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Top 5 Indoor Pizza Oven To Make the Perfect Slice

Indoor Pizza Oven

Top 5 Indoor Pizza Oven To Make the Perfect Slice

Friday arrives, and you are looking forward to treating yourself after a hard week of work. You want to order a pizza, but everyone seems to have had the same idea as you, and the wait is too long. indoor pizza oven

try to make your pizza. You make a good dough, and the ingredients are the best, but you don’t get the expected result when you put it in the indoor pizza oven

It hasn’t been crispy, and you don’t know where you may have gone wrong, but we do. A generic oven is suitable for many things, but you have to use more specific appliances with some dishes.

pizza oven is a perfect option to make a unique pizza, and whenever you want to give yourself the pleasure of enjoying a good pizza, it is to your liking and as easy as putting it inside the device.

We always think of the traditional and huge stone ovens when we imagine a pizza oven. Still, today technology has allowed us to condense all its properties into small and versatile ovens. We tell you everything in this guide on the best pizza ovens.

5 Tips for buying a top pizza oven

Buying a pizza oven is ideal for lovers of this Italian dish and those who want to try new ingredients and flavors. We want you to have the product that best suits your needs, and for this, we will give you some advice on the things you should consider when buying one.

  • Type of fuel: From traditional stone ovens fueled by wood and coal to the most modern electric, gas, and propane, you can find many ways to fuel your pizza oven. The most traditional results are wood and charcoal, but they are also more expensive, dirty, and complex.
  • Capacity: If you are alone at home or live with another person, a small pizza oven will be enough, but if you are several, you will need a more extensive base diameter—many sizes, from the smallest similar to a waffle maker to ovens that mimic traditional stone classics.
  • Materials: Most domestic pizza ovens have a stone base or a ceramic dome to obtain a result more similar to the original. The liners are usually made of steel, but you can find some options made of terracotta, which resemble a traditional pizza oven.
  • Power: Traditional Neapolitan pizzas need to be cooked at a temperature of around 800º. This type of temperature may be unattainable for some devices, so you must take this section into account. Most miniature home pizza ovens have about 1200 W and reach 400º of heat. As we want more power, the watts also rise. Therefore the consumption of the product rises.
  • Warranty: Today, all products have a warranty, and it usually lasts one year, but you can find brands that extend it up to 3, so it can be a decisive point to acquire one or the other pizza oven.

1.Ram 909 – indoor pizza oven

Ideal for making Neapolitan pizzas.


  • Dimensions: 34 x 30 x 19 cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Accessories: 2 pizza peels
  • Auto power off: No

Ariete 909 is a perfect electric oven model for making the classic Neapolitan pizza, which requires a very high cooking temperature, around 400°C so that the dough is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. It’s achieved in part thanks to the refractory stone in the base of the oven.

It is swift, in such a way that in 4 minutes, you will have the pizza ready, and if it is a frozen or pre-cooked pizza, you will only need 2 or 3 minutes to enjoy its flavor. You can not only cook this type of food since it has an adjustable thermostat so that you can introduce toast, pancakes, or heat meals. indoor pizza oven

It includes two pizza peels, but they are pretty small, so they may not work for large pizzas. The exterior design of the machine is relatively clean, and it has two handles to transport it from one place to another without burning yourself. However, the stability of the legs leaves a bit to be desired, so you should place it on a safe and smooth surface. indoor pizza oven


  • reaches high temperatures
  • It leaves the dough crispy but soft inside
  • cook very fast


  • small shovels
  • Improved leg stability

2. Bestron Grill Oven

The pizza oven for all budgets.


  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 31 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Material: Plastic and metal
  • Power: 1800 watts
  • Accessories: 2 spatulas and recipe book
  • Auto power off: No

The Bestron Grill Oven is the most economical option to make quality pizzas at home. In this way, you will enjoy the advantages of this product to prepare healthy and tasty homemade pizzas. With its roulette, you will adjust the temperature to cook other types of dough manually.

It can reach up to 180°C and has a non-stick base, so nothing sticks even if you don’t use parchment paper. The outer handle is heat resistant, so you can open the oven without burning yourself. It also has an LED indicator to control when it is on and ready to work. indoor pizza oven

The non-slip feet prevent it from moving even when you are handling it. It includes two spatulas to remove the pizzas from the oven safely, and it also has a recipe book with different types of pizzas and uses that you can give to the pizza oven. We don’t like that it heats both lids simultaneously, and the power cord is too short. indoor pizza oven


  • manual temperature setting
  • Based on which the pizzas do not stick
  • heat resistant handle


  • Heat cannot be selected for lids individually
  • Short power cord

3. Diavola Spice indoor pizza oven

A compact and fast model.


  • Dimensions: ‎32 x 35 x 26 cm
  • Weight: 5.12kg
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Power: ‎1200 watts
  • Accessories: Not included
  • Auto power off: No

The Diavola Spice Pizza Oven is small but very fast, so in just 5 minutes, you will have the pizza ready to enjoy its flavor. It can do this thanks to the circular resistances it incorporates both in the upper and lower parts, guaranteeing that cooking is perfect. indoor pizza oven

It can reach up to 500 °C, so you can make all kinds of pizzas, especially the Diavola, which gives the oven its name, and even use it for cooking tarts, bread, or dried fruit. The base of the oven incorporates a sheet of refractory stone to give it a finish similar to that of pizzas cooked in traditional stone ovens. indoor pizza oven

Of course, keep in mind that the stone stains a lot if you do not put baking paper on the base, and not everyone can withstand the high temperatures that this device reaches. The stone suffers a lot of wear and tear over time and will remain black, which may affect the taste of the pizza.


  • It does not take up much space
  • Circular resistors up and down
  • Stone sheet for semi-traditional finishes


  • hard to clean
  • The stone wears away and burns

4. Ooni Oven Pizza Fyra

For use outdoors with professional finishes.


  • Dimensions: 48 x 26 x 69 cm
  • Weight: 10.5kg
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Accessory: metal shovel
  • Auto power off: No

Ooni Oven Pizza Fyra has a classic and, at the same time, modern look, which is ideal to use outside your garden and make unique pizzas. You can get the dough to have a characteristic smoke because it has a storage tube for wood pellets so that you will get almost professional results. indoor pizza oven indoor pizza oven

The oven can reach 500 °C in just 15 minutes and is also suitable for cooking bread or any dough, making it quite versatile. The metal shovel that comes as a gift will help you quickly remove the pizza from inside the oven without burning yourself, and it is straightforward to clean.

The biggest problem you may have is an oven designed for the outdoors. You have to have space to place it, although it is pretty tiny and can fit in any hole. It is made of stainless steel. It will withstand all kinds of weather conditions without rusting. indoor pizza oven


  • pellet tube
  • Chimney for smoke outlet
  • Reaches very high temperatures in just 15 minutes
  • does not rust


  • cannot be used indoors

5. Ferrari Delizia G3 indoor pizza oven

indoor pizza oven

The best option is if you like artisan pizzas and don’t have much space.


  • Dimensions: ‎35 x 33.5 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Accessories: 2 wooden paddles
  • Auto power off: No

The Ferrari Delizia G3 electric pizza oven is an option with a light vintage aesthetic, robust, and takes up little space to make the tastiest homemade pizzas. It can reach up to 390 °C, which is evenly distributed inside. The round body of the oven gives this dish the perfect finish. indoor pizza oven

The base of the oven is made of refractory stone that guarantees that the dough is crispy, in addition to the fact that it includes two wooden paddles so that you can manipulate the food inside more easily. It is a perfect option for you if you enjoy cooking and test how available these ovens are. indoor pizza oven

If you want to make Neapolitan pizza, it will fall short because it does not reach the 400 ° C necessary to cook this recipe. The diameter of the pizzas cannot be huge either since it has a small base diameter. To give you an idea, commercial frozen pizzas stick out from the base.


  • Evenly distributed heat
  • The stone base for crisp finishes
  • Small size


  • Pre-cooked pizzas are too big for their base
  • They do not reach 400°C to cook Neapolitan pizzas

How to prepare a pizza in a pizza oven

Preparing a pizza is not very complex, but some tricks can make the result look professional. We help you get the best pizza with the following steps.

  1. Preheat the oven

You should never turn on the oven as soon as you place the pizza inside it if you want a good result. will have to preheat the oven above 200 degrees beforehand so that when you introduce the pizza, it is ready to cook it. indoor pizza oven

You can also grease the base with oil or put parchment paper on it so that the dough does not stick, and it is much easier to remove the pizza from the device and clean it. Some appliances have pyrolysis, so they are easier to clean. indoor pizza oven

Prepare the pizza

Preparing the pizza dough takes time, so it is usually ideal for letting it rest for a few hours to acquire the best texture. Once it has a worked appearance, or if you have decided to use the previously purchased dough, you must add the ingredients. indoor pizza oven

Our pizza will be drier or wetter depending on the ingredients, affecting its cooking and time. Some pizza experts recommend that if the pizza has very moist ingredients, once we check that its base is cooked, we use a wooden shovel to raise it inside the oven not to burn. indoor pizza oven

  1. Put the pizza in the oven.

When you have all the ingredients on top of the dough, all that remains is to put. The pizza is in the oven and set the timer. The way it is cooked will depend on the oven and the style you want to give it. A straightforward pizza, like a margarita, cooked at 240 degrees will take 3 minutes to complete. indoor pizza oven

Everything will depend on the number of ingredients because the more ingredients, the slower the cooking process will be. To know the exact time and temperature of your oven, you can use the instruction manual or recipe book of the oven itself. indoor pizza oven

Home pizza oven buying guide

We were hoping you could take the best possible product, but for this, you must know the main characteristics of pizza ovens and what options you have to choose from. Our goal is to simplify your job with this guide, summarizing it in the following sections. indoor pizza oven

Types of pizza ovens

It depends on the type of fuel that your oven uses, it will have specific characteristics, and it will be better to cook the pizza in a certain way. We will tell you about the main types of ovens and their benefits.

  1. Propane ovens are connected to a propane cylinder that feeds the oven. It heats up very quickly and is more constant than with other fuels. They are ideal if you will be outside and the weather is irregular because they tolerate lousy weather.
  2. Wood oven: They can be used in pellets or cut logs for barbecue or fireplace. This type of fuel has to become embers before you can cook with it, and you have to know how to keep the fire alive. It has the advantage of the flavor that it gives to the pizza since it acquires the smoke of the wood. indoor pizza oven
  3. Charcoal oven: It happens as with wood, and you have to wait for the coal to burn to use it, and you will also have to keep the fire alive. The smoky flavor is characteristic of this cooking.
  4. Electric oven: It is the most comfortable option to have inside the house because there is no need to control fires or gases, and it only needs to be connected to electricity. It is easier to use, although it also tends to reach lower temperatures than other types of oven. They have a timer to control cooking. in indoor pizza oven

Why choose a pizza oven instead of a traditional oven?

An oven is an accessory that cannot be missing in a house. Still, just as its versatility and size can be used to cook and prepare many dishes, other recipes need unique characteristics to acquire a flavor similar to the original pre indoor pizza oven paration.

In the case of pizza ovens, they are specially prepared to cook the dough on their stone base and distribute the heat evenly. A traditional oven will not leave that toasty finish on the dough because the base on which it is cooked is made of metal, and they are often so large that they take a long time to preheat and distribute the heat. indoor pizza oven

For pizzas and much more

Pizza ovens can bake all types of dough because they imitate traditional stone ovens. We will give you some ideas to try in your pizza oven.

  • Sourdough and Foccacia bread: You can preheat the oven to 180 degrees, and once you have the bread dough ready, put it in the oven and let it cook slowly for 30-40 minutes, depending on how you like your bread. indoor pizza oven
  • Roasts: You can use your pizza oven to cook meat quickly, but with excellent results. Try preheating the oven to 150 degrees and leaving the meat for 20 minutes. We recommend that you accompany it with a good marinade before putting it in the oven to be as tasty as possible.
  • Fish: Some fish, such as salmon or cod, can be cooked at 150 degrees for 20 minutes to leave them tender and soft, and you can even accompany them with some roasted potatoes that you can also cook in the oven. indoor pizza oven
  • Roasted vegetables: Zucchini, squash, or eggplant are delicious vegetables because they have a lot of meat and water. It will only take 10 minutes if you put the oven at 200 degrees.
  • Fruits: Roasted apples and pears are healthy and vibrant desserts, and you can make them in your pizza oven by placing the fruit at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. After that time, you can take them out and bathe them in syrup or sugar, and put them back if you want them to be caramelized.

Accessories that you cannot miss

To have professional results, we need specific tools, and some pizza ovens come with accessories, so you don’t have to buy them separately. Take a good look at what you need to make the best choice.

  • The wooden shovel is the most classic image of pizzerias, a cook taking the pizza out of the oven with a large wooden shovel. You will also need a wooden shovel, which is very easy to acquire and allow you to remove the pizzas from the oven without burning yourself. Some models bring one as a gift. indoor pizza oven
  • Metal tongs: turn your pizza or cook other products. Metal tongs are essential to handle food inside the oven. Many models bring them as gifts.
  • Thermometer: Some devices don’t have a built-in thermometer, but if you want to have complete control over overcooking, you’re going to need to know what temperature your pizza is at. in indoor pizza oven
  • Pizza cutter: It is an ideal instrument to avoid destroying the pizza and remove the toppings trying to cut it with a regular knife. You have several options, such as wheel cutters, which are very common at home, or oscillating ones for large pizzas.

Maintenance of your pizza oven

Most of these ovens reach such high temperatures that although they do not have a pyrolytic function, they work similarly, so they are easy to clean, but you can follow these steps if you want to leave it as good as new.

  1. Use pyrolysis: This function allows you to set the oven at such a temperature that it breaks down any food leftover in the oven. If you don’t have this function, you can put the oven at a high temperature for a few minutes, and it will act similarly. indoor pizza oven
  2. Cleaning with unique products: Once the oven cools down, you can use unique products to clean the interior and ensure no residue remains. A cloth and an excellent anti-grease liquid should be enough to remove the dirt.
  3. Use a grill brush: If you see that there is dirt that persists and you cannot get rid of it, you can use a special grill brush for metal, although you will have to do it when the oven is still hot, so you will have to be careful. indoor pizza oven
  4. Do not apply water on the stone base: It is not advisable to clean the base with water since the stone is susceptible to structural damage if large amounts of water are applied. To avoid significant stains, you can dry clean it and use parchment paper before cooking.

Doubts you may have

How long does it take to prepare a pizza in a pizza oven?

It depends on the number of ingredients because while the most straightforward pizzas can be done in 3 minutes, if there are more ingredients or they are more humid, it will take longer, between 7 to 10 minutes. indoor pizza oven

It will also depend on the cooking system you use and the power of your oven. There are varieties of pizzas cooked at high temperatures for a short time, and others, on the other hand, need to cook at a slower heat. indoor pizza oven

Do pizza ovens consume too much electricity?

Pizza ovens, smaller than a standard oven, tend to use less electricity because the heat is better distributed in a smaller device. Still, everything will depend on the temperature we want it to reach. indoor pizza oven

It is estimated that cooking a pizza in an electric pizza oven, which takes around 20 minutes, counting the preheating, will cost about 3 cents, which is cheap and more considering that it is not an appliance that is constantly working. indoor pizza oven

Do pizza ovens take up too much space in the kitchen?

It depends on the size of pizza you want to cook. There are many sizes, so you can buy one that fits the space you can dedicate to it for smaller kitchens. The smallest measure is between 30-40 centimeters in width and height. indoor pizza oven

They are not much larger than a waffle maker or small air fryer. But if you have more space and more people willing to try your pizzas, it is more recommended that you increase the size of your oven a little. You can also buy an outdoor one if you have space outside.

What is the maximum temperature that a pizza oven reaches?

Traditional stone ovens can withstand more than 800º, but electric or gas ovens reach up to 500º, which is more than enough to cook pizza in a short time and save without wasting energy.

Some electric ovens are less potent than others, so it will take a little longer to get the pizza ready, but they will also be more energy-efficient if they are category A or A+. indoor pizza oven

More ovens and microwaves that might interest you

Have you found what you were looking for? We hope so, but if this has not been the case, we have endless kitchen products for you, especially ovens, which can solve your needs with a single click.

  • You want something small and versatile. don’t think you’re going to use a pizza oven as much as you’d like. You can consult this guide to the best countertop ovens, where you have a large number of options for small ovens that can be portable and very useful for kitchens where there is not much space. indoor pizza oven
  • Are you renovating the kitchen and want to put more appliances than fit? You have thought about buying a countertop oven, but they seem minor to you, and you use the oven a lot. We have an option for you, which also  indoor pizza oven has a large size. Please take a look at our post with the best large countertop ovens.
  • Perhaps you are more interested in buying a microwave to always have food ready and hot in just a few seconds. With this article on the best microwaves, you will find what you want to heat your food.

how much pizza’s oven range

Pizza ovens range in price from around $150 to $4000, depending on the type you need and what you will use it for. If you’re only planning on making pizzas occasionally, then it might be cheaper to buy a small oven for under $150.

  • All the appliances in your kitchen are stainless steel, and you’re having a hard time finding an excellent microwave to match. Don’t think twice about it and consult our guide to the best stainless steel microwaves so that you have the product that best suits you and your kitchen.
  • If you have little space in the kitchen, you will find compact products in our comparison of small microwaves, adaptable to small spaces and with an excellent internal capacity. You can also find 20-liter microwaves and  25-liter microwaves with different capacities.

indoor pizza oven

  • like a specific brand, Bosch, but you have an exciting variety of microwaves within it and don’t know which one to decide on. You can look at this post about the best Bosch microwaves and thus decide which one is the most similar to what you are thinking.
  • A slightly more affordable brand than the others is Candy, which has many products and can help you if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this device. We have a list of the best Candy microwaves, which is waiting for you to take a look at. indoor pizza oven
  • Cecotec is a brand that has flooded our home with its versatile and cheap products for a few years. We leave you here an article on the best Cecotec microwaves if you dare to try this brand.
  • You want to have a middle step between an oven and a microwave, and who doesn’t like to gratin macaroni with a good cheese? We have for you this guide to the best microwaves with a grill so that you can take advantage of all the functions of your micro without having to connect the oven.
  • If your kitchen is made to measure, you will have an integrated oven and microwave, and finding one with the exact size of your kitchen opening can become a nightmare. So that you do not have to consult many stores, we bring you this post about the best built-in microwaves.
  • The appliances of recognized brands give us the confidence that they are quality equipment. In the Samsung,  Sharp,  Teka, or  Whirlpool microwave buying guides, you will find excellent and functional devices that will accompany you for an extended period. indoor pizza oven

Can pizza ovens be used indoors?

A typical indoor pizza oven fits easily on any countertop and reduces the preheating time while simultaneously increasing the temperature, saving as much as 60% of the energy used with a traditional oven. The thing people like most about indoor pizza ovens is that they are more efficient than conventional ovens.

Can OONI be used indoors?

Can my Ooni Pizza Oven be used indoors? No, all Ooni Pizza Ovens are designed and certified for outdoor use only

Can you use an OONI Koda inside?

Alas, this oven cannot be used indoors. The Koda has a wider burner than its predecessor so that the overhead flame covers the entire pizza. The older Ooni 3 has a narrow jet that shot down the middle. The Koda also has a simpler ignition and temperature control dial.

How much does a indoor pizza oven cost?

Pizza ovens range in price from around $150 to $4000, depending on the type you need and what you will use it for. If you’re only planning on making pizzas occasionally, then it might be cheaper to buy a small oven for under $150.

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