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6 Types of Glue Gun. All information about this – 2022

Glue Gun

6 Types of Glue Gun. All information about this – 2022

A glue gun, also known as a heat seal gun, is a handy tool for DIYers. It is the ideal DIY accessory. It allows you to glue several types of materials with precision. Anyone, even a little bit interested in DIY, must equip themselves with this tool. However, it is often tough to decide when it comes to making the right choice. The glue gun market is filled with many models and types. The option is, therefore, quite complicated to make. This guide aims to inform you about the approach to adopt to choose a good heat seal gun.

What is a glue gun?

It is a DIY power tool. It owes its name, in large part, to its shape, which is similar to a pistol. The cordless glue gun is equipped with a device capable of melting hot melt glue. In addition, he then takes care, through the trigger he has, to apply the glue to sticks.

Depending on your preferences, you can get glue sticks in different sizes. However, they vary, ranging from approximately 6 to 44 mm. The heat seal or glue gun uses two temperatures to melt the glue. You have the professional hot glue gun at the “high” temperature, between 165°C and 195°C, and the one at the “low” temperature of 105°C. Note that there are types of guns equipped simultaneously with these two types of temperatures.

So you can use any temperature you like as needed. This device can glue several materials, from wood to simple paper, including metals, glass, leather, and plastics. The effectiveness of your glue gun will largely depend on the glue you intend to use.

So, you have different glue for each type of work you plan to do. It would be best for you to choose the type best suited to the materials you will have to tinker with.

The different operating modes of the heat seal gun

The glue gun has quite exciting performances. Whether wireless or wired, its operating principle is the same. Its role is to transform the glue in the glue sticks into liquid. For this, it melts them at a high temperature. In addition, the trigger with which it is equipped then expels the liquid glue through its nozzle.

Once applied to the selected material, this glue hardens immediately in contact with air. Generally, the hot glue gun is equipped with one of two types of expulsion shapes. You can make your choice according to your preferences—the expulsion with a manual advance which is quite restrictive.

Indeed, at this level, the user is obliged to press the trigger to ensure the advancement of the glue. It is quite an uncomfortable process, as the expelled rods tend to come out irregularly depending on the rate of pumping exerted.

The cordless glue gun also has automatic advance expulsion. Here, the user’s only role is to press the trigger to release the glue. The amount of glue expelled will depend on the pressure exerted by the user.

The benefits of a heat seal gun

It is a DIY accessory with multiple capabilities. It allows you to create collage works with stunning precision. Materials like wood. Glass, and metals. Since the content of its glue is never fixed, you can use several types of cement.

So you can match your gun to the job you’re doing. Its tremendous efficiency makes it the object you need to carry out crucial specific work.

Plus, the glue gun frees you from your superglue addiction. Plus, it’s vital because, in the long run, investing in superglues has the potential to cost you dearly. On the other hand, the iron-on gun does not cost much for all its features.

How to choose your glue gun?

The choice of gun essentially depends on several elements. These should be considered if you are planning to acquire a good hot glue gun. You have at your disposal, on the market, pistols of all qualities and at all prices.

It is essential that you can define what you need correctly. You must assess how often you intend to use the gun and, finally, the result it will bring you.

The heating temperature of the cordless glue gun

Glue guns offer two types of temperature. The high-temperature option. It varies between 165°C and 195°C. This temperature level is essential when the user operates on ultra-solid materials.

So, in case you have to work on glass, ceramic, or even metal like steel, it is recommended that you use a high-temperature gun.

The professional hot glue also has a low-temperature option. It is around 105°C. This type of glue gun is often reserved for more flexible work. The low-temperature gun works excellently for fragile bonding materials. You can use it to work on cardboard or paper.

Most of the time, heat seal guns come with only one of these temperature options. It is up to you to choose the glue gun with the type of temperature you are interested in. There are, however, gun models that have both temperature options. Depending on the job you want to do, you can tailor your device by selecting a specific mode.

The advanced type of the glue gun

It is one of the essential elements of your choice. The advance is the expulsion system that your hot glue gun triggers. It can be manual or automatic.

With manual feed, you must push quite hard on the glue stick to allow the glue to release. It’s quite a backbreaking system because you have to use both hands to get the bond adequately expelled. As for the glue gun with automatic advance, it does not require so much effort.

You have to squeeze the trigger of your cordless glue gun to expel the glue. It comes out continuously with a flow well regulated by the force of the pressure you exert. It is a much more convenient and less tiring mode of operation.

How quickly your gun heats up

Using a heat seal gun necessarily involves heating it in the first place. Depending on the power of your glue gun, the heating speed ranges from a few seconds to around ten minutes. This heating time is significant.

It is what determines the time after which your glue gun will be ready to use. For those who hate time-wasting, it is advised that you attach more importance to gun types with a reasonably fast heating rate. For those who like to take their time, a hot gun, having an average heating rate, is more suitable.

The heating speed of your device is often related to its working power. This same power usually varies from 10 to 300 W. It is recommended that you take a glue gun with at least 100 W of power. It is from this threshold that you can comfortably use your school gun.

The type of power source

Hot melt glue guns are, of course, electric. They exist in two forms. Which are: wired models and wireless models.

Heat seal guns operating from a constant current connection: wired models. With these models, you are pretty limited in your movements. Since your device will be connected to a wall, you will only be able to move within the limit set by the length of the cable.

Next, we have the cordless glue . It works on a battery that has relatively good autonomy. These are the wireless models. Just like the file model, this model has its strengths and weaknesses.

The battery gun offers more freedom of movement to its users. However, it is available at a much higher price and tends to drain quickly.

The number of glue sticks available in the packaging box when purchased

It is a decisive criterion in your choice. A glue gun wouldn’t work without glue sticks. Therefore, it is evident that you pay close attention to the number of posts you will provide when you purchase your gun. Choose a hot glue gun with as many sticks as possible.

Plus, given how vital these sticks are to your hot glue gun. Of course. The duration of these sticks with each of you will depend on—the number you have received and . the frequency of use.

If the number of glue sticks included with the purchase is so important, it is because it determines when you will have to buy new ones. It, of course, is not at all easy.

You must get the new sticks to fit the tube size well for your glue gun to work as it should.

The type of nozzle

It is possible, with specific glue gun models, to change the nozzle. It is not a very common feature among most manufacturers. However, it could turn out to be reasonably practical to be able to change your nozzle as you wish. You would be able to calibrate the nozzle size of your hot glue according to the job you intend to do.

glue gun

Adapting your device to your different gluing or jointing jobs will be easier. It is all the most important when you know that the nozzles sometimes clog quickly. Depending on your desires, you can choose round or flat type nozzles when working on larger surfaces. In addition, there are also types of glue guns with non-drip, jointer, ball, and shutter nozzles.

The quality of the grip

The choice of any device cannot be made without paying attention to this criterion. Comfort is undoubtedly one of the reasons why you turn to heat seal guns. It would help if you chose an object that will be very comfortable to handle.

Your hot glue gun must be easy to grip and operate. You must therefore choose a glue gun with a balanced weight. It must have dimensions that will allow you to have a good grip at the level of its handle. If possible, pay attention to details such as the presence of indicator lights that can provide information on the level of heating.

These are admittedly small, insignificant details, but you will be surprised at their presence’s impact on the glue gun’s comfort level.

However, be sure to also check for the presence of a built-in rest stand that comes with your device. It can be steel or plastic. Since its role will be to maintain your hot glue gun when you are not using it, its importance cannot be estimated. It makes it more convenient and easy to use your device.

The appearance and physics of the glue gun

Make sure that the rods’ size is compatible with your gun’s barrel. Most hot melt glue guns made today have a standard tube size of 7mm. However, there are accessories with larger diameters.

These articles are dedicated to particular uses. They have the particularity of being able to reduce the refill frequency of the glue gun. Some guns even have an LED indicator light. It is used to indicate a special status at the device level.

It can signal that the glue is hot enough or that the battery is already full. You can also consider the trigger lock. It is a convenient option for users whose guns cannot be stood upright.

How to use a glue gun

The use of the hot glue gun mainly depends on its different functionalities. Its use requires the implementation of several essential steps.

Read the user guide instructions.

It is difficult to estimate the number of glue guns available today. Although the basic usage modes apply to most devices, use the one specific to your glue gun. Its mode of operation is explained in the accompanying instruction manual. You will also find all the little details you need about your heat seal gun.

Fill the glue gun

You should choose your glues based on the jobs you want to accomplish. Once you have determined the bond you need, take your glue tube and insert it into the back of the hot glue.

Turn on the device

The start-up of your device will depend on the model of the glue gun you have chosen. If you have selected the wired model, connect its cable to the mains. If, on the other hand, you have chosen the cordless guns, you have to press the start button to turn it on. You must let the device heat the glue inside long enough before considering using it. Once the adhesive from your glue gun is runny enough, you can start using it.

Be careful, however, never to put your glue gun on its side. You risk spilling the glue; however, as you know, it hardens quickly in contact with air. We will approach in the following lines the cleaning of our tool. By answering the following question:

How to clean a hot glue gun?

Thoroughly clean your DIY accessory before and after each use. It will allow you to preserve its lifespan. When you’re done using your glue gun, turn it off and let it cool. A few minutes/hours later, move on to cleaning.

You can use aluminum foil for this. It will allow you to rub the tip of your device to remove any excess glue still present. Leaving them untouched could speed up the clogging process of your heat seal gun’s nozzle.

How to refill your glue gun?

Before reloading the glue gun, examine it thoroughly first. You should inspect your cable for any cracks, dents, or other types of damage. The connection should only be made when you have concluded that the cord is not damaged.

You must plug your gun’s cable into a wall outlet. But if you plan to use your glue while reloading, get a power strip instead. Thus, you will not be limited in your movements.

The different types of heat seal guns

There are several types of glue guns. Among other things, you have:

First, electric glue guns with manual advance where it is necessary to press the trigger of the tool to release the glue.

Secondly, the electric glue gun with automatic advance. Which does not require any pressure from its users. It is much more practical and less restrictive than the previous one. You just have to press the trigger of your glue gun to release the glue automatically.

Then the wired glue guns require a permanent connection to the current. Your freedom of movement will be pretty limited. However, you won’t have to worry about the battery life of your gun.

Fourth, the battery-powered glue guns, thanks to which you enjoy complete freedom of movement during your work. It allows you to DIY wherever and whenever you want, without having to worry about annoying wires. Although they tend to drain quickly, the freedom they provide can hardly be ignored. Recommend for children for manual work.

Finally, glue guns with power variation whose power of your glue gun depends on its voltage level. Power-dimming models allow you to choose between the two temperature levels (high or low) available. It will enable you to produce quality work that is easily adaptable to the characteristics of the material you intend to work on.

best heat seal gun brands

If you intend to buy a premium glue gun, you should trust the brands available in the market today. Indeed, you would prefer to favor manufacturer brands that have already proven themselves on the market. In this list, you will discover some trendy brands currently.


This brand has won the trust of its consumers through its innovative know-how. The types of glue guns it offers have satisfied thousands of users worldwide.


One of the leaders in the field of DIY products. It is the favorite brand of most DIY enthusiasts. In addition, its hot melt glue guns are equipped with features that are as impressive as they are stunning.

tack life

The Tacklife brand offers you products with incredible performance. It is a natural landmark for power lovers. This brand’s DIY glue gun will amaze you due to its outstanding skills.


The products offered by this brand have the particularity of being very ergonomic. Dremel items have the characteristic of being relatively easy to install and use. All this, combined with their perfect handling, ensures this brand is among the major manufacturers.


The glue gun manufactured by this brand lives up to its reputation. Indeed, Einhell is another relatively well-known brand in the DIY field. Its hot melt DIY glue guns have large capacities and offer excellent performance to users.

The 06 of the best iron-on guns on the market

We offer a list of the best glue guns with exciting performances.

1. Bosch glue gun – PKP 18E

A device with ergonomic comfort, very light, and easy to use. It is ideal for carrying out fixing work on several types of surfaces. Its has Bosch’s own constant electronic regulation functionality. It allows the glue gun to automatically regulate the heating to maintain it at a constant working temperature. The metal stand this glue gun comes with provides an excellent resting place for the device.


It is a glue gun that comes with fifty pieces of sticks. Once plugged into the hands, it begins to heat up and reaches the ideal temperature after 3 to 5 minutes. The technology with which it is equipped allows it to save a perfect temperature level automatically. This gun is designed with materials equipped with integrated fuses, which will enable it to avoid overheating. In addition, it is not only ergonomic but also very secure. You can use it without fear of burns. Finally, this glue can be applied to various materials, such as wood and glass. It is the tool you need for your DIY jobs.

3. Dremel 930

The Dremel 930 is a small glue gun with quite impressive performance. Its anti-drip nozzle guarantees you a precise and assured level of bonding. It is. Therefore, a very efficient device for your small DIY jobs at home. Its heating rate is also relatively speedy. This accessory is compatible with two diameters of glue sticks (7 and 8 mm). The gun comes with six transparent and fifteen colored glue sticks.

4. Weenies 100W

It is a device intended for DIY professionals. With a working power of between 60 and 100 W, it is one of the most powerful glue guns on the market. In addition, its heating time is relatively fast. It varies between 2 to 4 minutes. This glue omes with about 20 pieces of glue sticks.

It is equipped with ergonomics and a very effective optimal security system. It is equipped with an LED indicator, allowing you to check the voltage level of the device. The performance of the WEINAS glue will perfectly meet all the expectations of DIY enthusiasts, whether beginners or professionals.

5. Einhell TC-GG 30 glue gun

Quick and reliable DIY tool. Features an ergonomic handle for better grip. In addition, it is made with quality materials to increase the level of precision it can offer. It is equipped with handlebar support ensuring good support. This gun comes with three glue sticks.

6. TACKLIFE – Mini 20W

It is a mighty gun. It provides a super-fast heating speed of between 3 and 5 minutes. With its safety fuse, work without having to worry about possible burns.

Indeed, this gun is equipped with an LED light, allowing you to check the device’s status while using it. It comes with 50 glue sticks that you can use for a very long time. Each glue stick in this TACKLIFE Mini glue gun can be applied to one or more types of materials. The weapon is equipped with a compact nozzle that will allow you to repair many damaged objects.

With the excellent adaptability of this accessory, you can quickly fix your furniture, toys, shoes, and even glass jars. It is made with materials that make it very light. In addition, this cole gun is therefore easy to move and carry.


Why use a  glue gun?

The best glue gun is used for small crafts, repairs on small things, and bonding on several supports such as paper, ceramics, glass, metal, and more. Its use is essential, especially since it makes life easier for these users who are no longer obliged to call a professional. 

They manage to fix small things themselves, such as broken glass, a removed button, and many more. Finally, I find that it allows more curious users to develop their sense of creativity by quickly making objects of their imagination using the glue

How much does a glue gun cost?

The price of a gun can vary depending on its brand, model, and age. But in general, the price of a glue gun varies between 5 euros and 60 euros often.

Can fabric be glued with a glue gun?

Yes, you can easily glue fabric with the best glue gun. But it’s easier to glue when it’s the hot glue gun. Some materials are resistant to glue, such as synthetic fabrics or tulle. 

Which glue gun is best?

  • Stanley 69GR20B Plastic Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun.
  • Themisto – 150W Multi-Temperature High Power Hot Melt.
  • FATMAN Black 40 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun.
  • APTECH DEALS Crown 80W Hot Melt Corded.
  • WADRO Plastic Built
  • ApTechDeals 4203553442396 PVC 40 W Hot Melt.
  • Penggong Glue Gun.

Do glue guns stick instantly?

Slide 1: Hot glue gun ideas

While glue guns come in a range of sizes, from tiny to industrial, they all share one quality: They work fast. Other types of glue adhesive may take minutes or hours to set properly, hot melt adhesives bond in under a minute, for a firm yet flexible hold.

Can a hot glue gun be used on fabric?

We are often asked, “Can glue guns be used on fabric?” The simple answer is yes but you will need to know a few things first about the type of glue gun and glue stick you are using. Once you find the right glue gun and glue stick, hot melt is excellent at bonding fabric and other porous materials.

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