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wooden bed frame

Do you love your bed, but the time has come to renew it? With this 135 cm bed, you can change only the structure and keep your current 135 cm mattress and bed base. A double bed frame made of certified ecological solid wood, with which you will assemble your new bed with a beautiful two-slat headboard—a Nordic-style bed for two at an unbeatable price. Renew and save at the same time! wooden bed frame

Choose the bed frame made for you, the smart combo.

The bed frame is a combination of the headboard and the box spring. It’s a smart purchase since it’s two in one. Bed frames come in all styles, materials and colours. You will have no trouble finding one that suits you!

The bed frame is advantageous and practical. By combining both the box spring and the headboard, you save money and gain time for thinking. You won’t have to rack your brains to choose the most suitable box spring for your bed and the arrangement of the headboard. wooden bed frame

At home24, we want to help you choose a bed frame that you like and looks like you. It is important to feel good in your room and your bed. It is why we strive to present you with as many different products as possible every day to find the one that could suit you! In addition, you benefit from home delivery and free returns. Do not hesitate any longer, and you can no longer go wrong! wooden bed frame

The different styles of bed frames

Bed frames are available in a large number of variations. You will inevitably find the one you like through the many products we offer.

Discover Scandinavian bed frames. Clean and simple design, in light, white, grey or pastel colours, Scandinavian bed frames bring a touch of freshness to your decoration. They are architecturally easy beds that blend into any environment, bringing with them charm and softness. Scandinavian furniture goes very well with other furniture in light wood or matching colours, such as light pink or wooden bed frame

You can orient yourself towards modern bed frames. With or without a padded headboard, the modern bed is attractive with its very comfortable appearance and retro-styled side. Modern furniture is designed to be functional in addition to aesthetics. The modern bed frame will find its place in your apartment in dark colours, charcoal grey, black or dark wood. Feel free to mix the modern side of your bedroom with bright and flashy bedding set for a cheerful contrast in your home. wooden bed frame

There are also nature bed frames. Made of solid wood from the footboards to the headboards, nature bed frames are in themselves an inspiration of naturalness and purity for your decoration. They bring a touch of softness and make you want never to get up. The advantage of solid wood furniture is that it can be mixed with any colour. Choose a bed set in the colour you want, and you are sure there will be no bad taste!

The size of the bed frames

You have to choose a bed frame of the size you want depending on what you are looking for as a sleeping place. The widths vary between 90 cm and 200 cm. The length varies between 190 and 220 cm. You can vary the length and width to find the size of the bed frame you want. However, choosing the same size as your mattress for your bed frame is important. wooden bed frame

There are classic sizes. The single bed measures 90 x 200 cm. The classic double bed measures 140 x 200 cm. You then have the queen size, 160 x 200 cm and the king-size, 180 x 200 cm. You can also find single and a half beds, 120 x 200 cm. These sizes are the most common, but larger and intermediate sizes! You can find a bed frame that measures up to 200 x 220 cm! wooden bed frame

Functional bed frames – wooden bed frame

You can buy a bed frame that also helps you optimize space. Bed frames with storage allow you to save space by tucking what you want under the bed. You can use them to put extra duvets or pillows or clean sheets.

You can also find bed frames that allow a mattress to be placed in a drawer below the bed. It is ideal for offering an additional bed in a child’s room. wooden bed frame

The wooden frame: a design asset for your bedroom

It is not always easy to make the right choice because of the numerous styles and materials. First of all, ask yourself what atmosphere you want to recreate in your bedroom. If you want a warm atmosphere, go for wood. Pine, oak, bamboo, beech, The choice of gasoline will depend on your budget. Pine is accessible to everyone, painted white for romantic rooms, limed for a shabby style that is always very popular or natural wooden bed frame

if you prefer the rustic style. Bamboo, rubber or teak are resistant and durable materials that give a charming tropical touch to your room. Finally, if you are not afraid to invest, oak or solid cherry will seduce you with their elegance. However, if the wood does not convince you, think of metal that offers many design possibilities: wrought iron for a romantic atmosphere, wooden bed frame

brass or copper for a particularly retro feel, or aluminium for a design. Contemporary! As for the bed frames covered with fabric or leather, they give a pleasant feeling of comfort to your room, a particular softness that is good to find at the end of the day.

The right dimensions – wooden bed frame

You have a good idea of ​​the design you need to create the perfect ambience in your room, but don’t forget to check that the dimensions are compatible. A bed frame can sometimes be particularly bulky, such as Japanese-inspired tray frames or minimalist wooden frames that focus on the solid appearance of the material. If you have a small bedroom, therefore prefer discreet frames with reduced dimensions that allow you to move around your bed without a problem. Also, watch for frames that protrude too much from the mattress, a real toe trap! wooden bed frame

We are maintaining a bed frame.

Your bed frame should be dusted regularly, using a soft cloth for wood and metal or a vacuum cleaner for fabric coverings. For thorough cleaning, only use specific products because wood fears humidity and metal tend to oxidize with certain household products. As for the leather, don’t forget to feed it from time to time to keep its shine.

Install your bed frame

You will need to assemble your frame once delivered: the bars, head and footboard will need to be screwed or bolted depending on the material you have chosen. This operation does not generally pose any problem, and the instructions provided by the manufacturer will help you if necessary. However, check that the frame forms a stable whole when assembled! wooden bed frame

The originals

The more daring among you will undoubtedly appreciate the round bed frames, certainly much larger but so much more original! Round bed frames should be reserved for spacious rooms where the bed is the centre to keep their design effect! Finally, to brighten up your nights, why not opt ​​for a futuristic LED bed frame that will create a soft halo of light? wooden bed frame

Every once in a while, it’s good to change beds. I think you have more interesting dreams.” Pulitzer Prize winner Donna Tartt presents us with sage advice in her first book, The Secret (1992), that perhaps we should apply ourselves. In decorating a new house or in the positive desire to renovate the current one, the bed plays a fundamental role that can induce us the worst nightmares or rock us with Morpheus.

Therefore, it is important to dedicate a little time to your search and purchase, but if the days are golden for an imminent move, you can solve it in just hours if you follow these three steps. First thing: size does matter. The double bed is always the ideal option even if you live alone, going from more collected models such as the 135 cm or queen size (150 cm) to more comfortable 160 cm or the 180 cm king size—a fantasy for those who like to sleep diagonally or as a family from time to time. wooden bed frame

wooden bed frame

Another factor determining your measurements is the bedroom’s size, so it is recommended to measure it carefully, counting the space that auxiliary furniture will occupy around it, such as bedside tables, a dresser, or a standing closet. wooden bed frame

Second, let’s not forget that the bed is not just for sleeping. It can have many other uses. Find out what you want to give in your home by answering simple questions such as, can it serve as a divider in the same environment? What if I incorporate a soft headboard to watch TV? Why not add extra storage space for clothes winter under the mattress?  wooden bed frame

Last but not least, you have to specify the style you are looking for. A bedroom has to convey calm and tranquillity, but it is also a room to pour a lot of inspiration. To help you do this, we have selected 12 pieces that will surely meet future expectations in design and relaxation. wooden bed frame

Austerity as a commandment

After wood has been the predominant material in the sleeping area. Metal returns with force in very different forms, from elaborate forgings. That recall beds from the beginning of the last century to others that dispense with any ornamental elements such as the Alama model of wooden bed frame

This black nickel design – copper and brass also available – eliminates all the extra by focusing on the austere beauty of your headboard, perfect for blending grey tones with textiles and lighting fixtures or creating interesting colour counterpoints throughout the room. wooden bed frame.

The father of functional furniture – wooden bed frame

It is the perfect solution for tight spaces and busy minds who don’t want to spend much time shopping for furniture. This multifunctional bed Plata of Ikea with ample storage space is ideal for small or bedrooms to function micropenises room divider in a single space. wooden bed frame

On its front is a wardrobe body with two drawers for clothes and a set of modular shelves that will serve as a bookcase or auxiliary furniture—a design inspired by Charlotte Perriand’s multifunctional cabinet for her student room. Under the solid pine slatted bed base, extra storage space is perfect for bedding, towels, and season change. wooden bed frame

Its simple structure in fibre and plastic lacquered in white acrylic will be the canvas for many possibilities: the price, 495 euros.

The ‘cannage’ fever – wooden bed frame

We already confirmed it when choosing the perfect coffee table for your home; the mesh fabric is not only back, but it is one of the essential trends of 2019. The Boisseau bed by La Redoute Interieurs resurrects it in a robust structure in oak with a nitrocellulose finish, very resistant to the passage of time that sits on tapered legs with a retro cadence. wooden bed frame

It includes a solid pine slatted bed base, and it’s topped with an easily assembled rattan and oak headboard. It is ideal for bedrooms where white and calm fibres such as linen prevail, with a strong presence of plants and other natural woods. Its price, 561.75 euros. wooden bed frame

Some mustard, please.

Colour is not usually an element that we value when we buy our first bed, although we can add warmth and personality to the room with it. The Dylan bed by Kave Home plays it safe and opts for the most applauded Pantone of the end of the decade in terms of deco, mustard yellow. wooden bed frame

Its solid structure upholstered in Varese, a smooth cotton velvet treated with an anti-stain curtain, is removable, thus lightening its cleanliness. The straight and simple lines surround the piece with a functional elegance that perfectly fulfils the mission of any bed: to be comfortable and resistant while inducing calm and tranquillity. wooden bed frame

A detail to add the extra pocket on the side where you can place the remote control or mobile phone when you dive into a deep sleep. wooden bed frame

The 21st-century canopy – wooden bed frame

Stereotyp out. It is time to open our minds to this classic structure in real rooms updated in its most minimal version, such as the Goa proposal by Maisons Du Monde. This bed in Nilotic acacia wood provides a harmonious play of geometries, which goes well with micro-cement floors and smooth walls. wooden bed frame

It has the FSC @ logo that identifies products made with wood from a properly managed and certified forest, following the Forest Stewardship Council®. The touch of exoticism is added by the wood’s wenge staining, which calls for bedding and textiles in white for a refined effect. Its price, 449 euros. wooden bed frame

The perfection of ‘no more, no less.’

The contemporary obsession with the Danish firm Hay household items extends to its furniture collection, which began timidly with seats and side tables and is completed with leading pieces such as the Connect bed.

Leif Jørgensen, an expert architect in creating environments for the fashion industry, has designed this nude frame applying new 3D techniques while maintaining the artisanal essence that humanizes a minimalist piece like this one. A result is an object of extreme precision and sharpness based on four rails – lateral and extreme – that converge and are fastened with only eight screws, exposing the innate beauty of each joint, from 399 euros in Finnish desinge shop. wooden bed frame

Simply modern

The choice of a bed with a built-in headboard will determine much of the style of our bedroom. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid very marked formulas and tend to a piece that denotes simplicity and versatility without saturating ourselves. wooden bed frame

With a light and airy appearance and available in two sizes (150 cm and 180 cm), the Nuuk Room at El Corte Inglés has that innate ability to bring comfort and harmony to any aesthetic we have in mind, adjusting so much to intentionally austere spaces ( as in the image) to other more eclectic. Its price, 399 euros, includes a metal frame bed base. wooden bed frame

More than a futon – wooden bed frame

We often associate this traditional Japanese bed with the idea of ​​an uncomfortable sleeping surface. Nothing is further from reality, especially if accompanied by a solid structure in solid beech wood like this model of Haiku Futon. The brand was created in 1989 in Guipúzcoa that bases its design on natural materials, combines aesthetic purity in its beds with an ergonomic line that facilitates rest while reducing the ecological footprint in its production process. wooden bed frame

This Tuca bed is available in many sizes and three finishes (natural and tinted white or wenge). It offers the possibility of converting it into a folding bed thanks to a manual mechanism at the ends, perfect for not leaving home on weekends: blanket and Netflix. A piece on the way between the two continents will earn points if you avoid more oriental pieces around it by opting for other styles such as rustic tables, metal lamps or a pure wool rug. Its price, from 698 euros. wooden bed frame

With a sculptural soul – wooden bed frame

Sacha Lakic brings speed and cutting edge technologies into a very personal way of understanding industrial design. Since 2005 he has been part of the Roche-Bobois creative pool, signing the famous outdoor proposal Speed ​​Up, a sensual way of understanding Futurism. wooden bed frame

From the inside of the doors, its dynamic signature intertwines with objects such as the Brio bed, a solid beech structure with the vocation of a  chaise longue that stands out for the cozy shape of its headboard in technological fabric, which emulates the soft touch of skin. A collector’s item is available in six different sizes and varnishes that will be welcome in any home with artistic flair. Its price, 3,290 euros. wooden bed frame

A bed from Pinterest – wooden bed frame

The Bora model in natural oak devised by the Basque firm Treku seems to be designed to light up your awakenings with stories. As the life of an influencer on the social network, here nothing is casual, and everything is taken care of to the smallest detail, from the harmonious assembly of the pieces designed by Ibon Arrizabalaga to the subtle upholstery of the base to choose between three textures and a wide palette of soft tones such as marble or cream.

The fireplace stocked with books, morning coffee, and a bowl of porridge is optional. Its price, from 2,237 euros in wooden bed frame

The velvet revival

In the 1990s and British hotel chains, velvet upholstered beds are again claiming their place in private rooms—the Dusk model of Westwing and solid structure. Pine dress up a simple network in shades -Malva dusty. Grey and reminiscent of the elegant Russian train cars from the fifties. wooden bed frame

As a final detail, some small matte gold legs that follow the successful union between brass and this noble fabric have been all the rage in interior design in recent years. Ideal for herringbone floors that must be completed with simple and functional pieces if we are not looking for a bedroom like Maria Antonieta. Its price, 799 euros.

Take it lightly- wooden bed frame

Robustness is not the only synonym for firmness; a bed as light as Lifestyle, cozy in its proportions and generous in comfort is an example of this. This 2012 design signed by Antonio Citterio for the Italian brand Flexform is a bestseller due to its graceful silhouette, almost invisible as if it were levitated in the air. Is due to an essential leg system available in a chrome or satin finish, culminating in a leather-covered bed base that peeks out slightly to the outside. wooden bed frame

The headboard is made up of two polyurethane and dacron cushions creating a double cushion effect, which accentuates its soft appearance and the desire to spend all day between its sheets. Its price, 5,775 euros, is available at 

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