overnight, depending on the dirtiness of the rug. Finally, you have to vacuum to remove all the powder and dirt. In the two and case, sparkling water is used first. The bicarbonate is then poured, and once dry, it is sucked up. carpets for living room

Q5: How to remove foul odors from a carpet?

Baking soda is a great way to remove foul odors from a carpet. It can be simply sprinkled on and then left there overnight. After that, just vacuum it up. Alternatively, it can be mixed with hot water and a little lemon juice. This mixture should be poured over the smelly area. It must then be left to dry to remove the smell and the trace. carpets for living room

How to clean a carpet?

Yes, at some point, this carpet will have to be cleaned! Natural materials such as wool, cotton, or bamboo are easy to clean. You will be able to get rid of almost any disaster caused by choice, the cat, your toddler, or your dear and tender. For a kitchen, we choose a carpet that is resistant to water, such as a propylene carpet. carpets for living room

Finally, we pay attention to the details: no rugs with long wicks if you are used to walking around yours. house heels to toes (and your neighbors don’t particularly like you as a result) or if you have a friend of four legs. (it would tear our hearts out to learn that Biscotte cracked her femur while getting stuck in the carpet!).

There you go, we’ve given you all the secrets of the carpet (well, except for the magic carpet, but we’ll keep this one to ourselves!). Since we’re not going to do all the work for you, we left you a little mission: choose it! carpets for living room

For the living room or any other room in the house, a rug always has its small effect. Vintage, modern or traditional, there are some for all styles and in different sizes. This buying guide for the best rugs will show you some things to consider in making the right choice. carpets for living room

The fiber material – carpets for living room

Like fabrics in clothing, rugs are made of a variety of materials. The textile fibers used can be of natural, animal, or vegetable origin and synthetic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Your preferences determine which carpet to choose. carpets for living room

Among the natural fibers of animal origin, there is wool. It can come from Canada, but also several places in the world, such as New Zealand, for example. Carpets made with this material are soft and fluffy. This fiber is more robust. carpets for living room

It, therefore, supports repeated passages well. takes colors well. It does not fade quickly. A wool rug is arguably the best performer is also one of the most expensive because it is considered luxurious. Wool can be associated with vegetable fibers such as cotton. carpets for living room

They were used frequently in woven rugs. Cotton is strong, lightweight, and easy to clean. It is one of many natural fibers used in carpet making. Sisal and jute are other materials. These are fibers taken from plants that have the same name, respectively. Jute or sisal rugs have a rougher look with a more natural finish. They are more economical alternatives to models made of wool because these materials are less expensive. carpets for living room

Size – carpets for living room

Before you look for where to buy the best carpet, determine its size. This criterion depends on the dimensions of the room where you want to put it and the number of pieces of furniture present. The carpet must match the whole. In general, we do not take a small rug for a large room with oversized furniture. carpets for living room

The converse is also true. A large rug is not suitable for a small space. To summarize, the size of this element must be proportional to that of the furniture. The room’s configuration also plays a significant role in the harmony of the whole. Indeed, the rug can be placed along the living room length if it is rectangular. Otherwise, a square model will replace it. carpets for living room

The form is, in fact, inseparable from the size. The best carpet brand will offer several models. They are pretty standard and go well with different types of furniture. carpets for living room

A variation is a square rug. It is placed judiciously under a coffee table. There are also circular carpets. They add softness to decors. These give the impression of lengthening the room. Circular rugs are usually placed in the center of the living room. carpets for living room

The style – carpets for living room

Carpets are often a reflection of the personality of their owner. If you want to know how to choose the best carpets for 2022, identify the style that best suits you. There is something for everyone.

Carpets can be vintage, classic, modern, or even traditional. They can be multicolored or monochromatic, circular or rectangular, small or large. They can represent geometric patterns and reproduce materials such as marble slabs or a floor. Thanks to increasingly modern techniques, carpets can also carry exact images. carpets for living room

Depending on your preferences, you can buy a carpet that will match your interior uniformly or, on the contrary, give a quirky effect. The 1st case is a classic choice. The colors and shape of the rug and the inscribed patterns echo. The furniture and the color of the walls. Red carpet or otherwise, the choice is yours. carpets for living room

In the second case, the rug represents a break from its environment. However, for this option, care must be taken that the whole thing is not lawless unless that is the desired goal. Having the advice of an interior designer is always beneficial. carpets for living room

The ideal is obviously that you feel comfortable seeing and touching your carpet. It must provide an impression of harmony to your interior, whether the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, or even the bathroom. carpets for living room

What carpet is best for living room?

Wool What is the best carpet for a living room? Wool is often considered the best choice for a living room carpet. Its hardwearing qualities – and softness underfoot – make it resistant to being compressed by furniture and footsteps

Is it good to have carpet in living room?

Carpet Makes a Home Feel Lived In

Solid flooring makes sense. But living rooms, dens, bedrooms, family rooms, should all have carpet. … Carpet is the right choice for giving a sense of peace and rest to these favorite areas of a home. Carpet makes a home feel lived in, and not so much like a furniture museum

How much is carpet for a living room?

Cost to recarpet a living room

Replacing living room carpet costs $400 to $1,700 total for a 15×15 room. Installing new carpet in a 20×20 living room costs $700 to $3,000. Carpet prices for living rooms are $2 to $8 per square foot for materials and installation.

What is the best color for a living room carpet?

Beige carpets

As neutral tones in carpets go, beige very often stands as the top choice. To get the most out of it consider that the underlying colour is somewhat warm. Cool tones in your wall and furniture are best to offset this, ensuring the room becomes a true neutral.

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