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10 wonderful pressure cooker for Fast And Flavorful

pressure cooker

10 wonderful pressure cooker for Fast And Flavorful

We all make our mouths water thinking about those foods cooked over a slow fire: spoon dishes, grandmother’s stews, stews that spend hours on the fire. And yes, all that is great, but when it comes to it, it’s not some can stay all morning looking after some lenses or preparing a stew from before. There is no need for him to do it. pressure cooker

What if you can achieve the same effect with a pressure cooker?

Call it a speed cooker, a pressure cooker, a steam cooker, an express cooke. That saucepan minimizes cooking time as if it were doing magic. It allows you to enjoy all those dishes that you would otherwise only eat in restaurants or when you go on vacation to town.

In addition, using an express pot is very simple. Since the days of our grandmothers, technology has evolved, and both safety and efficiency are much better. That is why it is a good time to rediscover the menus of a lifetime and put a state-of-the-art pressure cooker in our kitchen. 

1.Bra Vitesse pressure cooker

A fast pot for daily use for those who want to save time.Available capacity: 4, 6, 7, and 9 L

Diameter: 22cm

Steam outlet: vertical

Pressure levels: 2

In the world of pressure cookers, there are usually no significant differences between models, so the brand can be a determining factor when deciding on the purchase. In the case of Bra Vitesse, the brand itself is an argument in favor since it has the experience and the guarantee of having been on the market for more than fifty years. Without being high-end, the Bra Vitesse is a fast and functional pressure cooker, which allows you to cook with two pressure levels, depending on the type of food you will prepare. pressure cooker

The triple bottom diffuser helps to reach the optimal temperature quickly, consuming less energy. It also distributes heat efficiently and can be used in any kitchen.

The bucket -with sizes between 3 and 9 liters. The lid is stainless steel and fits together with a sliding lock, coupling both pieces. pressure cooker

To avoid accidents, it has three safety systems that control the pressure, plus the opening lock that prevents the lid from opening when there is still steam inside.


  • The steam outlet is vertical to be focused directly on the extractor hood.
  • Easy handling and good results.


  • Some users have complained about problems with the closing system.

2. Monix Veloce

A safe and versatile pressure cooker with a scissor opening.Available capacity: 4, 6, 7, and 9 L

Diameter: 22cm

Steam outlet: horizontal

Pressure levels: 2

From one of the most traditional brands, Monix, the Veloce pressure cooker is the typical kitchen tool that becomes essential from the first moment. This particular model has a capacity of 6 liters, more than enough to make stews or legumes for the whole family. Or fill the freezer with tupers that will solve the week’s meal. But there are more sizes to choose from, between 4 and 9 liters.

It is made of stainless steel, shiny on the outside and matte inside. In addition, the triple diffuser bottom ensures that the heat is distributed evenly over the entire surface, with excellent performance on all types of cookers, including induction ones. pressure cooker

The scissor handle is straightforward and allows you to open and close the pot without effort. It also has a security system that locks the lid and prevents you from opening it if the pressure inside is too high. It also has a safety and operating valve, which tells us which of the two cooking pressure levels. pressure cooker


  • It is suitable for all types of kitchens.
  • The operation is effortless.


  • The design is very traditional. Here you will not find innovation.

3. Amazon Basics

A very economical medium-sized pot with a steamer.Available capacity: 6L

Diameter: 22cm

Steam outlet: vertical

Pressure levels: 2

Amazon entered the home appliance market some time ago with the AmazonBasics line: simple, affordable, and well-functioning products. We deal with a stainless steel pressure cooker, with the essential operation, more than enough to prepare your most common meals.

The size is correct for a medium-sized family (3/4 people). However, you already know that pressure cookers cannot be filled to the top, so be careful. Although the manufacturer specifies that the capacity is 6 liters, you cannot fill the container more than 5. There is a level indicator that makes it clear to you. pressure cooker

The pressure indicator tells us at what level of cooking we are (there are two possibilities, depending on the hardness of the food and the time we have).

An exciting feature is that the steam outlet is vertical to go directly to the extractor hood.

The handle is ergonomic and has a scissor opening, very comfortable to handle. And, when it’s time to clean up the kitchen, you can put the pot in the dishwasher. It is better to wash the lid by hand, in case the device is damaged (remember that, when working with pressurized steam, safety is essential in this type of pot) pressure cooker

Finally, it has a little extra that you will appreciate. It includes a steamer to cook vegetables healthy and with intense flavors. For that price, you can’t ask for much more.


  • Includes steamer
  • Valid for any type of kitchen


  • The actual capacity is 5 liters

4. Elo Praktika XS

A reduced-size pressure cooker for singles or small families.Available Capacity: 2.7L

Diameter: 18cm

Steam outlet: horizontal

Pressure levels: 2

The container of the Elo Praktica XS is only 2.7 l, a size far removed from the usual 5/6 liters that are usually seen in pressure cookers. These large sizes respond to the idea that an express pot is for cooking “in a big way,” but the truth is that the new models are so easy to use that there is no reason not to use them every day. Cook smaller portions and eat fresh daily.

Inside the container, we find a level mark that warns us so that we do not overfill the pot. It is essential in any pressure cooker, but even more so in a small one in which all available space must be optimized: if we overfill the pot, it will not cook properly. pressure cooker

The cylindrical-shaped base uses better energy than a flat model and responds well to induction or other systems.

As usual in this type of cooker, it allows you to choose between two pressure levels. It has a quick steam outlet valve to facilitate its opening. pressure cooker

Although the German brand Elo is not particularly well known in Spain, it is interesting to note that they have almost a century of experience and have won several innovation awards for their products.


  • The size is easy to handle and store anywhere.
  • The price is as mini as its size.


  • Instructions in Spanish are missing.

5. Monix Quick 

The same pressure cooker with two different sizes to choose from. Available capacity: Set of 4 and 6 L

Diameter: 22cm

Steam outlet: horizontal

The Monix brand appears several times on our recommended list on its own merits: reliable, safe, and very durable pressure cookers. It is customary in an express post, which is usually almost an object of inheritance. Still, in the case of Monix, we know without a doubt that we are buying something of recognized quality. This model from the Monix Quick range adds the advantage of being a set of pots, one of 4 and another of 6 liters, to cook with the size that most interests us.

For the rest: stainless steel in the container’s body, diffuser bottom, dishwasher safe, two pressure levels for cooking, and four safety systems, including the lid opening lock. pressure cooker

The lid opens horizontally in the form of a bayonet with a click system on the handle. Both the handles and the knobs are replaceable. The Monix brand itself has spare parts available for everything, once again insisting on the idea that this is a pot to last for many years, as long as it is properly maintained. pressure cooker


  • The price is perfect for a set of two pots.
  • It is straightforward to get original spare parts.


  • Although the Monix Quick is suitable for induction, other models such as the Veloce have Full Induction and distribute the heat better in all types of kitchens.

6. Magefesa Practika Plus Trio

A pack of pressure cookers with two sizes to choose from.Available capacity: 3.2, 4, 6, and 7.5 L

Diameter: 18cm

Steam outlet: horizontal

Pressure levels: 2

The Magefesa brand is one of those of all life, almost a synonym of a pressure cooker, which has been able to recycle itself with the times to the market of fast and super-fast pressure cookers. It is the case of the Magefesa Practika Plus Trio, a complete set that will solve all our fast and healthy cooking needs at a stroke.  pressure cooker

Although the word “trío” appears in its name, we are dealing with a set of two pots that share the same lid. So we can play with two different sizes to chain preparations or store the pot directly in the fridge without giving up pressure cooking. If two pots seem too much, 3.2, 6, and 7.5-liter pots are also available separately. pressure cooker

It is made of stainless steel and has two cooking levels depending on the pressure, the rush we are in, and the type of food we will cook.

To be safe, it has five safety mechanisms :

  • Automatic closing system
  • Pressure sensor
  • Safety depressor valve
  • Pressure-regulating valve and window in the lid

Its heat-diffusing bottom responds well to any type of cooker: gas, electric, vitro, and induction.


  • The 18 cm diameter allows you to take advantage of small stoves, saving energy.
  • The brand is always a trusted source.


  • The instruction manual could be more understandable.

7. Kuhn Rikon Duromatic

pressure cooker

An express pot like the old ones, with modern technology.Available capacity: 2.5, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 L

Diameter: 20-22-24cm

Steam outlet: horizontal

The Kuhn Rikon Duromatic is reminiscent of the pressure cookers of a lifetime, the ones used by grandmothers by adjusting them with a thread. But that is where the similarities end because the truth is that this pot allows you to cook gently at low pressure or quickly at high pressure. That is, it works like a regular pressure cooker. pressure cooker

And all this without having to operate practically any button, since the pot itself does almost everything by itself: the safety lock is automatic, and you simply have to watch for the central indicator to rise to choose the type of cooking. It also includes triple insurance to control excess pressure.

Designed for any type of kitchen, the Superthermic base distributes heat evenly and preserves the flavor and qualities of food. pressure cooker

This model incorporates short handles on both sides of the pot, but you can also opt for a model with a handle and even attach it to a frying pan to cook under pressure. Available sizes range from 2.5 liters to 8 liters.

In short: a Swiss-made pressure cooker that works, of course, like clockwork.


  • Although you have to get the point if you are used to traditional ones, it is straightforward to use.
  • It’s surprisingly quiet, even when steaming.


  • With that size, it is expensive compared to other brands.

8. Monix Select Duo

For lovers of fast cooking with a good hand in the kitchen.Available capacity: 4, 6, 7, and 9 L

Diameter: 22cm

Steam outlet: horizontal

Pressure levels: gradual

Within the catalog of pressure cookers of the Monix brand, the Monix Selecta is presented as a super-fast cooker. The explanation is that, while most modern pressure cookers have two pressure levels, the Selecta model includes a gradual selector that allows you to regulate the pressure and the type of cooking to your liking.

It is what they have called the Select & Cook System, which is a thread that you turn until you find the desired level. The system is the simplest thing globally, but make no mistake: it is effective and provides more customization possibilities than most pressure cookers. Something that most “kitchens” will surely appreciate. pressure cooker

On the other hand, if your thing is not to complicate yourself, you can always opt for Monix Veloce or Monix Quick models.

On this occasion, the Selecta pot is presented with two container sizes, four and six liters capacity, at an attractive price. Both in stainless steel and suitable for any cooker, including induction. If you are only looking for one pot instead of two, the available sizes range from 4 to 9 liters. pressure cooker

The design of the Monix Selecta is original and plays with colors, mainly thanks to the thread that stands out visually. It also includes small drawings or icons on the lid that help the pot work better and add an informal note to the design.


  • Great value for money
  • The possibility of regulating the pressure allows you to customize cooking much more.


  • The design leaves no one indifferent: either you love it or hate it.

9. WMF Perfect

A large speed cooker that will last a long time in your kitchen.Available capacity: 3 and 6.5 L

Diameter: 18-22cm

Steam outlet: vertical

Pressure levels: 2

The German brand WMF is famous for two things: its knives and its cookware. So it’s no wonder their speed cookers are convenient, easy to use, and sturdy. The WMF Perfect model is the brand’s classic: the typical “for life” pot. The model we propose is 6.5 liters, more than enough to make the typical pressure cooker dishes: legumes, stews, broths, etc.

Consistent recipes are usually cooked in large quantities. But you can also buy different versions between 2.5 and 8.5 liters. Here the capacity of the container varies, but the lid remains the same (except in the smaller model, with a smaller diameter) pressure cooker

The pot is made of 18/10 stainless steel and has a base suitable for all types of stoves, including induction. In addition, it has an internal mark so that you never fill the container too much to interfere with the system’s proper functioning. pressure cooker

The lid has a removable handle to facilitate cleaning, and you can choose between two cooking levels. Of course, it has a security system and a progressive steam output system.

The pot can be put in the dishwasher, although the manufacturer recommends removing the handle and the cooking gasket from the lid, which are the most delicate parts and requires some maintenance.

The WMF Perfect is the same as the WMF Perfect Plus, only with a slightly more classic design. The best thing is that both designs are interchangeable, so you can freely combine the lid of one and the container of another.

In addition to the 6.5 L pot, this WMF Perfect has a separate 3 L body that allows cooking for 2 or 3 people.


  • Quality in a pot that will last you many years.
  • The base goes very well for the ceramic hob.


  • The price. It is not the cheapest.

10. WMF Perfect Plus

Two pot sizes for pressure cooking different types of dishes.Available capacity: 3, 4.5, and 6.5 L

Diameter: 22cm

Steam outlet: vertical

Pressure levels: 2

If you use the pressure cooker a lot, a good option is to buy a set to use the pressure lid with various container sizes. The WMF Perfect Plus case includes a 6.5-liter body and a 3-liter body (there is also a 4.5 + 3-liter version). A high pot and a low pot to choose from depending on what you will cook. pressure cooker

They are made of 18/10 stainless steel with Cromargan polish. A heat-conducting base (TransTherm universal patent) is suitable for all types of cookers, including induction ones.

The pressure mechanism is in the handle, made of synthetic material. The safety valve and the cooking indicator are protected by gaskets, preventing steam from damaging and dirtying them. Handle detaches from the lid for easy cleaning. pressure cooker

The indicators show the two possible cooking levels: 110° on the first orange ring for vegetables, fish, or chicken and 119° on the second for meat and more complex foods. And there is also a yellow indicator to warn of residual pressure. On both sides of the knob, there is a tab to open and close, allowing steam to escape.

If you are not interested in combining two pots, the WMF Perfect model has the same functionalities as this one, with slight design variations.


  • The detachable handle makes cleaning much more accessible.
  • Two pot sizes allow you to get more out of pressure cooking.


  • The price. WMF is a great brand, and you pay for it.

Comparison of the best pressure cookers

Here is a comparison of the speed cookers on our list, with the most exciting features to consider before deciding. pressure cooker

Note: if you use mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

No .ModelAvailable capacity Diametersteam outlet pressure levels rise. pressure cooker

The best quality-price pressure cooker: Monix Selecta Duo

With around 70 euros, the Monix Selecta Duo combines several features that convince us a lot. On the one hand, the brand, Monix, is “one of those of a lifetime” and gives guarantee and confidence.

On the other hand, the pack of two containers looks pretty comfortable when cooking. To combine one and the other according to the dish we want to prepare, chain different preparations or simply have a high-quality pot where we can cook over low heat while using the pressure system in the other. pressure cooker

We also like the gradual pressure system when most fast cookers already have it programmed at two levels. With this option, we regulate much better the speed of cooking.

It indeed requires some expertise or at least some time to adapt to the system, but once you get it, it is difficult to return to the simplicity of the most basic pots.

The only thing missing is that the steam outlet is upright cleaner because it can be directed directly at the extractor hood. Although it is a minor detail, for our taste, it is something that is appreciated. pressure cooker

Except for this, the Monix Selecta Duo is a functional and pleasing quality pressure cooker at a competitive and affordable price.

Buying guide for the best pressure cooker

It is a kitchen classic that, although it has improved in its most recent versions, basically follows the same principle as that of the pot that your grandmother probably had: cooking with pressure to shorten times while preserving the flavor of the food.

If you have not already done so, rediscovering this type of pot is well worth rediscovering. It is a simple way to prepare tasty and quality dishes, devoting as little time as possible. Those who have a pressure cooker cannot conceive of life without it, because are you going to spend an hour waiting for the kitchen if you can finish it in fifteen minutes? pressure cooker

Some people indeed have a certain respect for pressure cookers because they seem dangerous. We have all heard stories about domestic accidents with bad endings.

But the truth is that the safety standards are very high, and there is no risk as long as the instructions are followed. for use are followed, which is good advice applicable to this device and to anything you buy. pressure cooker

Later we will remember what you need to know to cook with complete peace of mind. But first, let’s try to answer a question: what is the difference between the pressure cooker you want to buy and the one in your grandmother’s house?

Are they the same as Express, pressure, and speed cookers?

The principle on which they work is identical: they are pots that, when heated, accumulate steam and generate pressure that makes food cook faster and concentrate its flavor more. pressure cooker

The first to hit the market was known as pressure cookers. They had a handle on each side, and once the lid was fitted, the knob had to be turned until it was closed entirely. They immediately became fashionable, and many families got work at a high temperature and have a valve that begins to turn to release steam when the pressure is sufficient, with the whistle of a small domestic locomotive.

These pressure (or express) cookers are still being manufactured today, with similar but improved designs. pressure cooker

The next step in evolution was the pressure cooker, capable of cooking at higher pressure. It has a handle and a long handle at the other end on which the other part of the handle, which is on the lid, has to fit. As soon as it overlaps and the “click” is heard, the pot is ready to go to the fire.

pressure cooker

Pressure cookers do not have a rotary valve but rather a plunger that pops out when the pressure inside is sufficient to cook the food. It usually has markings indicating two pressure levels, the lowest for more delicate foods, such as fish, and the next for more resistant foods, such as meat or certain legumes. Food preserves nutrients better and needs less water to cook faster than expressed. pressure cooker

You will see that there are also super-fast pots on the market. Some manufacturers thus indicate that their model can reach more pressure and, therefore, cook faster.

Unfortunately, they are not very reliable nomenclatures because they can vary from one manufacturer to another; the houses try to give a differentiating name to the pots based on the pressure they can work. For the rest, they all have a body usually made of stainless steel, with insulating plastic handles and a safety system to regulate the pressure.

What is relevant for you is the quality of the brand and the relationship of cooking times, which is directly related to the pressure that the pot supports. It will give you the reference for the device you are buying. pressure cooker

Quick pot: what is it for?

The truth is that you can use it for practically everything, so it’s almost faster to start with what you can’t do with it: use it for foods that require such short cooking times that it’s not worth using the pressure cooker. For example, pasta. It takes so little time that it is easy to overdo it and not achieve the “al dente” texture. pressure cooker

From there, the list of foods and combinations is vast and open to your experimentation.

In addition, today, all the pressure cookers are prepared for any type of kitchen (although it is worth checking the manufacturer’s instructions), so you can use them on gas, ceramic hob, and induction. Full Versatility. pressure cooker

Let’s see other advantages:

You buy time.

It is its fundamental characteristic and for what you will buy it. Although the percentages are variable, does it sound good to be able to reduce cooking times by 75%? pressure cooker

You save energy.

For the above reason. If you can have it for fifteen minutes instead of having the pot on the fire (and who says fire, 6they say vitro or induction) for an hour, it is evident that you reduce energy expenditure a lot. If you use it every day, you will notice it in the bills. pressure cooker

You do not sacrifice flavor or properties.

Because by cooking faster and with less water, you sacrifice fewer nutrients in the process, ensuring that you maintain the quality of your family’s diet.

The same a stew as a dessert.

Because although the first thing that comes to mind is spoon dishes, with their excellent chickpeas, the truth is that in the pressure cooker, you can cook anything: meat, fish, vegetables. You should get a good recipe book and start approved. pressure cooker

Perhaps the most significant discovery is the desserts. All types of flan are suitable in a pressure cooker, cheesecakes, tornillos de Cielo, and rice pudding.

See how you can work with a modern pressure cooker:

I’m going to buy one right now. What do I look at?

It will be a pot “for life.” If you treat it well and give it the maintenance it needs, it is an almost eternal pot, so we recommend choosing a brand and model that convinces you because you will not buy another one for a long time. pressure cooker

Keep these points in mind:


It is the most important thing to value. The truth is that, although there may be slight variations between some models and others, the pressure cookers that you will find in the EU market are approved and have safety levels that make them suitable for sale. Another thing is that you buy a device online of which you do not know precisely the origin. pressure cooker

Some models have different security systems. For example, they tell you when you can uncover the pot or give you a warning if the temperature is too high and causes excess pressure. Some models have a thread that turns and changes color depending on the temperature. When it reaches red, it usually indicates excess pressure that will immediately begin to be released through the safety valve.

It is convenient that when you cook -always, but mainly if you handle a pot of this type- you are very aware of the process to notice any significant change. The cooking time is short, and it is recommended that you pay attention to it. You should never forget a pot on the fire.

If it is a well-known brand, it is expected that you will not have problems when it comes to finding spare parts if, for example, you want to change the valve or, in the unlikely event that it breaks, the handle or the handle. In any case, this possibility will significantly extend the life of your pressure cooker.

If you follow the manufacturer’s standards, you won’t have any problems, and your pressure cooker will spend many years serving your kitchen.


It is a good indication of the quality of the pressure cooker. Think that if the mechanism is the same in all. Why do some cost more than twice as much as others?

Well, precisely for what you are thinking: adjustment of the pressure mechanism, quality of the materials, duration of the parts. pressure cooker

Logic says that if you see an offer that is “too” cheap, there is a reason. Unless you know the model or trust the manufacturer a lot, avoid bargains. pressure cooker


More than anything, it adjusts to the use that you will give it. That is to say. It may not compensate for having an XL model, taking up precious space in the kitchen if you are usually two people at home. pressure cooker

Unless your habit is to cook once for several, directly freeze half of what you have cooked and have a reserve of portions in the freezer. Then the larger size can compensate you.

If this is not your case, it is recommended that you choose a capacity according to your needs. The best-selling models are between 4 and 6 liters, although domestic models of up to 10 liters can be sold for large families. Don’t mistake overloading it: it won’t cook well, and you’ll be wasting your time. Plus, the pot can ooze and make a mess in the kitchen. pressure cooker

Additional features

Some pots have a built-in basket or rack so you can stream. It is usually removable, so as long as you do not use it, it will be stored separately and will not bother you daily. pressure cooker

You can also get models that come with a complimentary pot, with a smaller capacity but the same diameter as the main pot, so that it fits perfectly on the same lid. It is convenient to use the small container on days when you have to cook less. pressure cooker

Safety tips for using a pressure cooker

As we already told you, pressure cookers, of whatever type, are guaranteed safe if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. So read the instructions well and don’t improvise “because that’s how I’ve seen it done all my life.”

Just in case, review these tips:

Always keep the valve clean. If the pressure cooker exceeds the recommended pressure, it is the central security system. It begins to release through that route. So it is common sense: if you want the valve to do its job, you must clean it after each use so that it does not accumulate traces of grease or food. pressure cooker

Never fill the pot more than three-quarters full. If you have overfilled it once, you will not do it anymore because you will have verified that the food does not cook evenly. But it’s essential for an even more important reason: if it’s overloaded, the food inside could clog the valve. pressure cooker

Do not subject it to sudden changes in temperature. Yes, this refers to taking the pot off the heat and immediately running it under cold water so that the temperature drops at full speed: it is not a good idea to depressurize it so quickly. It is recommended that, once the pot has lost all pressure, rest for a minimum of 15 minutes so that it loses heat. Then we will open it little by little.

pressure cooker

Change the tires. Do it as soon as you verify that it loses elasticity or detects any crack. The rubber ensures pressure. If it has any defects, the food may not be cooked correctly. pressure cooker

With these instructions, you know everything you need to know about pressure cookers. Cheer up and buy with the best criteria. It is a kitchen companion that, well treated and with correct maintenance, will last you a lifetime even if you use it almost daily. pressure cooker

Because as soon as you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to live without it.

What does a pressure cooker do?

A pressure cooker is a sealed chamber that traps the steam generated as its contents are heated. As steam builds, pressure increases, driving the boiling point of water past 212°F. In general, this higher temperature shortens cooking times and, due to a lack of evaporation, extracts flavor more efficiently from foods. pressure cooker

Why is a pressure cooker unhealthy?

Some research even suggests that pressure cooking destroys anti-nutrients, or compounds that inhibit the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. Compared to boiling, pressure cooking destroys more anti-nutrients. Many nutrition professionals promote using the Instant Pot, too. pressure cooker

What are the disadvantages of pressure cooking?

Pressure Cooking: 5 Disadvantages

  • Foods With Different Cook Times. One major downside of pressure cooking is that you have to cook every ingredient for exactly the same amount of time.
  • Can’t Open to Check for Readiness or Seasoning.
  • Takes Some Time to Learn to Use Them.
  • Only Good for Certain Meals.
  • Overcooking Issues.

Which is the best pressure cooker to buy?

The best pressure cookers to buy

  1. Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker: The best all-round pressure cooker that’s also an air fryer.
  2. Pressure King Pro 12-in-1: The best budget pressure cooker. .
  3. Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus: The best Instant Pot pressure cooker.
  4. Sage Fast Slow Pro: The best all-round pressure cooker.

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