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Top 9 Mini Food Processor Of 2022

Mini Food Processor

Top 9 Mini Food Processor Of 2022

A proper kitchen workhorse doesn’t have many frills, but it will get the job done quickly. has two large paddle buttons, one for “on” and one for “off/pulse”, and that’s all the needs for the machine to perform all its functions. mini food processor

It has a 14-cup work bowl that’s big enough for family cooking and an extra-large feed tube, so you don’t need to cut foods like potatoes to fit. has small and large pushers, so you can process potatoes in one piece or stand carrots upright, so they don’t fall over while cutting or shredding.

1. Bosch MC812M844 Multi Talent 8 food processor robot with accessories

Multifunctional and with stainless steel blades

If you want to invest in the best and most complete processor on the market, the most recommended thing is that you opt for the Multitalent8 kitchen robot from the Bosch label. The equipment has been designed with a 1250 W power motor to allow you to make the most delicious and even demanding dishes since it is enabled to beat, cut, grate, knead, grind and mix all kinds of ingredients in its 3.9 glass. Litres.  mini food processor

Another of its star accessories is a 1.5-litre blender jar, ideal for full-of-flavour smoothies, and one mini chopper so you can comfortably cut aromatic herbs and cheeses.

2. Bosch MultiTalent3 MCM3100W Food Processor

compact and complete

For those looking for an alternative of good quality but at a better price, consider the Bosch MultiTalent3 model, which stands as one of the most compact kitchen helpers, but equally powerful thanks to its 800 W, its two-speed levels, and another extra turbo. mini food processor

The processor has more than 20 functions that range from chopping, grating and mixing thanks. Its array of accessories includes one bowl with lid and secure anchoring system. one multifunctional blade. one mixing blade, one beating disc, and one container of 2, 3 litres where. You can knead up to 0.8 kg of dough for delicious pizzas or fruit tarts. mini food processor

3. Russell Hobbs Retro Food Processor

With glass for smoothies and disc for creaming

When you are looking for the balance between the best value for money and an English retro aesthetic that ambiences your furniture like the kitchens of yesteryear, opt for the Russell Hobbs Retro brand, which will surprise you with its powerful food processor at the time of kneading and cutting (850 W). In addition, thanks to 1 specialized disc that comes with its accessories, you can create the toppings of the wealthiest cakes or companions for your tapas.

The container is 2.3 litres, and both the body of the machine and the blades are made1 of stainless steel—one resistant plastic mixing cup and one reversible disc to cut into strips and slices. mini food processor

4. AICOK food processor

With multipurpose accessories and a security system

Another good food processor that should be included in this selection corresponds to the people at Aicok Fimei, who have designed a large-capacity appliance with 1 BPA-free 2.4-litre bowl, guaranteeing that you will not have any risks to your health. mini food processor

The equipment is capable of 900W power, so you can quickly prepare large portions of food, allowing you to organize your week and gain more free time at home. mini food processor

It is equipped with multipurpose accessories and four buttons for precise control of fine and coarse grinding of meats, chopping, shredding, and even dicing vegetables and greens.

5. KitchenAid 5KFP1335 Food Processor

For demanding professionals

For professionals and lovers of good cooking, KitchenAid is your high-end alternative when it comes to food processors. It is a team with two interchangeable BPA-free bowls, the first of 3.1 litres and the other of 950 ml of capacity. Their soft and consistent accessories for food will offer you new ways of preparing delicious dishes full of aromas and textures. mini food processor

It also comes with one whisk, one adjustable external lever so you can select the degree of the grating of the cheese and vegetables, one dough hook, a wide feed spout and optimized speeds to prepare even homemade Nutella.

6. AEVOBAS FIMEI multifunctional food processor

Super complete and large capacity

Suppose you want to buy a multifunctional robot with enough litres of capacity to help you prepare orange juice, create various sauces, and even knead an exquisite pizza. In that case, I suggest you look at the equipment designed by the people of Aevobas. mini food processor

The processor with a safety lock system comprises 11 accessories. Range from 1 container with a capacity of 3.2 litres to another with a total of 1.5 litres. It is ideal for mixing fruit smoothies for your family or for cutting, slicing and incorporating fruits, vegetables, cereals and meat; It has sharp blades, plastic knives, a press, and a 1110W motor with three speeds.

7. PHILIPS HR7627/00 Food Processor

With emulsifying accessory

Continuing with the list of food processors, we also find the Philips seal, whose trajectory in the manufacture of household appliances has always measured up. On this occasion, it is equipped with PowerChop technology, which guarantees precise and high-performance chopping thanks to its stainless steel discs. mini food processor

One of its distinctive features is that it comes with one accessory to emulsify and whip cream and egg whites. It has two adjustable speed levels and a turbo function for maximum control. It is easy to assemble and easily cleaned both by hand and in the dishwasher. As for its cost, it is pretty affordable.

8. Food processor with TOPCHEF BLENDER

With juicer and coffee grinder

For those who want to pamper their palate and take it through a new world of textures and flavours, you will find a better option from TopChef, who has taken great care in designing a versatile mixing machine specialized in cutting, chopping and kneading.

The processor is compact and ideal for small kitchens. It has a power of 1100W in one large container of 3.5 litres. I have loved that it includes one glass blender one juice extractor so that you can prepare delicious orange, lemon and grapefruit juices and even the grain grinder function of coffee. It is easy to clean and offers a 3-year warranty. mini food processor

9. CECOTEC TitanGlass 1000 electric mincer to chop, chop and pulverize food

With titanium coated blades

If you are looking to compare food processors to chop and pulverize everything from food to ice for your cocktails, take a look at this cheap but responsible and efficient alternative from Cecotec.

The device has been designed compactly and with 400W of power. It is suitable for chopping fruits, vegetables, meats and the most problematic ingredients; It has detachable blades with titanium coating, improving the resistance between cut and cut, and maintaining the sharpness for a longer time. They can also be used with 2 or 4 sheets for detailed processing. mini food processor

mini food processor

It includes one glass bowl, non-slip base, cable storage compartment, and non-electric parts that are dishwasher safe. mini food processor

What things should you take into account when choosing a food processor?

Although all these food processors may seem the same, it is good that you check the benefits of each one so that your choice adapts to the needs you have at home.

There is some equipment designed with specific functions. That can help you when preparing delicious dishes. Therefore, with the intention that you will not regret your purchase, by verifying days later that there was a processor that offered exactly what you were looking for, I suggest you review our opinion. mini food processor


It’s the first feature you should check out. I mean that you check the place where your processor will be stored and put.

Not everyone has a large kitchen with spacious shelves and countertops, so it is best to opt for a compact food processor since these multifunctional grinders are usually quite large if you live in a small apartment. mini food processor

Another critical piece of advice regarding this point is that you previously review the weight of the product and know if the level of your wardrobe is strong enough to support its dimensions and kilograms, including its accessories. The standard is that they have between 3.5 and up to 5.5 kg.

Finally, if it is not displayed on the top of the kitchen, make sure that the place in the cupboard where it will be stored is easily accessible. In this way, you can handle it comfortably when you are going to use it. mini food processor


The food processing machines that you will taste have a wide range of prices. Much of the cost will depend on the features and accessories you have; the brand is also another factor that can raise or lower the amount of money to invest. mini food processor

In any case, do not worry about the ranking of the least expensive processors. They are still of excellent quality and fulfil the essential functions. So pay attention to the offers and above all, if your purchase will be online, check that the product has a guarantee and after-sales service.

So rounding the matter up, the price of a processor can range between 300 and 55 euros.

What is a mini food processor?

Designed for smaller food batches, mini food choppers can handle the same ingredients as their full-fledged counterparts.

Typical uses range from chopping vegetables to grinding herbs and spices and making minced meat. mini food processor

When choosing the model that suits you, we recommend paying attention to the blade type, as not all blades can universally grind hard ingredients such as nuts.

Supplementary means of control will be helpful if you need a small size universal model built to handle various foods and less so if you need a simple blender type food processor.

In addition, the capacity of the working bucket plays an important role. If you like to cook regularly, aim for models with a bowl capacity of no less than 500 ml. Alternatively, if you want a device for making smoothie cocktails and smaller portions of ingredients, a 200-350ml bowl will be more than enough. mini food processor

mini food processor

If you need enough devices for the whole family, we recommend these standard food processors. Now, if you want to cook more intricate and delicious dishes, an excellent low cooker will be a more suitable option.

Did you know that Pierre Verdun was the one who observed the time that people wasted cutting, chopping and mixing ingredients? From this observation, the idea of ​​the food processor was born.

  • Laminate. You will be able to laminate different kinds of food without you “or your fingers” being in any danger. mini food processor
  • Knead. With its kneading option, you can prepare pizzas, empanadas, quiches and the like. You will do it effortlessly and with exceptional results.
  • Squeeze. Many food processors have accessories to be able to juice different citrus fruits. You will take much more advantage of each piece than if you did it manually, not to mention saving time and energy. mini food processor
  • Liquefy. Following the line of the previous point, with its blender accessory, you will be able to prepare exquisite -and healthy- fruit and vegetable juices.

Jamie OliverChef and culinary arts expert

“I use my food processor daily. This one chops like a ninja and allows me to do anything in the kitchen faster, whether it’s slicing, shredding, or blending. It can even use to whip up ice cream quickly. It is a quick and ideal tool for the kitchen.” mini food processor

What is the origin of the food processor?

As with most inventions, the idea arises out of necessity. It was this way because it had its origin in a salesman of a catering company, Pierre Verdun, who observed the time that people wasted cutting, chopping, beating or mixing ingredients.

Especially in the big restaurants, where the cooks and their assistants had to prepare food for hundreds of people every day. With this thought in mind, the executive worked on manufacturing a device that received the name of Robot-Coupe. It became a hit in the neighbouring country in the 1960s. mini food processor

Food processors make our hours in the kitchen more productive. (Source: Taiftin: 23146089/

In the light of this first processor, other models emerged. In addition, they went from being designed only for professional use to reaching homes. It was evolving, giving way to the food processor we are talking about and other more complex ones. There are no more excuses: appliances make it easier to prepare exquisite dishes. It is the perfect opportunity for cooking enthusiasts to throw themselves into the kitchen. mini food processor

How can you clean the stains left on your processor from previous use?

 A food processor is perhaps one of the most complete and valuable machines you can have in your kitchen. However, due to the amount of food you work with, some leftovers can get stuck in certain corners; On the other hand, some foods are usually colourful, such as sauces based on tomatoes or turmeric, leaving stains on your equipment.

Therefore, it is best to empty the processor as soon as you finish using it. Pour any remaining sauces into a container to avoid losing any food.

Then carefully remove the leaves and wash them by hand and the bowl; In the same way, you can place them in the upper part of the dishwasher and turn on the washing cycle.

Another good alternative is to soak the disassembled processor parts in a mild soapy solution and baking soda.

If the equipment base has been the victim of a spill, unplug it from the power outlet, use a slightly damp cloth and remove all the remains and dirt from it. Dry immediately.


After checking the different items on the list, I can tell you that an optimal level food processor that I have loved comes from Russell Hobbs Retro (product 3) since I love vintage aesthetics to decorate my kitchen.

It is suitable for small spaces and families, and its 2.3 litres and 850 W make it powerful enough to cut, slice, grate, cream, and blend with its stainless steel blades. Finally, it has a tremendous cost.

If you are looking for an alternative for large families, I suggest the food processor.

(product 6), since it is multifunctional and at a reasonable price.

Which small food processor is best?

The Best Mini Food Processors of 2022

  • Philips Multi-Chopper with Chop Drop.
  • Ninja 400-Watt Food Blender, Chopper with 16-ounce Chopper Bowl.
  • KitchenAid 5-cup Mini Cordless Food Processor.
  • Kocbelle 200-Watt, 2.5-cup Wireless Food Processor.
  • KitchenAid 3.5-cup Mini Food Processor.
  • Hamilton Beach 4-cup Mini Food Processor.

Are mini food processors worth it?

It’s worth investing in the best mini food processor even if you already have a full-size model in your kitchen. The small versions are a home cook’s best friend, making the time-consuming process of finely chopping vegetables a breeze and blitzing together just the right amount of blended sauce or dressing

Are there mini food processors?

Best Overall Mini Food Processor: Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor. Best Value Mini Food Processor: Ninja Express Chop. Most Versatile Mini Food Processor: Good Housekeeping 350W 2-cup Mini Food Processor. Easiest to Use Mini Food Processor: Hamilton Beach Stack & Press 3-Cup Glass Bowl Chopper.

What do you use a mini food processor for?

I use it at least twice a week, for various tasks.

  1. Making small batches of pesto.
  2. Chopping just one onion or a handful of garlic.
  3. Whipping up salad dressing, including delicious homemade ranch or Thousand Island.
  4. Finely dicing vegetables for a dinner’s worth of salsa.
  5. Pureeing an avocado for a single serving of guacamole.

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