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10 types of the door curtain for 10 different spaces

door curtain

10 types of the door curtain for 10 different spaces

When it comes to adding a touch of color to our home, textiles will play a primary role. Bedspreads, cushions, rugs, and, of course, curtains can become the tailor-made suit for each of the rooms in our house. door curtains

In the case of curtains, not everything revolves around the decorative aspect. Since within the daily rhythm of today’s society and in. the climate of living in a big city. the curtains also provide us that point of privacy and intimacy, which we need much concerning neighbors. door curtains

Indeed you have also seen yourself in that situation. When you arrive at your new apartment and discover no textile modality dressing your windows, we do not feel as comfortable. It is a fact. For this reason, curtains, no matter how expendable they may seem, are one of the essential elements in our home. door curtains

They can also play in our favor when creating unique environments. The fabric we choose and its colors will make natural light flood our home with reflections of different shades. Let your creativity flow with these textiles! And to make your life easier, we wanted to make this fantastic book of ideas in which we present ten different formats of curtains for your home. door curtains

1. Sheer of sheer fabrics

Madhuri Print collection AW14

Sheer curtains are the quintessential queens. It is the most widespread textile model for dressing our home. Therefore, they are easy to find on any decoration surface, resulting in a successful choice for any decorative style.

The curtains are characterized by using vaporous and very light fabrics, ideal for letting in natural light in those darker rooms of the house. In addition, choosing the right color will tint the ambient light in the room, achieving a warmer and more welcoming environment.

This Designers Guild design, with a flowery pattern in turquoise blue and pink, gives the room a festive air that serves as a counterpoint to the wall and floor covering. door curtains

2. Venetian curtain


Venetian blinds are ideal for controlling light entry since they are made up of thin sheets that can be oriented according to the sun’s situation to regulate the amount of lighting in the room. Their only drawback is that they do not completely block the entry of light, which is why they are usually more present in work environments.

We can find them in aluminum, wood, PVC, and countless colors. In this design by Erfal GmbH & Co, the choice of material -PVC- and the yellow hue add a casual and youthful touch to the kitchen. door curtains

3. Japanese panels – door curtains

Also known as sliding panels, this curtain format is the most versatile alternative to dress our home, especially with large windows. As they are several independent panels, each can be made up of a different fabric or pattern.

The Japanese panels are configured in different rails so that each of them is independent. They are also attached to the structure by velcro, which allows them to be easily removed for cleaning.  door curtains

4. Bushy fabric curtains – door curtains

The sea at home

As we already anticipated in this book of ideas, everything will depend on the room of the house where we place our curtains and the use that we are going to give them. However, thick curtains can be great allies for those windows that, due to their format, do not allow the installation of blinds. door curtains

Although they are not so frequent in Mediterranean countries, the truth is that thick curtains are in charge of guaranteeing adequate rest for our eyes in countries like England, where they act as a screen against natural light.

This spectacular apartment, by Molins Design, has long curtains that cover both levels to prevent the city lights from interrupting your sleep.

5. Stately curtains – door curtains

We have to admit that curtains are used more as a decorative element than a light regulator, but we love the elegant and stately air they bring to the room. door curtains

This curtain format serves as a complement to other designs such as curtains or blinds. In addition, they are usually made with thicker fabrics that give body to the whole. door curtains

In this proposal, Mutlu Home Store has opted for lace fabrics in bright tones that perfectly match the room’s distinguished decoration and aristocratic air. 

6. Blinds with fall – door curtains

Monsoon 2014

The blinds are ideal for small spaces since they do not take up much space, and we can adjust their height to match the line of the sofa or with a study table. Thanks to the simple lines of this type of curtain, they fit perfectly in modern and minimalist environments. door curtains

This Chivasso BV design creates a thin film of fabric that lets in outside light, providing extra privacy. It is the most suitable option for living rooms or studies, where natural light acquires a lot of relevance.

door curtains

7. Vertical slat curtain

Like Venetian blinds, the vertical slat model is made up of different blades that can be oriented to regulate the entry of light. However, unlike the former, sheer slat curtains cannot be collected. Hence they are more practical and functional in offices and workspaces. door curtains

8. Bandó style curtains – door curtains

The bandó style curtains are used as an ornamental element, covering the birth of the curtain or the box of the blinds. It does not have to follow a classic skirt-style line with thick fabrics. Today we can find this curtain format in all materials, shapes, and colors. 

Zengin Ev Perde tries to give a new twist to the classic band and uses it as a decorative resource in a transparent fabric embroidered with natural elements.

9. Roller blinds – door curtains

Double blinds


Roller blinds or blinds are one of the most practical options for our homes since they allow us to ultimately collect the fabric until 100% of our windows are exposed. In addition, technological advances make it possible to open and close our curtains with the push of a button.  door curtains

This proposal from has enchanted us since it comprises opaque and translucent fabric, combining them to our liking to regulate the entry of light throughout the daylight hours.

10. Chain curtain – door curtains

Although somewhat less conventional, our latest proposal is a classic in the world of curtains. Chain or rhinestone designs are ideal as a decorative element and to divide spaces. In addition, like other curtain formats, it gives us extra privacy. door curtains

This spectacular design made up of concentric circles of gold chains adds a touch of glamor to the reception of this luxurious hotel. door curtains

After reading our book of ideas, you too can achieve these effects. Your home thanks to the proper choice of your curtains.

Blinds – door curtains

Main bedroom

Another excellent idea to sift the light that enters the rooms is to place blinds. this is another way of using fabrics in a living room or bedroom since we do not always have curtains. It works differently than these since they can be collected on both sides or one of them, but the blinds are organized vertically, upwards. door curtains

implies that we will need enough space for the curtain to raise all the fabric that makes up a blind. As with the curtains, there are different types of blinds: package, rod, Venetian, double Choose the one that best suits your style and fabric according to the room, and voilà! door curtains

The importance of fabric

Comprehensive reform and interior design in Avenida de Brasilia (Madrid)

You can buy curtains in many stores. You will find them made of standard measurements, with nipples already shaped according to the type of guide and specific designs. But there is also the possibility of making custom-made curtains, made of upholstery, perfectly adapted to the necessary gap. The fabric to be used is essential because it must be according to your needs and the room where they will be installed: more opaque or more translucent, heavier or lighter fabric. door curtains

In addition, the width of the selected fabric will also depend: yes, It is double-wide, much better for making curtains. Even so, interior design professionals, such as interior decorators and designers, can help you choose the type of curtain, the head, the fabric. Everything you need concerning beautiful curtains! door curtains

What if we don’t put up curtains?

Comprehensive reform of a flat in La Latina

Many people are not very fond of putting curtains in a bedroom or other room. They prefer the grand entry of light they receive and their views through the windows or the balcony. The dining room curtains can also be ignored, especially if you can enjoy the outside near this room. door curtains

Therefore, sometimes it is unnecessary to install curtains or blinds in the rooms. Of course, if you do not have enough light and want to gain space, but you cannot leave the window without curtains, we suggest you paint the bedroom in a pearl gray color, with which you will enjoy the feeling of spaciousness while avoiding white in the walls. door curtains


Beatriz Gancedo, Director of Communication and Marketing at Gancedo, opts for “curtains and curtains or drapes (they do not run) for the living room, for example, because they dress more.” This idea is put into practice in this dining room, and it is cozy. door curtains

Upholstered chairs by Maisons du Monde. The lamp is from Phelps. Van Castro decorates it from Vive Estudio. 


Combining blinds and falls is a trend option if the room is spacious. But if you do not have enough meters, it is better a blind that can be retracted entirely over the window. And also the light is essential to choose one or another option. Lucía Jover, door curtains

Director of KA International, explains why: “If it is a space with a lot of light, we can consider placing curtains and blinds because with the curtain we can protect ourselves from direct sunlight and maintain luminosity in the space.”  door curtains


If they are packaged, a blended fabric will not wrinkle. And if they are made of rods, a resistant one will prevent these weights from tearing the fabric.

Desk with iron trestle and tripod lamp, by Service. Rug, from Pakistan Vintage, in Gra. Silla, in Sacrum. 


The ideal is to choose curtains and sheers. Of course, “there must be a lot of space on the sides to run them and that they do not obstruct the views or the access,” says Beatriz Gancedo.

Curtains, coffee table, and sofa, in Upholstery. Bucata, from Merc & Cia. Floor lamp, table lamp, and night table, by Cottage Little House. Carpet, in Bessarabian. door curtains


If you are not careful, they can tear the fabric. Hence, if a blind is installed, there has to be enough space at the top of the window to roll it up. It will fit and not rub against the window opening. And if you put a curtain on, the ideal is for the bar to go beyond the window limit. Panes so that the doors can be opened without anything preventing it.


Well, a very decorative solution is the curtains on both sides. Another is to install blinds at different heights, and another is to place sheers with rods attached to the panels of each window. Jordi Sastrada from L’Estudi d’Àneu has decorated this bedroom. door curtains

UNOBSTRUCTED VIEWS – door curtains

Keep in mind to install a curtain caught on that side where it is difficult to run it entirely and ends up covering a large part of the window. This way, you will always ensure maximum light when you need it.


Without a doubt, it is hanging the curtains with gathering for more classic environments. We can opt for a simple gathering or the triple darts or French gather. One of its advantages: they cover the curtain rail by being above it.

Coton et Bois sofa and woodshed, door curtains


He is the one who bets on hanging the curtains with ties or clips. They are simple systems, ideal for boho and romantic styles—pickled wood headboard.

The mirror, the table lamp, and the vegetal fiber carpet are from Tessa & Co.’s Bedroom decorated by Teresa Asensio. door curtains


One of the most used systems to hang the curtains is the Collado’s. Its great success is that the bars are metal, and the rings are also, so the curtains can quickly be drawn just by hand for a modern and fresh look.

Chaise longue, by Casa y Campo. Floor lamp, by Giuliana B. Arte y Décor. Side table, by La Silla Colonial. A bedroom decorated by Candida Taylor.  

INVISIBLE PENDANTS – door curtains

Today, many houses have masonry curtains. They are holes that hide the rail system or the curtain rods, much more integrated into the environment. door curtains

What if they are sliding? You can choose what you want because nothing will interfere with its opening. Of course, in case the space between the top of the window and the ceiling is tiny, you can only put one rail, so the option of choosing a combination of blinds and falls will be out of the game.

In this case, we can also consider Japanese panels. It consists of several 50 cm wide panels that run horizontally on a rail installed on the ceiling. It is a very functional solution, especially in large spaces and windows.

What are door curtains called?

portiere Drapes For Your Doorways. A portiere is a hanging curtain placed over the doorless entrance to a room. It’s name is derived from the French word for door, porte. The portiere, (rhymes with affair), or door drapery, was a common practice known to have been in use in Europe in the 4th century.

Are door curtains a good idea?

Hanging an entrance curtain over your front door offers a multitude of benefits. A stunning way to frame your doorway, it can also be a stylish solution to reducing heat loss in your home. A heavy fabric curtain will help to prevent cold air passing through a drafty entranceway.

Can you put curtains on a door?

One way to make these doors more secure is to hang a curtain on the inside of the door, covering the glass. To install curtains on doors with half glass panes, a sash rod at the top and bottom of the window is ideal, because this type of rod fits almost flat against the door, and installation is straightforward.

Why do they sell single curtains?

Curtain panels are sold as individual panels because there are some instances in which a person only needs one panel. Moreover, the common style for hanging curtain panels is to split them down the middle and have one panel hang to the left of the window and the other to the right for a symmetrical look.

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